To actually participate in the Dee’s interactive online Bible Study please follow these instructions:

  1. On Dee’s home page, go to the current weekly Bible study post and click on “Read More” at the bottom
  2. Scroll to the very bottom of the comments where you can enter your Name, Email, and Website information (optional). Please give us more than your first name such as your middle name or last name, location, or alias (i.e. Elizabeth Jane, Mary from Canada or Lauradancer).
  3. Click submit comment.
  4. This first comment could take up to a day to be approved. After that you can write comments automatically on the blog. (You sometimes may need to be approved again when you give a link in your comment as a spam filter automatically goes up.)


We cannot delete comments, and it is time consuming for us to edit them, so please think before you write.  We do value being concise, and you are more likely to be read by others if you are concise. Don’t feel like you have to read everyone’s answers — just do as you feel led.

Dee’s comments are shaded in gray. She skims all comments and reads some carefully, especially in regard to content. If you are new, she’ll read yours more carefully at first. She also has several women who act as mentors. Right now they are Rebecca, Lizzy, Jackie, Susan, and Nanci.

Always feel free to move ahead of the schedule — the days mentioned are just a guideline. There will be a new post early each Sunday morning.

The photos next to comments are called “Gravatars.”  To make it so your photo automatically appears when leaving a comment, go to http://en.gravatar.com and create an account.  Be sure to use the same email address you use when leaving comments in Dee’s blog. Go ahead and use your first name, but to protect yourself online, don’t use your last name; instead, use something to set you apart like Laura-dancer or Diane-Canada or Mary-nurse.

For a more in depth tutorial on participating in Dee’s Bible Study blog through comments, please watch the following video:

You can do this on your phone if you get Dee’s free app from iTunes: Dee Brestin Ministries


Participating is free, and we never want anyone to feel like they must make a donation. However, if you do want to help, I would be so grateful. Explanations are under the donate tab in the menu bar.

If you have any remaining questions or trouble, please contact our website administrator: david@deebrestin.com.

We welcome you and hope you will find a loving and praying group here whom God has graciously met.