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Prison Ministry

There is no more fertile soil for evangelism than women’s prisons. Their hearts are open and eager to hear. The ministry of Discipleship Unlimited has reduced the recidivism rate to 2% for the women who have gone through their 18 month program and aftercare. They are expanding so, but in need of more funds to do so. I am convinced there is no better investment in eternity than this!

I am open to coming and speaking at retreats for my expenses and a generous offering for Discipleship Unlimited. Talk to me about this to see if this is a possibility — just e-mail me at dee@deebrestin.com





 Together with Discipleship Unlimited we produced a video curriculum just for women in prison. You can get The Rescue and the DVD’s from Discipleship Unlimited for a donation.

The Rescue videos has teaching from Dee, a testimony from Linda Strom, the founder of Discipleship Unlimited, and testimonies from Karla Faye Tucker, the woman whose story is told in Set Free: Karla Faye Tucker. Karla came to know the Lord in prison and though there was a valiant attempt to stay her execution, she was executed. Her faith was so vibrant that everyone who came across her path was impacted. It was Karla who had the vision for this extremely successful prison ministry that, for the women who have been through the program, has reduced the recidivism rate to 2%.

Click here for Discipleship Unlimited. 

Free videos that were filmed in prison are also available here. These were made especially for women in white. There are testimonies from women in prison, and women who have been successful on the outside. There is much beautiful photography, for their souls are hungry for beauty. If you are interested in getting DVD’s because your prison does not allow computers, contact Brenda at Brenda@deebrestin.com