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The Wonder of It All (Easter Week 2018)



This is a film clip from

John Eldredge based on his book: All Things New

that will start off our week of wonder at the power of the cross.

The same power that rose Jesus from the dead

is going to make all things new.

Imagine yourself as a little old lady who loves Jesus

(some of us don’t have to imagine).

Despite the aches and arthritis of old age,

an aging body,

and a simple room in a care center,

you have found contentment

because you know Him!

One night God takes you in your sleep

and in the morning…

Easter Sunday:

1.What stands out to you from the above and why?

2. After church today, come and share one thing that was particularly meaningful to you and why.

Monday-Tuesday: Message From Mike Reeves


3. Share your thoughts and comments from above.

Wednesday: The Wonder of It All

I have been impacted by Isaiah — there are so many treasures. But I’d like us to ponder a few places we’ve been during Holy Week before we continue on. Last week I asked about Isaiah 50:7, that Jesus set his face like flint to die for us. Last week our own Nila wrote this:

Growing up in Wyoming, my family spent many, many weekends combing the mountains for Indian arrowheads and artifacts. Many of them were carved out of flint.I remember the first arrowhead my tiny hands discovered ~ red flint. It was used because of its hard quality. As I studied the meaning of flint and the reason that word is used in this passage of scripture, it became clear that it stood for deep resolve and determination.  

3. Read Isaiah 50:5-11

A. What picture does Isaiah paint of the Savior to come in verses 5-6?

B. Why did Jesus set His face like flint?

C. We too are called to walk in His steps. Where do you need to set your face like flint? Or share a way the Lord helped you to do so this year.

D. What happens to the person who relies not on the Lord, but equips himself with his “own torches? (See verse 11)


“Setting his face like flint” reminds me of Jane Eyre “planting her feet” to do what is right at great cost. Mr. Rochester, whom she loved, asked her to live with him outside of marriage, for he already has a wife, though a madwoman, who lives in the attic. He pleads with Jane, counting the reasons he loves her, telling her he will care for her. Here are excerpts from their passionate dialogue.


Jane, you understand what I want of you? Just promise – ‘I will be yours, Mr. Rochester.’”

“Mr. Rochester, I will not be yours.

…One instant, Jane. Give one glance to my horrible life when you are gone. All happiness will be   torn away with you. What then is left? …What shall I do, Jane? Where shall I turn for a companion and for some hope?”

Do as I do: trust in God and yourself. Believe in heaven. Hope to meet there again.”

…Then you condemn me to live wretched and to die accursed?” His voice rose.

“I advise you to live sinless, and I wish you to die tranquil.”          

4. What applications can you see from the above for your life? What comments do you have?


Thursday: Out Of The Anguish of His Soul He Shall See and Be Satisfied

Read or listen to this from John Piper and then share your thoughts.



5. What comments or applications to you have on the above?

Friday: Your God Will Delight Over You

Philippians tells us that for the joy set before Him, Christ endured the cross. What was that joy? Isaiah tells us it was the joy of saving us. Albert Motyer writes: “We picture the bedraggled and bloodstained seamless robe that he wore of Calvary, but to him it was a wedding garment! His Calvary-joy was wedding-day joy. He was winning his bride. …This is how much we mean to him.”

6. Read Isaiah 62:1-5

   A. How does Isaiah describe the beauty of the bride in verses 1-3?

   B. How did Christ change our identity according to verses 4-5?

7. How can embracing this identity change your outlook?


8. What is your take-a-way this Easter week and why?





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  1. So good to read this now, need this so–Happy Easter all!

  2. Easter Sunday:
    1.What stands out to you from the above and why?
    He will make all things new. palingenesia-rebirth. The ravages that sin has brought into this world is evident all around us-sickness, injustice, violence, death etc. Some things are just too hard to put into words. But one day, He will come and will make all things new. The video was very moving especially the last scene where the woman walks into eternity, I presume.
    2. After church today, come and share one thing that was particularly meaningful to you and why.
    We had a snowstorm this morning that lasted from 6 am-3 PM. The dark clouds looked heavy with moisture as large snowflakes came down as we drove to town. Richard and I spent the night at the farm (50 minutes away from where we live) so we can get up and finish preparing breakfast for those coming for the 8 am Easter Service. Despite the weather, many of our young families came out with their little children. We enjoyed the hub-bub that little voices and adult voices, too made as we shared breakfast together. Now, as I sit here and reflect on our day, my heart is warmed by a similar picture which will one day happen. People of all tongues and nation, old (no wrinkles,eh?) and young sharing the Banquet Feast God has prepared for us. And all because of the Cross and the Resurrection. Jesus has risen and one day He will come again for us. When we all get to heaven, what a day of rejoicing that will be! Hallelujah, indeed!

  3. 1.  What stands out to you from the above and why?  Hope and joy!  “Despite the aches and arthritis…you have found contentment because you know Him.”  I thought of my sweet Mom as I watched the video and I could envision her waking up to eternity with her Lord, no longer in pain and suffering…such hope and joy!

    2.  After church today, come and share one thing that was particularly meaningful to you and why?  My son and daughter-in-law came to church and it thrilled my heart!  After the service he gave me a hug and I thanked him for coming and his response was, “there was no way I wouldn’t come”.  He has a very tender heart but in the past few years hasn’t had much interest in the things of the Lord.  This Mom had a glimmer of hope and joy today and will definitely keep praying!

    1. Yay, Sharon! Anything to give us glimmers of hope for our children.

      1. Yes!!

  4. Easter Sunday:
    1.What stands out to you from the above and why? – There is hope that all things will be made new and we have Jesus to thank for that. To know that one day we will wake up free from pain and struggles and be living a life of peace and tranquility among Jesus.
    2. After church today, come and share one thing that was particularly meaningful to you and why. – Just the amount of people who come out on this day and are excited to learn that Jesus beat death. He came back to save us and take care of us. They clap knowing that the tomb is empty and Jesus is no longer there, but He has risen. We have been introduced to a new song called Reckless Love by Cory Asbury and it is amazing at what it tells us God will do anything for us. This song hit me hard today, more then other days we’ve sang it. We need to be on our knees thanking God for what he did for us. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sc6SSHuZvQE&feature=youtu.be.

  5. Yes Happy Blessed Easter to u all! After I sang at church this morning, one of our members who lives alone was looking for a ride home. I was able to take her & get her a bagel on the way. We were able to talk & I prayed with her. She lives alone & has 2 sons in prison; she struggles with depression & is on disability. It was a small thing but I was glad that I could show her some love & be an encouragement. My husband went out of town for the weekend to meet my daughter in Massachusetts, & he took our dog back to her. She is so thrilled to have him. I have to admit its been a gift to have a stress free weekend & peace & quiet at home. Praying that the Lord ministers to him as he drives home over next 2 days.

    The video was beautiful but not like I imagine it will be. I imagine Jesus being right there & taking me home. Lovely to be young like that again tho!  🙂

    1. Jenny, you brought a smile to my face as I read about your bagel ministry. (smile) What a sweet way to minister to somebody. And to pray with her-I am sure that meant a lot. Lord, watch over Jeff(right?) as he drives back home. Use this time to make him ponder things of you.

    2. Jenny, I’m sure being with you made all the difference in this lady’s day! You were available and willing to help.

    3. Jenny what a sweet thing to have been able to do for her. I can’t even imagine how she feels with her two sons in prison and can’t be with them when she wants or needs them. What a blessing you must have been to her.

  6. 1.What stands out to you from the above and why?   Remembering when I’m troubled about my loved ones that passed away “too early” that the newness and wonder that they are enjoying right now is something that should only bring me joy.

    2. After church today, come and share one thing that was particularly meaningful to you and why.       3 teen aged boys got baptized this morning. It is so thrilling to see the next generation of men starting on their journey of a life with Christ.

  7. 1.What stands out to you from the above and why?

    The video-where she is made new. I thought of not only my arthritis but my back issues and all that goes with aging. When she looked at her hand, her hair. I can’t imagine waking up new but this day is coming! Like Sharon I also thought of my mom. 🙂  When Dee said God will make ALL things new and Bing said creation will be made new, I thought of how all Creation groans for this. That making all things new includes creation and we sometimes forget that. It is already extraordinary but I can’t imagine when He restores it fully. I have often thought of being able to explore more fully the animals in the wild-the ones we are unable to approach now. I also think of how we will fully love one another-no idols in place.

    1. I really liked what you said about being able to explore more fully the wild animals…I can only imagine!!🐘🦍🦏🦓🐅.

  8. 2. After church today, come and share one thing that was particularly meaningful to you and why.

    How my brothers and sisters love one another and love those who come in our doors. How His presence was palpable among us and during service. How I saw so many of us reaching out to those who came who were new.

  9. 1.What stands out to you from the above and why? 
    The video was strange to me; are we really going to be youthful and beautiful again? John Eldridge is someone I am not too sure about; I heard/read something he said and it made me feel uncomfortable at the time. I can’t remember what it was now though. It’s as if he believes something I don’t think is in the Bible though.

    2. After church today, come and share one thing that was particularly meaningful to you and why.

    Our church choir sang beautifully this morning! I was particularly touched by their rendition of “What a Beautiful  Name It Is.” I just really enjoyed it. I held my sweet grandbaby Grace and sang with them. So meaningful to me.



    1. Laura, I question too if once we die and reunite will we even know each other. In the sermon and the bible it mentions that Mary didn’t even recognize Jesus and thought he was the gardener so I wonder if that will happen to us as well. That are loved ones won’t even know who we are?

      1. I know Julie….it kind of makes me sad. I guess I need to know Jesus much better than I do now so I feel like He is all I need, not my family members? Oh well, He has the plan so it must be good! 🤷‍♀️

  10. 1. What stands out to you from the above and why?


    I hope that I will age gracefully and with contentment, if I live to be very old. I see some who do not, and I don’t want to be like that. I hope to finish well, to remain interested in other people and not become self-centered and focused on all my physical problems.

    Not sure I liked the video; it seemed like an “American-ized” view of heaven….I do believe our bodies will be disease and pain free; the paralyzed will walk, the blind see, but I sure hope beauty is no longer held up in heaven as so important like it is here! I also hope I don’t wake up in heaven and find myself alone.

  11. 2. After church today, come and share one thing that was particularly meaningful to you and why.


    Does it sound awful to say I really didn’t enjoy church yesterday? My daughter went with me, but as we walked in the doors she said, “One more year of this and then I’m done….” We sat in a large crowd of strangers. The sermon emphasized that the tomb was empty, and it was a good message. What kept coming to my mind was that if many years ago I would have not left the Catholic church, my husband would not have stopped going to church and likely we would all be sitting together in church, including my son who was home for the weekend, but it was me who caused the division as I had converted after we were married but then after several years started going to a non-denominational church.

    1. Oh Susan, I’m so sorry that your day was not a celebration. I was Catholic too growing up and later changed to Presbyterian and then non denominational. I had family members question me on the switch, but I had to stand firm and know that I needed to be in a place that I was growing and my relationship with Christ was born. I didn’t have any of that in the Catholic church and felt only rules were being sent out. I will be praying for eyes and hearts to be open within your family.

  12. 2.  My heart sang yesterday because the gal I mentor did come to church with us and then spent the day. When everyone else had gone, she and I sat and talked and opened the Bible together. She shared how hard it is to face holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions without family, and how depressed she gets. She also has a friend who claims to be an atheist that she had quarreled with last week over ‘religion’, which upset her a lot. I longed to be on my usual Sunday afternoon quiet, the time I get to spend on this blog, but the Lord kept at me to listen. I am so glad I did.

  13. Wow, wow, wow!!  What a sermon!  All I can say right now is “Praise God for the resurrection of Jesus Christ”! I will share more.  Right now my little mind is processing it.  I really encourage y’all to watch it.  I was only going to listen to half of it today and finish it tomorrow BUT it was too good!

    1. Sharon you are right, there is a lot packed into the sermon. I will need to listen to it again. I loved when he said that sermons can be given, but if they aren’t lifting up Jesus, the Gospel is not being taught.

      1. Julie, I listened twice and think I need to go back and listen again….I’m not very good at taking notes while I listen, instead I am usually multi tasking. However, I love Mike Reeves (who wouldn’t? Duh, the accent! Jk) so I will go back again 😉.

  14. 1.What stands out to you from the above and why? 
    I am reminded of what is to come for me as a believer in Jesus Christ. Eternal life lived in perfection.  Pain free physically, emotionally and spiritually.  In March I had my 69th birthday and I am now in my 70th year of life.  I no longer enjoy the freedom of movement that I knew in my 20s and 30s.   In fact I have struggled with cyst in my knee and pain in my leg over the recent months.  I have other discomforts from aging that cannot be “healed” or reversed but rather I will go to my grave with this “old” body.  But I choose not to live lamenting my losses but to grasp and hold onto the wonderful hope that is mine in Jesus Christ.  His promises are real and true in his Word and I am so grateful to know that renewal and restoration are in my future as a child of God.  Having read John Eldridges book “All Things New” last year I found it gave great hope to much of what I believe about my Lord and Savior and what He has in store for us at his coming.


    2. After church today, come and share one thing that was particularly meaningful to you and why.

    It was our first Easter Sunday in our new church building and celebrating with family and friends there was special.   The worship music was especially meaningful to me as we sang the great old hymns of Easter “He Arose” and “Christ Arose” as well as “In Christ Alone” and some contemporary ones. Songs of hope and praise. Also the message was especially well done and powerful as our pastor assumed the character of Malchus who was the servant of the High Priest and told the Easter story from his perspective.  Always praying there were some in the congregation  who heard the Gospel clearly and made a decision for Christ.

    Sorry that was at least 3 things. 😋

  15. 1.What stands out to you from the above and why?

    Happy Easter, everyone. The introduction above reminds me of an old Gaither song that goes “hold on, my child, joy comes in the morning. Weeping only lasts for the night. Hold on, my child, joy comes in the morning. The darkest hour means dawn is just in sight.” Sometimes “holding on” is the best we can do.

    2. After church today, come and share one thing that was particularly meaningful to you and why.

    Our small churches join together for Easter Sunday breakfast and worship. We are a smallish group but it is nice to join together and realize that we are all united in Christ, celebrating in joy together. Because Christ suffered and died and then conquered death, one day all our struggles will be over and we will rejoice in newness of life.

  16. 3. Read Isaiah 50:5-11 
    A. What picture does Isaiah paint of the Savior to come in verses 5-6? 

    He offered himself up for the beating; a sacrifice.

    B. Why did Jesus set His face like flint?

    It was His resolve. He knew it was what He was here for; He knew it would be painful, but necessary to save the many sinners who He wanted to be able to join Him in Paradise with the Father.

    C. We too are called to walk in His steps. Where do you need to set your face like flint? Or share a way the Lord helped you to do so this year.


    The Lord has helped me set my face like flint with the situation with our daughter and her boyfriend. My husband and I have been truly beaten up by her this year, in fact I remember saying out loud to myself, “…here, here’s the other cheek….” From traffic tickets ($1000) we had to pay (we would have a warrant against us since the car was in our names), to a hateful tirade on FB about our family (which resulted in one son who might not ever forgive her), and the countless other, equally awful things she has done since leaving in August, I have turned my eyes upon Jesus to get through. I see Him in my grand babies beautiful faces. I have trusted Him through it all. I see a tiny light today…one court hearing for the report of a guardian ad lietem for the children (new term for me! I’ve learned so much about our legal system…) next week (April 17 – please pray for the judge to sift through a sad and difficult situation with wisdom and discernment), that light being that the GAL seems to be leaning to the boyfriend abusing Sarah by using her for her money. This is something we have been trying to explain for awhile now. Sarah can’t see it because she has a very low self esteem and thinks he is the only one for her. He is dragging Sarah into a ditch. Thank you for prayers. I really wish God would take this guy away somehow…did I say that out loud?

    D. What happens to the person who relies not on the Lord, but equips himself with his “own torches? (See verse 11)

    That person is doomed. They shall “…lie down in torment.”

    1. Laura, Even though I have been off the blog here in the recent weeks while leading a womens bible study at my church I have thought of you and prayed for you and your situation with your daughter.  My heart aches for you in the great struggle you are going through.  Good to know about the court hearing so we can be praying for the judge and all involved. Will mark my calendar for April 17th to especially be in prayer.

      Stick with Dee’s teaching here. The lessons this week are full of hope because of the resurrection of Jesus. I hope you listened to Mike Reeves sermon?  It echos more articulately what John Eldredge is trying to get us to see that God is going to make all things new. If anyone needs some hope in their life right now it is you and Jesus has that for you. We love you and want God’s best for you.

      1. Thank you for your prayers Bev; I appreciate your thoughtfulness. I will pray for your pain to be alleviated somehow. I’m here with Dee for the long haul! I love this blog; it keeps me on track.

    2. Thanks for sharing your heart Laura and praying for you.  I have a family member who does family law and also GAL as well.  So good that the children have representation.  May God be glorified in your life and through this situation!

      1. Thank you Sharon!  Yes may He be glorified indeed!

    3. Laura, I’m just seeing this now. I can’t seem to keep up with Dee’s blog these days. Be assured that I will be praying for you and the judge leading up to the hearing and specifically on April 17th. You are on my heart and in my prayers regularly. In the Psalms, David and others regularly pray to be “delivered from evil”; your prayer is valid against the guy.

      And BTW, hubby and I might be passing through NH this summer. Can you email me with where you live? We might be able to drop in to visit. I’m not sure of the timing yet. Do you still have my email address?

      1. Oh Diane! Thank you for praying! We would LOVE to see you ☺️ if you come our way…I have your email. Will send the address along. Love the reminder of David; good thing.

    4. Laura or Sharon Leach, what is GAL? I’m Canadian, not too educated on the US legal system.

      1. Diane, that stands for “guardian ad litem”, a court appointed representative of the minor children for the purpose of protecting their interests and rights during the court proceedings (the ones I have known have been attorneys, but not sure that always has to be the case?).

  17. 3. Share your thoughts and comments from above.  
    This a wonderful message packed full of hope all because of the resurrection.  Michael Reeves does such an excellent job of articulating the core truth of the Gospel and Christianity in the resurrection of Jesus.  Everything rises and falls on that one truth alone.  Twice with joyous emotion he says  “Praise God for the resurrection of Jesus Christ” and the congregation applauds.  What a great follow up to Easter.  While Reeves acknowledges clearly the struggle of still living in our sin broken flesh he lays out the wonderful eternal hope that gives our lives as believers meaning and purpose to persevere.

    Thankyou Dee, for sharing this sermon.

  18. Bev, you did such a beautiful and elegant job of sharing thoughts and comments on Reeves sermon!

    One of many things that he said that stood out to me was…”When you hear whisperings of Satan.  When you feel the weight of sin and death and falleness, remember the glory of the risen One.  The One who has given us His holy righteousness.  The One who will finally destroy the accuser.  He will have ALL thing under His feet that were pierced for us”!!!

  19. Mike Reeves is truly anointed & so passionate for the Lord. He speaks with such clarity & sincerity & energy! The Resurrection is the dawn of the new creation, when the glory of Christ blazes forth! Christ overcame the disorder of Adam. On 3rd day of Creation In Genesis 1, the first fruits were created. On 3rd day Jesus rose from the dead as the 1st fruit of the new creation. We are born again into a justified righteous life. Because Jesus lives, we will live! May we now fear God, & not death or the accuser. All things are under Jesus Christ’s feet.

    Thank you Dee…this was awesome  🙂

  20. 4. What applications can you see from the above for your life? What comments do you have?

    I love Jane Eyre (the book more than the movie). Jane’s resolve to not only to not give in to the temptation of being with Mr. Rochester, but to not be sucked into the drama of his despair and her answer to him Do as I do: trust in God and yourself. Believe in heaven. Hope to meet there again.”

    When faced with hard choices, do the right thing no matter how hard it is. Determine that you aren’t going to look back and that you will trust God.

  21. Reading along silently-off to a contest Thursday through Friday with my students so the past weeks have been hectic! Lord, give me strength and stamina. Love, love, love the first part of what I heard from Mike Reeves. Jesus-oh how sweet the name! Love to all!

  22. 4. What applications can you see from the above for your life? What comments do you have?
     I see her sacrificing her flesh-taking up her cross because she has set her face like flint for she so longs for Mr. Rochester and I am sure this is hard, but it’s clear she longs for Jesus more. She is able to truly love Mr. Rochester because her satisfaction is in Christ.
    I have seen that movie a lot and remember this interaction but it is truly deeper than I remembered! Wonderful to refer to this scene, Dee!

    1. Christ in me isn’t about me. He in me is SO much bigger than that.  I see that in Reeves sermon, and in this interaction between Jane and Mr. Rochester. ( I have been listening to Reeve’s sermon every morning on my way to work and God radiates something deeper from it every day. This story will help as I listen again this morning.)

    2.  I like what Dawnms said, that when my sin nature screams for me to obey it, rather turn and obey God and trust Him. Don’t let the fear of what might happen to me-how I might suffer if I obey Him-control me for OH did He suffer for me. Rather let His love compel me to turn. Focus on the Gospel and be willing to take up my cross like He did for me. That is why I need to meditate on it every day-because while I am forgiven and wrapped in His righteousness forever, this sin nature is still there. Praying His love would ravish my soul rather than my bend to sin. (I am speaking to my soul in writing this and I need to right now! My oldest son is up and complaining about our dog whining and he is interrupting my thoughts as I type. I so want to angrily tell him to wait until I am done, but am trusting Jesus. 😉  )

  23. 4. What applications can you see from the above for your life? What comments do you have?


    I guess I admire the characters determination and discipline. It is hard to deny yourself earthly pleasures; mine is eating. I wish I always had the discipline. I sometimes have it, but more often not.


    I think she did the right thing, but oh so hard when you could have something so sweet.

  24. Hi all 🙂   Wed: Is 50:5-11  3) A.  The Savior to come is painted as a servant, obedient, willing to suffer & be accused.

    B. Jesus set His face like flint because He knew His Father God, & His mission & He was determined to see it thro.

    C. I need to set my face like flint in my marriage; stay steadfast with the Lord no matter how the oceans roar & I am tossed about. My anchor needs to be firm in Jesus & I must set my eyes & my hope on Him.

    D. The one who equips himself with his “own torches” will lie down in grief & torment”.

    4, Tho my marriage is difficult, I need to commit myself to my Lord & love my husband with His Love. Trust my God to “order & provide”  🙂

  25. I am mostly reading responses this week, as it is crazy busy, and will be like this off and on until the middle of May. But I love hearing what everyone is thinking!


    I couldn’t access John Piper’s message from the link you shared, Dee, but got it on Utube.


    one thing the Lord has been impressing on me this week is to look less at my circumstances or even my thoughts, and more on His grace.

  26. 3. Read Isaiah 50:5-11
    A. What picture does Isaiah paint of the Savior to come in verses 5-6?
    He did not rebel against God’s plan but obediently and willingly entered into the horrible suffering and mistreatment that was prophesied in those verses. 

    B. Why did Jesus set His face like flint?
    Because he knew God his Father was with him and would help him and eventually vindicate him. 

    C. We too are called to walk in His steps. Where do you need to set your face like flint? Or share a way the Lord helped you to do so this year.
    At this time I don’t see myself in any position of needing to set my face like flint facing suffering in a personal way or don’t even feel I have been called on this year to do that. And in a way I don’t like the thought of that as I look back to hard times of needing to.  But in a more general sense at this time I look around at the very depraved culture we are living in and the many insidious and subtle influences continuously invading our lives and I think it takes remembering my Sovereign Lord helps me and I need a mindset of setting my face like flint against it. 

    D. What happens to the person who relies not on the Lord, but equips himself with his “own torches? (See verse 11)
    Going your own way always ends in “torment” or misery of our own making. 

    4. What applications can you see from the above for your life? What comments do you have?

    In this exchange by Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester I see him grasping for the immediate satisfaction and desires of this life where she has the eternal perspective and she holds out hope. As she says “Trust God”  as there is hope of a perfect heaven and of relationships restored there. This is part of John Eldrege’s message in All Things New.  Those lost hopes and dreams of this life will be restored and fulfilled in Heaven. 
    The application for me is to not grasp for satisfaction in this life whether it be in physical or emotional but rather to trust God and put my hope in Him and his eternal purposes. 

  27. I read and then listened to John Piper’s sermon. I think it was pretty awesome… Here are a few notes.


    You get to know who God really is by paying attention to what the servant does for us. You get to know God‘s heart which is what Piper says exposes a person. Nothing makes sense in the Bible if you don’t know who God is. Here are 8 things that the servant does to let us know who God is:


    1. The servant knew the purposes of the Lord   He knew what was ahead; the beating, the nails, etc.


    2. The Servant poured out himself to death. He literally died by choice.


    3. The Servant bore the sin of many. He took on our sin when He had no sin. Sin isn’t counted twice.


    4. The Servant rose from the dead. He lives on!


    5. The Servant interceded for transgressors. He intercedes for us!


    6. The Servant justifies his people. We are made righteous before God.


    7. The Servant bears offspring in his death and resurrection. We are newborn children.


    8. The Servant divides the booty with the strong. The children of God are victorious against evil.

  28. Laura or Sharon Leach, what is GAL? I’m Canadian, not too educated on the US legal system.

    1. Bev,  It stands for Guardian ad litem…the court appoints someone to represent legal infants, children or adults who are unable to in a law suit.

      1. I’m sorry, I meant Dianne, not Bev!

        1. Thanks, Sharon.

  29. 4. What applications can you see from the above for your life? What comments do you have?

    What a telling conversation between Rochester and Jane above. The pull of temptation can be so strong and feel so sweet that it is extremely difficult to resist. It reminds me of the verse that says, “There is a way that seems right to a man; but its end is the way to death.” (Proverbs 16:25) The sweet turns to bitter in the mouth, and soul.

  30. Dee, I thought some who are not on the FB page might want to see my groups Good Friday dance. Only two of us are trained dancers! So proud of them. I think this link will work, but let me know if not. Although I made minor changes, I attribute the choreography to the Kesheth Dancers, Dallas, Texas, 1991. The music is “Thy Will Be Done” by Craig Courtney.






      1. Oh, good idea!

    1. Here are the lyrics:


      Thy Will Be Done,” based on Matt. 26:36-42, music by Craig Courtney, © 1985, Beckenhorst Press.


      Our cup was filled with darkness. Our cup was filled with death. Christ took our cup and drank it, and gave us life, and gave us hope, Gave us Himself.

      (Chorus) My Father, let this cup pass from me. Yet not my will, O Lord, but thine be done.

      In blackest night we hear Him in dark Gethsemane. Pleading with the Father for one more way,

      For one more hope, for one more day.

      That they took our Savior, and led Him to a tree; And there they broke His body, poured out His life, Put Him to death to rise again!

      “O the Blood” (chorus only)

      O the blood of Jesus washes me.

      O the blood of Jesus shed for me. What a sacrifice that saved my life. Yes the blood, it is my victory.

  31. Awake at a hotel this morning being the last day for contest for my students. Unusually cold for springtime here in MO. Listened to the rest of Reeves sermon. How I love this man of God! How He points us to Jesus with such passion. Not only will our bodies and souls be renewed but also all creation because of Jesus resurrection.  “when we hear the whisperings of the enemy and feel the weight of death and sin, remember the glory of the risen One! All things will be under The feet of the One who was pierced for us!” Hallelujah, what a Savior! His prayer asking the Holy Spirit to help us remember these things is powerful. Yes, Lord help us remember the Ressurection…always.

  32. 6. Read Isaiah 62:1-5 
       A. How does Isaiah describe the beauty of the bride in verses 1-3? 

    Righteous and saved; a crown with jewels, royal.

       B. How did Christ change our identity according to verses 4-5?
    No longer are we called forsaken; we are not desolate either. 

    We are delightful and married (I think that means accepted back on the land (Israel).

    7. How can embracing this identity change your outlook?

    I guess I am special to Jesus. He looks forward to the day when we can be together, with me unblemished. It makes me want to be a better me so that I can unite with my Savior when the time comes.

  33. Okay, so I listened to Reeves again and took notes this morning-i have been wanting to all week. This is THE BEST sermon on the Resurrection I have EVER heard. Hands down. It is so deep-and my penny needs to drop-He is dropping it slowly. I so need this to be hammered in more because of my daily bend toward sin and my bend toward beating myself up for my failures.  Meditating on the Resurrection-Jesus CHRIST risen has been SO freeing this week. I am not sure I will stop listening to this sermon until the penny drops more because I am definitely a sheep and need to have the fog in my heart cleared daily. ENOUGH about me.

    Here are my notes. Every truth he pointed out is deep and catching so I can’t put it all but here are the thoughts that I haven’t thought of before or that just stood out:

    1. In Genesis: There was evening and then there was morning-the biblical concept: After darkness there is light! This was amazing to me!!

    2. The resurrection has been referred to as: Euchatastrophy. A good catastrophic event. The sudden turn of a story. The chain of death feels this relief like a limb that was out of joint snaps back. The tomb is the womb of the new creation. The resurrection in grand and cosmic terms-that is how we were meant to think.

    3. After Jesus was raised Mary in her ignorance thought he was a gardener, but it was the deepest truth for us today.  Here in this new beginning, this wondrous day God walked in the garden again, ruler over all things, in perfect harmony with God his father. The dawn of a new creation only now there will be no threat. Death swallowed up in victory, the serpent’s head crushed.

    4. Adam is the first fruit of death and Jesus Christ the first fruit of life. Because this is so rich, the new part to me was going back to Genesis 1, but the last paragraph although not new to most of us, I was encouraged by and love how he communicated it. So I will paste most of what he said:

    Scriptures point to the resurrection-on the third day such as Jonah being in the belly of the whale, etc. but before anything else surely Paul is thinking of the third day of creation.  In Genesis 1: the repetition, how it drives home the point.  The third day in genesis 1 we see the first fruits of creation. The third day we see the resurrection-Jesus Christ the first fruit of the new humanity. Adam and Christ the first fruits of very diff crops. One of death and the other of life. All others are but seed in one of those fruits. When paul talks  of  adam and Christ he writes as if they were the only men in the world as if no others existed. The big picture of humanity. Adam and Christ are the two heads the first fruits of the old and new human race, and every human on the planet is a member of one of those bodies, not dependent on ourselves making our destiny but on the fruit in which we belong.

    Today we live in this world of hyper-individualism. Our union  with Adam and Christ makes sense to us. It sounds unfair. Why must I suffer because of what he did? As if each of us really were islands determining our own fate. It has mutilated our understanding of the Gospel. Paul saw it differently, he saw that we have a far deeper problem and a far grand solution.  He saw our very identity as a problem. We each have a problem that goes back beyond our birth. When Adam sinned we all sinned in him, when he died, we died. At my birth, I was born in a spiritually dead humanity-in that identity. We were born of Adam and there is no hope for us of trying harder. Our only hope is to be taken out of Adams old humanity and to be born again into the new humanity. A new creation.


    Okay, and this stood out too and I thought it would be helpful to those of us, like me, who beat ourselves up a lot when we fail: (And I too was taught the Just as if I have never sinned which is glorious, but this is much better.)
    So in him we are given new life and we become the very righteousness of God. What a glorious gospel that gives us. The new life we are given and born into through the resurrection of Christ is a righteous, a justified life. It is better than being just as if I have never sinned. It is better.  I believed that my slate had been wiped clean, but the only problem is that I dirtied it up pretty fast.  So I thought is it the case that I yo-yo in and out of a righteous standing with God? Do  I need to be re-justified? Certainly the sins I commit grieve my savior and they hinder my enjoyment of the Christian life, but the notion that I might ever need to be re-justified betrayed the fact that I hadn’t appreciated that my identity as a Christian is I have been taken out of Adam the guilty and placed in Christ and my identity is in Christ the righteous one. Not in my behavior, not in my faithfulness, HE is my righteousness the same today, yesterday and forever. For the weakest Christian and the greatest hero n the faith he is for every one of us the Lord our righteousness, a righteousness that clothes us as the fruit that surrounds the seed. Not you will live because you have done well, but because I life you will live. My fate is determined by the head of the humanity by which I belong. To know my identity you must look at my head. If I belong to adam I share his guilt and death is my destiny, but I belong to Christ and so his righteousness, his life are mine. I need to tell myself this daily that despite my many failings, I can cry out no condemnation now I dread, Jesus and all in Him is mine, alive in Him my living head and clothed in righteousness divine. Even I approach the eternal holy throne and proclaim the crown my own. Because of the resurrection of Christ we have a new life, beyond condemnation as Christ is beyond the cross. Praise God for the resurrection of Jesus Christ!
    Okay, one more thing and I will stop for there is more:

    5. We will finally and fully share His glorification.  You couldn’t  have a vision of hope more  different to the sneaking suspicion that eternal  life means being slightly less human, having slightly less fun, and being  slightly less alive. Now and for eternity becoming like Christ means becoming more human, not less.  We will be created how we were meant to be-unshriveled, unbent, unfurled. That means sweet hope for our bodies as well as our souls, and especially sweet hope for the sick, handicapped, and for those in pain.

    1. Rebecca, thanks for the notes on Mike Reeves’ sermon. This week has been filled with so many obligations and distractions, but I definitely need to find time to listen to this sermon.

    2. Rebecca! Thanks for your notes on Reeves. Yes, indeed-what a great message about the Resurrection.

  34. Rebecca u are such an inspiration!!! I think I will listen to Mike Reeves again when I can. I’m working today, & wont have time, but another day! Also want to hear the John Piper msg .

    6). Is 62:1-5   A. The bride radiates righteousness as a burning torch; she is called by a new name given her by the Lord; She is a crown of glory & honor & a royal diadem in the hand of the Lord.

    B. Christ changed us from “forsaken & desolate” to “My delight is in her” & “married”. God rejoices over us as a bridegroom does over his bride.

    7). Embracing this identity should make me feel loved & secure & cherished by my Lord. It should give me boldness, confidence & Peace! Yes Lord, help me to embrace You  & how You see me!

    1. Jenny, Oh yes, I can relate. 🙂  I so want to hear the Piper message as well too.

  35. Thursday: Out Of The Anguish of His Soul He Shall See and Be Satisfied
    5. What comments or applications to you have on the above?
    I am impressed with the oneness of purpose of a triune God where God the Father was pleased to crush or Sacrifice his only Son in 
    His plan to bring Salvation to mankind. To helpless and sinful human beings.  God the Father’s heart and Jesus’s heart were one. They were joined in their desire and efforts to accomplish all that was needful to redeem us. 
    I appreciate the point Piper makes that the last three benefits of the eight he listed the Servant, Jesus, achieved for us on the cross correspond to three tremendously deep longings that we have. 

    he justifies us; 
    he makes us offspring; 
    he shares the spoils of victory.                                     

    Piper note these are: “three gifts of grace that correspond to three tremendously deep longings that we have” 

    we long for some way to get rid of guilt and a bad conscience for all that we have done wrong;
    we long to be loved and accepted as part of a significant group or a family;
    we long to be resourceful people with things at our disposal so we can act and fulfill our best intentions;

  36. Saturday

    What is your take-away this Easter week and why?

    The Reeves Sermon had to be the highlight for me. Just his passionate presentation of the power of the resurrection which floods our lives with hope at the reality of it.  As I noted in earlier comments twice Reeves exclaimed with obvious joy “Praise God for the resurrection if Jesus Christ!”   And the audience applauded.  I echo his enthusiasm  Yes! Praise God for the resurrection of Jesus Christ!

  37. LAURA:  I just saw your dance…so beautiful & powerful. Are u the one in middle front? Thanks for sharing this…lovely lyrics too  🙂

    1. Thank you Jenny! It was such a blessing this season for me. So many came (6!) and were so committed to getting it right. I am behind the front center, on the right. The woman in front has never danced before! So sweet. She loves Christ though 😉.

      1. Laura, I so love the dance, too. And thank you again for the wonderful “Lord of the Dance”. Am going to look for some more dances like this for the girls. They loved it and our congregation loved it, too.

        1. ☺️ Thanks Bing!

  38. Philippians tells us that for the joy set before Him, Christ endured the cross. What was that joy? Isaiah tells us it was the joy of saving us. Albert Motyer writes: “We picture the bedraggled and bloodstained seamless robe that he wore of Calvary, but to him it was a wedding garment! His Calvary-joy was wedding-day joy. He was winning his bride. …This is how much we mean to him.”
    Love, love this thought from Alec Motyer. In a day when we see splashes of news of expensive wedding gowns, amidst the oohss and aahhss we may say, I weep to  think of the beauty of the wedding garment of Christ soaked in blood so He can win us to Himself! Oh, the deep, deep love of Jesus!

  39. My takeaway? The Son had no sin at all until He took ALL the world’s sin upon Himself….whoa! I have known this, but it really hit home this season. He did it willingly for His Father. He really loves us doesn’t He?


    Last night an atheist friend of mine and I were talking about cremation; being buried or “sprinkled.” I said to her that I didn’t really like the idea of the sprinkling because I wanted to be intact when Jesus comes back for us. I said it without even thinking about her being an atheist. Normally, I wouldn’t want to offend anyone so I probably would have just not said anything. She looked at me and said, “you really believe that?” I said, “yes, I really do.” At that point the conversation shifted and I didn’t feel one bit nervous about what I had said. Just wanted to share my story. You never know what will come of things like that. She is someone who grew up in the projects of Boston and made it out. She has a son who is out of control like my Sarah. She thinks I’m so smart because I’m a teacher (lol; I work my fanny off!). I think she can’t believe I could be “so smart” and believe in God…

    1. Laura-your takeaway warmed me. Oh my…you are  putting me in wonder of Him, the gardener..i so see through your current suffering flowers blooming!!! You are pressing into Him.

      I want to encourage you, for before I knew Jesus I was amazed that my brother, so cautious, so smart, believed in Jesus. That, and His life transformed, is what attracted me to Jesus. I had a thought..maybe God might open a door for you to share your testimony with her how God is helping you-walking with you through this valley with your daughter? Just a thought. 🙂 🙂

    2. Laura, I love this takeaway! And I agree with Rebecca. I am praying for your atheist friend that she will be drawn to Jesus through you!