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We’ve seen Him do it here, on the blog:

weaving our lives together so that we 

feel His breath on the back of our necks.

One incident I’ll never forget happened when I was trying to show

that God has a plan for our lives that will make sense when we get to heaven.

When He looks down, He says:

“You are on track.”

“You are right where I want you to be.”

“You are here.”

This is not the end of the story, however.

It will make sense, one day.

I posted a sign I just grabbed from google images:

When our own dear Chris saw that sign, she froze.







I could honestly tell her I didn’t, but God did.

With my whole heart I believe God led Chris to this blog,

and God led me to choose that image out of dozens of images,

so He could whisper to her:

You are here. But, my child, this is not the end of the story. 

Last weekend my daughter Sally and her family came,

for it was the anniversary of my husband’s and her daddy’s home-going.

As we talked, curled up by the fire, I learned something new,

and in the midst of this sorrowful time, I felt His breath on the back of my neck.

(That story next week!)

And again, we had that sense God was reassuring us,

that though at the time, we felt like we were walking

through a dark tangle of branches,

He had us where we were meant to be.

If we could see what He sees, that “briar patch” would look like this:


1.What stands out to you from the above and why?

2. How did God lead you to this blog? Has there been a time when you felt “His breath on the back of your neck?”

Monday: The Lord is In Control

3. Meditate on the above proverb — look at it in context. What similarity do you see in the following proverbs? Do you find comfort in this? If so, why?


4. Look at Proverbs 16:9 in more than one translation. What is God saying? Does this mean we shouldn’t make plans?

5. Give an illustration of Proverbs 16:9 from your life.

Tuesday-Thursday Bible Study: Seeing the Greater Joseph

Most of you know the story of Joseph, but what I want you to see is the “greater” Joseph, Jesus Christ. For when you see that, you cannot help but also see that God planned the whole tapestry of Joseph’s life. I credit Charles Spurgeon with helping me see so many of these parallels. 

Joseph forgiving his brothers

6. Read Genesis 37

A. What did his brothers hate Joseph?

B. Why did the Pharisees and religious leaders hate Jesus?

C. How was Joseph betrayed by his brothers? How was Jesus?

7. Read Matthew 16:21-22

    A. What did Jesus know?

    B. Why did Peter think Jesus was stepping outside of God’s plan?

8. Read Genesis 44

    A. How did Joseph test the hearts of his brothers?

    B. How did Judah demonstrate the heart of genuine repentance?

    C. God has to bring us to conviction before we see our need for a Savior. How 

         has God brought you to conviction?

9. What confidence, despite all his suffering, did Joseph have according to Genesis 50:19-21?


Jacob’s Blessing of his Sons


10. How is Christ’s response to us, as sinners, like unto Joseph’s response to his brethren?

11. What trouble are you facing right now that God is allowing to test you? How are you doing with the test, and why?


12. What application can you make of this to your life right now? 

Friday: Read This From Charles Spurgeon:

Joseph & His Brothers


13. What comments or notes do you have from the above?


14. What is your take-a-way and why?





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  1. 7. Read Matthew 16:21-22


    A. What did Jesus know?


    That He would go to Jerusalem and suffer there; He knew the time of His death was approaching.


    B. Why did Peter think Jesus was stepping outside of God’s plan?


    Perhaps Peter thought God’s plan was to make Jesus a ruling leader and the Romans would be overthrown. Jesus was doing amazing miracles and had a great following – suffering and death? That would be a tragic end to everything; how could this be God’s plan?

  2. 13. What comments or notes do you have from the above?
    “ I shall direct your attention to the picture before us as being a representation of the way in which the Lord Jesus Christ deals with His erring Brethren, those whom His Father has given Him and whom He has purchased with His blood.
    It seems to me that the condition of Judah and his brothers is a very notable picture of the state of sinners when they are awakened by the Holy Spirit. Secondly, the disguise which Joseph assumed when he dealt so roughly with them is a master representation of the manner in which Jesus Christ, the loving One, seems to deal harshly with poor coming Sinners. And thirdly, the manifestation which Joseph afterward made to his brothers, is but a  FAINT  representation of the declaration of love which Jesus makes to repenting spirits when at last He reveals Himself to them in mercy.”
    Although long, this is indeed GOLD from Spurgeon. An awakening by the Holy Spirit and thank God for this as it is only when I am broken and of contrite spirit that the Lord hastens to bring me the greatest hope and joy. I am most sensitive to His work in my life when I realize the wretchedness of my state. And in the midst of his “harsh’ dealings and my awareness is a very deep, deep gratitude for His declaration of love for me. The more I see my wretchedness, the greater his love and mercy come into view. Thank you, Lord.

  3. Just scanned the blog to see where you are in a study —  My move isn’t happening as quickly as I had hoped (definitely see application for #11 🙂  ) — and I don’t want to continue to keep my life on hold until after the move.  Can’t tell if this is a good time to re-engage or if you are winding down and it would be better if I wait a few weeks ???

    1. Reneere-engage!!! 🙂

    2. Yes to Lizzy! Don’t wait-come back dear one, soon!

    3. Renee, we would love to have you back with us. This is definitely a good time, whenever you can!

  4. My take-away?

    That forgiving others is hard but possible in Christ. To continually look to Jesus as my example and to honor God at all times even when in the crucible of hard trials and you just want to give in to your natural man.

    To remember that all is grace and that God’s mercies are new every morning, His faithfulness never to wane or flounder.

  5. We flew back from Seattle on Wednesday and got home about 10:30 that night. Yesterday was an unpack, recuperate and rest day.  Today I’m doing laundry and taking time to read all of the posts that have been written since I was on the blog early this week.  Wow!! This week has so much going on with the sharing of heart rendering and heart felt stories. Hearing how each one came to a part of this blog was fascinating. I too love the honest interaction centered on looking into and studying God’s Word.  I appreciate the leadership Dee provides not from an authoritative posture but living life with the women here and truly seeking God’s truth.   I have gotten some more insights to the history and relationships on this blog.  I have been moved time and time again by what I have read. Wish I could give first hand hugs and just plain cry along side some of you. Life is so very hard in this broken fallen world yet the richness of God’s love and His Word permeates the lives of so many here. Thankyou for being transparent.

    Like Lizzy I find trying to maintain the “pretty family picture” can be such a trap.  And I find that is what people tend to want from us.   I live in a small town social setting that assumes we have it all together in our family but those close to us know we don’t. Yet I recognize being blessed beyond measure in the things of the Lord. And I don’t deserve one bit of it.  He gets all the credit for anything good in my life.

    I also read Spurgeon’s sermon today and was reminded of the deep truth of our sinful flesh that put Jesus Christ on the Cross and the need for repentance. Jesus calls us to repent so we can have a true and meaningful relationship with Him.  He needs us to repent and we need repentance as well for the cleansing and refreshing it can bring to our souls. I loved Lizzy’s illustration of Phillip. How beautiful that he was genuinely sorry and in response to him the love it provoked in her own spirit.

    There is so much more I could comment on what I read today but no one here has time to read a novella. (-: I love this group of sisters in Christ!

  6. I do not believe in coincidence.  The story of the sign, chosen randomly by Dee but of much greater & deeper significance to Chris really struck me.  I’m guessing that all of us, to some degree, have had similar story experiences like that in our lives.  Personally, it’s happened more than a handful of times in my own life, all the way down to those really hard days when you feel as if you don’t have one friend left on earth.  You sit & sob with your heart just aching, and suddenly the phone is ringing.  It’s a friend, calling to say “I had you on my heart today & just thought I’d call…”  That’s when I come back to my senses & know that Jesus sees me, hears me, loves me, feels my pain.  And that even if I never did have one friend on this earth, I will always have him, my eternal, forever Friend.

    God certainly does weave the tapestries of our lives.  Every day he is doing just that.  Lately, I have very certainly felt his breath on the back of my neck, more in the past several months than I have in the past several years.  I felt it last July when my daughter told me we would need to have some space between us, after I scolded my grandson once too many times (his behavior is out of control & part of it is lack of good parenting).  I felt God’s breath on the back of my neck when I discovered a bag of decades-old diaries down in the basement while searching for something else—as I flipped through the pages, the phrase “the folly of youth” kept coming to mind—every day was spent living for my self, not the God who created me).  I felt it again when I sent the accusatory email to my son on his birthday, and the regret that I felt afterwards.  I felt God’s breath on the back of my neck when I came upon the section in my study Bible re legalism, at the same time I was processing some stuff that happened in the past (from those old diaries), stuff that was ugly & hard to forgive.  I felt it again when a verse popped out in the Bible at that same time that I’d never seen before, or, possibly never considered before, in the same way (re legalism).  And I felt God’s breath on the back of my neck most certainly a few weekends ago at my son’s house, where some face-to-face, very real & meaningful dialogue happened, the reconciliation that took place because of that.  I see God weaving a tapestry right before my eyes.  Yes, I continuously mess up.  Life is messy.  Thank God for Jesus taking my mess & nailing it to the cross.  I’ve been a Christian “all my life”, but in the past few months I’ve discovered God in a whole new way….and it is a beautiful thing indeed.

    1. Wendy, love this… ” I’ve been a Christian “all my life”, but in the past few months I’ve discovered God in a whole new way….and it is a beautiful thing indeed.” Sounds like my life. ” God is sooo good to us.

  7. I was away last weekend & played catch up at work all week! I have missed u all & the rich fellowship.

    Today I did most of the study on Joseph, & read Spurgeon’s sermon. WOW! It was so powerful, & moved me to tears with fresh recognition of sin, & the Love & mercy & compassion of Christ. A few months ago I read the whole story of Joseph & was so thrilled by such a Redemptive story. I never likened Joseph to Jesus tho, so this was a wonderful eye opener, & Spurgeon truly dug deep into the truth of this. God is so amazing!

    I was very sad & moved that the Lord prompted you Dee to use that google sign. How amazing that Chris recognized it, & I pray Chris, that you have been comforted & held afresh, in the arms of our heavenly Father.

    May the Holy Spirit ever keep me aware of my sin, & more & more aware of the price that Jesus paid for me. That I would love Him more & let Him live thro me for His delight & glory. What boundless love & mercy He has for us His children!  🙂

  8. I just read most of the weeks’s blogs…such wonderful & rich stories of pain & growth & God’s love & work in your lives!

    I met Dee at a weekend women’s retreat in Door County. It was about 8 yrs ago, thro Midday Connection. We got to meet Dee at her beautiful home, & had a church service there on the Sunday, outdoors! It was such an incredible blessing. I didn’t start the blog until I re-discovered it last Dec for Advent. What a blessing you all have been, tho I feel I come & go. Hopefully I can be more invested as time goes on. My work as a Home Health nurse is very demanding, with tons of computer documentation. The thought of doing more computer for Bible study is often daunting, to be honest. I print off the weekly study, & do it on paper, then post when I can.   Thank you for being so gracious with me! You are all such deep & wonderful sisters in the Lord. I love the way you read our posts & respond from your heart Dee.     🙂  🙂

  9. Ladies, I might post this on FB as well, but wanted to ask you all to pray for my sister Chris who is having a total hip replacement tomorrow at noon! Her surgery was delayed two weeks due to a fire at the hospital, which had to be evacuated. So, tomorrow is the day. Thank you for your prayers for her!

    1. Susan–praying for your sister now!

    2. Susan, Praying that your sister’s surgery goes smoothly & that she has a complete recovery!  🙂