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1. What stands out to you from the above?

2. Does summer help you change your pace? Why, or why not?

MONDAY-TUESDAY: How We Know Jesus is in All of the Old Testament (The springboard for our Bible study)

Even if you are familiar with this account, skim Luke 24:13-24 to get your bearings. If you aren’t familiar, read it slowly.

3. Read Luke 24:25-27

      A. What did Jesus say to them in verses 25 and 26?

    B. Where did Jesus begin in the Scriptures to show them Himself and His plan to rescue us?

    C. In how many of the Scriptures according to verse 27 did Jesus show them Himself and His plan to rescue us?


      Darrel Bock, head of New Testament exposition at Dallas Seminary says that phrase “all the Scriptures”

          means from front to back — in other words, everything.

During this last Memorial Day Weekend, two of my grandchildren got together with their “fourth” cousins — as my daughter Sally and her “third” cousin, Coburn, delighted in watching them connect, just as she and Sally connected up here as children.

It made me think about what Rankin Wilbourne said in Union with Christ:

Union with Christ connects you to a history far longer and you could ever trace on a family tree.  

It stretches from eternity past to eternity future and puts everything in between into a fresh perspective.

You, as a believer, are in union with One who has always existed and who will always exist, and therefore, in union with the family of God, who will always exist. Blood ties are important, but the strongest blood tie we have is the blood of Christ, for this is forever. So value your spiritual families, and make your greatest treasure the head of that family: Jesus Christ.

4. How did the two on the road to Emmaus look back on their time of discovering Jesus in all their Scriptures? (See Luke 24:32)

Wednesday-Friday: Introducing The God Hunt

(The Springboard for our discovering Jesus in everyday life)

For over thirty years, David and Karen Mains had a wonderful program on Moody Radio and other syndicated stations called Chapel of the Air. Every year during Lent they hosted “The 50 Day Adventure.” I have always loved Karen’s books, seeming a cut above most other contemporary Christian women authors. Her most famous was on hospitality, called Open Home, Open Heart. That changed the way I did hospitality. Their book, The God Hunt, was so helpful in making God real to children — and adults! I also was privileged to meet Karen and loved her. Before the turn of this century, Karen endured vicious slander. I am absolutely convinced it was slander and she was terribly misunderstood, for she used metaphors that were misunderstood and twisted — much in the same way that Ann VosKamp’s was, when she wrote, “I flew to Paris and made love to God.” VosKamp seems to have survived the attack, but the attack on Karen, and subsequently on her husband, simply for defending her, lasted much longer and ended their radio ministry. I say all this in case you have heard negative things, but I would not be introducing you to this book if I thought there were any truth to those attacks. I felt they were legalistic and so unfair. 1 John has many tests to discern false teaching, and the Mains pass all of them with flying colors, both in doctrine and in lifestyle. You can check out Karen herself at her website: karenmains.com

If you have children in your life, include them in this summer adventure of The God Hunt.

This week, to get your bearing for the God Hunt, I’d like you to read this overview by David Mains, and then answer a few questions. And next week we will officially begin!


5. Some people are only aware of God when their world collides with Him, in times of great need. But, as Mains say, that is a sorry sort of life. Others are too busy with this transitory life to look for the eternal. Do either of these describe you? If so, what could you do to change your pace or perspective?

I do love Simon and Garfunkel, often amazed at the talent that poured from these men in their early twenties.God can use even unbelievers. I cannot hear “Bridge over Troubled Waters” without thinking of Jesus. And remember their: “Hey, hey, hey, Mrs. Robinson, Jesus loves you more than you can know…” And in the 59th Street Bridge Song, I hear the message that it is possible, even in the midst of New York City, to slow down and enjoy this great wide wonderful world God created — and if there ever is a time to do that, it is summer! Okay — that’s a tangent! 🙂 

6. According to David Mains, list four ways we are going to start becoming aware of God through this God Hunt. Give an example of each from the story of Jacob’s servant finding a bride for Isaac.

7. Do you have any comments on the article?


8. What’s your take-a-way and why?

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  1. I love this reminder to “slow down and see”. Summer is not typically a slower pace for me, especially not this one! But all the more reason I am thankful for this study–and the reminder that no matter how busy things are or how full my to do list–absolutely nothing compares with the value of seeing Jesus, drawing near Him, resting in Him. The moment I do draw near, I am reminded that all of this life will truly pass away…“One thing have I asked of the LORD, that will I seek after: that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the LORD and to inquire in his temple.” –psalm 27:4

  2. I so need this reminder to slow down and see Jesus in unexpected places..to have my antenna up for the surprise of His presence.  I can so easily get distracted by the things that don’t matter. I think it is beautiful how the two men on the way to Emmaus were distracted with the things that matter and He surprised them.. I so love that Dee brought up community-and He often surprises us with His presence with our brothers and sisters.

  3. 1.  What struck me – I am so glad that we will continue looking for God’s presence.  I didn’t write a lot the last couple weeks, but there were plenty of blessed moments.  Please continue to pray with me for my boss, Maria, who will be coming for supper on the 16th.  I have the three sermon notes ready to share with her, and want so much for her to be willing to hear God calling her.

    2.  Summer is not necessarily slower, but it is different.  It is lots of gardening, time outside, sitting by the fire in the quiet evenings, even a different pace for our small group.  Instead of our normal study times, we met monthly for a potluck meal and fellowship only.  None of our other activities or commitments slow down or change, so it is just the switch of how we use our ‘free’ time.  I look forward to each time of year and the changes they bring.

  4. Recommended by a dear friend I look forward to this series!

    1. Hello, Sheila! Welcome to our group.

      1. Thank you Emema!

  5. This study seems interesting. It is such a good reminder to be on the lookout for God sightings. Summer has its own kind of hectic, but we do get a change of pace for a few weeks. Grandchildren will be with us for much of the summer and that provides opportunities to do the “God Hunt” with them. As I have been with two of my grandsons this weekend, I have tried to look for opportunities to point them to God, although I have never heard before of the God Hunt term. I am so grateful to have all my grandchildren regularly attenders of Christian services and am keenly aware of the importance of introducing my precious God to them both through formal and informal ways.

  6. What stands out is I see God in this study. I am unexpectedly at a season of life with things very slowed down. After the past two years of working and being a student full time I am suddenly without a job and have more spare time than I know what to do with. Additionally, no job equals no money, due to the fact this is a free study it is an extra gift from above.  I have been simply praying “thy will be done” as I feel to humble and world focused  to ask for anything specific. Trusting in God that his plan is perfect. This is a reminder it is ok to ask God for specifics. I am starting a journal with prayers and God sightings today.

    1. Becca, welcome! Students have a very special place in my heart since I am a teacher. Praying for God to direct your path regarding a job and your summer.

  7. Dee, this is just to notify you that we are changing our email address.  
    Mary B

  8. What a beautiful thing…The God Hunt…for every age. He is with us always and forever. Praise !

    1. Hello, Linda! This is a fun place to be.

  9. I need a change and am hoping this study is exactly what I need.  The open door makes me think that there is always a way out and other options available and reminds me that just trusting in God to help guide you is all you need.  Summer itself is a change and am looking forward to a more relaxed time frame and spending more time with kids and family.

    1. Welcome, Lisa!

  10. 1. What stands out to you from the above?

    The “hunt” for God. Oh how I long for Him to be with me.

    2. Does summer help you change your pace? Why, or why not?

    Yes and no…School is over but I usually work another job, albeit not as stressful as  my “real” job. I get to sleep in until 7, and stay in my pjs all day if I want. I always have things to clean, fix, throw out around the house because my house is fairly ignored when the school year is in session, so that is a bit stressful (both getting in the mood to do it and getting everything I need done completed by the time school begins again.

      1. Yes Dee, I have a couple of trips planned in August. One is a small family reunion combined with an experience of the total solar eclipse (BTW, some of you might be in a position to experience it as well; check out the map). The other is one to meat my youngest son to see him. I haven’t seen him since January and won’t see him until November. He is doing 2 semesters abroad for his language major. He convinced me to meet him in all places, London. I’m not too thrilled going to Europe, but the ticket is purchased. I do want to see him. Prayers for our safety are requested. I will also probably spend a couple of weekends on the Jersey shore.

        1. Hey Laura, We live in one of the prime viewing spots for the solar eclipse.  In the direct path and at the prime time for peak viewing. Hope we have a clear day (-:

        2. Laura.…..what is the planet/star that is so close to the moon right now?  It was so beautiful on Saturday eve.  I haven’t looked since, but will look for it tonight.  My daughter’s boyfriend tried to use an app so he could tell me what it was, but it didn’t work.  I could look it up I suppose, but more fun to ask a real Science teacher!    I saw a similar sight sometime last winter and I think it was Venus…..it was so low in the sky when I saw it that time, and it was unlike anything I’d ever seen.  Just gorgeous!

    1. Wanda, fairly certain you are seeing Jupiter, and you are correct, it is lovely! I wish I could see anything, but sadly it rains, and rains, and rains. Here is my favorite skymap website:




      Saturn will be observable soon too 😉.


      1. Wow!   I did go out last night; at 11 which was an hour later than I saw it so close to the moon two nights earlier……there was a very bright planet fairly close, but not ‘right next to it’ as it seemed the previous time.   I had other witnesses, so I know I wan’t seeing things.  😉  ha.    I’ll check out the map!  Thanks.

  11. 1. What stands out? I enjoy the pictures. The water relaxes me. I love the carefree smile of the little girl on the swing. The door makes me think of hide-and-seek: hiding inside a shed, waiting to be found. The God hunt–finding God in little things–makes me think of times when I would walk out in nature and enjoy God’s creation. Busyness of life doesn’t allow that as much anymore.

    2. Summer, change of pace? As a teacher, summer is definitely a slower time. With four children of my own, it is a time of doing things with and for them. This summer we will also take a long road trip to go see family. I like the idea of being purposeful to see Jesus in unexpected places. With my dislike of car trips, I have a goal for this trip now! I’m excited to follow along with this study. (Not sure how much I can during July’s road trip, though.)

  12. 1.   What stands out to you from the above?
    The God hunt! I love the idea-looking for God in unexpected places. I saw Him today in my 1o year old friend, Avery. We had a mom and her 7 or 8 year old shy daughter, Lily come to join us for church for the first time. After the service, we talked briefly with the Mom as they were leaving and said hello to Lily who timidly said hi. Before they got out, Avery, came running after them, brought her back to the sanctuary and found the other young kids and introduced Lily to them. Talk about my heart being warmed! God prompted me to “see” the scene to remind me that He is at work in our midst. I hope to see Lily and her Mom again. And I hope Lily went home with a smile on her face. And BTW, we sang the song” Thank you” and the chorus goes, “Let your face shine on us”. Avery had Jesus’ face reflected on hers today.

  13. 3. Read Luke 24:25-27

          A. What did Jesus say to them in verses 25 and 26? 
    Jesus wondered why they were so disbelieving. He asked them if they understood that the things that happened were destined to happen based on the scriptures of the prophets. He said that what happened had to happen so He could come into His glory.

        B. Where did Jesus begin in the Scriptures to show them Himself and His plan to rescue us?

    He began with Moses and all the prophets and revealed Himself through the scriptures.

        C. In how many of the Scriptures according to verse 27 did Jesus show them Himself and His plan to rescue us?

    He revealed Himself in all the scriptures.

  14. 3. Read Luke 24:25-27
    A. What did Jesus say to them in verses 25 and 26?
    They were foolish and slow to believe. It was necessary for Christ to suffer in order to enter into His glory, and this fulfilled the prophesies.
    B. Where did Jesus begin in the Scriptures to show them Himself and His plan to rescue us?
    He began with Moses and all the Old Testament prophets.
    C. In how many of the Scriptures according to verse 27 did Jesus show them Himself and His plan to rescue us?
    all of Scripture reveals Christ
    4. How did the two on the road to Emmaus look back on their time of discovering Jesus in all their Scriptures? (See Luke 24:32)
    This is one of my favorite verses: “They said to each other, “Did not our hearts burn within us while he talked to us on the road, while he opened to us the Scriptures?”
    There is an unmistakable, indescribable sense we have when He moves in us, when we are still enough to really wait for Him, and He reveals Himself–there is a moving deep within, a “burning”. I love that Scripture records this sense of awe and that all over the body goosebumps feeling, that almost going to faint type sensing of ‘He is with us’. Emmanuel.

  15. My husband suddenly went to be with the Lord a few weeks ago.  We had only been married for 5 years.  We called our marriage a gift from God as we were in our mid sixties when we married and weren’t looking for a mate.  What we found was our soulmate!  We packed so much into the few years we were given and we made many beautiful memories.  After saying goodnight and telling each other how much we loved each other he turned over and met Jesus face to face.  With the shock of his death and the deep grief I felt I started counseling with a Christian psychologist in our church. She has been wonderful in helping me learn to live with  my grief and sadness.  I love Jesus and He has been with me every step of my journey.  I have a long way to go yet.  I wanted a Bible study to connect with here in the early morning hours when I take time to spend with the Lord.  I know community is important but I’m not quite ready to do that alone yet.  A very dear friend sent me the link for your Bible study and I am most grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this study.  I love Jesus and I have such a strong yearning to be closer to Him. He now has the love of my life with Him and I long to be with them!

    1. Sheila,

      Welcome to this group  especially at this time of heartache in your life. You will find a loving, praying circle of friends here and Dee leads us well with her own transparency and wisdom.  Life can be so hard but God is so faithful to his own.

      Romans 15:13 ” Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing so that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”


      1. Thank you so much!  I feel blessed to be a part of this beautiful group!

    2. Sheila, praying for the God of all comfort to be your Comforter. What a sweet gift indeed to have somebody even for or on the contrary should I say yes! for 5 great years to share life with. Happy you are here with us.

    3. Sheila, my heart aches for you and you will be in my prayers as you go through this time of deep grief. You will find loving and tender support here as we seek God together.

    4. Sheila…. I’m so touched by your courage and your yearning to be in the Word and to come to a safe place during this very, very vulnerable time of sorrow.  I’m so very sorry for your great loss.   I will pray that this will be a place of comfort and where you mihgt find some pieces of healing.   Blessing and peace to you dear heart.

    5. Sheila,

      Welcome to this beautiful, safe, healing place.  I stumbled on to this bible study three years ago.    May you be as encouraged here as I have been.   Much mercy and peace to you, Sheila, in such a sorrowful time.

    6. Oh Sheila! Tears…what a story, and I’m so glad you “packed” things in, in those 5 years. This is a comforting place. I’m so glad you found us.

    7. Oh Sheila, so sorry to hear. You will find such a well here, as Bev says-a loving, praying circle of friends.

    8. Shelia, we are so glad you’ve come. I know this group will be a safe and healing harbor for you in this time of grief, I was a lifeline for me. These ladies are sweet sisters to have at a time like this.

    9. Sheila, I am very sorry for your loss of your dear husband, and what a wonderful man you have described him to be….I will pray for God to be especially near and to comfort you, and may your beautiful memories of the five years you were married also comfort you.

      1. Sheila, I echo these words of Susan. May God comfort you in your grief. The group of women, guided by Dee is a real blessing.


  16. 1. What stands out to you from the above?
    The aspect of “the Jesus who surprises” stood out to me.  A number of months ago I began praying for a  young friend specifically that God would surprise him. He is a fellow believer who was discouraged with life feeling like he had failed. Already I see God beginning to do a new thing and I believe God will continue to surprise this young man with Himself to give him purpose amd meaning again.

    2. Does summer help you change your pace? Why, or why not?
    At this time of life with out children at home and not being affected by the school year calendar Summer doesn’t necessarily alter our pace or schedule.  But this Summer just happens to be particularly busy for us with major life events so the pace has picked up significantly and will continue through the end of August. Three Graduations, two family reunions, a 50 year high school class reunion, a church convention at our own local church and our own 50th wedding anniversary all have us very busy.

    1. Bev, I like how you are praying for this young friend. And that Jesus will surprise him with the gift of purpose and meaning. So many young people nowadays are discouraged. You are a God sighting for this young man. 🙂

      So exciting to read about the fun things your summer holds. 50 years-congratulations!

    2. Wow, you certainly have a busy summer ahead, Bev. Congratulations on your 50th anniversary-to-come! Sounds like you got married straight out of high school!

  17. Anyone that knows me well, will say that I move quickly. I rush to be on time, to get things done on my list and then hurry to the next item. As a result, I’m organized, but in that it can also mean I miss moments that God is calling me too. I believe this study will help me slow down, be patient, pay attention, be still and listen better. He’s continually teaching me and I am looking forward to the surprises He will be sharing with me as I slow down.  Thank you Dee!!

    1. Yay!! Brenda is here! :))))) SO I can’t say enough good things about Brenda. Besides being THE BEST shipping clerk ever. From day one I didn’t have to worry about anything and I still don’t, but besides that she is generous, kind, exudes His Love, humble and teachable, and an amazing face to face friend. When I was having a rough week and didn’t have time to do much of anything she came by out of the blue and dropped off groceries for us. Melted my heart. It has been sweet as of late to be able to go to her in regard to decisions we are considering making for our family-He has come to me often through her with His wisdom. She is an answer to prayer for me too.

      1. OH and she is tons of fun too!! I love her spunky,  fun spirit. :))

    2. Welcome, Brenda! glad you are joining us. I need somebody like you to keep me organized. LOL It is a wonderful gift.

  18. I went to a link to Karen Mains journal on God Hunt and I so loved how she wove ordinary happenings into the fabric of God’s work in our lives. I have done something similar in the past and still do and sometimes find people who looked at me strangely when I share about God sightings. Now, I am in good company here! 🙂

    Today, I thank God for people who stores original boxes of merchandise. (That includes my husband) I need a sturdy box for an all in one TV to take with us to Louisville, KY for a contest. And I thought, long shot to check with our IT team. Nevertheless, I went and checked with one of our IT specialist. We hunted and hunted and did not find what I needed. As I was getting ready to leave, we scanned the room and I “happened” to look up above a very tall cabinet (hah-sometimes being short is a disadvantage). And sure enough, there was one box, not the original but still the right fit. Thank you, Lord!


    1. This made me laugh, Bing.    I feel like that quite often…..I look around and there is just the thing I need.  (the flip side is……I have way too much stuff around the house!)  But …it’s that,  ‘I might need this some day’ syndrome.  So any time I DO find just what I need, it reinforces my philosophy.  🙂   Glad you could see the top shelf!

  19. My God sighting today is all the new people here who are looking here with us for signs of God on the move! It is so encouraging to have women seeking God and wanting to grow closer to Him. Welcome, everyone!

    1. Diane, you are one of our mature mentors who has been through fire and come out even more beautiful and you help me see Him.

  20. 1. What stands out to you from the above?     Well, my first thought is…..I really need to finish reading through the ‘Jesus Storybook for Children’ by Sally Lloyd Jones.  At the recommendation here and also my pastor’s, I raced to buy myself and my grandkids a copy a couple Christmases ago.  I’ve still not read through it.  My grandkids live 12 hours away.  One evening, I read a story to my grandson who was 3 at the time, through Skype so he followed along in his book, while I read from mine.  🙂 A memory I cherish.  I do so LOVE how she brings out Jesus in every story.  I sometimes just need those very direct reminders.   But I also love to dig in on my own.  On the first Sunday of January, our pastor encouraged people in the congregation who had never cracked open a Bible, that if they were going to buy just ONE book to start the new year, it should be this children’s book.  
    Also:  Simon and Garfunkel!  I grew up listening to every album that my older brother had and had every song memorized before he left home. 🙂   Such enormous talent.   I have their entire collection of my own now.
    2. Does summer help you change your pace? Why, or why not?    Summer is much, much more busy than the rest of the year, now that I’m not working.  With the hustle and bustle of hosting space for a large CSA  garden that my son and wife and several of their friends are growing and family coming more often and trips that I need to make to connect with certain friends every year, reunions and special events and trying to find several times to get away to use our camper since MN camping season is relatively short.  I absolutely love MN winters and the quiet solitude after the busy days of summer and harvest.  That said, in general, I usually have time to participate here, but will flex in and out a bit.  

  21. WELCOME to all the new participants.   I usually scroll from the bottom up and I just kept coming upon more and more new names.  Always glad to hear some new ‘voices’ here!

  22. Had the honor of attending Falling in Love with Jesus and A God of All Comfort Conference. I am looking forward to this new way for me to dig deeper into God’s Word! I live in Connecticut.

    1. Hi, Peggy! Welcome to our group. I go by Bing instead of Ernema. Came all the way from the Philippines and now live in MO.

    2. Hi Peggy! Welcome to our group 😉. I live in New Hampshire, and drive through your beautiful state often. Welcome!

  23. 4. How did the two on the road to Emmaus look back on their time of discovering Jesus in all their Scriptures? (See Luke 24:32)


    They realized how important the history of the scripture s was to them. Their hearts “burned.” They were on fire for the past events that had happened.

  24. 3. Read Luke 24:25-27

          A. What did Jesus say to them in verses 25 and 26?
    O foolish men-slow of heart to believe all the prophets have spoken. Was it not necessary for Christ to suffer these things and enter into God’s glory
        B. Where did Jesus begin in the Scriptures to show them Himself and His plan to rescue us?
    He began with Moses and the prophets.
        C. In how many of the Scriptures according to verse 27 did Jesus show them Himself and His plan to rescue us?
    He explained to them the things concerning Himself in all of scripture.

    4. How did the two on the road to Emmaus look back on their time of discovering Jesus in all their Scriptures? (See Luke 24:32)
    Their hearts were burning inside as He was speaking to them on the road explaining scriptures to them. And He still does that to our hearts with Scripture!! :)))

    1. Read Luke 24:25-27
            A. What did Jesus say to them in verses 25 and 26?
      He called them foolish and slow. Sometimes I feel very slow to catch on to things, too!
      He also said that Christ had to do what he did.
          B. Where did Jesus begin in the Scriptures to show them Himself and His plan to rescue us?
      Started with Moses and the Prophets
          C. In how many of the Scriptures according to verse 27 did Jesus show them Himself and His plan to rescue us?
      It shows in all the Scriptures. Jesus is throughout the Bible.
      4. How did the two on the road to Emmaus look back on their time of discovering Jesus in all their Scriptures? (See Luke 24:32)

      “Our hearts burned.” They were hearing the truth and it was resonating with them.

      1. Amy-agree..I can be so slow to catch on to things too. Loved how you brought that out.

  25. 1.   How did the two on the road to Emmaus look back on their time of discovering Jesus in all their Scriptures? (See Luke 24:32)
    Their hearts were burning when Jesus opened the Scriptures to them
    It is the Lord who will open the Scriptures for us. Open our eyes, Lord.
    Aside from the Scripture saying that these two men were kept from recognizing him, (they wore head coverings, right? Like one would wear a hoodie now?), it must have been such a fantastic experience to be walking and talking to somebody that has a strong voice of authority. If I was there, I would be asking, could it be? Is it possible? Who is this man who speaks like Somebody I know? Oh what joy it must have been for these 2 to finally “Jesus” when He broke the bread! So the “walking” and the “talking” and the hearing of the Word  enable me to see Jesus for who He really is and it is a journey that I can take with Him. 

  26. Oopppsss…to finally “see” Jesus.

  27. Just reading the “God Hunt” article and it is so good! We are definitely seeing Him show Himself in amazing ways through our current adoption–though I don’t think I can share all the details here, it has been SO affirming as we have also faced almost daily attacks from family that has been so painful. Still, He has shown Himself SO clearly that I have no doubts of His leading. One smaller thing I can share though–yesterday I was dropping my 10 yr old at a sports camp, hoping to get some work time in–and as I dropped him off we realized it was just him and one other kid he didn’t know and it wasn’t looking good. He looked at me and said “this might be hard for me”. I looked at his glossy eyes and had flashbacks of the preschool morning drop-off guilt as this is my most-attached child! But we prayed together and said, lets just try and see. After talking with the director and there were no other options for the week–I told her I would pray hard for today and then decide. When I picked him up at the end–he was honestly laughing so hard he had tears! It was a direct, simple yet loud and clear answer to prayer : )

    1. Lizzy, I am so glad you are “seeing Him show Himself in amazing ways” in your current situation in spite of “daily attacks”, including your special example about the sports camp. The daily attacks make my heart so sad, though. Continuing to pray for you.

      We got some difficult news today that may be a God sighting but I don’t see the blessing in it yet. My adult daughter called this morning and she is so discouraged because she had hoped to have almost full-time work this summer but found out that she is only booked to work “one week”. Some of you here now some of her story. She works part-time in daycare and has been rooming with a relative this year, but  is trying so hard to save up for an apartment big enough for her 3 kids as she shares custody. So hard to be a single mom in this economically depressed area with so few steady jobs. This means she will almost certainly be moving home for the summer, and her kids will be with us most of the summer. I would appreciate prayers for her to find a job (or jobs) and a clear vision for her and us about how to prepare for the future. Also for us who, like many other grandparents around the world, spend much time helping with raising grandchildren. I am not by nature a Pollyanna, but I truly want to trust God completely as we continue on this difficult path.

      1. oh Diane–this is SO hard. She has been through such a rough road and has tried so hard. I will definitely be praying for her especially–that she will find a job, and for God to bring clear vision for her future. Praying for wisdom and peace, strength for all of you. Praying for a breakthrough that only He can bring!

      2. Diane,  I’m so sorry for this disappointing news and for how it impacts everyone.   I know your daughter would so love to gain that independence.   Just so hard.  For all of you.   Interesting you mention Pollyanna, as I just watched a piece of the movie for the first time last wknd.   (I have read the book)  Makes me wonder…..’SHOULD we be Pollyannish? ‘   I guess I never thought so.  I think a tenacious faith is often one which wrestles with the harsh realities and yet finds Him ever faithful….but it does not nor should it always take the form of sugary cheerfulness.   That’s my two cents anyway.   I want to be faithful to pray for that steadfast and tenacious faith, Diane.   This is surely a trial for you all.

      3. Thanks for the encouragement, friends. I know that we all go through difficult times. Sometimes it seems like it’s just necessary to put my head down against the wind and keep plodding with Jesus and toward Him, “steadfast and tenacious faith”, as Wanda puts it.

      4. Just seeing this Diane. It is definitely a difficult situation. I know all too well about helping to raise grandchildren. It is exhausting for my increasingly older bones. I will pray for Krista and you and Aubrey.

  28. the God Hunt:    I know the ‘official’ instructions say this starts on Wednesday, but it’s Tuesday eve and I feel my heart so filled with God showing Himself to me.    I just finished spending an hour and a half mowing a big portion of our very large yard.  I love this.  I get to come up close to all the nuances and plants and trees of our complicated yard, while riding on a lawn tractor.  (honestly, I wouldn’t take a walk around the whole yard every day, but I love to ‘visit’ every part of it from the tractor.   While mowing one of the trails we keep up in the long unmown part of our property, I came upon a doe chewing grasses.  I fully expected her to leap away in fear of me and my noisy ride, but instead, she seemed mesmerized and we held a stare at each other for a long while.  This along with enjoying possibly 8 different kinds of colorful dragonflies that seem to be just everywhere made me so aware of the Creator.


    As I mow, I try to take captive my thoughts and turn them into prayers.  You’d think an hour and a half would give me time to cover a lot, but I still find it challenging to keep focused.  But I began…. praying for so many in such dire need.  Our Mary E….with setbacks and suffering, my niece, Shannon, who awaits a new pair of lungs,   my young friend, Melissa, who has spent over a month in ICU in acute respiratory failure…..she had a miraculous recovery a couple weeks ago, was transferred to a rehab unit for only two days and relapsed back to ICU.  Her future is very uncertain.  And a woman my age, from church who is in hospice with ALS.   My heart grew heavy and heavier…..and I also prayed for many loved ones who are not walking with the Lord.   Sin, sorrow and suffering.  It’s so rampant in our world.     When I finished mowing, I walked over to my iris and peonies and did some quick weeding and suddenly, the thought of the New Earth came into focus… where not only will the plants and gardens and animal world live in peace and without weeds to choke the beauty…..we will be whole and healed completely of all sin, suffering and sorrow.   Honestly,  the profound lyrics,  ‘No more let sin or sorrows grow, nor thorns infest the ground.  He comes to make His blessings flow, far as the curse is found…..” came into my heart and mind loud and clear.    I felt I had a taste of that on this beautiful June evening and yet…….it is still just a taste.   The now but not yet.  So much awaits us.

  29. 5. In my life, for the past 5 years or so, I have been more aware of His presence. I’m fairly certain it is due to being on this blog and immersing myself in everything Him, even in the middle of the busy day. I have even gotten excited, wondering how He would show up the next time! Prior to this time in my life, I only recognized Him when bad things happened and I really needed His help.

  30. I have felt discouraged lately, sort of flat in my spiritual life. The weight of difficult stories of people I am close to coupled with my own sort of inability to concentrate (which may be hormonal?) has left me feeling quite low.
    I strongly related to Wanda’s post above, the feelings of discouragement over sin and suffering and, I would add, my own shortcomings.
    This CCEF article from David Powlison is my God sighting, it so spoke to my heart weariness. I hope it ministers to some of you too:


      1. Dee when I grow up I want to be like David Powlison!

    1. Sweet Chris–praying for you now this morning. I too liked that article, just read it last night and still have it open on my computer. I liked this: “there are particular kinds of growth and strength that may be happening in our lives that we don’t even see”. Praying for a turn out of discouragement for you today, for hope

      1. Lizzy, I love knowing that you left that article open on your computer too, that made me smile 🙂

    2. Sorry you are feeling discouraged and feeling flat spiritually, Chris. I understand. But thanks for the Powlinson link. It is helpful. I passed it on to my daughter, hoping it might help her a bit.

      1. Thanks for understanding Diane, I hope that the article encourages your daughter too. I will be keeping her need for employment in my prayers.

    3. Chris thanks for sharing this link. It spoke well to that idealized idea of arriving at a more sanctified life but basically saying life is about the journey not just the destination. I needed the reminder.

  31. 1.  I LOVE the God Hunt theme.  I’ve been gone for a few days, and it is so easy for me to be oblivious to how He is working and has worked in my life.  However, after the last two weeks here, I have been more aware — and also more aware of how little attention I give to Him.  I know I didn’t post last week, but I sure did participate behind the scenes.  I am (just) beginning to get a more clear picture of how He has worked in parts of my story that I don’t like to think about.  SO, I am thankful for this theme.

    2.  Oh boy!  Yeah, my summer always changes my pace, not so much because it is less hectic, but because I feel less owned by work.  Now, I really am less owned by work!!  Not sure it is less hectic — and may even be more hectic this particular summer.  i.e., too many details and too much paperwork for my liking.  But I am sooo hopeful.  (ugh!  I had a work-related nightmare last night, and it took me most of the morning to separate dream from reality, and I still am kinda wondering if something really happened or if I just dreamed it)

    Will catch up with reading comments after I’ve done some of the Bible Study.

  32. ENCOURAGING!!: “Union with Christ connects you to a history far longer and you could ever trace on a family tree. “

  33. 4.  How did the two on the road to Emmaus look back on their time of discovering Jesus in all their Scriptures? (See Luke 24:32)

    They remembered their (emotional?/physical- hearts burning) response and that Jesus opened the Scriptures to them.  What strikes me when reading this verse and the verses following is how Jesus relates to the “whole person,” not just the cognitive.  Or maybe that’s how I see my own relationship to Jesus and I’m reading too much into the passage (also grasping on to this because of this because I’m not thinking straight today, still walking around in a fog)?  all the Scriptures for all the person!

  34. 5. Some people are only aware of God when their world collides with Him, in times of great need. But, as Mains say, that is a sorry sort of life. Others are too busy with this transitory life to look for the eternal. Do either of these describe you? Yuck! I fluctuate between the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Sometimes I seem to need that collision (the “sorry sort of life”) to propel me back into being aware of God; sometimes I am aware of Him.  Interestingly, it’s not so much being “too busy” (although I do get too busy, it’s not usually the busyness that keeps me from focusing on the eternal).  I think what prevents me from focusing on Him is being sorta scatter-brained or easily distracted.  The same characteristic that draws me to Him — wanting to know Him more and “connect the dots” also pushes me away from Him because I end up on mental “wild goose chases.”

    Example:  I remember the Mains’ radio ministry.  Mostly, I remember her talking about hospitality.  I didn’t even know they weren’t still on the radio because I primarily get Christian radio in the car — doesn’t come in well at home.  So, of course I googled — at least it was fast cuz I got bored quickly!  The only criticism I saw  (I didn’t look too hard) was from a site that I am semi-familiar with, not because I have read that much but it is located in this state — and they hate everyone, except maybe some uber-legalistic people.  When I saw the source of the info, the little brain power I have today diminished.

    And so, maybe I AM aware — I think God protected me from getting deep into that crap.  I KNOW I have been more aware of God’s work throughout history and my own history lately, even if catching my own lack of attention during the day.


      If so, what could you do to change your pace or perspective?  Hmm… what could I do to pay more attention??  My first thought was “try harder” — but that even sounds unChristian!  Music does help, but I guess my final answer is to keep on conversing with Him as I go through the day because that awareness of Him has been perpetuating itself.  That is, ANY time being aware kinda multiplies??  i.e., when I tell Him I am oblivious I am less out of it BECAUSE I am talking to Him.  Rather than just thinking, I can think to and with Him 🙂  ( I would make just as little sense if I were talking to any of you face-to-face right now

    I love the idea of the God Hunt. While I do see God moments often, I know that I still overlook many of them. It is such a simple thing to write down these God moments, yet I don’t write them down when they happen. How many have I overlooked or forgotten? David Mann’s overview encouraged me to reflect and to write about these moments, so I have decided to keep a “God Hunt” journal of my reflections on my God sightings each day. Summer is a time when I slow down because I am a teacher. That means I have the summer to make journal writing a habit. I tend to be a morning person. My time with God is usually in the morning or late afternoon after work, never at night. I am going to pray for God’s help in reminding me to reflect on His handiwork at the end of each day.

  36. We got back home from our trip to Texas last night.  It is about 1,000 miles from our house to our son’s home. We chose to drive it in a couple of days. We attended one of our granddaughters high school graduation.  I had asked in the past for prayer for my relationship to my daughter-in-law. Some of you committed to that and I really appreciate it. God did that thing He so often does when I have a difficult relationship with someone  He opens them up to me and lets me see where they are hurting and why they are difficult.

    I can’t begin to share here the many particulars but God revealed some deep seated bitterness in our son and a lot of misunderstanding between us. When I say us,  that includes my husband & myself and my son & his wife. A verbal altercation led to a discussion between the four of us. It was very painful but I think it has opened the door to better understanding. I can’t say it feels completely resolved but now I am hopeful. Our son is still carrying guilt over his past life and I had prayed in years past that God would grant him repentance so he could find freedom in his soul. I see clearly again the need to revive that prayer. The lies of Satan have caused him to continue feeling like the black sheep of our family and believing we treated him unfairly. I see now how his wife had taken up an offense against us that was not her own but lack of understanding made it easy to paint us badly. Oh how the enemy twists and deceives.

    I am reminded that God is above all this and moving and working for good. This needs to be a God hunt looking for His hand at work to resolve and heal what the enemy would use for evil in our lives God can take and use it for our good.

    “My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness”

    1. Bev, Thanks for sharing the update of your prayer request for your DIL and son. Relationships are complex, especially with guilt and twisted memories. I can relate to this as well. I will continue to prayer with you about this. I was just reading a devotional thought this morning about the “battle being not ours but the Lord’s”. We are His. We fight with Him as our sword and shield. He will give the victory!

      1. Yes, Bev, thanks for sharing this story. Relationships are so difficult and I know the pain of being  in this same place with my son and daughter-in-law. Your hope and mine are in Jesus who loves us and keeps his promises to us.

        1. Yes Shirley because of Jesus we are never without hope.

      2. Thankyou Diane for those comments and thoughts. Such a good reminder that this battle belongs to the Lord.

    2. Bev–I too and glad to hear the update–I was moved by this that you said “He opens them up to me and lets me see where they are hurting”–so much wisdom, humility in that–great truth for me to remember, and such evidence of His spirit in you.

  37. 5. Some people are only aware of God when their world collides with Him, in times of great need. But, as Mains say, that is a sorry sort of life. Others are too busy with this transitory life to look for the eternal. Do either of these describe you? If so, what could you do to change your pace or perspective?

    When I take time to journal and reflect, I’m a better person. I have my daily time in the Word, but I don’t take that extra time for the journal. When things are hard, I am more likely to pick up the journal (“in times of great need”). I’ve been trying to become a more thankful person (thanks to One Thousand Gifts), and journaling needs to be a big part of that. Taking time to notice is so important to growth in so many ways.
    6. According to David Mains, list four ways we are going to start becoming aware of God through this God Hunt. Give an example of each from the story of Jacob’s servant finding a bride for Isaac.
    An obvious answer to prayer: Rebekah came out and asked exactly what he prayed.
    Unexpected evidence of His care: It was the first one he asked
    Help to do God’s work in the world: Her family was related to Abraham’s family and she was willing to go right away.
    Unusual linkage or timing: The servant arrived just when Rebekah was coming to draw water.
    7. Do you have any comments on the article?
    The stress on writing it down gives a record to go back and look at what God has done.

  38. 6. According to David Mains, list four ways we are going to start becoming aware of God through this God Hunt. Give an example of each from the story of Jacob’s servant finding a bride for Isaac.

    Any Obvious Answer to Prayer.

    The servant prayed that when he was at the well God would bring the woman for whom he searched, to him for a drink. He asked God for her to specifically say certain words so he would know.

         2. Unexpected Evidence of His Care.

    Before he had finished his request, Rebekah came to the well. She spoke the words he requested God have her speak.

         3. Help to do God’s Work in the World.

    He was helping find a bride for Issac. He was fulfilling God’s plan for him.

         4. Unusual Linkage or Timing. 

    Again, Rebekah showed up and he was there just at the right time.

  39. I love the ways He shows His power and His mercy over and over when we are willing to lay down our own way of seeing things and look through His lens. I had asked for prayer yesterday when a 10 lb hand weight fell from a stool onto my toe–many of you prayed and I am amazed at how (ugly, yes) but healed it is today! When it happened–honestly, I asked God “why did You let that happen?” ( a cry/yell, really)–but my 10 year old later said–maybe He just wanted you to pray and see  what He will do. And of course, the enemy wanted me to curse God and turn away–which always motivates me to turn to Him instead–and I was blessed. This morning, we dropped our dogs at the kennel, and just a few minutes ago were called and told it was time to let our 15 yr old lab go. Not a complete surprise, but hard–and yet I feel Him in that too. This is not my home, and it’s not my dog’s–and all this will pass, all will be made new. There is a strange hope, peace I sense in all of it. When I look not through my own, worldly lens but through His eyes–I see things differently, there is always hope.

    1. Oh Lizzy, so sad to hear about your dog. We are taking ours in to board this morning. You encourage me with how you press into him and listen to God’s wisdom through your son.

      Rejoicing with you in regard to your toe healing-yes!

      1. Thank you Rebecca–strangely enough, my uncle who I had posted about trying to get to Houston to see, also passed away last night. Thankful we know our God is Sovereign and I can trust Him even when timing seems to not make sense, or things are different than I might expect–always He knows best and is good.

        1. Lizzy, oh no…so sorry to hear of your Uncle’s passing. I knew he wasn’t doing well, are you doing okay?

        2. Oh no, Lizzy. So sorry to hear about your uncle as well as your dog. You have had a rough week! Praying God will continue to hold you close in this.

  40. Oh how God showed up today! I asked for a job for my daughters boyfriend on the way to work, actually pleaded that God give us a break, and wouldn’t you know he has a job at the end of the day! He starts Monday. It’s not the best, but who cares?! It’s something for him! Yay! Thank You Lord, for helping us.

  41. My I spy:

    I have been getting my family ready for a vacation and I am pretty much the only one able to get everything ready due to my husband’s work schedule.  My husband really wanted to take a four hour drive today to attend a festival in his home town so he can see his old friends and some family so I had to get everything packed for our vacation last night.  I felt so worn out I was wondering if I could physically go but I knew this meant a lot to him.  On top of this I felt a UTI coming on. First thought was oh-no Lord, our trip and I don’t have time to go to the doctor but it was a Kidney stone I passed late last night. Painful but yay!

    So I woke up this morning feeling overwhelmed about going to the festival. Then my husband called out of the blue and said, “I don’t think it is a good idea to go to the festival. We need to rest and finish packing for our trip. God has been working on my heart. I know I really wanted to go but seeing how frazzled you were last night and how grouchy we both were it didn’t seem right to go. I believe this is what God wants us to do.”  Music to my ears. :))

    1. Rebecca, I spy God in you. What a blessing to wait on the Lord and be humble with your husband. The Lord worked it out!

  42. 1.   Some people are only aware of God when their world collides with Him, in times of great need. But, as Mains say, that is a sorry sort of life. Others are too busy with this transitory life to look for the eternal. Do either of these describe you? If so, what could you do to change your pace or perspective?
    I think I go back and forth between the 2. At times of great need I seek God and at times I am too busy to look for the eternal. I would like to change my pace or perspective. There is such truth to “stop and smell the roses” or to appreciate the vivid colors of day lilies. To look at the bigger picture rather than what is right under my nose.

  43. I love the article from David Mains. The four ways are:
    1.      Any obvious Answer to Prayer. when I say to a young woman, “Please let down your jar that I may have a drink,” and she says, ‘Drink, and I’ll also water your camels’ – well, let her be the one you have chosen for Isaac. And if all this happens I’ll also know that you have shown kindness to my master.”
     2. Unexpected Evidence of His Care.  It only took one woman sighting not have to look many times.
    3. Help to do God’s Work in the World Although it was an original request from Abraham, God also answered the servant’s prayer in carrying out the work of God.
     4. Unusual Linkage or Timing. Timing of the servant coming at the same time Rebekah was coming out. And she was the first one and she is of the house of Abraham.

  44. My title for my God Hunt yesterday: The surprising (!) use of tweezers
    I needed to do a label for my students’ presentation board as I promised them I would do. You know those cut out letters and mind you they were just an inch tall and paper thin. The last time I saw one of them use rubber cement on them with bare hands, it seemed like it took forever. I did not really have a lot of time to spare so I asked the Lord for wisdom and direction. And sure enough, he came up with “tweezer”! I remember handing those to surgeons in the OR when I would be assisting them and they have to hold on to delicate parts of the body. Ok, so I hope this works, I told myself. So I went to school and laid the paper, brushed it with rubber cement and used the tweezer to lay the letters. And BTW, I found this pair of tweezer in my first aid kit which I opened a day or so before to check if things are still good and not expired and…and…you get the drift). Wouldn’t you know it, it worked beautifully. Everything seemed to have come easy including spacing and lining letters up in a straight line. Well, relatively speaking. My students would be proud of me. LOL And it did not take very long to get it done. Thank you, Lord!
    For who hath known the mind of the Lord, that he may instruct him? But we have the mind of Christ. I Corinthians 2:16

  45.  I love the story about the tweezer Bing! I know just how you would’ve felt…

  46. I would like to join your summer bible study.






  47. Hi.  I would like to join your study.  Thank you.