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J. R. told me the story. “We drove down to Brown County, Indiana to see the autumn leaves. While we were walking, Dianne said she’d like to be married in the little chapel of the Presbyterian Church where she trusted Christ as a child. And she would like their family’s long time pastor, Dr. Riley, to preside. I’m close to Pastor Riley and so I called him to see when we could make it happen. He said he was heavily booked — and the chapel was also! So I asked, ‘What about tomorrow?’



Dr. Riley said, ‘Oh, I’m booked all day tomorrow.’

‘What about today?’

‘Oh J. R., I’m sorry — I’m presiding over a funeral.’

Mom — my spirit rose up in me. I didn’t want to let this open door close. So I asked, ‘What about tonight?’

Dr. Riley paused, giving me hope. Then he said warmly, ‘Well, I could do it tonight! And the chapel is free at 6:00 P. M.’

I said, ‘I’LL TAKE IT!! LET’S DO IT!’

‘And so you are getting married tonight?’

‘We are!’

I looked at my watch. Could I possibly make it? I knew I couldn’t. J. R. knows what I am thinking.

J. R. said, “I’m a little broken-hearted, Mom, that you won’t be there. Do you want us to try to postpone?”

“Just get married,” I cried!


He put Dianne on the phone. She is breathless. ‘It feels like when Jesus comes back for His Bride!'”

They ask me to pray. They are two hours away. Dianne has to find a wedding dress — J. R. a suit. There are people to call. And they must make it to the church on time!

God was with them, opening door after door, giving them His kisses all the way. Dianne walked into a bridal store and they brought out the perfect dress, the first dress, and it fit her perfectly. “It was my dream dress,” she told me, “and I found it in seven minutes.” A dear couple who were close to them postponed a flight so that she, Rosa, a gifted soloist, could sing, and so that he, Patrick, could film the ceremony. Even Dr. Riley commented on the light of the moon causing the stained glass above them to dance. The joyful presence of God surrounded them.

J. R. and Dianne
J. R. and Dianne

Last week they left for their honeymoon — but before they flew off, they took “The Badger” (the Michigan/Wisconsin ferry) to see me so I could share in their joy and pray over them.

J. R. and Dianne beginning their honeymoon on "The Badger"
J. R. and Dianne beginning their honeymoon on “The Badger”

I met them when they landed and loved how giddy they were with excitement. J. R. told me, “I still can’t get over it. She’s my wife!”

What is it about a wedding that penetrates our hearts?

Could it be that it whispers of the great wedding day ahead, when Jesus will come with a shout for HIs Bride?

That it is just a faint rumor of The Midnight Cry?

I asked J. R. and Dianne if I could share their story in conjunction with Psalm 45, and J. R. told me that that was one of his favorite psalms, and went on to explain why. “Jesus never plainly and clearly says, “I am God,” though He says it in many and mysterious ways. But Hebrews 1, which quotes Psalm 45, surely makes it clear. The Father is pouring out His love on God the Son. Here is the quote from Psalm 45 in Hebrews:

But of the Son he says,

“Your throne, O God, is forever and ever,

the scepter of uprightness is the scepter of your kingdom.

You have loved righteousness and hated wickedness,

therefore God, your God, has anointed you

with the oil of gladness beyond your companions.”

Hebrews 1:8-9

Hebrews 1-8



We have a good problem! We have so many wonderful women sharing so many good thoughts, that we are beginning to feel like we can’t keep up reading the comments. So I suggest trying these two things:


1. Everyone share your icebreaker on Sunday and your take-a-way at the end of the week — and then your deeper thoughts from the Bible study rather than every answer. You can work on a word document and come back and re-write your best on the blog, or copy and paste, but if you do that, to avoid gibberish,  “paste as plain text”. If you left click to paste, those words are below the word “paste”.  You don’t have to do this, but if many of you do it will help all read what is there more carefully.

2. Renee and Dianne are administrating a private Facebook page for active participants on this blog — for prayer and more personal sharing. Click on the maroon banner on the home page to find out how to join. You can still share prayer requests here, but it helps if you share most on the private page, and is a safe place to do so. They will also be the gate-keepers. We want it to be for active participants only.


1. What stands out to you from the above and why?


Prepare your heart with this:

This is going to be fun! Jonathan Edwards was persuaded that The Song of Songs was no common love song because of the parallels he found in it to Psalm 45. This week we will find those exciting parallels. And, then, I have a treasure of a sermon, from a Scottish preacher who preaches in the style of the great Charles Haddon Spurgeon.
Read Psalm 45 out loud.

2. Compare Psalm 45:6-7 with Hebrews 1:8-9. How does this irrefutably show this psalm is about Jesus? And what do you learn about Jesus and HIs Deity from this?

3. Jonathan Edward’s final entry in his diary was his notes on the Song of Songs and why, because of the parallels with Psalm 45, he was convinced the Song was about Christ. Read through Psalm 45 and see, before you look at what Edwards found, if you can find any parallels. (If you aren’t familiar with The Song, you can skip this.)

Do the following and then look over your answers and come back and share your best insights or “aha!” moments on the blog.

4. The Song of Songs is a love song. (S. S. 1:1) What evidence can you find that Psalm 45 is a love song?

5. The Song of Songs is a wedding song. (S. S. 3:11) What evidence can you find that Psalm 45 is a wedding song?

6. In the Song of Songs, the bridegroom is a King. (S. S. 1:1) What about Psalm 45?

7. The bride in the Song is a king’s daughter (S. S. 7:1) What about Psalm 45?

8. The bride is beautiful in The Song. (S. S. 1:15) What about Psalm 45?

9. The bridegroom is the fairest of ten thousand in the Song. (S. S. 5:10) What about Psalm 45?

10. The bridegroom desires the beauty of the bride in the Song. (S. S. 4:9) What about Psalm 45?

11. The speech of the bridegroom is excellent and pleasant. (S. S. 5:16) What about Psalm 45?

12. The ornaments of the bride are costly, beautiful, and splendid. (S. S. 1:10-11; 7:1) What about Psalm 45?

13. The excellencies of the bridegroom are represented as perfumed ointments. (S. S. 1:3) What about Psalm 45?

14. The bride is both singular and plural (S. S. 1:2-4) What about Psalm 45?

15. The place of the King is a place of beauty and splendor. (S. of S. 1:16-17) What about Psalm 45?

Thursday-Friday Sermon

Oh — I loved this sermon by a Scottish preacher who preaches in the style of Charles Haddon Spurgeon:


16. Share your notes and comments.


17. What is your take-a-way and why?

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  1. Oh Dee..Of course J.R. and Dianne’s story-how beautiful to see God’s fingerprints and kisses in this! I am SO excited for them and from what I have experienced in working with them on some things they are truly godly and ooze His Love. I think the world of them. I am so excited to see what God has for them! :))) 
    When Dianne breathlessly said it feels like Jesus coming back for His bride-I pictured that. What a sweet picture their wedding is of the Song of Songs.

    I also really appreciate how you are helping us to change how we answer the questions..GREAT idea.

  2. 1. What stands out to you from the above and why? J.R. and Dianne’s story, of course! Beautiful. And congratulations!! =)
    And this question: “What is it about a wedding that penetrates our hearts?” For many I think weddings penetrate their hearts with sadness – seeing the beginning of a covenant love and knowing that theirs is “failing.” But for Christians this is a picture of the wedding day … but also His love.  At a wedding the love shared has such high hope and purity, no offense has been made on the covenant yet and it is ripe with newness! This is Christ’s love for us – new every day, each offense forgiven, ripe with newness and hope every morning, every hour, it never stales never grows cold, He always delights in us. This is what penetrates my heart about a wedding.

  3. 1.  What stood out to you from the above and why?
    Two things…first I felt so sad for you, Dee, that after all those years of waiting and finally even giving up that it would ever happen, you didn’t get to be physically there to see it.  That made me sad for you, BUT…(second thing that stood out to me) the unexpectedness of it, the surprise of it all, reminds me of our future wedding!!!  No one knows exactly when it will be but we are specifically told not to think that because it has been so many years since our bridegroom left this earth, and He still has not called us home yet, that it won’t ever happen, but that God is just patient “not wiling that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.”(2Peter 3:8-10)  And so we wait and try not to lose heart, but remind ourselves of our future wedding that is sure to come….and when it does, it will be perfect timing.

      1. Understood! =)

  4. 1. What stands out to you from the above and why?A couple things really stand out…
    J.R. and Dianne’s wedding story is really something…how everything just connected and flowed is a testament to the timing and the “meant to be”-ness of it all.  This brought to mind our niece’s wedding we recently attended, it was truly one of the nicest ceremonies I have ever experienced.  The pastor in his sermon spoke of covenant marriage and the symbolism for the union was the braiding of three strings (so powerful! and a wonderful reminder that will hang in their home).  Much of the wedding celebration was clearly focused on the marriage and not simply the day.  Yes, weddings bring to mind my Beloved (Jesus) and beloved (Greg)…
    The change in how we answer questions should work well, and especially in light of the upcoming seasons where there will likely be even more participants.  Thanks so much to Renee and Diane for “manning” the Facebook site…a great place for more personal sharing.
    Happy Sunday and November, all!

  5. 1. what stood out to you and why?
    I, too am so moved by J.R. and Dianne’s love story and all teary now! But what stood out to me–as I read, it was like a beautiful play unfolding–and it was the characters–the Body, that stood out to me. Dr. Riley, wanting to do anything he could to make this happen. I imagine the joy on the dress shop lady’s face when Dianne looks stunning in the first dress she tries on! And then Rosa and Patrick, dropping their plans so they could join in to sing and film–I just was so touched by how the fellowship of believers joined together to bless this marriage! I loved, loved that they rode the ferry to receive Dee’s special prayers over them–what that says about their hearts, their priorities. And when I read the Hebrews passage, it was so so fitting to see this as the Lord speaking to J.R. and Dianne “You have loved righteousness and hated wickedness,therefore God, your God, has anointed you with the oil of gladness beyond your companions.” Hebrews 1:8-9
    Oh what a joyful, encouraging thing to read this morning! Blessings to this dear couple~

  6. 1. What stands out to you from the above and why? The spontaneousness of the wedding. J.R.’s persistence in making it happen. It was truly about the 2 of them. It really does remind me of how when Christ comes for his bride it will be long expected yet spontaneous. He will pursue his bride and make it happen, but in it all he will make it  her perfect wedding.

  7. . What stands out to you from the above and why?    Of course, the wedding story stands out!  I don’t know that I’ve ever known a couple who knew for so long that they would eventually marry and kept true to their promise in purity.  I know lots of couples who put off the wedding for years, but live as a married couple all the while they wait for the ceremony.  At those weddings, it’s hard for me to feel a true excitement or enjoyment, because the coming together as one has already happened and the anticipation has passed.  Dee, I also was amazed by your graciousness of accepting not being at the wedding.  The whole story is remarkable and unique.  And I’m so happy, for you all,  that the joyful day has come and you are celebrating this beautiful event!   Dianne’s comment about the suddenness and unpredictability of the timing being akin to Jesus coming for His bride, gave me pause.  The analogy is surely there.  And then, watching the music video about the midnight cry and Jesus’ return was thought provoking.  I have mixed feelings.  If I’m honest here, I would say that I have difficulty with these thoughts.  With the Second Coming itself, because there is so many ways of interpreting the many aspects and I am not sure if the things I grew up believing are exactly spelled out in the Bible.   There’s always a pit in my stomach thinking about Christ’s return too, because I don’t know what eternity will mean for many loved ones: of course, I think of my unbelieving children the most.  I know I am supposed to be, as a bride, eagerly anticipating my Beloved’s return…..but it is often hard to reconcile the two longings.  

  8. Oh the joy of JR and Dianne’s  wedding is so romantic and just in God’s perfect timing…just thrills my heart!
    I love  to go to weddings..and see the couple commit themselves to each other….it helps me to remember my vows to my husband and especially to my LORD JESUS!!
    Congratulations to them!  Thank you Dee for sharing this and  helping us to compare the Song Of Songs to Psalms 45….can’t wait to reread it with that in mind.
    Also…very good idea about shortening the comments here…as I can’t keep up with them. ..and hate to miss anything from any of my sisters!

  9. JR and Dianne’s story brought tears this morning as you described the beauty and sacredness of it all.   I’ve known of their long relationship but didn’t know they planned to eventually get married.   Congratulations to you all.    It is a truly beautiful and unique story!  
    As an occasional contributor, I’m not really understanding the new guidelines, but no matter.   I’m most blessed by reading the insights of others and will continue to do so.   I’m not really an “active participant”, so won’t leave prayer requests on the FB page but hope that I can read what others have left there so that I can pray for them. 

    1. Beth…your already a sister in the Lord with us.  Please join us as I’m sure you have so much to offer us…whether it is here or on the private Facebook page for our prayer requests.  Everyone needs prayer.  
      WELCOME! !

  10. What stands out to you from the above and why?
    Of course, it was JR and Dianne’s wedding story that stood out – what a surprise, and so special! Ever since Dee told us that they were married I have been curious of the details. It is a bit sad that you missed it, Dee, but so glad they filmed it and that JR and Dianne came to you for your blessing. You are a very special lady at how graciously you just shared their joy, though you were missing it, Dee. And as I read Psalm 45 in anticipation of this week’s lesson I found myself picturing my handsome groom, Jesus, who is Beauty Unsurpassed, coming to sweep me off my feet to take me home with him. All of our most precious beautiful dreams of beauty, happiness and joy will be met in Him.

    1. YES!

  11. Oh yes…Praise God Diane!!!

  12. Oh, OK – thanks for clarifying.    Wasn’t sure what ‘active participant’ meant.   I appreciate everyone’s comments and insights.    I’m really struggling with time management …. just waayyyyy too much on my plate … but hope to become more of a participant, eventually.

  13. It is kind of strange, Dee, that you missed being able to attend J.R. and Dianne’s wedding, but thanks to your splendid description of how it all unfolded, I feel like I have been a part of it all!!    Such a touching story!    I particularly loved it when J.R. said  “Mom — my spirit rose up in me. I didn’t want to let this open door close. So I asked, ‘What about tonight?’”   No doubt he was responding to a special nudge from God on higih — it was the right time by God’s plan!   Then when they arrived all giddy, and J.R. confessed “I still can’t get over it. She’s my wife!”   Even he was a bit surprised by it all!     How many couples have the opportunity for the groom’s mother to pray over them?  That is pretty unique, I think!    I just loved it!    
    As far as the changes on the blog,  I have felt that something needed to be done.  I think the plan sounds very workable.   Can I just confess to being a tinge sad that it came to this point?  I have been on the blog for about 1 3/4 years now, and I have really enjoyed reading all of the comments.  But I must admit that recently it has been a serious challenge to keep up, and I haven’t always done well.    I am very hopeful about the new arrangements. 

  14. 1. What stands out to you from the above and why?  Oh, I agree with what has been said about the wedding.  Congrats to J.R. & Dianne!  The image of “The Badger” made me smile, too — quite the “love boat!”

    I’m looking forward to seeing the connection between Ps 45, the passage in Hebrews, and SoS.  AND something else that stood out is how EARLY this week’s study was posted.  I woke up EARLY, most likely because of time change, and read it on my cell phone shortly after 3:00 am.  Then I went back to sleep (and Dee, I hope you did, too!!).

  15. Oh Dee I think I can handle this new method for the blog. I have so enjoyed being here and feel so connected in spirit to all of the women participating here. I know my last post when sharing my frustration may have not come out clear. I just had spent so much time trying to keep up with posts I felt I had been lacking time studying. I had also been contemplating going back on older blogs to do the Idol Lies studies. I really want to dig into that as I KNOW I NEED IT! I will also be working thru some things with Leslie Vernick so my plate will be full:) Lots to grow on. Thank you for all of your teaching. You do such a nice job of putting these studies together I look forward to each one I have participated in thus far:)
    I will not be able to participate by my choice on the Facebook page that I am a bit sad about, but again it is a choice I have made.  You did say people could leave some prayer requests here. I do lift up prayers so I will watch for them.
    The story of your sons wedding was so unique and special. The Part of him knowing he would marry Diane one day and their engagement but no wedding and then the SUDDENLY. I have to say I did notice your big letter WHAT???? I cannot imagine that moment but………
    “Your being so thrilled on them finally getting married to overcome any sadness and you did not want to be an impediment” says so much about you.   
    The reason why Psalm 45 is one of JR’s favorite Psalms and the scripture of Hebrews 1:8 so blessed me for a very personal reason. LOVED it

  16. Loved the exciting marriage of your son and new daughter-in-law-God is so faithful to do amazing things-weddings are a blessing-so grateful for such a wonderful picture of God’s love-Hope

  17. Loved the sweet marriage story. So grateful God allowed you to share this with us. God is an awesome God -so thankful for my blessing.

    1. Welcome Hope!!

    2. Hope not sure if you are new here I am relatively new. But welcome. I love your name:)

  18. I am sad you couldn’t be at the wedding, and confounded as to why they had to take that huge ship to see you; need to study the geography of the area I suppose. Do they live in Michigan and had to travel to Wisconsin? Love that the dress fit in 7 minutes! That’s my kind of shopping! The chapel is lovely as well.
    Am sad again about no “meaty” posts. I tend to avoid the icebreaker and the “take away,” so I guess that means I don’t post anything?! I enjoy reading what I can because so many have so much to offer here…..especially when it comes to the bible content. I am weak in that area and appreciate the commentary here. Rich indeed.

    1. Yes, Laura, I,too, enjoy learning from the others of the Bible text!

      1. Shirley – I understand that – me too!

      1. Thanks Dee – you just clarified what I had some remaining questions about!

    2. Laura – once again, the way you say things really helps a lot of us process things.  Appreciate you so much!

      1. Thanks Dee for clarifying and Jackie for your encouragement! I am a black and white person who needs some things spelled out (probably why I’m not so keen on poetry!). Glad it helped someone else too 🙂

  19.  I loved how beautifully God blesses Dianne & JR’s blessed day. How everything just fell into place. I loved what JR said about Psalms 45 “Jesus never plainly and clearly says, “I am God,” though He says it in many and mysterious ways.  It reminds me of the book of Esther. Gods name is never mentioned but the fingerprint of God all over it. Written in Hebrew you can find the letters of Gods  name written out like a word search in Esther. And this is why: God was silent- he never gave a plan to a prophet or a Holy man. even so, everything worked out. Everything just fell into place.  God so powerfully delivered the people through Esther. Just like JESUS on the cross and on that magnificent day. And today we many not see HIM but He’s there and it’s by His name that it will all happened. There are so many parallels in the bible. The old is a reflection of the new and it always spells out JESUS

    1. Love the book of Esther Nicole! Thanks for this analogy.

    2. Good reminder of the book of Esther, Nicole.  I heard some great teaching on this book a couple years ago and it also amazed me, that God was not mentioned and yet so present.  I would have missed this parallel completely so thanks for bringing it out!

    3. Nicole, I don’t understand what you mean by “Written in Hebrew you can find the letters of Gods  name written out like a word search in Esther.” God’s providence can be seen in bringing together circumstances throughout Esther. Is that what you are referring to?

      1. I’m sorry after I summited the post I was thinking I might be a little hard to understand.  One of the favorite devices of Hebrew writers is the acrostic, in which the first letter of successive words forms a word or a pattern. Psalm 119 is a good example: the lines of each stanza start with successive letters of the Hebrew alphabet. It a little deep for me to but a couple years ago I used a really cool kids curriculum that focused on Jewish holidays. This was one of the points the curriculum made. It really stood out and the activities for the kids drove it home for them and me. In Hebrew I mean actual Hebrew the language.

        1. Thanks, Nicole!  I also have been fascinated by this literary device, but don’t fully understand it…..though I know it is used quite often.  What is the name of the kid’s curriculum?   I am so glad to see your smiling face here too!  

      2. I’m sorry after I summited the post I was thinking it might be a little hard to understand.  One of the favorite devices of Hebrew writers is the acrostic, in which the first letter of successive words forms a word or a pattern. Psalm 119 is a good example: the lines of each stanza start with successive letters of the Hebrew alphabet. It”s a little deep for me to but a couple years ago I used a really cool kids curriculum that focused on Jewish holidays. This was one of the points the curriculum made. The acrostic idea really stood out and the activities for the kids to help them understand drove it home for them and me. In Hebrew I mean actual Hebrew the language.

  20. What stands out to me in the introduction is the wedding story! Diannes’s desire to be married in the little chapel of the church where she had trusted Christ as a child and J.R.’s desire to make that happen is splendid.
    The other thing is J.R.’s love of Psalm 45. I am so looking forward to this study. I was not with you for Song of Songs and I love this book and have always wanted to understand it better.

  21. 1. What stands out to you from the above and why?
    I was excited to get to Psalm 45 because I have reached a place in Hinds Feet where this psalm is quoted and it almost made me cry when I read it! It is just such a beautiful psalm about Jesus and about how He sees us, His Bride. Secondly, J.R. and Dianne’s wedding…amazing how it was planned in such a short time and everything fell into place! And I was very much struck by your selflessness, Dee, when J.R. said, “Do you want us to try to postpone?” That must have been hard to not be there to witness this long anticipated union, but you put them before yourself and I am sure that you saw God’s hand in this timing, too, and you went along with His plan. But that had to be a little hard for a mother’s heart! I am happy that you were able to see them come sailing in on The Badger and give them your prayers and blessings!

  22. Once again ladies…the “right hand” is mentioned!
    “In your majesty ride forth victoriously in the cause of truth, humility and justice; let your right hand achieve awesome deeds.” (‭Psalm‬ ‭45‬:‭4‬ NIV)

      1. 🙂

      2. This made me think of the Martin French picture of Jesus the kinsman redeemer. I wondered if it was his right hand that was reaching upward on the horse. I went to find the picture and I see that it’s not his right hand. Too bad Mr. French couldn’t have put that in the picture!

    1. Laura–I would add that your questions count as “meat”! You always have thought-provoking questions within the week that enrich and add to our study–so don’t hold back from those either 🙂

  23. 1.  I’ve just begun studying Hebrews, and the connection between Hebrews 1:8&9 and Psalm 45 – and J.R.’s words about that really did stir my soul deeply.  And, who could NOT be moved by the marriage of J.R. and Dianne??  WHAT a memory Jesus gave them that day!  As so many have touched on, your part was critical Dee…..I sense that they would have postponed the wedding had you so desired…..but you surely knew the hand of God was in this!!  In that way, you were every bit as much a part of the story as the pastor, the singer, the photographer……and oh, to see them alight from the Badger and to bless them in prayer …..your heart must have been just BURSTING with joy!!  What an amazing kick off to our week of study!
    As to the changes in responding on the blog….like a few have touched on – Deanna, Laura…..I’m really going to MISS all of the comments!  I was deeply blessed by each and every contribution.  I have to admit, I didn’t even realize that some of us were feeling overwhelmed by the number of comments!  I never experienced a sense of pressure to read everything or keep up. My goal was always to complete the study questions to the best of my ability…..and the comments were just the icing on the cake, so to speak!  That said, I DO feel some pressure now……to present my cream of the crop answers!  That process should be interesting, and will no doubt be a good discipline for me!  I am more than willing to jump in and try to “follow the directions”. but I can’t help but feel the sadness that some have mentioned for the loss too.  🙁     Just wondered too – will this policy be posted each week?  New people no doubt will dip a toe in the water each week and they would need to understand how the questions are handled.  ??  Just a thought.

    1. Dee – that is perfect.  Clear and concise and leaving the door wide open for “as the Spirit leads”. 

    2. Thanks for clarification, Dee!  I had interpreted similarly to Laura’s interp — and thought “Oh no, I don’t have any deeper thoughts!”  Might take some trial and error to know what to share  — it’s the stories and some applications that often are longest (and what I find myself skipping when I don’t have time to sort through them for the application).  It’s easy for me to see that short fact gathering responses are just that — and I don’t get bogged down in those at all because I can “glance and glean.” (FYI — this is written by someone who isn’t known as “concise” 😉  )

      Those of us on Macs might have to play with other programs — I don’t see a “paste as” option — so I try to edit out the “junk” (helps to “save as” first)

    3. I think that seems totally reasonable, Dee.  In an in-person group there would be those who would answer more questions and others who would only share those things that really touched them in a deep way, so what you are proposing seems pretty natural, and, as you said, we don’t have to feel pressured to read and respond to all.  I often feel that I’m just repeating exactly what others write in some of the more factual questions and would rather just put my deeper thoughts into this.

    4. Dee, because a few ladies have wondered out loud if they have what would be considered the “best” to share (Jackie worded it as “cream of the crop”), and I too thought maybe at times I won’t have anything that is “gold”…I like how you worded it in the opening, share your “deeper thoughts”, or perhaps share what is “meaningful to you”, what stirred you, what spoke to your heart.

    5. Dee-I think this is perfect! I also really liked the example you gave in another comment. Do you think it would be helpful to add that too? It helps people like me who tend to process and need detail. Of course I could be an anomaly..I tend to not get jokes very quickly like normal people do. :))

  24. Needless to say, I am not a concise writer either.  Though I feel the need to be and keep trying.  I think where I spend the most time on the blog is when I read and affirm/encourage others.  That, of course leads to many more comments.   However, I’m ready to try a more workable approach too.  I have time on my hands (not really by choice) and have spent a great deal of time here, but I’ve also let some things go and I need to make some life changes.   I’ve never used Word and reposted and now that I understand that it is harder to do that on a Mac, I will keep doing my writing/editing on the blog.   I usually have my questions worked out with pen and paper before I type them here anyway.  

    1. Wanda – I, for one, am going to MISS your “encouraging posts”!  And certainly not only the responses to me, but I’ve so appreciated your thoughtful, Spirit led responses to others.  🙂

      1. Jackie….YOU are a huge encourager and I feel the very same about your responses to myself and others.  I guess it doesn’t have to be all or nothing….but we’ll have to work through how to adapt.  🙂  

  25. 2. … And what do you learn about Jesus and His Deity from this?  Jesus always has been and always will be God.  Living in a world in which definitions of right and wrong are SO unpredictable, I have a sense of relief and stability reading “You have loved righteousness and hated wickedness.” I don’t know exactly what the last part of Hebrews 1:9 means (God, has anointed you with the oil of gladness beyond your companions) but it is comforting to have the “oil of gladness” along with loving righteousness/hating wickedness. I can feel God’s grace and mercy in that phrase, and maybe (?) the extent of the joy or gladness Jesus experiences is related to the extent of His suffering. Perhaps Jesus’ anointing with the oil of gladness beyond [his] companions was because he suffered more than this companions, as well as because He is God. This helps me see that I can submit to him with joy, even in suffering. But I might be reading too much into this???

    1. I don’t know if you are reading too much into this, Renee, but I really like your thoughts…:)
      “the extent of the joy/gladness Jesus experiences is related to the extent of His suffering”…makes lots of sense.
      Indeed it is comforting to have lasting, solid truths that can be trusted (e.g., “You have loved righteousness and hated wickedness”).  In today’s world, “truth” seems to be a transient word, ever changing in many regards.

    2. Renee–I’m with Nanci, loved this ” the extent of the joy or gladness Jesus experiences is related to the extent of His suffering”

    3. Renee – today’s entry in “My Utmost For His Highest” by Oswald Chambers is entitled “partakers of His Sufferings” …..you can find it online if you do not have the book.  It’s kind of a neat companion the thoughts you expressed here!  (November 5th entry)

      1. Jackie,
        Thank you for posting Oswald Chambers here.  Such a good reminder:     God’s way is always the way of suffering— the way of the “long road home. ”    But it is the road home, we are just passing through and it won’t be long.  

    4. Renee,
      Thank you for this:   …the extent of the joy or gladness Jesus experiences is related to the extent of His suffering.
      And so, in us, though He allows suffering, He also binds up our wounds with moments of beauty and joy in our journey here.   And I think that the deeper the pain, the greater the need for the balm of beauty and joy.  

  26. 3.   YES, YES, YES… I see the parallels (1st verses and vs 10-15).  Because the SoS study impacted my identity, Ps 45 is having the same impact … so encouraging, and I can see that “the Midnight Cry” fits so well with this Psalm.  

  27. This blog seems to be churning with passion and depth in a supernatural way!  I am enjoying the reading of it immensely! I must say The Holy Spirit is moving here!

    1. J.R. Congratulations to you and Diane and thank you for letting your Mom share your story.

      1. Thank you, Liz.

    2. Congratulations JR to you and  your lovely bride!

      1. Thank you, Joyce.

  28. The bride & I love the comments, especially Jackie R’s recent insertion about the pivotal role that Mom played in making it happen!

  29. My Bible says that this song is sung ‘to the tune of “Lilies”.   Can anyone hum a few bars?  🙂   (okay…maybe not one of my deeper thoughts, but it does amaze me, the level of detail sometimes.  And wouldn’t it be fun to know what this sounded like when it was sung?!)

    1. I noticed that too Wanda! Each question Dee asked comparing SOS to Psalm 45 is a match! It’s as if they were written together. Same for the Hebrews scripture and Psalm 45. Verses 6-7 are the same exact wording  as verses 8-9. SO cool! 

    2. =)  it’s an interesting thought, anyway. =)

      1. Yes!  I remember it.  ‘He’s the Lily of the Valley, the Bright and Morning Star.  He’s the Fairest of Ten Thousand to my Soul”   It has been going through my mind all through these studies.  There’s also an old chorus called ‘Altogether Lovely”…..

  30. 2. Compare Psalm 45:6-7 with Hebrews 1:8-9. How does this irrefutably show this psalm is about Jesus? And what do you learn about Jesus and HIs Deity from this?    
    When the writer of Hebrews quotes Psalm 45, in Hebrews 1,  he begins by prefacing that God gave His Son a name that is higher and more superior than any other.  He quotes other words of the Father to the Son in verse 5.   He states what God the Father says about the angels and then says BUT..the word that turns the conversation.  BUT about the Son He says:  and directly quotes the Psalm.  Clearly, He draws the reader back to the wedding song of Psalm 45 and demonstrates that the groom is Jesus, His Son, in so doing.  His Deity is clear by the descriptions of his eternal kingdom.  He will never be removed from His throne and will rule in perfect righteousness.  I can’t help but see Isaiah 9 here too.  The stunning prophecy of the Messiah.  ‘He will reign on David’s throne and over his kingdom, establishing and upholding it with justice and righteousness from that time on and forever. ” 9:7.   Isaiah looks forward to His coming.  The Psalmist sings about it.  The writer of Hebrews looks back and confirms that the Messiah, the bridegroom is the Son of God, through whom the Father has spoken and through whom He has created the universe….the one who is the radiance of God’s glory and exactly represents Him!  (Heb. 1: 2,3)

    1. Wanda, I had to read your post twice, and once out loud…you really have a depth of insight in your post, and I felt like I was connecting all the dots as I was reading. I love these connections: “Isaiah looks forward to His coming. The Psalmist sings about it. The writer of Hebrews looks back and confirms that the Messiah, the bridegroom is the Son of God.” It clearly shows how God is “timeless” and the entire Bible is interwoven and the main character is Jesus.

      1. That timeless interweaving IS so undeniable, isn’t it?  ……even just the glimpses we get with our finite minds.  And to think there is so much we don’t see besides! Makes me think of the quote,  “All I have seen of the Creator, teaches me to trust Him in all that I cannot see.”  

      2. Agreed!

    2. Wanda–beautiful post–love how you flow from Psalm to Hebrews to Isaiah…weaving the Truth throughout

  31. I have to comment on the Psalm 45 and the Hebrew scripture how they so irrefutably speak of Jesus. Yet this past summer I shared Psalm 45 with someone I love and care about who has since gotten deceived thru another faith that does not recognize the deity of Jesus.  She did not see it or at least at the time would not admit it. Seeing the words “But to the son He says Your throne O God is for ever and ever”. I just never had that jump out to me before and now I am tempted to bring this. It seems there kept being rebuttals and the Spirit told me to stop and just pray. I will pray more yet so tempted! 

  32. 2. Compare Psalm 45:6-7 with Hebrews 1:8-9. How does this irrefutably show this psalm is about Jesus? And what do you learn about Jesus and His Deity from this?
    The original context of this Psalm is a royal wedding. These words were not spoken in the first place about Jesus, but about a human king and his bride. In that context, the words are hyperbole, a flattering exaggeration.
    Therefore, there is actually more truth in the secondary meaning – the application of these words to Jesus – than in the primary meaning. Isn’t this evidence that Scripture is indeed God-breathed? The human author was not thinking about Jesus, but there is much greater significance when the Holy Spirit shows the deeper meaning, as He did to the author of the letter to the Hebrews.
    However I do find that the very fact that the Holy Spirit needs to show us the depths means that some people just don’t get it. Or don’t want to get it? It is not irrefutable in the sense that people invariably see Jesus in Psalm 45. Without the illumination of the Spirit, it is simply words. However, with the light of the Spirit it’s just so clear we can wonder how everyone doesn’t see it.

    1. Kerryn so well said. I believe it is why I felt the Spirit tell me to stop and pray. Not by might nor by power but by my Spirit says the Lord! 

    2. So true Kerryn.  It is completely mind boggling to think of all of these human authors who wrote with the Spirit’s direction.  I wonder how the readers and singers of these psalms interpreted their lyrics?  Did they see the Messiah and His love and redemption?  I suppose to some, the Spirit revealed it, just as He does today. 

    3. Yes, there have been many different interpretations, and contexts. “When later custom called every marriage pair “king and queen,” the court poem became a wedding hymn, with messianic overtones.” (Evangelical Commentary on the Bible) There are those within Judaism who recognised the deeper meaning placed there by God.

  33. 14. The bride is both singular and plural (S. S. 1:2-4) What about Psalm 45?
    I am confused about this question. I think Dee means for us to realize that the bride could be either each individual Christian or the church as a whole. In any case, I don’t see a clear place that the bride is described as plural, except perhaps in verse 15. In verse 14 “she” is led to the king; and in 15 “they are led along”. Not sure on this one, “they” on verse 15 could refer to the bride and her virgin companions. In verse 8 it says “daughters of kings are among your ladies of honor” and then refers to the queen, again that seems to be singular.
    Anyone else see anything?

    1. I saw the same as you Diane, the singular and plural in v. 14 “In many-colored robes she is led to the king,with her virgin companions following behind her.”  

  34. 2. Compare Psalm 45:6-7 with Hebrews 1:8-9. How does this irrefutably show this psalm is about Jesus? And what do you learn about Jesus and HIs Deity from this?
    In my NASB translation it is almost word for word the same in both passages.  I guess it irrefutably shows it is about Jesus because the Hebrews passage clearly is and it is the same.  It shows that Jesus existed as part of the God-head long before His incarnation and life on earth.  His throne, “Is forever and ever.” (Psalm 45: 6a) and that means forever in the past as well as into the future. 

  35. In Psalm 45 I see the king described and the reasons why the princess chosen is to love and abide by him.  In SoS I see the beauty of the bride described and why the King loves her.  To me, the really astounding picture is the nature of the love relationship between God and His bride.  Do I love Him enough to allow Him to be my single focus?  Do I trust Him enough to know He has my best interests at heart and will protect me?
    Another thought:  Have I ever really considered how much God loves me, how He sees me?  Am I walking through my life with the confidence of His love directing my steps?  In other words, have I allowed Him to become my Lord?

  36. Every time, I’ve read Psalm 45, the old hymn, ‘Ivory Palaces’ has run through my mind.  I’m just going to type out the words here.  I think there are some deep expressions of love toward the King from the beloved in these lyrics, though I do not know that i’ve ever adequately understood them.  They are obviously inspired from this psalm and it is a poetic weaving of the garments he wore as a bridegroom, laden with aromatic spices…..with allusion to the healing and redemption He brings…..to the glorious garments He will wear when He returns in victory.  (‘and on His robe and on his vesture there was written ‘King of Kings and Lord of Lords’….from Revelation.)
    My Lord has garments so wondrous fine, And myrrh their texture fills.  
    It’s fragrance reached to this heart of mine, with joy my being thrills.
    Chorus:       Out of the ivory palaces, into a world of woe
                     Only His great eternal love, made my Savior go.
    His life had also its sorrows sore, For aloes had a part:
    And when I think of the cross He bore, my eyes with teardrops start.
    His garments too were in cassia dipped, with healing in a touch:
    Each time my feet in some sin have slipped, He took me from its clutch.
    In garments glorious He will come, to open wide the door: 
    And I shall enter my heavenly home, to dwell forevermore. 
    Myrrh:  an aromatic gum, exuded from the leaves of the cistus rose.  Used in the beauty treatments in the book of Esther.  Also mixed with wine and drank for pain relief.
    Aloes:  Another fine spice.  And was it used in embalmment?  “Sorrows sore”, the hymn says.  Cassia: made from dried flowers of the cinnamon tree.  
    So….another thing about the King wearing all these fragrant spices in His garments, is that it points to Jesus burial cloth and the women who loved Him coming with spices to His tomb.   I also think of the gifts that were given the newborn King of frankincense and myrrh.
    I also see the healing power of Christ’s garments (as mentioned in the song) in the story of the women who just touched the hem of his garment and was healed.  
    And yes!  So many parallels between the Psalm and Song of Songs!  And so many other places in scripture that extend and verify these descriptions.

    1. Wanda, I too thought of this old hymn “Ivory Palaces” but I couldn’t find it in my hymn book and hadn’t searched online. I only remembered the first verse and chorus so thanks so much for writing out the rest of it. I definitely fits with Psalm 45. I especially love the last verse.

      In garments glorious He will come, to open wide the door: 
      And I shall enter my heavenly home, to dwell forevermore. 

      I also was wondering about the symbolism of the spices. Thanks for researching them for us. 

    2. Wow, Wanda, this is BEAUTIFUL!  I’m glad you shared it.  

    3. Oh, thanks, Wanda for sharing this old beautiful hymn- I was singing it yesterday as I did my study!
      I loved your comment ” All I have seen of the Creator teaches me to trust Him in all that I cannot see.”

      1. Shirley – you too!  I think God is smiling……

    4. Wanda – this is surreal…..a couple of mornings ago I had just been reading Psalm 45 again….and then, as I was doing dishes, I began to sing “Out of the Ivory Palaces”……I just couldn’t get it out of my mind!!  And I can’t recall the last time I thought of that hymn!  I even chuckled to myself at the time and wondered why it was on my mind?  I think you answered that query!  And Diane was thinking of it too….wow!  I’m so thankful for the repository of wonderful hymns that are in my soul because of the little Bible church on the hill out in the country …..where we attended services from about the time I was 11 or so……it surely wasn’t a perfect church, but many, many Scriptures and hymns are imbedded in my heart because of that little church!  🙂

    5. I had never heard this hymn….thank you for sharing Wanda!

    6. I’ve been away from the blog for a couple days.  Oh, how fun to see that others were thinking of the same old hymn. I can just hear you all singing/humming across the miles.  Like others of you,  I grew up with a zillion old hymns.  And my mom sang and played them all so they were very ingrained.  So much of their meaning went past me and has been coming to life in my ‘later’ years 🙂  

  37. This thought doesn’t fit a question, and it’s not profound…but felt like sharing anyway!  I am struck by verse 10-11a “Hear, O daughter, and consider, and incline your ear: forget your people and your father’s house, and the king will desire your beauty.” It brought me tears today–I sense it to mean for me, to forget these cares and worries, things of my past, hurts, forget all of the “junk”…leave it all behind and remember the truth–the King sees me as beautiful. I think for me as I read through Psalm 45, and the incredible parallels to the Song, I am so moved again by His passionate love for me. I too easily forget–I think of His holiness, His power, His Truth…but His deep love, caring, compassionate love–that really does see me, and graciously sees beauty. I so often act more like a whiny child than a thankful Bride. This psalm shouts of the JOY that He has, and I should have, as His own. 

    1. I think you are correct, Elizabeth…our focus should be on our Lord…part of my answer to item 4 is “The Beloved wants the beloved to desire only Him, for He to be her one and only.”  We are the Lord’s beloved…He is our Beloved…He desires for our focus to be on Him, His truth, His will, etc., as you said, leave all the other “junk” of this world behind.

      1. Now this may be a stretch, but verse 10 is also making me think of Genesis 2:24 “Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.”–and applying this to our Spiritual marriage with the Lord–we again must “leave and cleave”

  38. I think that IS a profound thought, Elizabeth.  And it is very helpful to put those beautiful lyrics into what matters in our daily lives.  So true that we need to forget all else and gaze on Him.  “and the things of earth will grow strangely dim….”

    1. oh Wanda–love that you brought this to my mind “Turn your eyes upon Jesus, Look full in His wonderful face, And the things of earth will grow strangely dim, In the light of His glory and grace.”–SO fitting here!

      1. I LOVE that song!  A friend of mine who can drawl, always does her own Christmas cards and one year she did a pic of baby Jesus with just that line from the song, “Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face, And the things of earth will grow strangely dim, In the light of His glory and grace.”  And how true it is! =)

        1. oops, draw, that is, not drawl…though she could probably do that too.

        2. What a cool idea…
          “Christmas cards…a pic of baby Jesus with just that line from the song, “Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face, And the things of earth will grow strangely dim, In the light of His glory and grace.” 
          An excellent reminder of what Christmas is and what the celebration of should be truly all about…love it (i.e., not only the card idea, but the thought of turning my eyes upon Jesus, looking full into His wonderful face and the things of this world growing dim in His light of glory and grace…lovely)!

        3. Beautiful idea for a Christmas card, Mary!   I have to remember that.  I do, love your sense of humor too!

    2. Wanda – I couldn’t help but think of this song you quoted here when listening to the sermon for this week.  When Rev Roberts speaks about the conversion of Spurgeon, there evidently was a clear moment when he heard the call to “turn his eyes and look to Jesus”.  Look to him and be saved.  Very cool connect! 

      1. I have to listen to the sermon!  Been an extra busy week…..hope to get to it, today. 

  39. There is so much here as I compare Psalm 45 with SOS. Just sitting here encountering Him in His splendor in 45:1-8 as I am in SOS-Yes Lord YOU are the fairest of all.
    Then Psalm 45: 10,11 & SOS 7: 1-10 struck me. He desires all of me. He wants all of me. He wants me to be captivated by Him. I don’t believe leaving and cleaving just happens the moment we are saved. Yes, that is our glorious beginning walking with Him..His Holy Spirit sealed in us. God wants me to daily, minute by minute leave the things that can easily captivate me more than Him. If He is captivating me it is so much easier to let go! He wildly delights in me/us passionately responding to Him wanting and loving Him. Really just to breathe this in today is enough..blows me away.

    Also v 13 and 14 are radioactive too. It isn’t just about me. His radiance, humility, confidence, beauty will be all over us, His Bride on that wedding day when our vineyard will be perfect in full bloom and we will be like Him, together His Bride in His Chambers rejoicing in Him. The Shulamite girl and her ‘friends’ in SOS.  

    1. I love this, Rebecca… “God wants me to daily, minute by minute leave the things that can easily captivate me more than Him. If He is captivating me it is so much easier to let go!”  YES, YES, YES!!!  =)  I’m so glad that so many of you on here have insight to areas of Scripture where I do not b/c then I get to benefit from your unfolding it for me! Thanks!

  40. Thoughts on the sermon:  Single purpose of history is the wedding between the Lord and His bride, the church.  All events and people are moving to that point.  Sp, I tried to think back on my own preparations for my wedding.  What were the steps and stages:  anticipation (focus), preparation and planning (walking through the details), becoming and staying worthy of the wedding (desire to show my future spouse my love and care for him), and ultimately, on the day of the wedding, the bringing of glory and honor to the one I chose to wed.  I think this speaks to the singleness of purpose of our time on earth – to perfect our walk in Christ for Christ so that we can bring glory and honor to the wedding between Christ and His church.
    As I was listening to this I was reminded of a statement my retina specialist made regarding my face-down 24/7 recovery process for the macular hole: “If you do not have the discipline and commitment to follow my instructions exactly, then why bother to follow them some of the time?  The only path to recovery is 100% obedience.  Anything less will result in the loss of your eyesight.”  Isn’t this similar to what Christ is asking of us:  total and complete obedience to Him as Lord of our life?  Only when we submit to becoming a follower of Christ as our Lord do we really begin the preparation for the wedding with Christ as a part of His Church.  This is when we become serious about our walk with Him.

  41. Dee – I cannot imagine a more appropriate teaching on Psalm 45 than this one!  I was mesmerized by Rev. Roberts’ exposition of this Psalm and I was astonished at the gold he mined from this passage of Scripture!
    The overarching theme was Love.  The distinguishing mark of Christianity and the proof of true Christianity is Love.  God’s love for us – then expressed in our love for Him and for one another.
    Rev. Roberts refers to Psalm 45 as a “song of loves” and he believes – as did Spurgeon and others – that this Psalm refers to Christ and only Christ – NOT to Solomon or any other earthly king.  He teaches the link with Hebrews 1:8&9 clearly proves this.
    An “aha” moment for me was when Rev Roberts presented Psalm 45 as a Philosophy of History, defined as “the true way to look at everything in this world that has happened or will happen.”  He proposes that the History of the World is not merely dates, empires, wars….but rather the History of the World is ALL a preparation for a great wedding!!  Even as this truth was quickening my soul, it struck me how LUDICROUS this would seem to the world!  Foolishness. As 1 Corinthians ! speaks truth to us of how worldly wisdom is foolishness in God’s eyes….Christ crucified is a stumbling block to the Jews and folly to the Gentiles. 
    And so, Roberts point out, sadly, not everyone will be at the wedding.
    Roberts’ teaching from Psalm 45 on how Christ gets his bride was fascinating:  He uses “weapons of love”, the Sword and Arrows.  The Sword is the Word of God taught and preached.  The sharp arrows he defined as:  1. awakening 2. conviction 3. conversion 4. assurance and 5. euthanasia.    He defined the purpose of the Sword and the Arrows as Love – even using the phrase that Christ come to “make love” to His people – a phrase similar to that that Ann Voskamp used….and was skewered for! 
    It was very interesting to me that Roberts could pull al that he did from Psalm 45:13 about the Bride, the Church.  1. Justification – her clothing, Christ’s righteousness  2. Sancification – her heart, holiness and 3. Glorification – entering the King’s palace.  
    So much more….in using Euthanasia as an arrow of Christ’s love for instance, Roberts expounded that the Lord determines when our service to Him, our time in this wicked world is “enough” and in mercy our soul goes to glory.  NOT my first thought when I hear the word Euthanasia.  Even of late in the news we hear of euthanasia as merciful…but truly only God can mercifully euthanize His people.  Sidenote:  NANCI – it’s stuck with me how you’ve talked about praying the news….with a daughter with cancer and a young woman with cancer having taken her own life in such a public way on Nov 1st….indeed with the applause of many, well, praying the news strikes oh so close to home…..yet again. 

    1. Jackie, I really liked his sermon too, but I also was “unsettled” when I heard him use the term euthanasia, and although he went on to explain it, I’m still not sure I like this particular term in referencing when God calls us home. (Yes, in light of the recent publicity of the young woman in Oregon)

    This week’s study was so amazing. I loved these verses. SOS seems to be a lengthier rendering of Psalms 45.I ‘m sure with some more studying we can find the wedding of the Lamb other places also. I think my heart cry was spoken to, which is live in service to God. I’m not sure what that looks like right now. But my heart is stirring. I hear Jesus’ parables in both Psalms 45 and the book of SOS. In verse 14 in Psalms 45 the Psalmist says “She shall be brought to the King in raiment of needlework; with the virgins, her companions that follow her, she shall be brought to you. 15-With gladness and rejoicing will they be brought to you. With gladness and rejoicing will they be brought; they will enter into the King’s palace. This stood out to me as the parable of the virgins. Maybe Jesus had these verses in mind when telling the story. We (Individuals of the body)  will be there that day (wedding)as long as we take care of our lamp;. Trimming our wick, filling with oil, and keeping lit; we will participate in the wedding of the Lamb. We should be living everyday as if He is coming today.
     Song of Soloman:5 AMP; I am so black; [you are] but lovely and pleasant [the ladies assure her]. O you daughters of Jerusalem, [I am as dark] as the tents of Kedar , like the curtains of Solomon. WOW, in comparison with JESUS we here on earth look black (full of sin). And on that day we may need that assurance from the individuals in the body because its not by our righteousness but the righteousness of the Lamb who was slain. What we should be is lovely and pleasant (faithful) to the One who was and is and is to come! Then verse 6 Please do not look at me[she said, for] I am swarthy. [I have worked out] in the sun and it has left my mark upon me…, as workers in Jesus’ field: burned from the tending of the crop. It reminds me of the founder of the Salvation Army William Booth who had this burning passion for the Lost. He was beaten on the streets of London evangelizing to the lowest members of society more then once. His wife would pray all night that he wouldn’t be murdered out in the street. William Booth reminds me of verse 6. What was really being spoke to me was that assurance from Jesus. How much he loves me. I loved this study, to read SOS from this point of view was so encouraging and reminded me of that place when he called me His, made me new and filed me with the Holy Spirit. Also that I’m not living for today and  that this world is perishing but the world to come is forever and that’s what I’m living for. Song of Solomon 2:15; [My heart was touched and I fervently sang to him my desire] Take for us the foxes, the little foxes that soil the vineyards [of our love], for our vineyards are in blossom. Jesus explains this verse in chapter 15 of John. JESUS IS THE LIVING WORD, HE BREATHED IT, IT WAS HIS DNA. So, keep my eyes on Him, don’t allow life to keep me down to long, Get up and live my calling… Thank you so much Dee these last few weeks have be such a major blessing to me.

  43. Oh, the Scotty Smith prayer for today is SO good, I had to share it because I think it speaks to where so many of us here are–hard not to paste the whole thing! http://www.thegospelcoalition.org/blogs/scottysmith/2014/11/06/a-prayer-of-hope-3/

    Excerpt: “Because the gospel is true, we live by hope, not by hype; by having faith in you, not by having faith in our vacillating faith; by collapsing on Christ, not by pulling ourselves up by our spiritual bootstraps. It is your righteous right hand that upholds us, not our sweaty-palmed, tired-fingered grasp of you.

    We come boldly to your throne of grace today, bringing with us some of our challenging stories into the storehouse of your goodness and faithfulness.
         Father, for our children who have yet to find their peace, rest, and home in Jesus, we declare our hope is in you—not in our parenting skills, our “getting it right”, our groveling over past mistakes, or our anything.

         Father, for our marriages, which need refreshment, reconnection, and renewal, we declare our hope is in you—not in our spouses changing, some “magic bullet” marriage conference, or finding the “perfect” counselor.
         Father, for our own brokenness and weaknesses, we declare our hope is in you—not in our multiplied resolutions, certainly not in beating ourselves up, not in our doing more and trying harder.
         Our hope is built on Jesus’ blood and righteousness. Our hope is in your steadfast love. Our hope is your commitment to Father us, pursue us, change us, and bring to completion your good work in us.”

    1. Oh Elizabeth, I LOVE this.  I was just feeling a bit in distress over things and then got on here to read up a bit, and this has encouraged my heart! Thank you.

      1. sweet Mary–praying now for your “distress”–were you here when we heard the Sinclair Ferguson sermon on calling to the Lord in your distress? I’m smiling now because it was so good–He sees you and welcomes you to rest in Him. Speaking that same truth to my soul as I type it for yours dear sister…wish I knew how to make a heart on here…here’s a smile at least 😉

        1. Mary and Elizabeth…praying for the Lord’s release from your distress…may His peace that surpasses human comprehension envelop you…may you sense His comforting embrace.  Blessings to you, dear sisters.

        2. Thank you sweet sisters…already feeling brighter this morning!  Praying for you, too, Elizabeth.

        3. Nanci–you have such a compassionate heart–you never miss a “need” and jump in to prayer–thank you, you are such a blessing to us~

      2. Amen to Nanci’s prayer. Blessings to you today, Mary.  

  44. Yes, Jackie, the review of Roberts’ sermon is delightful.
    The beginning of the sermon draws us in when he states “Christianity is unique: See how they love one another.”
    But the proof is our love for God, and for Jesus Christ.
    The psalm is a summary of all God’s purposes. Yes, he mined so much. God is preparing for a great wedding!
    I loved the part of How does Christ get his bride? Verse 3, Gird thy sword- the word of God and verse 5, Thine arrows are sharp-you listed the 5 arrows!
     I also loved the description of the bride, as listed: her justification, her sanctification- her inward character, verse 13, “all glorious within” and her glorification!
    The ending was special, too , “If you love Christ, that is all you need!” It is indeed a Song of loves.
    My next song in my heart is Turn Your eyes Upon Jesus!

    1. Shirley – I love how you ended with “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus”…..staying with the theme so many here have returned to again and again…..also, I thought of this song when Roberts was speaking of the conversion experience of Spurgeon……the idea being just look to Him, look to Him!  🙂