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Have you had the experience of telling an unbeliever about your joy in Christ and had him respond with something like: “I’m happy for you.

The message?

Christianity is not for me, but if it is helping you, go for it.

Because “the whole world lies under the power of the evil one” (1 John 5:19)

the world is blinded to the fact that Jesus, and only Jesus, is the

“true God and eternal life.” (1 John 5:20)

They are also blind to the fact that in Jesus, and Jesus alone, is power.


We must daily remind our souls what we have in Jesus.

When God created the first Adam,

Adam was glorious, for was in the image of God.

But when Adam was tempted, he fell, and the whole of humanity fell with him.

The “imago dei” was marred. But God did not leave us without hope.

He sent His Son into the world as the second Adam,

to restore us to the image of God.

Only the second Adam can offer us forgiveness and POWER.

Do you remember in 2010 when Tiger Woods came on television with

a public apology for his infidelities?

Watch this short and poignant clip.



My heart went out to him, for he seemed truly sorry, but he was turning to Buddha, who offers some good teachings, but could not offer him forgiveness or POWER.

I respected Brit Hume for saying so publicly, nor did he palliate his words.

It was clear, caring, and bold.


Oh the sound and the fury of the media reaction!

To dare to compare religions and to say one was better!

How intolerant! How prideful!

            Bill O’Reilly had Hume on his program, interrogating him, but Hume stood firm, speaking compassionately about Tiger Woods and what he feared he was going to lose – not just endorsements, but his family, and far, far more. Hume repeated:

“Jesus Christ offers Tiger Woods something that Tiger Woods badly needs.”

            And what is that? It is what no world religion offers – not just a set of rules given by a late teacher like Buddha or Mohammed but the Spirit of living second Adam, Jesus Christ, to come and live in us, redeeming us and empowering us to become reflections of Him!

This is something we could never do on our own.

This week we will find our “second Adam” foreshadowed in Genesis 3.

This “second Adam” theme flows like a river through the Scriptures and shows us just how much we have in Christ.

We will also continue our God Hunt.

The Song of Songs gives us a picture of Eden restored, something our second Adam will do. But in the meantime, Jesus gives us daily kisses, and I want you to be alert to those, and to share them here, as I will.


1. What stands out to you from the above and why?

2. Share a way the “King” has kissed you recently. (It could be a living word from Scripture, an answer to prayer, the sense of His presence, help to do His work in the world, sweetness in nature or in Christian fellowship…)

Monday-Wednesday Bible Study

All through the week share your “kisses” from the King. You may get kissed as you study, for the Word may become radioactive in your heart!

How does the doctrine of the “Second Adam” impact us? We will look at three ways. We will look at the first way this week, and the second and the third next week.

A. The Second Adam is “a life-giving spirit” to conquer sin.

B. The Second Adam is “a life-giving spirit” to conquer death.

C. The Second Adam is preparing a place for us like the original Eden.


3. Read Matthew 4:1-11 in order to contrast the temptation of the first Adam with the second Adam:

A. The first Adam was well fed when he was tempted — contrast that with Matthew 4:1-2.

B. The first Adam was in a lush garden — where was the second Adam — and what detail does Mark 1:13 add?

C. The first Adam was tempted once — how many times was the second Adam tempted?

4. When we respond to Christ’s wooing, His Spirit, the same Spirit that overcame temptation and death, comes to live in us. Our part is to respond to that Spirit, just as we responded to Christ in salvation. A truth drums through Romans 5, 6, 7, 8. It is this: Every time we present our members to Christ for righteousness, His Spirit grows stronger in us. I see the same drumbeat in 1 John. What do each of the following verses teach you — and how might you apply them today?

      A. Romans 6:12-13

      B. Romans 8:5-6

      C. 1 John 3:9

      D. 1 John 4:12

Every time we obey, every time we love, every time we stay in the light, His Spirit grows stronger in us. And one day, when we see Him as He is, His work will be completed in us, for we will be like Him. The second Adam will return us to the imago dei, the image of God.

To encourage your sisters, I’d like you to share a time or a way the Spirit of God has helped you change for the better. As Mike Reeves says, “It is not bragging to notice fruit in your life that would not have been there except for the Spirit of the living God producing it.” I will begin with an illustration — but I hope to hear many from you.

I’ve told you many times of how the Spirit revealed my sin of making side-ways comments to others in an attempt to control them. The way that I am overcoming this is due to something that rules could never have given me. The “rules” from Scripture did give me understanding, but it was the power of the Spirit that helped me actually live them out. I came to understand from the teaching of Scripture that I only had two choices when I am troubled my someone’s behavior. Usually, I am to”overlook it in love,” but if a sin is repetitive and I am close to that person, I can “speak the truth in love.” But it is not enough to stop making side-ways comments, that idol of control needs to replaced by God. I must believe God hears me when I pray for that person to change. ! John 5:16 says: “If anyone sees his brother committing a sin not leading to death, he shall ask, and God will give him life — to those who commit sins that do not lead to death.” After memorizing this in context, I am convinced the sin leading to death is the rejection of Christ. It is futile to pray that God will forgive the person who rejects Christ. But here is the silver lining — we can pray for all other sins that a brother or sister in Christ commits, and know that God hears us, and will work with His mighty power in that person’s life. His will is that believers grow in maturity, and we can pray boldly for that and He will hear us, will work in their lives (though perhaps differently than we expect) and will give them life!

And I have seen that happening. The power of God’s Spirit is at work in my brothers and sisters in Christ, and so I can give grace, and instead pray for that person, and know that God will work in His time and in His way. This is the expulsive power of a new affection. Our God, our “second Adam” is  at work in each of us to complete the work He began in us, and our prayers actually help expedite the process!

5. Now it is your turn to share a way the Spirit of Christ is giving you power to overcome temptation and sin — and to share how you see fruit in your life!

As you hold to your conviction that Jesus is the answer, and the only answer, expect persecution, as Brent Hume received. I saw that again, just this month, in an interaction between Bernie Sanders and an evangelical who wants to hold political office. This article describes what happened, and I believe is a foreshadowing of the persecution to come in this the United States against those who belong to Jesus Christ.



6. Comments on the above?

6. Share a kiss from the King.


In this message, Keller will speak of the “renewal of all things.” The second Adam renews us spiritually, and one day will renew us physically, and place us in a renewed heaven and earth. This message concentrates on how we are renewed spiritually.

Perfect Freedom – Timothy J. Keller

8. Share your notes and comments.


9. Share your best “God Hunt” or “Kiss from the King” this week. I’m going to share mine right now! For years my administrative assistant and friend and our own Rebecca has wanted to bring her whole family to my home in the summer — and she wanted Lizzy’s family to come too. So this last week it happened through God’s marvelous orchestration — in fact, until the last week Rebecca didn’t think her husband could get work off, but then, he did! It was a balm to my soul to have the deep spiritual conversations that began on the blog and could continue face to face. And sweet to meet their dear families and see how they too connected. I thought you might like to see Rebecca, me, and Lizzy together. How I wish we all good have a grand face to face meeting, but I know it will happen in heaven. Mary E was much on our hearts during our time together too — and so were you — we talked about how delightful this sisterhood had become. And I can tell you that the beauty we see in Rebecca and Lizzy on the blog shines all the more brightly in person.


Now it is your turn to share a God Hunt!







10. What is your take-a-way and why?







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  1. 1. What stands out to you from the above and why?

    “Jesus gives us daily kisses”–yes, this I have been overwhelmed by, especially recently. The very personal ways He has shown me His direction, His guidance, His voice. Some of you know we are pursuing a 3rd adoption, this time international, and a child with major medical needs. Yesterday we received an update and it was clear his condition has worsened as the word “severe” caught my eye throughout the reading and lab results way out of range. Dear Mary E., with her nursing wisdom, said they were the worst levels she’d seen in one area. But I come here, and am reminded of His kisses. The time with Rebecca, her family, Dee–was a kiss. Through this adoption, my extended family has pulled away, and the road has felt more than lonely. To experience the fellowship I did last week–knowing there is nothing attractive or special about me that allowed it–it was just a kiss, from Him. He knew I needed that level of encouragement, that deep deep love of  the Body, and He gave it.

    I am also reminded of one of my favorite attributes of God–His power. As I look at the days ahead, leaving in a few weeks to bring hom our child, and the upside-downess of it all, the truly dire state of my son’s health at this time–I just feel weak, truly overwhelmed. But He is GREATER. He holds ALL the power. He loves me. So I pray, and I wait and watch for Him and I know I will see Him rescue as He has done so many times in my life. And I praise Him in advance for that.

    1. Lizzy-oh no..my heart is heavy but just know we are standing with you in this, fervently lifting you and your family and your new one up.  I won’t forget what you shared with me and Twila in regard to the hard in life. That easy doesn’t always follow obedience. Most often hard does. You gave us Matthew 14 when Jesus told the disciples to get into the boat and go ahead of Him to the other side. they obeyed but after they did it wasn’t easy-it was hard. Could you re-iterate that here?  It so encouraged me.

      1. oh Rebecca–you are such an encourager. What a gift you are in my life–and everyone here’s. Thank you. Thank you for reminding me this truth–and you expressed it so well. So thankful for you

    2. Lizzy, this is all beautiful, even in the sadness over your new son’s condition, I see God all over it.

    3. Lizzy, it is SO great that Dee and Rebecca were able to encourage you as you go through this difficult adoption! I am sorry that his condition is so serious! Yet, God is seen so clearly in the way you are clinging steadfastly to Him. Praying for strength and love for you and your family during this time!

    4. You know, Lizzie, I was just thinking about you this morning and wondering about the status of your long awaited 3rd adoption – and here is the answer!!!  What a special heart God has given you.  My adopted teen and I were discussing tonight how beautiful it is that some people would choose to adopt those with disabilities.  I will share this with her tonight and we shall pray for you in our bedtime prayers.  All of this is a testimony to her, and I pray God will soften her heart to His love and that she will surrender her heart to His embrace.  Thank you for your frequent Godly encouragement on this blog.  I also skyped with my new son this morning in Albania.  He is the biological brother of my daughter and we are awaiting his official court declaration of abandonment.  He has been in court for 8 long months and we still anxiously await the day when we can bring him home.  Please keep us updated.  Will love to pray on this journey with you.  God bless you, precious sister.

      1. Miriam–He used you as a kiss for me this morning! What a blessing to read this from you. Praying for you now too as you pursue your son in Albania–your heart humbles me. That is so beautiful–“brave love”. And I love the image you painted of Jesus running to  hold us! : )

  2. 1. What stands out to you from the above and why?

    Jesus Christ living in us-redeeming us and empowering us to become reflections of Him. This isn’t something we can do on our own. He opens our eyes to understanding in Scripture and then as we obey He empowers us to live it out.

    Had to look these up but this weeks life-changing post reminds me of Romans 7:18-  For I know that nothing good dwells in me, that is, in my flesh. For I have the desire to do what is right, but not the ability to carry it out., and 2 Corinthians 3:18- And we all, who with unveiled faces contemplate the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his image with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.

    I must say-when spending time with Dee, Lizzy, Vicki, Debbie, and Ron-I saw His ever-increasing Glory in them.

  3. 1. What stands out to you from the above and why? The hollowness, sadness, and hopelessness of false “gods.”  How many lives could be restored and captives set free if only they could know Him.
    2. Share a way the “King” has kissed you recently. (It could be a living word from Scripture, an answer to prayer, the sense of His presence, help to do His work in the world, sweetness in nature or in Christian fellowship…)  I have 2 brothers (I’m in the middle between them.)  When we were little, I was closer to my older brother because we were only 22 months apart in age (my younger was over 7 years younger.)  However, as we got older I became much closer (on a deep soul/spiritual level) with my younger because we were really “kindred spirits.”  My younger brother died almost 6 years ago (at age 37) due to a congenital heart defect.  Since then came my recurrence of the breast cancer (considered terminal, once spread to distant locations in the body) and a prostate cancer diagnosis for my older brother, at age 49.  Well, my older brother has taken on so much more depth over these years and now I feel like we do connect on a deeper level. 🙂  Recently I shared with him how, even though what I recently went through was terribly hard (nothing anyone would want to go through) I could see the Lord in it because I had the opportunity to talk to at least 3 people about Him and that would likely not have happened w/o the situations I was in.  My brother had SUCH a thoughtful, deep response to that, which I’ll trim down, since this is already getting long (!)  
    Basically he said that we tend to ask “Why, God?!!” when bad things happen that don’t make sense, but since we are fallen and live in a fallen world, the truth is, when something wonderful, beautiful, fulfilling happens our response should be “Why, God?? THIS we don’t deserve!”  He closed by saying, ” He is writing the big story and we just have a role. We would write a lot of things differently, but ultimately, the story would not be as good!”
    This was a kiss from God to me.  I still have my precious, younger brother and will see him again one day, but I’m so blessed to have a precious, older brother as well.

      1. YES!  Still not the connection that I had with my younger brother…but I’m not writing the story. 🙂  And if I were, the story would not be as good!

        1. I just went all the way back and read this, Mary.   What a sweet observation and statement of seeing God.  I agree with Dee……so many levels here.

    1. How wonderful that you had this lovely conversation with your older brother – what a wise brother he is!

    2. Mary, I love your older brother’s response!  You are on my heart often.  Thank you for being a sweet testimony of God’s grace shining in hard places.

  4. I just wanted to share this quickly too because I didn’t get a chance last week. We here have heard a few of the struggles Rebecca has endured, but I just wanted to share she is amazing with her kids, and God has truly blessed her faithfulness and prayers. Her boys are really incredible. They were so kind and patient with my 10 year old who adored them. I watched how she took time with each one, valuing what they had to say, recognizing their uniqueness, and I thought how she modeled the way God loves us. It was such a joy to watch.

  5. 2. Share a way the “King” has kissed you recently. (It could be a living word from Scripture, an answer to prayer, the sense of His presence, help to do His work in the world, sweetness in nature or in Christian fellowship…)

    This is a sweet kiss from today – we had a lovely worship time with friends who shared their experiences from their 5 years in Rwanda. It is so encouraging to hear how God is working in other parts of the world, especially one that was torn apart 23 years ago by a racial genocide. God’s hand is clearly at work in the church there. Then we came home and my hubby spied a medium sized turtle on our lawn. We live in a rural area but a turtle sighting is rare. It has lingered on the lawn for a few hours now. We have a pond about 1/4 mile from us and a lake about 1/2 mile. I hope it finds its way home. We even got out for a walk to see the lake and spring/early summer wildflowers.

    What might have been a bittersweet day this first Father’s Day since my Dad’s death has been covered with sweet evidences of God’s care and love and creative hand.

    1. Diane–this all just made me smile! Love picturing you & Aubrey out on a walk and enjoying nature & a turtle! And especially this report of your friends experience in Rwanda. Wow. I have such a heart for Africa. This blessed me to hear.

    2. Oh Diane, this made me smile also!  I love God’s creation and I’m so glad you were able to get out and enjoy it today.

    3. Very sweet Diane!

  6. I’ve had kisses from God all weekend. My husbands two older sisters (Joy and Ann) came for a visit. I love these ladies as my own sisters and they have taught me so much about healing, God’s provision, my relationship with Christ and enjoying the little things in life. Over the years, I have become a different person with more joy, love and enjoyment over the little things in life. To see God everywhere and in everything!!! I grew up with a lot of manipulation and verbal abuse, so they have been a blessing to me over the  last 27 years.

    God has kissed me with their presence this weekend, and the devotions we did over the weekend while sitting around the table sharing our precious Lord. Another way He kissed me was with the Thunderstorms. I see and hear His mighty works through a good Thunderstorm. It only made it more precious that I had my sister in laws sitting on the back deck with me watching the lightening.

    Making a point to seeing Him in everything and everywhere!! My heart is overflowing with thankfulness for His kisses.

    1. I enjoyed your comments about thunderstorms…..aren’t they just amazing?!    Glad you have your sisters in law to walk through life with you, Brenda.

  7. Well, Dee, I just got a kiss from the King tonight as I clicked on the Song of Solomon song “I’ll come running” you have on your website home page.  I just closed my eyes and imagined my King RUNNING to me to hold me until the night is over.  Thank you for posting this so I could receive this kiss.

    1. Don’t you just love that song?

  8. 3A. The first Adam was well fed when he was tempted — contrast that with Matthew 4:1-2. 

    He fasted 40 days and 40 nights. Yikes!

    B. The first Adam was in a lush garden — where was the second Adam — and what detail does Mark 1:13 add?

    He was with wild animals.

    C. The first Adam was tempted once — how many times was the second Adam tempted?


    He was tempted 3 times.

  9. What stood out to me were these comments:
             “And what is that? It is what no world religion offers – not just a set of rules given by a late teacher like Buddha or Mohammed but the Spirit of living second Adam, Jesus Christ, to come and live in us, redeeming us and empowering us to become reflections of Him! 
    This is something we could never do on our own.”
    The reminder of the Tiger Woods scandal and Brit Hume’s response were strong examples of the emptiness and powerlessness of religion the redeeming power of Jesus Christ. It is good to be reminded of our weakness and let Jesus have his place to undertake in our lives.

    As I think back over the weekend there were a number of kisses.  A special time of riding our side by sides on sandy trails with friends up in a small man made National Forest in the sandhills of Nebraska, a sweet curly haired 1 year old granddaughter falling asleep on Grandpa’s chest in church yesterday, sitting with dear friends over coffee last night sharing our hearts about wayward sons and our prayers for them, my son’s message preached with conviction about the place and importance of the need for fellowship with other believers in the body of Christ, and this morning reading these  blog responses have blessed my heart of how God is working in some powerful ways.  God is so near in the good and the hard things.

  10. Because we were talking about close friendship last week, I thought you all might be interested in this book recommendation. I have not read the book, but it looks interesting.


    1. Diane, That does sound interesting. Thanks for the link!

  11. 4. What do each of the following verses teach you — and how might you apply them today?
          A. Romans 6:12-13 

    Since we are now members of the body of Christ, we should run from sin; don’t let it near us at all times. I can stop some of my sinful habits today. In fact, I will pick a couple, starting with eating too much!

          B. Romans 8:5-6 

    Peace occurs when you set your mind on Jesus, not things of the flesh. I want peace! It’s so hard sometimes; you get caught up in the day to day and forget to focus your attention on the right path. I am continuing this study and will add another short study at the end of the day as well.

          C. 1 John 3:9 

    Since we are born of God, it is not intuitive to sin. I will practice not sinning by encouraging others and being kind today.

          D. 1 John 4:12

    We show God through our actions. Oh Lord allow me to do this today in the wake of the days events.


  12. I was kissed by the King this past weekend when a local artist shared his work with us and we ended up buying a beautiful piece for our garden. I wanted to share a picture here, but I’m not sure I can. I will try; here is a description. It is made of a bronze metal (he has some in beautiful shiny red, blue, and green, but I chose the bronze this time. I’m going back for more later!). It is a solid pole that has 2 windmill type units on either side at the top that are put in motion as the wind blows. The units are fashioned elongated cups that catch the wind and don’t necessarily move together; they can blow at different rates. Here’s the God part…when they move individually, it works like a kaleidoscope; the “flower” shape the unit makes when you look straight on, grow bigger or shrink, depending on the strength and direction of the wind! It made me laugh; I felt joyous when watching it! It’s almost like He was speaking to me through the wind. So sweet.

    1. Here is the picture:

      1. Laura and Rebecca, I’m not sure if anyone else is having this problem, but when I click on the “linked” words (both Laura’s here and Rebecca’s below) I cannot see the picture or youtube. Not sure why. Are you others seeing these?

        1. Diane, I just tested the test link I posted below for Laura. I tried Laura’s and it won’t let me see it either. I think we can’t see it because it is a F.B. link and you have to have friended it or something first.

          If you are unable to access my “test” link below for Laura, let me know. It should go to a music video on You Tube. 🙂 If you are unable to access it, it could be the browser you are using or could be that you are in Canada?

    2. I would love that piece of art, Laura!   Do share a photo on facebook if it doesn’t work here.   I just love anything that is moved by the wind….relaxing and beautiful to watch.

      1. Wanda, click on the word “picture” in my second post above. It’s the colorful one that I chose to buy later.

        1. Like Diane……..I could not see it when I clicked on it.  It said it was not available or something like that.

      2. I wondered if that would happen (having to be friends with someone to see the picture), but Dee linked to one of hers so I didn’t think it would be a problem. I will try on my actual computer (I did this on my phone) later this morning.

      3. Now that I think of it, I linked it on my computer but I think it was my privacy settings on Facebook. I will change the setting on fb and then repost the link here later from my computer.

  13. Testing for laura Dancer.

    1. Rebecca, I am responding here because there are no “reply” options above. I AM Facebook friends with Laura. I even went to her page and see nothing about her picture there. Not sure what is up! As to your pic, I think it is a youtube not allowed in Canada as you suggested. Thanks anyway.

    2. I was able to see the You Tube video link when I clicked here.  Looked like some music I should just keep running and listen to…..Psalms.  Thanks.  I won’t remember how to post a link.   Maybe I should copy/paste your instructions and put them somewhere where I could find them again!

  14. Ladies, Laura emailed me with a great question so I thought I would post the answer here.  If you want to highlight a word and insert a link to it. Here is how you do it:

    Go to the comment box, make your comment, highlight the word you want to insert the link in, then click the paperclip icon next to the quote icon, insert your link, then hit the green arrow to the right to apply it. 

  15. This study draws us into deeper theology as we are asked to consider God’s purposes and the contrasts behind the temptations of the first and second Adams.  It reminded me of a very deep theological question  asked by the four year old daughter of a friend who was a pastor for many years.  She said “Daddy why didn’t God just kill the devil. ”  He acknowledged he did not have an answer for her and wondered himself at the depth and purposes of God in allowing Adam the free will to decide he had a better way than God his Father.

    Adam was well fed with wonderful food at his fingertips and Jesus was left to fast in a barren place. Adam in a perfect garden and Jesus in a desert. Adam only had one piece of fruit to refrain from taking and Jesus was offered the whole world on a platter for the taking.  The circumstances of the two Adams being tempted are very different but the key to their responses appears to me to be that the first Adam disobeyed God and his Word and the second Adam, Jesus obeyed God and his Word. God’s Word is truth and it is imperative we live in obedience to God and His Word.  These comments by Dee outine that reality.
     “A truth drums through Romans 5, 6, 7, 8. It is this: Every time we present our members to Christ for righteousness, His Spirit grows stronger in us.”
    “Every time we obey, every time we love, every time we stay in the light, His Spirit grows stronger in us.”
    That is what happened to Jesus.  As he obeyed his Father and was faithful to the Word of God there in his temptation the devil left and angels were there to minister to him. So it is with us as we obey ‘His Spirit grows stronger in us’.

  16. 2. Share a way the “King” has kissed you recently.   

    He has reminded me of his presence often through the sound of the turtle dove ~   That gentle, peaceful, mournful sound of the turtle dove.    The bird mentioned more in scripture than any other bird.   The one that is a “type” of Christ as some scholars tell us ~  the one offered in sacrifice in old testament recordings.

    So, when I hear the sound of a turtle dove, the Lord often stops me in my tracks and simply reminds me of his presence ~ a beautiful, wordless reminder.    The mournful sound resonates with some of the sadness in my heart.   My dad passed away on May 8th after a seven year battle with Alzheimers.   No human loved me for as long as my dad did, so the grief is deep and the Lord reminds me that He understands this sorrow.  I am not alone.

    1. I love the sound of turtle doves as well, Nila, soft and comforting. So sorry to hear about the loss of your dad. I lost my dad a year ago. I understand the grief.

      Psalm 27 was a great comfort to me when my dad passed away, and this verse was a kiss from the King.

      “My father and mother have forsaken me, but the LORD will take me in.” Psalm 27:10

    2. no human loved me for as long as my dad did, so the grief is deep

      This is really a profound statement, Nila.  I felt what you are saying, when my parents died, but I’m not sure I could put it into words like this.   When dad died, I was 37.  My mom’s grief, of course, was deep.  Yet, one day, it occurred to me that she had had a life and people who loved her (and still loved her –  her siblings)  before my dad and I had not. He had been there my entire life.  It didn’t make either of our grief more or less intense or important and I still felt the saddest for her loss, since I had my husband and children….but I had never spent time thinking of the different loves in our lives like this before.    You have done some very clear processing.

      I had to look up turtle doves.   You may be referring to what is technically a Mourning Dove.  At least, that is the mournful song I am imagining as I read your post.   (they may be called turtle doves in some areas)  And I agree.  Their call is exceptionally poignant.  When I am sad, I like to hear sad music.  It connects with my soul.  I told my friend that I want to have a sad funeral.  Not one that is without hope of course…..but one that does reflect the loss and separation.  I’ve been to many funerals that seem to want to gloss over that reality.  Mourning is a needful time after one we love is gone.  When we love much, we grieve much too.  It is healing.


  17. As I was pondering these above thoughts, I read Bev’s comment ” the key to their responses appears to me to be that the first Adam disobeyed God and his Word and the second Adam, Jesus obeyed God and his Word. God’s Word is truth and it is imperative we live in obedience to God and His Word. ”  This reminds me of what my hubbie (who is a pastor) always says about the Word of God being our standard!!! Not our feelings, not our thoughts, but His revealed ways. This is truly what we must run to as the standard of TRUTH, then we will be able to live lives of victory, peace, and righteousness.

  18. Dee asked us to share an incident of how the Spirit of God had changed us for the better. Oh my, the Holy Spirit doesn’t even know where to start with me sometimes!! hahaha Pick a spot, any spot!! Seriously, as a believer of 40+ years He has truly done quite a bit of much needed adjusting to this heart. However, I will share what He did in changing my attitude about finances. Earlier in my life I think I was placing too much security in a magic $$ amount in our savings account. As long as we stayed above this magic number, then I felt safe. With four children still at home at this time, this security seemed vital to me. My husband is a great money manager, but life happens and unexpected demands occur. One time we had numerous expenses all at once, and as a stay-at-home mom who wasn’t contributing financially, I began to do something that I hadn’t previously done. I began to WORRY AND COMPLETELY FREAK OUT!!! For several days I was mentally distraught because we had fallen WAY BELOW my perfect amount in savings. The Holy Spirit brought this thought, “Are you REALLY trusting ME, when you have this “magic number”? Aren’t I in control of it all?  Will you remain calm no matter what expenses come up, when you have been a good steward financially? Show me where your trust truly is!!”

    Whew….how freeing!! I surrendered! Ok, God, I thought. You are worthy of my trust in all areas…included our finances! I relinquish my worries.  By His grace and to His glory, I can honestly say that since that moment 15 years ago, I have not worried about our finances at all.   Praise the Lord!!!

    1. Doni, I feel your faith here! Maybe this pastor should take your lead?



      1. Laura-it was hard to finish reading after the first paragraph-this is actually real?? Wow.

        1. Rebecca and Laura,

          The Babylon Bee where this article is from,  is a satirical website.  I have concerns about it, personally.  I know  several Christians who don’t recognize satire and load up facebook with posts from the Bee which then stirs up other Christians who don’t check their sources.   My feeling is that the Body of Christ is already so divided, why would a Christian? website exist that appears to cause more misunderstanding and division?  I guess there is some humor in it.  I haven’t read enough from the site to see their whole scope…..but I know a some people who are not able to see humor and share it as face value.

          I’d welcome others’ thoughts on this.

        2. Wanda, I have never heard of this website and should have checked the authenticity prior to posting. I can see the humor now that you mentioned it.

  19. 2. Share a way the “King” has kissed you recently. (It could be a living word from Scripture, an answer to prayer, the sense of His presence, help to do His work in the world, sweetness in nature or in Christian fellowship…)

    As you know we are a busy family and my husband works tons of hours. We’ve always thought..we will wait 5 more years until our youngest graduates and then my husband can leave his second job-then we will be able to serve in our church together and or lead a community group in our home.  Lizzy said something to us at Dee’s which i believe is a kiss from God. She said we have a lot to offer in regard to our life as parents. We have always thought we’d love to lead a community group (groups our church puts together to meet in homes) in our home but due to our busy lives and my husband’s work schedule we have felt we shouldn’t yet. After Lizzy’s encouragement we were asked Sunday if we’d be interested in leading a community group in our home. We are leaning toward doing it. We will see how God leads. 🙂

    1. Rebecca if God is drawing you and your husband to have a community group in your home He will bless your commitment to do so. Our church is looking to increase it’s small group ministry which they call “life groups” because it is such an effective way to see the body of Christ interact with each other and reach out to the needs of people inside and outside of the church. Over many years we have opened our home to prayer and bible study groups and most recently a life group and we have always been blessed in the process.

      1. Bev-AMEN..I agree-life groups are very effective in building life on life relationships and they provide an atmosphere of deeper intimacy with Jesus, and of course growth. 🙂 We have always been blessed partaking in them but we sense it is time to give of ourselves this way-and it would be beautiful for our boys to experience giving this way too. Most often He doesn’t call us when things are comfortable. In my experience life groups can be difficult because relationships are-we are messy and broken- and so it is embracing the awkward and hard. We will do it this next session and then see how God leads. I am a bit nervous because I have observed leaders in life groups who love well yet there are those in their group who might complain or not feel loved enough or not like how you lead. Sometimes you can love and not be loved in return-but perhaps this is an opportunity for us to grow in this.

        I am learning a huge part of generous hospitality is to open our homes even when we are in the midst of raising messy kiddos or teens-even if our lives or messy. He has impressed upon my heart through Dee’s hospitality, our church, and through other’s hospitality what it looks like to live “Everything we own is His”.   I haven’t been hospitable often because my house is always messy, or when we have people over I freak about keeping the house clean and stress my whole family of messy teens out. 🙂 Yikes! Glad He is so long suffering..His amazing love!!

  20. 2. Share a way the “King” has kissed you recently.    

    Ralph Waldo Emerson famously said,  ‘the earth laughs in flowers’ which is a sweet word picture that I relish.  But I am also grateful for the ‘kisses’ from the King that flowers represent.   My summer goal is to photograph and identify as many wildflowers as I can. Since I’ve kind of saturated my quest for photographing and identifying birds in my neighborhood a few years ago, I have been collecting wildflowers on my camera whenever I can.  (they do pose more readily than birds do too!)   I am blown away by how many varieties I can find right on our own property and down our road.  And how quickly, the scene can change from one variety to another.  Ditches are some of my favorite places on earth!   Hoping to continue to add to my digital file and make a comprehensive album of my identified varieties.   I can’t help but think that God created all of this color and variety simply for our enjoyment.  The intricate balance of His beautiful Creation can truly stop me in my tracks and make me think of my tender yet powerful King.  Makes me sing, ‘Beautiful Savior……King of Creation….”

    1. Beautiful, Wanda.

    2. I love that Wanda.  We spend as much time as we are able out in the countryside enjoying nature and I too relish the beauty of some of the tiniest and most intricately beautiful flowers that God created for us to enjoy.

    3. Lovely Wanda!

  21. 5. Now it is your turn to share a way the Spirit of Christ is giving you power to overcome temptation and sin — and to share how you see fruit in your life!


    In response to this question I thought of God in talking to Cain in Genesis 4 said “sin is crouching at the door ; and it’s desire is for you, but you must master it”.  In this fallen broken world the flesh constantly seeks to master us but if we seek God we can experience the power of Jesus through the Holy Spirit.  God was saying to Cain you must master it not let it master you.

    I have struggled not to let a root of bitterness grow in my heart toward my daughter-in-law. Because of a number of hurtful things over the years it became a strong temptation to resent her and dismiss her. Before we went to visit them for our granddaughters graduation from high school earlier this month I had asked for prayer from this group and others close to us for an opportunity to reach out and speak love into her life.  During our time with them God began to make me aware of the deep root of bitterness in her heart toward and the painful relationship she has with her own mother.  She had become so very hard and in that hardness informed me bluntly that our two granddaughters would not be joining the rest of our family in Colorado for our 50th wedding anniversary celebration  which has been a year in the planning. She had made arrangements for them to fly to Cancun on a vacation with others and then blamed us for setting a date that didn’t work for them.  It has been almost 5 years since we have had all of our family together and these granddaughters have not even met 3 of their youngest first cousins.  It had been my hearts desire to have all of my children and grandchildren together with us in celebrating this special time in our lives.  Needless to say I was crushed.  And sin was crouching at the door and God was calling on me to master it.  This old flesh of mine wanted to respond badly.   I wanted to walk out of their home that night and never go back. I texted my closest prayer partner and said Pray!! Later that evening God allowed my husband and I to have a very painful discussion with our son and his wife.  In years past I would have spoken out of my pain and anger but I know the Spirit of Christ was present with me that night because I had committed to not argue or enter into a fruitless altercation.  We were able to come to a better understanding of each other and I believe restoration has begun between us.  This is all to the credit and glory of God to have my heart softened even in it’s wounded state.  I am different than I was in years past because of Jesus.  Sin still crouches at the door but the Master of my life will strengthen me to master it as I lean on Him.


    1. Oh, Bev. This testimony to God’s working in your life brings tears and a little light of hope for me. I can totally understand how you were crushed by her refusal to come to your 50th wedding anniversary. So sad! But it is SO PRECIOUS how you responded in a way that led to a better understanding and steps to restoration. Praying with you for this! We, too, have relatives who have hurt us deeply and it is hard to respond with a tender heart when we are in pain.

    2. This is such a transparent and deep reflection, Bev.   I’m so sorry you’ve had such a painful relationship with your daughter in law.  There does seem to be some hope arising here though and you so rightly give God the glory for that.  Oh….I do hope your 50th is a wonderful family time.

    1. So sorry to hear about your little one Lily being so sick. How very scary.  I saw on the facebook page that Susan Christensen posted she had taught Lily in Vacation Bible School recently. Susan is a cousin of my husband.  (-: Small world!

    2. Oh Dee-yes..how scary and it can happen so fast. So glad she is on the mend. Love you.

  22. My kiss from the King?? Only empty-nest mommas will fully understand this one! We recently purchased our last home, we believe, as ministry has brought us to Delaware (did I say 30 min. from the beach??)!! Our 25 year old son, who has been doing construction work as of late, has come from Florida unexpectedly to stay with us for a few weeks and help us on the complete remodel of our new home!! What a thrill to feed him, spoil him, and just HAVE him with us for a bit. He stepped aside from his life to come and be a blessing and encouragement to us in this crazy undertaking we are endeavoring (my name is NOT Joanna!!)!! My heart hasn’t fully come to terms with the fact that our 4 all grew up and live far away. Whenever one finds the road to my home, I am thrilled beyond measure!

  23. 5. Now it is your turn to share a way the Spirit of Christ is giving you power to overcome temptation and sin — and to share how you see fruit in your life!


    Sorry, I know this is long. I tried to shorten the story, but the saga of Sarah continues and boy oh boy what a wild year we have had.


    I was was raised by a mother who demonstrated great tolerance even to the day she died. In turn, I raised my children to be inclusive as well. Sometimes it is difficult because they invite the least desireable into their lives and they might be exposed to things and situations I would not like them to be involved in. I never thought I was prejudiced. I’m thinking about a situation I have been included in this past year and I’m  beginning to see maybe I am wrong about myself. The sin is deep.


    Let me explain. For the past year a man has come into my life because of my daughter. He is my daughter’s boyfriend. I thought that a prayer of mine had been answered; that someone would come into her life who would love her and take care of her because my husband and I wouldn’t always be here. Along came this man. I let him into our lives believing he was the answer to prayer. He was a black man and we are a white family. This did not really bother me, even though mixed race relationships didn’t really occur when I was growing up. Who was I to judge? Over the past summer he was put in jail in our state for drug possession. He spent 8 months in jail. I had never gone to visit anyone in prison, and Dee will tell you I used to not be real keen with those imprisoned.  My husband and I wanted to know if he wanted our help in the situation. He agreed that he did.  Meanwhile, my daughter was pregnant again.  I still continue to believe that this was all part of God’s plan.  He finally got out of jail in March, and part of our agreement was that he would get a job as soon as possible. To this day he still does not have a job. It is very discouraging for my husband, and hard on our family as well. My daughter works.  I babysit, a lot, as well as work 2 jobs. My husband works 2 jobs. It appears that this man doesn’t really want to work and we are trying to be patient. He just isn’t much of a go-getter. I don’t want to kick everyone out of the house, but we need all the adults to be working.


    This morning when I read Dee’s explanation to number 5, it dawned on me that God may have put this person in our lives for us, not Sarah. You see, George and I were raised by hard working, responsible parents who didn’t ask anyone for anything. We don’t understand people who don’t want, or feel the need to work, or not be responsible. It isn’t his color that bothers us, it’s his lack of productiveness (is that even a word?). I am sad for Sarah, although if you asked her, she’s just fine with the situation. It’s insane to me. I guess I have some growing to do. I haven’t been open to kicking him out. He says he can go back to New York and find a job in a minute. That tells me he doesn’t want to find a job here. He says he will take the baby with him (I laughed and asked if he thought that was a smart idea; think about all the baby accoutrements that go along with her…). I wondered how he would live and where he would live not to mention the free baby sitting they have. I asked if he cared about Sarah and Cooper and he said he did. He said they could come when he got established. He has lived off the “system” in the past so I suspect that is his idea now. It’s not as easy to do that in NH. We would prefer he not. He seems capable of working. I know if he leaves then she will follow suit. I feel bad for the grandkids because they won’t be in an ideal situation.  My heart is torn and God remained silent until this morning…  is he here for her or is he here for us?


    Maybe it is time that we truly get rid of our prejudices?   Jesus wouldn’t want us to be intolerant of others who are not like us. It would probably be freeing, right?  Trust that God is going to take care of the situation in his own time and that the kids will be OK. I’m not sure how it would be fruitful; others will see our actions and have the same realization?


    “Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.”

    ‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭4:32‬ ‭ESV‬‬



    “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”

    ‭‭Galatians‬ ‭3:28‬ ‭ESV‬‬


      1. Oh Laura, this is very difficult. I agree with Dee-setting boundaries is a loving action.  I would encourage you and your husband to prayerfully in love give him a time frame to get a job and then he will have to move-but agree with him on his idea to wait to have your daughter and children there with him until after he gets secure in a job? Not sure because as you stated your grandchildren could be affected-but God will lead you in this. Praying for you!

        In my current place of work I have seen this dynamic over and over again in families both African American and Caucasian-so hard. I don’t think you are being prejudice at all. Yet I also see how these kiddos really do need their grandparents for stability in life- a lot of grandparents raising their grandchildren, so again-this is a very hard situation and just know we are here for you and praying for wisdom in this situation.  Much love.

    1. So sorry for another hard hurdle in your life, Laura.   Just wondering….who cares for the kids while you all are working?  Does he?  Or maybe you have different shifts and work it out.  Seems like if he was caring for the kids, that would be one positive.  But I’m not really catching that from your description.   I will pray for this situation this week.  Having adult children at home long term can be trying even in good circumstances.

    2. Laura……I’m sure I responded to this.   Even saw it a minute ago and it’s disappeared.  I think it will show up again.   Either way…..I’ll be praying for you to have guidance in this very difficult dynamic.  Sounds hard  to figure out for sure.  May God lead you and give you peace.

      Oh now it’s back! Just took me posting again, for the original to appear.

      1. Wanda, he does help with the kids and he seems to care about them, so it’s not all negative. My husband tends to worry about money and he doesn’t appreciate three adults in the house who don’t contribute too much. My 25 and 26 year olds do have jobs but never any money. He applies for jobs but nothing ever comes from it. I suspect he is  being discriminated against because of his race. However he isn’t asserting himself either. We will get through somehow. I will keep praying and appreciate prayers from you as well.

    3. Laura, What a challenging situation.  Praying for you!  (and trying to keep my mouth shut with “professional” advice — though it doesn’t appear that prejudice is the issue…)

  24. 6. Comments on the above?


    Wow, this is disturbing for sure. I also think how so many of us have no idea these types of things are going on because we don’t pay attention at that level. I have always thought that so many other (strange in some cases) groups are tolerated but Christians are not. There are Muslims in our Congress, why should we not be fearful that they are trying to change our basic way of life with their views based on their Islamic faith?


    I have this (Christian) problem to a certain extent with the new transgender view in my job. I don’t believe that it is acceptable for children to be making life time adult decisions at the tender age of 15-17. The people supporting this viewpoint believe that the person was genetically mistaken at birth (a Y chromosome instead of an X was implemented or vice versa). The faith part? I don’t believe God makes “mistakes” and the person was born the way He intended. It is what I believe. I don’t want to be a part of playing this game of how you feel about your gender, I just want to teach. I know this is blunt, but I don’t really care what you think you are gender-wise, I teach in a classroom where we learn curriculum. That’s it. Our administrators are being pressured to play the name changing game and we are supposed to call one person a “he” when she is really a “she.” My take is that if it says “M” for male on my attendance then I will use male pronouns when referring to him. If the time comes where I am forced to change my ways I will definitely use my faith to explain that although I love and care about the person, I cannot be part of what scientific studies (I will provide if there is interest) have suggested is child abuse. I am aware of a student whose parents have decided to begin hormonal treatment this summer. So sad. He thinks he is a she and dresses as such. It is truly disturbing as he wears clothes and makeup reminiscent of the lead in the Rocky Horror Picture Show. This is school, not a weekend party.


    I won’t play the game and may even lose my job over it. If the time comes and I have one of these students in my class then I will ask to be moved or have the student removed and put in another class.

  25. 6. Comments on the above?
    I watch and read very little of the news media today.  which is surprising to my family and those who know me from the past as I was very engaged, and opinionated. (-:
    I find in today’s world the biases are so strong and so prevalent almost everything is tainted with a liberal point of view.  When I read an article like this I agree with you Dee that the greater persecution of Christians is very much still on the horizon.  Laura has shared how it is now affecting her workplace and some very hard future choices she may have to make.  I personally consider and think of the evangelical and conservative pastors who teach God’s Word and it’s truths from their pulpits one who is my son.  He is careful in what he says but would never compromise the truth of God’s Word.  I know without a doubt people who think like Bernie Sanders wouldn’t hesitate to prosecute or even imprison men like my son. But God is our Hope in all of life.
    6. Share a kiss from the King.
    Rain!! We needed rain and last night God sent us a little rain storm!  (-:

  26. Lizzy and Miriam,

    I haven’t spent a lot of time reading every comment this week so I’m catching up on both of your needs for prayer as you pursue the adoption of your very long distance sons.  I admire both of you very much.   You are both carrying a lot and I will be praying that God will be carrying you through all of the unpredictable days ahead.   Please keep us updated as you are able.   May God’s mercy, peace and joy carry you…….

  27. 6. Comments on the above?


    Yes, I feel that Sanders was harsh in his manner.  And the questioning itself could have been handled in a much better manner.  I watched this on a clip after the fact.  I may not have seen it all, but I wish he would have been able to answer Sander’s question, ‘do you think Jews are also condemned?’  Sanders, of course, is a secular Jew.   I wonder what Mr. Vought would have said.  I think it’s easy for people to apply one standard to one false religion and not to another.  Jews also are deficient in their lack of Trinitarian theology.   As are Mormons – and yet, Christians readily got behind Romney who is a Mormon, saying that religious tests don’t matter.   And some of the same people who were fine with Romney, made false statements that Obama was a Muslim.  Which he is not.  And even if he were, that would be hypocrisy….since religious tests should not be used.


    This is about political parties and ideologies and not simply about a religious test.   I personally think that Christians are sometimes discriminated against, but surely so are Jews, Muslims and all other minorities.    Though the Puritans who began the original colonies were believers, I do not believe we are a ‘christian nation’ as our doctrines of ‘manifest destiny’ created the genocide of indigenous peoples and even Lincoln, who I admire as one of our best presidents who did often appear to uphold the scripture, ordered the hanging of 38 Dakota men in Minnesota.   The endorsing of slavery for the purposes of financial gain most certainly is inherently anti Christian.  Of course, I believe that all persons, both in the public and private sector, should be judged on their merits alone but that doesn’t happen in our country and systemic racism is a much greater problem reflecting the lack of Christian virtue in America than the persecution of Christians in my view.   I’m also extremely concerned about the lack of balance in Washington.  With all branches of gov’t controlled by one party (even the courts-though they are technically non partisan) any kind of immorality can go unchecked in lieu of political power.

    I am also somewhat baffled by Christians who take such strong public stands against  their own felt persecution but do not make the same against the persecution of others.  Some try to make a case that God is on our side when those that they perceive to be Christians are in political power.  Historically and personally, it always seems that the church grows in numbers and much more importantly,  in depth, in the face of persecution.   As Dee said, we should expect it.  And we should be purveyors of grace in the midst of it.


    PS:  what called this incident to my attention originally, was that two women I know who are in leadership at a local church posted a satirical article from the Babylon Bee on facebook, which mocked Sanders and made it more extreme than it was.   I thought that was very distasteful.  They may or may not have actually recognized the satire.

  28. Thanks, everyone, for birthday wishes last week.  Your love is one of many God-sightings 🙂    I’ve been in town for a whole two days, leaving again tomorrow.  Was so good to see Wanda on Sunday.  I’m cramming in appts before the end of the health insurance year!  This morning, my dr seemed surprised that I wasn’t more stressed/depressed and then he added “unless you’ve quit your job!”  😀   I definitely have seen God’s hand in some of the bigger changes in my life.

    Will grab the Keller sermon on my phone so that I can listen in the car tomorrow morning.

    1. Ha!  I love that your doctor noticed your lower stress level and knew your job (or lack therof) may have been the reason.

  29. Ugh — I just read TGC article.  What a mess!!  I wish Vought would have had the opportunity to explain himself, not get cut off.  Actually, I think Vought is the only one with whom I agree.  I do understand why Sanders was riled up (although adherents of many religions would make similar, exclusive claims).   But he was taking Vought’s quote out of context, and in doing so, he lost sight of the Constitution.  These people need some mediation and need to calm down in order to think straight. This is one area where I would like to see some separation of church and state — and keep church comments to church (I am rambling here).  I agree that there shouldn’t be a religious test; that neither Christian nor Muslim beliefs should ban people from government positions.

    I couldn’t get the video link to the hearing to work — so I could only read the comments in the article & infer tone based on the words.  Unfortunately, the author of the article wasn’t much better with words than Sanders and Van Hollen.  i.e., He also was generating conflict/ was inflammatory in his descriptions.   While I agree that “the remarks made by Sanders and Van Hollen should be repudiated by every American who values religious freedom and opposes religious tests for government office,” the same could be said of frequent anti-Muslim comments.(Maybe there is an article on TGC website repudiating anti-Muslim comments, but from the tone of the article, I kinda doubt the same author would write one).   Anyhow, I think they all need to calm down and look at the Constitution — and at Scripture.  I wouldn’t expect Christianity to get equal time/respect in a mosque or Muslim publication; the reverse is true of a Christian publication.  Likewise, screaming (or writing) back with equal emotion to screamers isn’t likely to solve anything (and wasn’t how Jesus responded).  But that’s easy for me to say when I’m not the one in the hot seat.  I’d probably get angry in response, just as the author of the article did.

  30. 6. Share a kiss from the King.


    For a very long time now (about 12 years), I have listened to Nancy Demoss Wolglemuth podcasts and have actually come back to learning about Jesus through her lovely way of teaching. She really speaks to you (those who have needed her will atest to this). I have wanted to give a donation to her ministry, but have never felt like I had enough money (extra) to do so. Nancy always has an end of the year campaign and I know how important her work is around the world. She never loses faith that the money will be raised, and it always is. This year they had a HUGE deficit that she said was even after they had “cut the fat” out. Again, I wanted to donate, but didn’t. I was listening to Nancy 2 days ago and she was explaining how they (again) made the goal! She had a few ladies on that were inspired by other women, who had prayed to God to show them a way to “find” the money to make a donation. In each case (there were at least 3), God provided a way for the women to donate. One was a young woman who hadn’t worked at a certain company for several years and the company called and said they realized they owed her a paycheck! I thought to myself, wow, I would like to donate, but nothing like that would happen to me. Since I was running that day as I listened, I decided to take a minute a say a prayer, just in case God was listening! I have felt pretty down about my connection with Him of late (of lack thereof). I prayed that He might provide a way for me to make a donation to Revive Our Heart ministry. Yesterday I received an email from my boss that asked me to tutor a student who had surgery the last few weeks of school and still needs to take the final exam! It is only a 2 hour tutoring session and would probably give me about $50 to make the donation! I decided not to tell my husband about the tutoring because I didn’t want him to tell me he needed the money for a bill, or say I was foolish to make the donation (he really isn’t like that, but money is an idol for him). Then, my husband came home and asked me to work answering phones today because they have hired someone who can’t start until Monday. I told him about my donation issue and he said he would donate my pay today to her as well (he was going to have to figure out how to pay me and said his company would like this idea)! I couldn’t believe it! Not one, but two donations!


    It is SO clear to me that He is still here with me and  feeling apart from Him is his answer to me to DO NOTHING in my situation from h-e double hockey sticks (my “fantastic” home life described in another post). I guess continue to pray for those around me and wait. Ugh, the waiting is the hardest part. But yay! I got the money and a kiss from the King!

    1. Laura, What a delight to read how God has encouraged you by answering  your prayer for some money to donate. Also share your appreciation for Nancy’s solid teaching of God’s Word. I just recently finished her book “Adorned” a wonderful resouce on Titus 2.

      1. 👍

  31. 3. Read Matthew 4:1-11 in order to contrast the temptation of the first Adam with the second Adam:
    A. The first Adam was well fed when he was tempted — contrast that with Matthew 4:1-2.
    Jesus fasted prior to being tempted so He was hungry. Adam wasn’t hungry before he was tempted.
    B. The first Adam was in a lush garden — where was the second Adam — and what detail does Mark 1:13 add?
    Jesus was in the Wilderness and was with the wild beasts, and angels ministered to Him.
    C. The first Adam was tempted once — how many times was the second Adam tempted?
    Three times.

  32. 4. When we respond to Christ’s wooing, His Spirit, the same Spirit that overcame temptation and death, comes to live in us. Our part is to respond to that Spirit, just as we responded to Christ in salvation. A truth drums through Romans 5, 6, 7, 8. It is this: Every time we present our members to Christ for righteousness, His Spirit grows stronger in us. I see the same drumbeat in 1 John. What do each of the following verses teach you — and how might you apply them today?
          A. Romans 6:12-13
    Not to let sin reign in me obeying it’s lusts. Key thought to me is Do not let sin nature reign so that I am compelled to obey it..offering myself up to sin. Rather offer myself up to God letting Him reign for I am His bought with a price-His Grace should melt me to obey Him rather than my sin nature-and He empowers me to overcome sin.
    Communing in His Word daily helps me to not let sin reign,but I will stumble and have obviously, or God wouldn’t have given me Romans :).  that I would turn and repent. I do see this habit growing in me and Him becoming stronger in me although it seems like baby steps for He does have a long way to go with me. :))
          C. 1 John 3:9
    No one who is His “practices sin”. I think the key word is practice which to me implies a desire to continue in and master perhaps -those who aren’t His don’t have His Spirit inside convicting them or encouraging them to turn and repent. They don’t have that still small voice inside but we do- yet we still hesitate to turn from our sin but in my experience He pursues me. It is like the red flag inside grows hotter and He brings in circumstances in my life that press me and convict me deeper in my sin and the Gospel melts me and eventually I do repent and turn-sometimes I respond right away and sometimes it takes a while-longer than I want! I desire to grow in that I respond faster and faster.
    I think to apply this is to hear Him and obey by repenting and turning instead of obeying satan’s temptation to justify it.
          D. 1 John 4:12
    To love one another and as we do His love is perfected in us. To apply this in my life is to Listen more sincerely-to put myself aside and sincerely listen and understand care for my brothers and sisters. So that is how He is helping me and oh do I need help in this.

  33. Thoughts on Keller’s Sermon. Where are Deanna from Ohio’s  sermon notes when we need them? (-:

    Ideally I would go back and listen again to this message to pick up more and add to the brief notes I took but time will not allow.  This is just a very quick overview.  They are cursory comments and thoughts not all verbatim of what Keller said.

    In listening to the reading of Romans 6 at the beginning of his message verse 14 “for sin shall not be master over you…”  stood out clearly to me because of my previous thoughts that I posted on Wednesday.

    Keller said the process of change that takes place in the life of a Christian flows from belief in Jesus.  And as we place our faith in Him to change our lives he gave 3 principles or keys to making the changes needed from the old slavery to sin and it’s bondage to the freedom of serving God.

    1. Recognize the shape of your spiritual slavery.

    He said everyone is in slavery to something and it is where we find our significance or security and that is our spiritual master. When we have inordinate desires for good things that serve as our spiritual masters when they don’t satisfy or aren’t fulfilled there are 3 kinds of responses.  Anger/Fear/Sadness

    2.  Realize the scope and breath of the cosmic unity we have in Jesus.

    Our oneness with Jesus means his past is our past and his future is our future. We died in Him and we were raised in Him. We are seated at the right hand of God with Him. Grace brings us into all the riches of what He has done and we have an integral part in what He will do. Keller talked about  the cosmic rebirth that will take place but our personal rebirth began at salvation and a purging will take place. He said we needed to get rid of our low goals.

    3.  Live out of your new identity.  The old self is gone. In our new identity we have all the resources needed but we have to deploy them. He asked the questions How does it work? Why does it take so long? (He suggests we don’t know who we are) How do we break that?  We need accept what Jesus has done in his selfless love and offer ourselves unrestricted to Him.

    There were many more good comments and thoughts to flesh out his points. The encouragement is for us to relinquish all of ourselves to Him and when we more fully understand the scope of Who he really is and to not settle for bits and pieces but the Whole of Him and the wonderful fullness He gives us.

    1. I was just thinking about Deanna yesterday!

      1. Me too.   I sent a question to her on the facebook page, wondering how she is doing as the last time she posted, she was pretty sick.  I hope that all is okay.   She is missed here for sure.

  34.       A. Romans 6:12-13       Wow.  This passage is exactly what Dee wrote about above.  It’s not enough to stop doing the sin.  The sinful idol has to be replaced with God.   ‘…..dead to sin but alive to God in Christ Jesus”   I see the sin of idleness in my life.  That is; being busy but often not really having a purpose to offer that busy-ness to God and His Kingdom.   I find myself agitated when this happens.  Like…..’why am I just spinning my wheels?’  and ‘what good am I really being or doing?’  
     The next thought really gives me hope as well as challenge.  ‘……offer yourselves……the parts of your body to him as instruments of righteousness’.    I’m thinking I need to intentionally, maybe even audibly……commit the work of my hands to Him as I go about my day.  The work of my legs and feet……where I walk, what I do, who I meet along the way.   My eyes……’what will I see today?  When I  see hurt…can I be a salve?  When I see need…..am I there to help?’     I think this is a discipline I really need right now in my life.   My routine is completely ended as for the little bit of employment I had during the school year.  I see much in life changing and I am encountering some new roles in my family, but times of change require adjustments and I need to be open to how GOD will fill me and use me during this season of change.  

    B. Romans 8:5-6 Clarity for the above. Death vs. Life…..sinful mind vs. life and peace.

  35.       C. 1 John 3:9  ….not to continue to sin, because God’s seed remains in me…..That is a profound truth.  I think of the genetics that remain in me as the ‘seed’ of my parents was passed down to me when I was born physically.  But here, the story is about my new birth……being born of the Spirit and being born of God.  And that seed does not just ignite the birth but it remains to bring continual growth in my life.  
          D. 1 John 4:12   As I love others,  God lives in me and His love is made complete.   This verse actually has an ‘if’.  It sounds like a conditional status.   I realize it is somewhat hyperbole since I know that God lives in me not because of my works (loving others) but because of HIS righteousness but yet loving others is not merely works….it is the essence of living.  And I cannot love others in completeness or in my own flesh…. Only with God loving through me.    Yet, I kind of wonder about that word  “IF”???     Can we say that when we see people loving others that is God’s attribute shining in their lives? Even when those people may not know God in saving faith?  And I believe the converse is also true.  IF I do not love others, how is God living in me?  

      1. That’s a good distinction, Dee.  I see that the NASB also says ‘abides’.   I’ve always heard that the NASB is closest to the original languages (though I don’t really know much about the ESV)  so that helps me see this.   I agree that ‘abides’ has a different connotation. In addition, though,   I do think there is something to say about seeing God working in the world through others sharing character traits that are from God…..even affirming those as God-traits even when someone doesn’t know the Lord.   Our pastor had a sermon illustration about this once and it really touched my heart.  He spoke of doing an internship as a hospital chaplain when he was in seminary.   He met a woman who had some very ‘far out’ spirituality beliefs and it was hard for him to find a segue to share the gospel, but when he realized how very compassionate she was toward her cats……meticulously and lovingly caring for one that had diabetes….  it occurred to him to affirm that love and compassion as a manifestation of the love of God.  He was able to speak of God to her in this way.   That stuck with me, because I know so many who do such loving things and yet don’t know the Lord in saving faith.   It does not mean that their works saves them but I think it could help them see that love is from God for God IS love.

  36. 6. Comments on the above?

    I have to say that regardless of Bernie’s political affiliation that was persecution, albeit mild, and for that reason I am glad he didn’t win, but I would have felt that way about any politician on either side. 🙂

    In regard to this article saying those who reject Jesus are condemned is true. Regardless of what one’s religion is-Muslim, Jewish, Mormon, etc. Jesus said that He will offend those who reject Him. I know they have been exposed to His Love through how we love one another and go out and help and aid other countries who are being oppressed via the Body of Christ and through our government.

    I could be wrong but I don’t think Sanders is rejecting Jesus because he doesn’t like that he will be condemned. Most reject Jesus because they don’t want to yield to His authority. I believe that is because His Spirit isn’t wooing him at this time perhaps.

    He came not to condemn us but to be condemned for us that we would be brought near to God and never be condemned.  He gave up His Glory so He could be our Glory and be one with us. His love-oh! I wonder if Bernie has ever really “heard this”. Maybe he focuses on the media’s caricature of us the most? Not sure. So i pray Bernie will be ambushed by His love.

    For the record, I am politically a conservative-not Republican- but Jesus is my identity, and I don’t trust my heart. So I have learned to take each issue and sift it through the lens of Scripture. I so love my brothers and sisters on the other side of the isle and have had great discussions, and we have actually understood one another and agreed on some issues based on seeing how God views them. 🙂  We do need more of this-instead of demonizing candidates and one another for our political leanings. Try to see what we believe politically through the lens of scripture and compare it to party platforms perhaps and God will lead us in these issues and in who and what to vote for. I think there are issues on both sides that line up with God’s desires. satan loves to divide us.  No president or party is perfect for they are just men, only God is.