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  1. I have been participating but did not get the email for this week’s Lenten Study.

  2. Iam currently doing a bible devotional written by you. I just read day 1 and it talked about how Jesus loves us. The scripture reading is in Song of Song. I researched you because I wanted to read more of your stuff. I felt God in it❤.

  3. Hello Dee, in the late 1980’s I participated in a Bible Study called the Friendships of Women. Many moves later I cannot find my copy of it. There was a chapter that talked about how women can either be alligators or Roses.

    Is there anywhere online that I could find that excerpt? I would like to refer to it in a talk to my women at church, but thought it would be best if I could refresh my memory on it.

  4. I was reading Idol Lies this afternoon and learned there is a blog!

  5. Hi,

    I am friends with Laura Reynolds.  She told me about your blog and I would love to follow it