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During these first two weeks in July we’ll learn about the sons of Korah. Korah was a rebel against God, but his sons were singers of the psalms. How is it that sons of such a rebel became such godly men? That is part of the intrigue of this week! A

Sunday: Getting to Know You!

The psalms are intensely personal, reflecting the highs and lows of life, and all the passions of the heart. Likewise, this is an interactive Bible study (if you like) where we really do get to know one another, care about one another, and experience God.

1. Tell us an interesting fact about yourself, the area in which you live, and anything that stood out to you from the above.

2. Tell us, if possible, one way the Lord has made Himself real to you so far this summer, using just a brief paragraph. (Wordy entries are often not read!) For example, I’d say:

Sometimes I fight loneliness as a widow, especially before my home my home is filled with guests for the summer, as I live in a resort area. But one lonely day in May, I took my bike to Peninsula Park to ride the ten mile path where forget-me-nots, spring green, and bird songs enveloped me. As I sailed through this wonderland I sang praises to Him and sensed HIs pleasure in my delight in Him and in His creation.

Peninsula Park, Wisconsin
Peninsula Park, Wisconsin

Monday: 4TH OF JULY

Next week we will dive into the history of the sons of Korah, but for now you can know that their father, Korah, rebelled against God and God gave him and his family a chance for mercy. Those who rejected it were swallowed up by the earth, and those who responded were not. There is a parallel with our lives and with our country.

3. Give thanks for God’s goodness to our country. Also pray for our country right here.

Tuesday-Friday: Intro Video and Reflections

Watch this short video of the friendship that began between the rock star Bono and the author of The Message, Eugene Peterson, because of their mutual love of the psalms.


4. What stood out to you from the above video and why?


In the above video, Bono was asked if like the psalmists, he had ever written a song despairing of the violence and struggling, therefore, with his faith. He said he had — and it is called Raised by Wolves. It’s definitely a rock song and a little challenging for this grandmother, yet the history is that Bono was raised in Ireland amidst all its violence, and this song is a lament where he cries I don’t believe anymore. The psalms show us we need to lament, to tell God what we are honestly feeling, so that we don’t back up from Him but allow Him to come to us. Here is a video of “Raised by Wolves.”


Though Bono was “raised by wolves,” God has had His hand on him, and Bono has become a powerful voice and fighter for justice in the world and an articulate apologist for Christianity. Because of his life of fighting for the poor, the downtrodden, and the oppressed, people listen.


Likewise, the sons of Korah became lead singers, writers of psalms, and world changers. (Heman and Asaph were famous psalmists from the line of Korah.) In a sense these sons of Korah were “raised by wolves,” for their father led the violent rebellion against Moses.


5. It always makes me ponder to meet someone who was raised in a hostile home who becomes passionate for Jesus. How do you think this happens?


6. What is your take-a-way and why?

Week 2 beginning July 10th


7. Did you see God in the move in your life in any way last week? If so, how?



Three sons of Levi were called by God to care for the tabernacle. The sons of Kohath, had the most arduous job of carrying the holy things of God on their shoulders as the Israelites moved from camp to camp. Korah, a grandson of Kohath, led a rebellion, challenging the right of Moses and Aaron to the priesthood.


6. Read Numbers 16:1-14

A. What complaint did Korah have against Moses and Aaron? (verse 3)

B. How did Moses respond? (verse 4)

C. What question did Moses put to Korah and what was he saying? (verses 9-12)

D. How did Korah’s men respond? (verses 13-14)

7. Read Numbers 16:20-35

A. What did God tell Moses and Aaron to do and why, and how did Moses plead?  (verses 20-22)

B. How did God respond and then what did Moses do? (verses 23-26)

C. What did Moses tell the people in verses 28-30?

D. And then what happened? (31-34)


8. Read Numbers 26:9-11

A. According to verse 10, why did God swallow up the rebels?

B. Who did not rebel and die, according to verse 11?


There is an Australian singing group that has been around for over twenty years that puts the Psalms (almost verbatim) to music. Here is their version of Psalm 91, which might prepare your heart:


9. How do you see both the justice and the mercy of God in the above account? The gospel?

10. When sorrow comes into our lives, we are given “seeds” to spread bitterness or awe and trust. How do you think you respond to sorrow?

11. Which way do you think the sons of Korah responded and why?

Next week we will plunge into Book 11 of the Psalms which begin with the Psalms of the Sons of Korah! The first will be a favorite: Psalms 42 and 43 which are really one psalm.


12. What is your take-a-way and why?

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  1. 5. It always makes me ponder to meet someone who was raised in a hostile home who becomes passionate for Jesus. How do you think this happens?
    I think people intuitively know that life isn’t supposed to be like that; hostile. I believe since we are made in the Creators image, we all have genuine love and peace at our core. My mom used to say she believed there was good in everyone. If exposed to Jesus, how could you not be passionate for His love if you have always lived in “hell?”

  2. What stands out in the video to you?
    I laughed at the description Eugene Peterson gave of the U2 concert and the “mash pit”! I, too, am over 70 and this is foreign to me, too. However, the way the two responded to each other is heartwarming. I was impressed with the discussion of honesty and dishonesty. As Christians there is far too many masks worn. Being vulnerable: porous and open is a great concept. The truth will make you free!
    My joy came at hearing Bono sing The Lord’s My Shepherd. Just loved that! Yes, the Psalms study is one I always enjoy.

    1. Shirley-me too. I laughed at the Mash pit.. :)) I can relate with him though! 🙂

  3. 2. Tell us, if possible, one way the Lord has made Himself real to you so far this summer, using just a brief paragraph. (Wordy entries are often not read!) 
    God blessed us this summer with a few days of a beautiful vacation—engulfed by the beauty of His creation. We enjoyed such beauty, such rich fellowship…my husband said it was the best vacation he’d ever have. He didn’t even pack his cell phone! The coming home was a struggle. But we have sought to keep some of what those short days taught us. I feel a heightened sense lately that life here is short. I don’t do bucket lists and there is nothing I just have to see or do before I leave here, but I do want to make the most of time. He continues to graciously renew my hunger for His Word and my desire to give all of me, all for Him.
    4. What stood out to you from the above video and why?
    For some reason, I loved when Eugene said that what he loved about the Psalms at 12 years old, is that it showed him “imagination was a way to get inside the Truth”. Hearing him talk about his first encournter with the psalms was so moving. 
    I was a big U2 fan in 9th grade. I remember writing a paper about him in my public school, I was just enamored with his songs like “40”.  The beat was loved by the “wild” crowds and yet the lyrics filled with Scripture.
    What most stands out to me in the video is the mutual affection and fellowship with one another. The warmth of how Jan greeted Bono as a son, such genuine love shared. It boldly proclaims how powerful our bond is as believers. We are truly family. 

  4. 5. It always makes me ponder to meet someone who was raised in a hostile home who becomes passionate for Jesus. How do you think this happens?
    I believe it is only by the Spirit’s power. We also know God uses all things for His purpose and glory, so He uses the pain and destruction to allow a hunger for something greater, Someone greater. But mostly, I do believe in election, and that God chooses whom He will save. The “passion” that may come I think could be a reflection of just how much they appreciate what they were saved from. There may be a heightened awareness of how painful and wretched darkness is, and therefore a deeper love. Like the woman who anointed Jesus’feet, loved much because she knew she was forgiven much, and Jesus said “he who is forgiven little, loves little”.

  5. 1.  Oh wow, this week I got stuck on the first question and haven’t been back because I couldn’t think of anything interesting enough about myself.  But I can say something about the area in which I live:  it’s close to Mary B, and I am in Sioux Falls semi-regularly.  I may not get too far this week because I will be gone for a few days, going in the opposite direction.  Anyhow, I figured I’d better post something for #1 or I’d end up skipping the study.  (which is, in itself, kinda interesting but weird!!).  I watched the Bono video awhile ago, so may just jump into the Bible Study.

    1. Renee, Jump in!! It’s not too late! :))

    2. Renee–while I skipped the “something interesting”–you are one of the most interesting, and wise, people I know. Agree with Rebecca–jump in!! 🙂

      1. Renee- I ditto Lizzy-you are smart, caring, and wise..and talented. I would like to hear more about what you do-what your passion is. 

    3. Renee, where are you from, if you don’t mind saying?  it is exciting to have someone close!

  6. 5. It always makes me ponder to meet someone who was raised in a hostile home who becomes passionate for Jesus. How do you think this happens?
    I would agree with Lizzy that it is only by the power of God. Why do some themselves sink into hostility, hatred, and violence who were raised in hostility and violence? How can someone with no understanding of love grasp the love of God if God does not open their eyes to it? Perhaps the passion for God comes from being rescued from the darkness of that kind of life….God is seen as a Great Rescuer, Deliverer, and the heart if filled to overflowing with thankfulness and then, the passion to share what was received with others.

  7. 5. It always makes me ponder to meet someone who was raised in a hostile home who becomes passionate for Jesus. How do you think this happens?
    When someone who has been raised in darkness meets Jesus, the light can create a great contrast. I’m reminded of an Afghan refugee in a church I previously attended. He had grown up not only in the midst of violence, but also an Islamic culture. He often spoke of coming from darkness to light when he heard the gospel in a refugee camp in India. He was very passionate about reaching his countrymen with the gospel, and set up a recording studio in the church to make radio programs for broadcast to Afghanistan. For him it was the contrast between the darkness of his upbringing to the light of the gospel that fueled his passion.

    1. Kerryn, I just want to say that your story about the Afghan refugee coming to Christ is encouraging to me. Some churches in our area have sponsored a Syrian family who arrived in February in the midst of a snow storm. They just finished Ramadan fast period. They seem like nice folk but have made no move toward Christianity yet. Two of the husband’s brothers were killed in Syria and they have a lot of baggage from seeing and being surrounded by violence and a violent culture. Please pray that they will hear the Good News in ways that they will truly understand and respond.

      1. Diane, Thank you for this update in regard to the refugee family. I was wondering how that was going and how we could pray. Thank you!

  8. Kerryn – “For him it was the contrast between the darkness of his upbringing to the light of the gospel that fueled his passion.”  Your story here so resonates with two little verses that from Colossians 1:12&13 that I have been returning to a lot in this past year:  “giving thanks to the Father, who has qualified you to share in the inheritance of the saints in light.  He has delivered us from the domain of darkness and transferred us to the kingdom of his beloved Son, …..”   ALL of us are born into the kingdom of darkness and so need His deliverance.  But when our lives are smooth and cushy we tragically don’t tend to see our own need.  The man in your example “grew up not only in the midst of violence, but also an Islamic culture….he heard the gospel in a refugee camp in India…”.  How miraculous (as it always is!) that the Lord opened his eyes and delivered him from the darkness through Christ!  There are so many layers of meaning here in your words Kerryn – thank you for sharing this!

  9. Just got to say that the song “Raised by Wolves” makes me so sad. So many today are being raised in violence and hatred and that is normal to them, even in our culture video games, etc. glorify violence. Our Syrian immigrant family has seen and some of the older have been taught to hate. The oldest son (16) thinks of Hitler is a hero. Teachers here have tried to explain otherwise, but I don’t know whether he was convinced. This is what he has been taught! So sad!

    1. Diane, wow. Yes, so sad.  Lord thank you that you have provided Grace and have shed your mercy on this family fleeing Syria by giving them a home and by surrounding them with your body-your spirit. Thank you that I see you in Diane in her compassion for this 16 year old. Open his eyes and his families eyes to you..draw them tenderly, help them to see your love in those you have surrounded them with, and the internal freedom that you give in you..no bondage, no condemnation, no fear. That their longing for ‘a better life’, for real ‘peace’ can only come from you. Draw them..soften their hearts. Awaken them and awaken us to their need for you as you have in Diane. Help us not to condemn them for their background and their worldview which they have been raised in..help us see them as you see them..as you saw us on the cross. In your name, amen

  10. Dee, I just have to say here that when you spoke of the intrigue of how the sons of a rebel (Korah) became godly men, that set me off on a journey this week!  It has been incredibly meaningful for me to dig a bit in the OT and discover so much about the legacy of the Sons of Korah – something I had missed ENTIRELY in all of these years.  Wow.  I am flabbergasted at how I can speed read through the Scriptures at times…..and get completely the wrong impression!  Such was the case with the incident with Korah’s rebellion against Moses.  All these years I have assumed that his entire family was wiped out – despite the Word clearly saying (buried in the geneology in Numbers 26:11) that “the sons of Korah did not die”.  I just assumed the the sons of Korah who wrote so many of the Psalms were a different Korah!  And even in my fascinating summer study in Nehemiah, the sons of Korah are hugely important at the close of the book in their role as guardians of Sabbath keeping and honoring God.  I had NO IDEA that the great prophet and priest Samuel was a son of Korah!  These words from a wonderful blog called “Edge Induced Cohesion” apply here:  “…to uncover some of the hidden aspects of the Bible that may be vital but are often hidden behind more flashy and visible stories.”  Even though I have not answered many of your wonderful questions yet…..as usual, you have set my feet on a path of exploration – thank you!   

  11. 5. It always makes me ponder to meet someone who was raised in a hostile home who becomes passionatefor Jesus. How do you think this happens?
    Oh I know!! Isn’t He amazing?!! I think of Paul’s conversion and it just melts me. He is risen!! I think it happens via His Holy Spirit. The more the Gospel melts us we respond back to Him in passion that is like a flame that gets hotter-but He fuels that passion and His Love fills us..It is all Him..not us.  Like Karla Faye Tucker exclaimed in her testimony how she started reading scripture and she can’t explain it but His Love enveloped her like a cocoon and she knew she had been forgiven and he reached in and ripped all that hate right out of her and filled her with his love. 

  12. 2. Tell us, if possible, one way the Lord has made Himself real to you so far this summer, using just a brief paragraph. (Wordy entries are often not read!) 
    While meditating in Habakkuk 3:17-19.  I’ve had a hard start to my summer and He is drawing so much yuk out of my heart-enough to lead me to Lament. I don’t think I have said the things I have recently said to Him, so this light suffering of loss and stress has been good. He is bigger than all of this and He is satisfying my soul in this desert. 🙂

  13. How has the Lord made himself real to you so far this summer?
    Rebecca, I understand your lament. So far I have drawn close to God and rejoice in the time spent in the Word.
    My comment is that in this time of beauty, warmth, friendships, there is a backdrop of sadness. This comes from the chaos
    in our country, world and even in family situations. Last week I participated in a Bible school led by my Mennonite neighbors, Getting Along With People God’s Way, a book by John Coblentz.  Two things stand out from that: honesty with ourselves (being aware of masks we wear), and the need to work on listening skills. I know I need to hone these skills to better relate to others.

    1. Shirley-you are kindred. 😉 Yes, the masks we wear-being aware of them is so cruicial..it is easy to justify them and mostly it is an approval idol-at least in my case it is. 🙂 Me too..how I need to be a better listener! I do think..that the more the Gospel melts our hearts..the more time we spend with Him the more His love fills us and we will desire to love better and become better listeners for we become more like Him..we won’t have to force ourselves to genuinely be interested in and care for others. I do think His love overpowers our self centered-ness..even though we stumble every day..He is molding and shaping us. 

  14. 5. It always makes me ponder to meet someone who was raised in a hostile home who becomes passionate for Jesus. How do you think this happens?
    Such a good conversation between them. I agree with Rebecca, the Holy Spirit!! Prayers by other believers too! For me, seeing someone come from a broken environment and then so clearly love the Lord (without ever hearing of Jesus as a child) is a modern day miracle that God is alive and working!

  15. I would love to join this study if it is not too late. I just finished Idol Lies…wow!!! Great study, thank you, Dee for writing it!

    1. Sue-GREAT to have you here!! Yes, Idol Lies is amazing and if you are like me I didn’t want it to end!! I wanted to go further into Him in The Song..and…Dee’s new book on the Song is coming out in 2017!!!! It will be an amazing study and take you further in…I hope to facilitate Idol Lies again and then follow up with The Song…so I am praying. 

    2. Sue–so glad you are here with us. Love hearing how Idol Lies impacted you!

  16. This so much, Dee.
    Question 1:Interstjng fact….I have moved 20 times in 35 years of my 39 year marriage. Most, but not all, were compliments of the Navy. It was quite a journey and a privilege. For the last 3 years we have lived in SW MI, not far from extended family in Kalamazoo where we are originally from. God has brought us full circle!

  17. 4) What stood out in the video to me was the openness,  honesty and love for the Psalms that both a rock star, Bono and a Bible scholar, Eugene Peterson had and how this common bond over God’s Word drew them together. I love how God and His Word unites believers from all walks of life

  18. What is your take-a-way and why?
    What is your take-a-way and why? That video reminded me to be honest with the Lord with whatever I am feeling. Be real. Be authentic. In doing this, it also shows others we don’t have to have it all together to be in His presence. Bono will be playing at my husbands work conference in San Fran this fall. Will have to show him this video 🙂 thanks Dee! Hope everyone has a good weekend! 

      1. He is a Business System Analyst for Dice.com. 🙂 

    1. Natalie, In doing this, it also shows others we don’t have to have it all together to be in His presence.”  LOVE THAT YOU SAW THAT. 

    2. Natalie – these words of yours…”it also shows others we don’t have to have it all together to be in His presence.”   To be blunt, I have had a week of “failures”…..some of them just inexcusable!  Even last night I was asking Jesus ….” do you REALLY still love me?  am I REALLY forgiven?”…..and thinking of going to worship service this morning was just, well, hard.  I haven’t had a week like this in a long time…..to this degree…..my own sin smacking me time and again….and yet…..I really do want to be in HIs presence with His people this morning…..and your words encouraged me so in that!  Off I go!  THANK YOU.

      1. Aw so glad, been there too!

  19. Dee, you are right about maturing me and drawing me closer to God. My husband was a Navy chaplain, so was on call 24/7/365days a year and often was called out at odd hours and also deployed. But what a privilege to minister to the men and women of the sea service!! It was not the life I envisioned for myself, but God’s vision for me has been so much better!!

    1. Welcome Sue! I picked up on your ties to the Navy….we have a son who will be in his 4th year of medical school and he is on a Navy scholarship. In addition to his local hospital rotations, he has two rotations; one at Portsmouth Naval Hospital and then in Jacksonville, FL. I cannot even imagine the dedication of your husband to be on call each and every day of the year….

  20. Rebecca, I so agree with you about Idol Lies.I will be looking for the new study on The Song. Thx for the heads up.

  21. What is your take away this week and why?  The amazing way God uses unlikely people to achieve His purposes and bring glory to Himself. In the eyes of the world, you would never guess that the sons of a man who led a rebellion against God and His leaders would one day write Psalms that would be recorded for eternity and be such an encouragement to millions over the centuries. What a great lesson for me

  22. #5) I have had the huge honor of watching my granddaughter grow in her love for Christ even in a hostile environment. In 7th grade, she started to go to a neighborhood church in hopes her Mom would join her. Both Grandmas are praying Chistians. Her Mom is still living the same way she always has, but my granddaughter continues to faithfully attend & be involved in her church! She’s a worship leader, youth leader, Sunday School teacher. She is 19 now & is ON FIRE for Jesus. Praise God. He has done this!

    1. Marlys!  He is so good!  What a gift to your life the faith of your granddaughter is!  

  23. Hi, I’m dawndrums, I’m new, I will be starting tomorrow with week two if it is not too late to get in on the study. 

      1. Thank you, Dee, what an incredible opportunity it is to learn from you.

    1. welcome Dawn drums and yes it is never too late to jump in. Glad to have you!

  24. 6. What is your take-away and why?
    The Bono and Eugene Peterson video is my take-away from this past week. I’ve watched it a few times now. I also revisited the blog from August 2015 when we spent two weeks on the topic of friendship. There was a sermon by Tim Keller in which he said that God was like the Master of Ceremonies in that He orchestrates friendships. He said, “Friendship requires a foundation, an affinity, a common love that cannot be created; it must be discovered.” The friendship that developed between these two men clearly demonstrates this. C.S. Lewis was also quoted by Keller, and Lewis said that a person has to be about something (have interests, passions, etc…) before friendship can be developed. You can’t just want to have a friend, and you can’t be a friend to someone if you don’t really care about what they are passionate about. This was a good topic to revisit, by the way. Bono and Eugene share a common love of God’s Word, in particular, the Psalms. They are both trying to make a difference in the world, using their own gifts and talents.
    I feel as if I’ve had a rather “Pollyannish” view of friendship for so many years, and I wish I didn’t so quickly forget things that I learn, like what we studied last August! I have naievely assumed that, for example, at church, friendships should come so quickly and naturally because we’re all “one big family”, right? And I see how this plays into the very real difficulties I experience in my marriage. (I think that Christian guy who started an online Christian matching/dating thing said something like, “Opposites attract, then they ATTACK” – how true) In watching that video, I sort of feel like the child looking through the fence at the others playing and longing to join in.

    1. now Susan…..that just hurts my heart – “…I sort of feel like the child looking through the fence at the others playing and longing to join in.”  And friendship can be more than a conundrum, can’t it?  For we are taught that He is ENOUGH….and we are also taught that we are a part of the body of Christ and need one another!  ?  Both are true!  Awhile back I mentioned an entire series of blog posts by Kelly Needham at http://www.kellyneedham.com that are about friendship – I believe the series is entitled “Friendship gone wrong”….and her words surely speak of more than what has gone wrong, but also what can be so right about friendships!  🙂  I think you may have already taken a peek at those…..but her words are golden and so thought provoking and richly Scriptural.  No easy answers though dear Susan, are there?  Except maybe to just keep joyfully accepting what His good hands provide in each season of our lives…even loneliness can be offered back to Him as a gift, a sacrifice ( I remember hearing Elisabeth Elliot say that so many years ago…).  When I pray for you the friendship area is one that always comes to mind based on your sharing…… 

      1. Jackie, thanks for that link again….I remember now when you posted it the first time but I didn’t ever check into it, but I will now. And no, there are no easy answers. I know many people who just seem to be blessed with an abundance of friends – my dear mom is one of those people, though all but a handful of her friends are gone now.

    2. I can really relate to your comments about friendship.  I think friendships are harder to develop than it is to raise children.  At least in raising kids you have some authority, and some recognition of the relationship from society around you.  In friendship you have this invisible dance where you can’t go too deep too fast, but you can’t stay too surface either.  I have asked in the past if it is possible to have a maximum number of friends throughout your life, and once you reach that, you just have to go without?  I really appreciated Jackie’s comments about the tension in the Bible about God being enough and simultaneously needing the body.  It isn’t one or the other, it is both and.  I know I tend to want too much from friendship, and have been learning to take the little ‘oasis ‘ times that God gives me without looking for more.  I pray that you will find the path that God has for you, and that you will be able to rejoice in it.

      1. Thanks Mary for your encouragement. I can relate to wanting too much from friendship, too.

  25. Hey Susan, that is great about your son. Love Navy docs!!!! I worked in the ER at Portsmouth Naval hospital for a year or two…loved it!!! We lived in the Norfolk/VA BCH area for 4 years…loved the area…still miss aspects of it, not the traffic though.  :o) I wish your son all the best.

    1. I am wondering now if you are a nurse? I’m a nurse, but I’ve never worked in the ER. Too stressful and fast paced for me! My son leaves August 1 for VA. He’ll be staying on base there. He is really hoping to get a spot to do his emergency medicine residency with the Navy. 40 have expressed interest and they only have 20 spots. He’ll be interviewing while there.

  26. 7. Did you see God in the move in your life in any way last week? If so, how?
    At lunch yesterday this ragamuffin daughter breaking bread with two long time ragamuffin friends. We’ve known each other since our early days as new believers. All of us older and grayer now. :)) It was as if time hadn’t moved! I sensed His Love binding us as we shared about the things that matter..It was a RELIEF being around two sisters who have older children in rebellion-their pain yet their trust so encouraged me…just really cool how His love was flowing between us as we shared our wonder of the Gospel..How He comforted all of us!

    1. Rebecca–I love this. So thankful He gave you this encouragement!

  27. 7. Did you see God in the move in your life in any way last week? If so, how?
    Last week had some hard moments–my husband was out of town, and I had a few extra challenges thrown at me…but I felt Him give me strength through His Word. Specifically, a verse that was in my daily reading, jumped out to speak to where I feel He has led me, and affirmed this journey: Acts 20:24, “But I do not account my life of any value nor as precious to myself, if only I may finish my course and the ministry that I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify to the gospel of the grace of God.”
    I am so thankful for His Word, really IS amazing that He gave us His very Words to guide us. 

    1. Oh Lizzy!  We both were having a hard week….but He was in it!  How faithful He is.  🙂  

      1. Jackie-I hate that you had a hard week but so glad how He came to you. 🙂

    2. Lizzy-encouraged this morning by how he came to you in Acts. :))))

  28. 7.  Did you see God on the move in your life in any way last week?  If so, how?
    As I expressed in a reply to Natalie, this has not been my best week ever.  Far from it.  I have been beset and buffeted by my own sin….coming in my responses to people and situations all across the board.  To say the least, I have been laid low.  One circumstance may even yet have very hard consequences because of my failure – and the worst thing of all is that this is a person I have been praying for and witnessing to……ugh, ugh.  Last night I was asking Jesus “do you REALLY love me?  do you REALLY forgive me?  where do I go from here?????”.  I have had to face the harsh reality that my PRIDE is still at large…..lurking to destroy me.  The way that God showed up?  Wow.  “Only” in that He gave me unearthly peace last night as I spoke with Him……and courage for the future.  🙂  And reading Natalie’s words here last night was yet another balm for me…..and has boosted me to be ready for church this morning….when I felt so low I didn’t even know how to go!  And He showed up as well in not letting me ride high in my pride – rather He allowed me to fall QUICKLY and PAINFULLY!!  And I KNOW His discipline in this is all of LOVE……His amazing LOVE for me.  I am eager to be out the door to worship with my brothers and sisters here shortly…….praying you all are gathering with “your people” this morning too!  

    1. oh sweet Jackie. I am so sorry. Praying for His grace to over power you as you worship today and that you will be refreshed, renewed. You are so beautiful. You reminded me of something I once heard–the most beautiful stained glass windows, are the ones that have been “broken” in many places, the ones with the most “sections” (words are failing me this morning, but I trust this makes some sense!). You’ve allowed your pain to make you more and more like Him. I’m so thankful for your example before me. 

  29. I’ve been pondering question #5 for a while now. That’s the one about being passionate for Christ despite growing up in a hostile environment. I may be simplifying  too much but I think when a person has a real encounter with the irresistible love of Christ it really is irresistible!

  30. Some of you are not on Facebook. My Dad passed away this morning at 4 a.m. He got strep pneumonia and the strep infection spread to the rest of his body. He was 86 and though in good health, his body could not fight it and the antibiotics did not work fast enough for the spreading infection. Last Sunday he was fine. This Sunday morning he was face to face with his Lord. My Dad was a retired pastor and served God faithfully all his life both in India and in Canada. The funeral is Wednesday. Sad but rejoicing! Pray for my step-mom Aida.

    1. oh Diane, I am so sorry. This was all so sudden. Continued prayers for all of you~

    2. Oh Diane, so grateful you shared this with us here……my dad passed into the arms of Jesus very suddenly several years ago.  Oh, the sorrow for those of you left behind…..but yes, the rejoicing is REAL.  So thankful to know of the life he lived – hallelujah, he is face to face with Jesus!  

    3. So sorry, Diane! 

  31. I just found this study online and I’m in such need of Gods word. I am experiencing a depressive mood the past acouple of weeks that has me even withdrawing from God. Hope and comfort are what i’m in such need of right now. I pray this study and community online will help me draw closer to God and not feel so alone in life. 

    1. Sandra…..we welcome you warmly to this place.  You are so right on target to see that God’s Word is a huge need for us ALL when we are feeling so low …..and even when we are not!  The Psalms should be just perfect to bring hope and comfort into your life from the Lord……the Psalmists just never sugarcoat the hard of life.  You are not alone and this study is overflowing with women who encourage one another…..I hope you stay with us and find that sweet encouragement here.  

      1. Thank you Jackie for your warm and welcoming words. 

    2. Sandra, so glad you are here. Thankful that you desire to draw closer to Him in your dark time–praying for you now that He will comfort you

    3. Hi Sandra, we are happy you are here and I also hope that you will find encouragement and support here and not feel so alone.

  32. Diane, so sorry to hear about your dad. Praying peace and comfort for you and your family.

  33. 7. Did you see God in the move in your life in any way last week? If so, how?
    Yes, the friends I prayed for had us over for dinner on Friday. Sometimes people say “we should get together”, but never initiate anything… but this couple followed through immediately and are such a sweet family! Thankful for new friends in a new city!

  34. Praying for you Diane!

  35. Rebecca, I enjoyed your post, “Ragamuffin,” an uncommon term.  It warmed my heart. Diane, what an unimaginable amount of pain you must be in. I’m praying that God surrounds you with His comfort and peace, as He tightly holds you in His intimate embrace.

  36. Regarding the question on sorrow, the word, “seed,” jumped out at me. I listen to sermons almost every night. One of the pastors often uses short phrases that stick with me.  Last night the phrase was, “where there is a root, there is a fruit.” That is so sobering, normally I don’t struggle with bitterness, but I lately I have been. It is so easy to let our minds wander.  Unfortunately, mine can head straight to a bad neighborhood. In the past few days, God has shown me that I need to guard my mind and heart, and consciously focus my thoughts on Him. 

      1. Thank you, and wow, “It’s a sacrifice to give to the Lord, one He delights in and replaces with peace.” I never thought of it like that. You have given me a whole new perspective. Thank you, Dee 🙂

  37. I am Shirley from western PA. We are in a sermon series, “Summer With the Psalms” and I thought this would be a great study to walk along side of it.

    1. Hi Shirly, I am new here as well. What a great idea to piggyback the two studies. 

  38. A. What complaint did Korah have against Moses and Aaron? (verse 3)
    He thought they were full of themselves.
    B. How did Moses respond? (verse 4)
    He fell on his face.
    C. What question did Moses put to Korah and what was he saying? (verses 9-12) 
    Moses wants to know if they think they are better than what they are; Levites were those who were in charge of the tabernacle “furnishings” and such; the arc of the covenant, etc. (as I recall?) God put them in charge and now they also want the preisthood. Moses is upset with them for not being satisfied.
    D. How did Korah’s men respond? (verses 13-14)
    They say they won’t go with Moses To the worship service. They think he is misleading them since they were practically starving in the desert and wandering around for 40 years. They believe Moses and Aaron are all talk and no action.

  39. 6. Read Numbers 16:1-14
    A. What complaint did Korah have against Moses and Aaron? (verse 3)
    I looked back at the end of chapter 15, in which a man found gathering wood on the Sabbath was stoned to death. It was right after that happened that Korah and the other men with him confronted Moses and Aaron, saying, “You have gone far enough.” They accused Moses and Aaron of lording over the rest of the people, exalting themselves above the assembly.
    B. How did Moses respond? (verse 4)
    Moses fell on his face.
    C. What question did Moses put to Korah and what was he saying? (verses 9-12)
    “Isn’t it enough for you that God separated you from the rest….to do the service of the Lord’s tabernacle and to bring you near to Himself….and now you want the priesthood, too?” Korah was dissatisfied and if there was an underlying idol, it was likely power/control and maybe even approval/affirmation. He wanted more and was determined to take it.
    D. How did Korah’s men respond? (verses 13-14)
    Moses wanted to speak with these men but they refused. They complained that they had been led out into the wilderness and they are looking back with longing at Egypt. They want to know, where is the land flowing with milk and honey?

  40. 7. Read Numbers 16:20-35 
    A. What did God tell Moses and Aaron to do and why, and how did Moses plead?  (verses 20-22) 
    God told them to get the congregation away from Koran, Dathan, and Abiram because He was going to clean house.
    B. How did God respond and then what did Moses do? (verses 23-26)
    God told them to go to the people and tell them to leave and Moses and Aaron did. They told them the men were wicked and they might be washed away in their sin with them.
    C. What did Moses tell the people in verses 28-30? 
    Moses made a prophecy that the men would be taken by God when the earth split under their feet and they would be taken to hell. Tihis would mean the Lord did this to the men. It wouldn’t be that they would just die. If it was that way then Moses would not have spoken to God. Because it would be his prophecy (that can to fruition) then the people knew he had actually spoken to God.
    wow….for some reason I had a hard time articulating that! I knew what I wanted to say but not how to say it.
    D. And then what happened? (31-34)
    The houses of the men were taken to hell by way of the split earth! They were taken alive with all their possessions. Moses’ prophecy came true and the people were frightened! They ran away screaming they didn’t want to be swallowed too! 

    A. What complaint did Korah have against Moses and Aaron? (verse 3) He thought they were trying to run the show!
    B. How did Moses respond? (verse 4) Moses threw himself facedown on the ground.
    C. What question did Moses put to Korah and what was he saying? (verses 9-12) .  He Said “Isn’t it enough for you that the God of Israel has selected you out of the congregation of Israel to bring you near him to serve in the ministries of The Dwelling of God, and to stand before the congregation to minister to them?”
    Then he says:
    What do you have against Aaron that you’re bad-mouthing him?”
    D. How did Korah’s men respond? (verses 13-14) They were still mad saying “You haven’t brought us into a land flowing with milk and honey, you haven’t given us the promised inheritance of fields and vineyards… Forget it, we’re not coming.”

  42. Susan, I am an RN. I worked Emergency Room for 25 years of my career…all over the country. For the last several years I have been working preop and recovery room in outpatient surgery. I am already praying for your sons placement. What is your specialty?

    1. I was a med-surg staff nurse for about 25 years. Am taking a break right now and working in our patient experience department doing the discharge call-backs (over the phone).
      Thanks for praying for my son. He just told us that he will be flying out to San Diego in September to interview there as well for an emergency medicine residency.

  43. 8) Read Numbers 26:9-11. A) According to verse 10, why did God swallow up the rebels?
    To serve as a warning sign.
    B) Who did not die and why?
    The line or sons of Korah.
    9) How do you see both the justice and mercy of God in the above account? The gospel?
    God demanded justice in weeding out the evil in Israel’s midst. It appears that Dathan, Abiram and all their families were killed. Koran was also killed, but a remnant of his sons was saved. Moses and Aaron had pled with God not to wipe out all of Israel for these men’s sin and God spared those who were not part of the rebellion. He had mercy in sparing some.i see the gospel here in that as Moses and Aaron stood in the gap to plead for Israel, Jesus stands in the gap for us who all deserve death. Jesus took the punishment I (we) deserve and God’s mercy is extended to us who believe.

  44. Diane, thinking and praying for you this morning. 

    1. Thanks so much, Laura. We have had a good though hard day. Aware that many are praying for us. The funeral was a beautiful tribute to my Dad as well as a strong witness to the Lord. May He be glorified. We have one brother who is far from the Lord and was pretty well estranged from Dad, but he came  to the funeral with his family, travelling clear from Oregon to the funeral. Pray that his and his family’s hearts will be drawn back to the Lord. He is staying in the area for a couple more days and visiting with family. We meet with him again on Friday evening. 

      1. Diane! What a blessing about your brother! Beauty from ashes. Thank You Lord Jesus!

  45. 8. Read Numbers 26:9-11 
    A. According to verse 10, why did God swallow up the rebels? 
    The rebellious people needed a wake up, and verse 10 says it was a warning sign.
    B. Who did not rebel and die, according to verse 11?
    Although Korah was killed, the line of Korah continued. 

  46. 6. Read Numbers 16:1-14
    A. What complaint did Korah have against Moses and Aaron? (verse 3)
    That Moses and Aaron were ‘above’ the assembly in their holiness. It sounds like they were covetous of the position God appointed them too so they rebelled. I also noticed their focus was more on them-their holiness and gauging it against Moses and Aaron..maybe their hearts were bent toward using God for what he could give them? They weren’t content.
    B. How did Moses respond? (verse 4)
    He fell face down. 
    C. What question did Moses put to Korah and what was he saying? (verses 9-12)
    Isn’t it enough that God separated you from the Israelite community and drew you near to Him to do his work in ministering to his people? He has brought all of you and the levites near to him..It is against God that they have the complaint for who is Aaron that they have a complaint against him?
    D. How did Korah’s men respond? (verses 13-14)
    They were indignant. They were upset that he didn’t  acquiesce and give them what they want..It looks like they harbored bitterness. They wanted God for what he could give them. 

    1. 7. Read Numbers 16:20-35
      A. What did God tell Moses and Aaron to do and why, and how did Moses plead?  (verses 20-22)
      I’m with Laura-LOVE how she said it. 🙂 He told them to separate from the assembly because He was going to clean house.
      Moses and Aaron pleaded with God not to be angry at the whole assembly just because of one man’s sins.
      B. How did God respond and then what did Moses do? (verses 23-26)
      God relented on wiping out whole assembly and told them to tell the assembly to move away from Korah, Dathan and Abiram’s tents. 
      He went to the tents of Dathan and Abiram and warned the assembly to stay away from these wicked men, and do not touch anything that belongs to them or you will be swept away too. 
      C. What did Moses tell the people in verses 28-30?
      This is how you will know the Lord sent me to do all these things and that it wasn’t my idea. If they die a natural death then God didn’t send me, if the ground opens up and swallows all of them then God has sent me.
      D. And then what happened? (31-34)
      The ground opened up and swallowed them all and then after that the 250 men who were near to them were killed as well-apparently they didn’t obey Moses. 

      1. Okay, I noticed Korah’s tent didn’t come out.. Did they not die? I assume they may not have because of their lineage..but maybe this is addressed later in our study.  

  47. Dee,  I have been following your bible study blog for quite some time now. Sort of sitting on the side and listening and being blessed and encouraged by what I read and hear from you and the regular contributors. I have followed the study on the Song and Habakkuk.  Before that Idol Lies helped me identify a particular area of my life in that I was doubting God’s love for me. Since doubting God is sin identifying and confessing it was huge in my life. 
    I am really looking forward to this study in the Psalms. Seemed like maybe it was time I joined some of the discussion. I recently did a study on some of the Psalms from a study book and was particularly blessed by that time in God’s Word. The Bono and Eugene Peterson video was a delightful find and thought provoking. 
    Living in central Nebraska over the years I have had occassions to hear you speak and appreciate your teaching and your testimony.
    Bev from BB (Broken Bow)

    1. Bev–so glad you’re joining into the discussion! Love how Idol Lies ministered to you–and that you are believing and trusting in His love for you. You are right–that is huge! So glad you’re with us on this journey

    2. Bev, Welcome to our study. So encouraging to hear how God has come to you through Idol Lies and the Psalms. We hope to be encouraged more by you here!

  48. 8. Read Numbers 26:9-11
    A. According to verse 10, why did God swallow up the rebels?
    It served as a warning sign.
    B. Who did not rebel and die, according to verse 11?
    Oh..okay, this is the answer to my question.  The line of Korah didn’t die out. 

    1. Maybe those who were in the line of Korah obeyed Moses and got away from the tents?