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Join Dee’s Bible Study Friends Private Facebook Page

Renee and Diane are hosting a private Facebook page called “Dee’s Bible Study Friends.” This is a safer place for you to share prayer requests and personal thoughts. Anyone can read Dee’s blog, though you have to be approved to participate. Only those who have been approved on the Facebook page can read that. If you have been an active participant on the blog but want a more private place for prayer requests, please join. We also want to concentrate primarily on Bible study on the blog, for too many prayer requests can overwhelm those trying to read the comments.

Dee will come on the Facebook page occasionally, but not to the extent that she is on the blog.

To get on, there are two ways:

  1. If you already have a “FACEBOOK FRIEND” IN THE PRAYER GROUP, THE
    FRIEND CAN ADD THEM. Then either Diane or Renee will approve.
  2. You can e-mail Renee and she will respond by telling you how to
    friend her on Facebook. Here is her e-mail written out so spammers
    cannot find it: reneeoatbrookingsdotnet

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