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Quotes & Testimonials

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Woman’s Bible Study Group

Our discussions on The God of All Comfort have sweetness and power and depth. This book with its accompanying study has enabled us to get to the core of things right away–we have found that the usual  two – three week “get comfortable” phase was not needed. From the very first discussion, it has been powerful. I have heard many comments on how much the women love your writing style- they can “hear” you as they read. Women are exploring suffering and depth of relationship with Christ in scripture, music, your words, and in fellowship with other women. They have been given courage to share their stories while maintaining a focus on Christ and the truth of the Word.

Widows in Kenya

Our friend, a Kenyan National and lifelong missionary, lost her husband and missionary partner in 8/2008.  We brought her here in 10/2009 to come along side her in her grief, to give her rest (she lives with no electric or clean water) and to help her as the Lord had already lead her to start a ministry to widows and their children in her remote area of Kenya.  While she was here for 6 months, I heard your interviews, we purchased your books.  She was so comforted by what you have to say.  I just want to encourage YOU, that she has taken the material back to Kenya and is using some of the things YOU have taught her, to bring comfort to the other women in her group.
Dawn Brown, Andalusia IL

Ghana, West Africa

I want to thank you for your powerful book “God Of All Comfort”.  My husband and I were part-time missionaries.  In October 2009 we were in Ghana, West Africa with a team of 15.  My husband was a building contractor and had just laid the cornerstone for a little village school when he suffered a massive heart attack…Your book has truly been a source of comfort for me.  God is speaking to me through your inspired words and I am moving forward one step at a time.
Margrette Bishop

The Friendships of Women

Every woman should read this book!
Dr. James Dobson (Focus on the Family)

It’s time for women to once again journey through life closely connected to other women. Let this remarkable road map be your guide.
Shannon Ethridge

When humbled by a confrontation from a friend, I ran to Ms. Dee’s The Friendships of Women for instruction. This wonderful material has stood the test of time. It’s deeply biblical, thought-provoking truths have touched hundereds of thousands of women just like me!
Priscilla Evans Shirer

When your book first came twenty years ago we did it my neighborhood and it absolutely bonded us. Many of those women became Christians and a few of them have been lifelong friends. I have led your Bible study on this several times now too and it always changes lives.
Sandy from Maryland

I had the pleasure of leading The Friendships of Women Bible study in the beginning of this year.  We had a class of 35 amazing ladies, ranging in ages from young moms to 80 year olds.  What a joy it was to discover more of God’s truths in such a practical area of life.  We all learned how to be better friends and mentors, but most importantly, we learned to love our best friend, Jesus instead of letting others take His place.

The section on “Relational Idolatry” was extremely eye-opening to our class.  We realized how we have all been guilty of that sin, in one form or another.  I was a bit hesitant about discussing Lesbianism but after discovering the root of it is “relational idolatry”, it was a great class.  I believe it helped us empathize more with that lifestyle and recognize how easy it could be to fall into it. It is such a relevant study for women of all ages.
Norina from Littlestown, PA

This study has changed my life. My husband also now understands that I need women around me. I am more confident and comfortable with women friends, and so much happier and joyful.
Lyn from Australia

Dear Dee, Thank you for your ministry over the years.   I used your book Friendships of Women for years while I was a campus minister… My husband was on staff at a church in Atlanta while you came to the women’s conference and you blessed me beyond measure.  To have you actually teaching me, and not just me teaching your insights…well, it was sheer joy.   And, your use of visuals and stories and music…it was such a blessing.  My husband and I just recently moved to plant a church …and I know I will continue to use your materials and tools as I launch into a new season of ministry.  Thank you for all that you have done for the body of Christ …I truly am praying that you are overwhelmed with Christ’s love for you right now at this very moment! Blessings and joy and much gratitude, LMM
E-mail Note from Dee’s Birthday Shower August ’07

Hi Dee, I feel like  I know you, even though we have never met.  I had the joy of facilitating “The Friendships of Women” Bible study this past spring.  We had a blast, grew in the Lord, and got so close to each other.  You were so transparent that I truly felt I got a picture of who you really are! I pray you have an especially blessed birthday filled with many happy surprises.
E-mail Note from Dee’s Birthday Shower August ’07

Falling/Living/Forever in Love with Jesus:

Who better to write about loving Jesus than Dee with a passion to teach God’s word?
Max Lucado (Pastor and Best Selling Author)

God is using Kathy and Dee in a revival happening in the hearts of countless women.  He is stirring the flame of fiery love through His word – their Falling in Love with Jesus trilogy has the rare blend of sacred romance and earthly relevance.
Beth Moore (Best Selling Author and Bible Teacher)

This book (Falling in Love with Jesus) is a match made in heaven… Dee’s wisdom and grace is a gift to woman of all ages.
Sheila Walsh (Woman of Faith Speaker, Author, Songwriter and Dove Award Vocalist)

The personal stories and Biblical examples (in Living in Love with Jesus)…depict the vivid hues of God’s love and will inspire every reader to seek a deeper walk with the Master Artist.
James Robison (Founder and President of LIFE Outreach International)

This (Living in Love with Jesus) compelling study will transform your perception of God’s love for you and increase your love for Him.
Pam Macrae (Woman’s Conference Coordinator – Moody Bible Institute)

I’d like to thank you and Kathy Troccoli for three wonderful Bible studies (the Falling in Love with Jesus series). My small group did all three over a two year period, and I have to say, they brought me so much closer to the Lord.  Thank you for drawing out scripture that gave so much meaning to my life. Being betrothed to Jesus is an awesome truth!
Online Comment from Mary

In October of 2003, I began training to be a client educator at the Local Pregnancy Center. When I first got there, the one thing they were doing for the clients spiritually, was bringing them into a room and letting them watch ” Falling in Love with Jesus” . That is when I was first introduced to you and your ministry. As I became a trained volunteer, every week when I would go in, there wasn’t too many Tuesday’s that went by, that someone wasn’t watching some part of that video. Our director generally just would set the person down, and just begin where the last person left off. We saw time after time where the video was set just at the right spot for that particular person or persons, and how each were ministered to & helped. I just wanted to share with you what an effect your series have had on my life and those of the volunteers and the clients that come into our pregnancy center.
Online Comment from Vonda

After reading Falling in Love with Jesus, I found and snatched up Living in Love with Jesus -I watched in literal amazement as my own relationship with Jesus became…a relationship. .. thank you for guiding me into the greatest love relationship I could know
Online Comment from Rebekah

I’m convinced Forever in Love is the best yet, though the first two were excellent. Content and delivery are incredible, showing continuity with the first 2 studies and a good balance of personal stories and meaty biblical teaching. I love your ground-breaking and heart-warming approach to parallels between Hosea and John. Thank you for your balanced approach in presenting both the tender and terrifying sides of God. I’ve personally experienced both. Yet, as a psychologist, I can’t tell you how often my clients only see one side of God, either the tender, loving side OR (more often) the holy and unsafe side.
Online Comment from Jo Ann


Dear Dee,  I was listening to Midday Connection (online) this evening and heard such a familiar voice.  I was so sure I knew you, and just hearing your voice made me want to see you again…but I could not pinpoint how or where I had met you.  Then I remembered that I had been part of a small group that watched your video series, “Falling in Love with Jesus” and I realized that we had never even met! Dee, you have such a sweet and gentle presence in the way you speak about the Lord.  Listening to you automatically softens my heart to Him and stirs in me such a hunger to know Him more!  I am reminded that God draws us to Himself with His loving kindness and deals with us in such gentle and tender ways.

I am a stay at home mom of two boys.  There are so many days that I can’t figure out how to fit in “time with the Lord,” and sadly, weeks go by without being in the Word and experiencing much needed fellowship with Him.  You have encouraged me to draw near to the Lord today, and also to somehow learn to experience him during this season of my life.  Thank you for your ministry.  I am really excited that you have a website and a new book out.  I pray for God’s blessings on your ministry, your family, and most of all, your relationship with Him.

I just finished listening to your program today on Midday Connection (Moody Broadcasting) on the topic of hospitality. This is so my heart – to extend hospitality and not entertain! I did not grow up in a home where hospitality (or entertaining for that matter) happened at all. I truly have the desire to learn hospitality – to be a blessing to others.
Online Comment from Chris

In 2000, Focus on the Family played a recording of one of your presentations to a women’s group about the friendships of women. Whenever I feel overwhelmed or down, I put in that tape. It always makes me laugh, cry, and generally puts everything in perspective. I love you for sharing your insights and life experiences.
Online comment from Cathy

A Woman of Moderation Study

I just want to thank you for your book “A Woman of Moderation”. I heard about it on Midday connection a while back, but it wasn’t until the most recent time it was done there that I took notice. I was not able to join in the the midday study, but decided it was worth looking into. I had a friend of mine pick up the last copy of your book for me  at our local Christian bookstore, which got her interested in the study as well. So at the beginning of March, we began this journey together. What an awesome study it has been!

Although I was hesitant about the fasting part, I prayed long and hard about it and felt God was telling me to do it. My friend was hesitant about it as well, but I was able to encourage her to give it a try, at least for part of the day. I have found these days to be the best. Food doesn’t get in the way of my time with the Lord. My time with him has grown incredibly all glory and praise to HIM! While I have seen much improvement in the area of food in my life over the last 8 weeks, I know I have a long way to go. Between the two of us, we have lost a total of 25 lbs, but we have yet to count our progress for the last week. Awesome!

I have been so excited about this study, that I felt led to begin the study again, but have invited more women to join us. We will begin tomorrow with 7-8 women! I just talked to one of them today, and she is so excited, which got me even more excited. I know God is going to use this study in a powerful way. I have seen His hand already.

I just wanted to let you know what an impact your book is having. I love the way you encourage prayer, and also how important worship to God is and singing to Him. It has been very uplifting. I  would appreciate your prayers as we begin this study tomorrow. Thank you,
E-mail note from SB

BLESS YOU!!! I’m on day 51 and I’ve dropped 25 pounds. I did the thing where you only have the clothes that you really wear….I literally tossed “everything.” When our income tax return came, my husband let me use it to buy new clothes. It was a small return so I only have very few things, two skirts, 2 pair of jeans, 8 tops, 4 sweat outfits for work(I teach water aerobics), 1 swim suit, 2 pair of slacks, 3 pair of capris, 4 bras, 7 pair of undies, 3 pair of shoes, 2 pair of panty hose and a sweater. I can fit all of my clothes into 2 suitcases. I can’t tell you how freeing this exercise was. I’ll need some winter things in the Fall, but I know how to do so in a moderate fashion. My Bible time and new intimacy with my Heavenly Father is simply priceless. Thank you soooo much for your program and for “Dee!”  Much, much love.
E-mail note from MR

Woman of Faith:

I just wanted to say thanks for “A Woman of Faith Esther.”  Several ladies in my previous church started the study after the military moved us away so I decided to do it on my own in a new town.  It has been the friend that I needed in a new place.  I find myself picking up the study several times a day just to see if I can learn something new in a few minutes.  (I have 3 children ages 5, 3, and 2!)    I also appreciate the fact that this study doens’t gather all of the scripture just from the book of Esther.  I love seeing what the rest of the Bible has to say.  Too many studies don’t do that.  Thanks again for providing a friendship with the Bible the only real constant a military wife can have!

Woman of Love:

Thank you so much for your obedience to Him and your desire to serve Him and share His truth. It is truly the only thing that, when not watered down or dimmed, can cleanse, heal, restore, and bring real change into lives. Your teaching from Ruth changed by life.
Jennifer Koop of Rota, Spain

Woman of Purpose:

Dear Mrs. Brestin,
Thank you for your bible study, on Luke. My four friends from high school and myself enjoyed studying Luke together very much. We go to three different churches therefore, it was very awesome to have a chance to grow spiritually together and encourage one another in living our faith out in everyday life at school. Becoming a woman of purpose is very pertinent to all of us as my three friends are about to start their senior year and search for a college and as my other dear friend and I head off to college for the first time. Our discussions each week were very stimulating especially because of our different church backgrounds.

Woman of Value:

I was fortunate enough some years ago to attend a Women’s Tea where you spoke. I purchased the Bible Study “A Woman of Value. We started a Community Ladies Bible Study and we did this study first. Now that has been several years ago but even now when we run into each other we always talk about how it effected our lives and still does.
Online comment from Connie

Woman of Worship:

I cannot begin to tell you how profoundly your study (A Woman of Worship) has ministered to my life as it has taken me closer to the heart of God and produced in the women in my group a willingness to be transparent to the point that I believe we experienced true Biblical fellowship as we shared what we learned through the Word. We also discussed tonight how beneficial the music CD was as we studied and worshipped these many weeks. What a life-changing study you have given us!
Online Comment from Carol

. . . and More  Miscellaneous Testimonies:

We laughed and we cried and we rededicated our lives to Him.
Online Comment from Ginny

Thanks for your time. Your bible studies have helped me grow a great deal in my faith.
Online Comment from Cristy