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Zechariah’s Song

Nine months deaf

Nine months mute

Nine months of wonder

as his withered wife blossoms.

Nine months to ponder

Nine months to repent

And then, God unleashes Zechariah’s tongue.

When Zechariah’s “tongue was loosed”

a holy FEAR (the Greek word “phobos”) fell

upon the neighbors,

and then, throughout Judea.


Because Zechariah’s Prophetic Song showed the promised time had come.

Don’t you think they each thought:

Am I ready?

Just as we know the 2nd Advent is promised,

can you imagine how you would feel if God showed you Christ’s return

was going to happen today?

Would you not think?

Am I ready?

Let us delve together into the rich song of Zechariah,

and in so doing, truly prepare our hearts for this Christmas.


Last Thursday R. C. Sproul died, a man that God used mightily to remind God’s people of the holiness of God, much like John the Baptist. I was remembering my first Christian bookseller’s convention as a young author. Steve and I took our children and we both felt it had almost a carnival air with over a thousand booths, many selling bumper stickers, t-shirts, and trinkets. On Sunday one big name singer after another came out and the audience was in a state of adulation. It didn’t feel like a holy place.

Then R. C. Sproul came out to give the message about the goodness and the severity of God.

A holy hush came over the crowd, like I imagine happened that day when Zechariah’s tongue was loosed, and again, when John the Baptist told people to repent for the Messiah was coming.


1.What stands out to you from the above and why?

2. How do you think you would have felt if you were in the room when Zechariah began to prophecy that the Christ was imminent? Why?

Monday: This was a Prophecy from God

Deliverance will come in two distinct phases, the first Advent and the second Advent, but to Zechariah’s mind it was all one package. We, who are on the other side of the first Advent, can better see the two mountain peaks in Zechariah’s prophecy.

3. As an overview, read Zechariah’s whole prayer of prophetic praise  (Luke 1:68-79) and write down a few things that the Messiah will do that are meaningful to you. Which of these have happened already in part?


Tuesday: He Has Visited His People!

Please, please, prepare your heart with this: 


4. Read Luke 1:67-71

    A. What is the first thing Zechariah praises God for in verse 68?

B. The word “visited” is like “Immanuel” — God is with us. But using a concordance (or an online sight such a Bible Gateway), find another time or two when the same concept of God coming down and visiting us is expressed in the gospels. Does this give you any additional light? If so, explain. (Another occurs later in Zechariah’s song)


C. What does Zechariah say is going to happen according to verse 71? How has this been partially fulfilled by the first Advent, and how will it be completely fulfilled in the second Advent?


D. Praise God for a time recently that He has rescued you from the enemy who breathes lies, brings despair, and enslaves.


Wednesday: That We Might Serve Him Without Fear

5. Read Luke 1:72-75. What is the purpose of our being rescued from our enemies? How conscious are you of this calling? Explain.


I am pondering the above passage and look forward to our discussion. All of the disciples except for John were martyred. Likewise, Jesus said as we serve Him, a sword will divide us from those who do not love Him, even in our own families. So what does it mean that we can serve Him without fear?

6. What do you think it means that we can serve Him wholeheartedly, no matter how hostile our surroundings, and not have fear? (Look at these passages for insight and ask Him for wisdom before you answer: (Acts 4:25-30 and Romans 8:36-39)


7. How have you been bold for Christ and how could you trust Him more to be bolder?


8. How was John the Baptist bold?


Thursday: And you, my child, will be the prophet of the Most High


9. Read Luke 1:76-77 and list what God’s calling for this child was.


10. Read Luke 3:7-20 and describe how John lived out his calling. How could he serve God without fear?


Friday: The DaySpring or Sunrise from on High

11. Read Luke 1:78-79

A. What will Jesus do?

B. How has He done this for you in the past year or even this Advent?



12. What is your take-a-way and why?



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  1. I’m listening to Susie Larson’s interview with Carmen LaBerge , her book is How to Bring God back into every conversation. So far it is excellent in answering some of the thoughts here about being bold , what our role is. I hope you get a chance to listen to it

  2. Jesus is the Light of the world & came to bring Light to those who sit in darkness.

    He has brought His light countless times this year when I’ve been in darkness of defeat, despondency, co-dependency, fear & emptiness, self-absorption.

    My takeaway is that I “may serve Him without fear” all my days, one surrendered moment at a time.

    A blessed & Joyous Christmas to you all!  🙂   🙂

  3. 5. Read Luke 1:72-75. What is the purpose of our being rescued from our enemies? How conscious are you of this calling? Explain.

    My first thought was that I am rescued in order to glorify God. So that I can be in real, redeemed relationship with my maker. When I was someone else’s slave I was separated, bound to do the bidding of another who hates me. Jesus has purchased me with his blood, I belong to him now. I don’t have to listen when my old slave master barks orders to me. I can tune my ear to the voice of my master who loves me, who laid down his life for me. I can draw on the power he provides and step out in love, laying down my life for others.

    I feel conscious of this calling and conscious of how often I choose my own comfort or self protection instead of costly love that loyalty deserves. There is a battle going on all the time.  I am so grateful for God’s new everyday mercies.

    1. This is good, Chris. I’m still pondering the meaning of this. I did not see it from this perspective before….yes, rescued from our enemy who hates us and the one whose slave we used to be.

      1. Dear Susan, you’ve been on my heart. I remember the first Christmas after losing my mom, it was so very hard, I have prayed for you, I am glad that you are here.

        1. Thank you Chris. It is hard.

  4. 6. What do you think it means that we can serve Him wholeheartedly, no matter how hostile our surroundings, and not have fear?

    When we set our hope FULLY, on Christ and what he has promised us, then nothing that people can do to us really matters. Gods purposes will be accomplished no matter what. The dark plots of people, like Haman in the book of Ester, Herod killing all the male babies, even John the Baptist being beheaded or Steven being stoned, these terrible looking events ultimately all come to nothing, God is in control.
    The Keller sermons where he brings out how horrible the cruxifixction seemed to those who loved Jesus who were there at that time give us perspective, God is in control, even when things seem inexplicably dark.

  5. 7. How have you been bold for Christ and how could you trust Him more to be bolder?

    I don’t feel that I have been terribly bold. I try to love people well and not hide my faith and hope that they will ask me questions which has happened.
    I think I should start by praying, asking for opportunities and the privilege that it would be to pray with someone who is opening their heart in faith for the first time.

    “4 Delight yourself in the Lord,
    and he will give you the desires of your heart.
    5 Commit your way to the Lord;
    trust in him, and he will act.
    6 He will bring forth your righteousness as the light,
    and your justice as the noonday.”
    Psalm 37

    If I delight myself in the Lord then perhaps being bold for him is a desire he will be pleased to give me 🙂

  6. 11. Read Luke 1:78-79

    I looked this up in the Amplified Bible and then looked up the references

    Luke 1:78-79
    78 Because of and through the heart of tender mercy and loving-kindness of our God, a Light from on high will dawn upon us and visit [us] [Mal. 4:2.]
    79 To shine upon and give light to those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to direct and guide our feet in a straight line into the way of peace. [Isa. 9:2.

    Malachi 4:2.
    “2 But unto you who revere and worshipfully fear My name shall the Sun of Righteousness arise with healing in His wings and His beams, and you shall go forth and gambol like calves [released] from the stall and leap for joy.”

    Isaiah 9:2
    “2 The people who walked in darkness have seen a great Light; those who dwelt in the land of intense darkness and the shadow of death, upon them has the Light shined.”

    A. What will Jesus do?
     Because of God’s mercy, Jesus visited us- Emmanuel! Showing us the way to move from the shadow of death into the light.

    B. How has He done this for you in the past year or even this Advent?

    He sends me timely little heart re-directs just as I need them. He tenderly lifts my head to look to him instead of to me. 

  7. Thanks Dee, for this safe harbor, I know I speak for many when I say how much we love you and appreciate all you do to shepherd us. Merry Christmas!