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I realize many of you are in other studies, and I am going to be careful not to overwhelm you so that you can join us.  We are not going to race through the psalms, but instead walk contemplatively through the first book  (Psalms 1 through 41). I recommend, even if you cannot do all of the study, to add praying through the psalms to transform your prayer life with power and wisdom. Saints like Basil, Bonhoeffer, and Bono have prayed the psalms as a habit, and we should pay attention to how this formed them into the kind of men that bore such rich fruit, including the fruit of inextinguishable joy.

This quote from Bonhoeffer has been a life-changing one for me:


It is a dangerous error, certainly very widespread among Christians, to think that the heart can pray by itself. Prayer does not mean simply to pour out one’s heart. If we wish to pray with confidence and gladness, whether the heart is full or empty, then the words of Holy Scripture will have to be the solid basis of our prayer. For this we need the psalms…


Likewise, George Mueller found himself distracted and weak in prayer until he began with the Word, striving to make his soul happy in the Lord, and then used those very scriptures that had quickened him as a basis for his prayer. Keller echoes this. We will do the same. It’s going to be amazing — and it will be amazing to do it with this group, for we are like iron-sharpening iron. Thank God!


Welcome! Click on the right for instructions on getting started, and adding your picture to the blog. There’s a short video to help you understand how to make comments. The first time you make a comment you will need to be approved, but after that, if you remember to log in, you won’t have to be approved. If you have a common name, add a middle name or something like Laura-dancer. We love it if you edit your remarks and keep them somewhat concise. You are also more likely to be read if you do.


You don’t have to have anything other than your Bible and a willingness to buy some mp-3 sermons from Tim Keller and Mike Reeve (I’ll give you a free one whenever possible, but sometimes there will be a cost of 2.50, but I will only do it if I think it is GOLDEN. Even then, it will be optional.) I will be providing commentary. I’d rather you stay with us than get overwhelmed and drop out. If you can’t afford the time or money for the sermons, then skip them and do what you can. You will still be richly blessed!

However, if you’d like to get an extra resource, I would recommend these, on the basis of my own personal use and the recommendations of people I highly respect:

1) Derek Kidner’s Two Volume Commentary on Psalms (20 dollars, Tim Keller’s top recommendation) Kidner is concise, so this will not overwhelm you.

C. S. Lewis said to read old books, and I believe that includes old commentaries. We ourselves have seen how the interpretation of The Song of Songs has changed. This is also true, though not quite so drastically, of the psalms. The old commentaries always saw Christ in the psalms — today the focus seems to be us. Here are two of the best which are also available online, though it is nice to have the books:

2) http://www.spurgeon.org/treasury/treasury.htm

3) http://www.biblestudytools.com/commentaries/matthew-henry-complete/psalms-1-75/

Sunday (Icebreakers)

1. What stood out to you from the above and why?

2. Will you join us? If so, why?

Monday/Tuesday: GETTING READY

Read this page (link) originally from Redeemer’s website but posted on another website. Read through the suggestions (You don’t need to go on to do Psalm 131 unless you like)

3. What was helpful and why?



When Jesus met with the disciples on the road to Emmaus, he showed them how He was in the psalms.


4. What did Jesus tell the disciples in Luke 24:44?

Many today read the Bible as if it all about us, but the Bible is all about Christ. Those who have been in this group have been blessed by listening to many Tim Keller sermons. Tim Keller is bringing back Christ-centered teaching to the church — the kind of preaching that used to be heard in men like Charles Spurgeon, the Prince of Preachers. Keller helps us to see how Christ is at the center of every book. Kirsten Powers, an anchor for Fox News, came to Christ in Keller’s church. Her boyfriend asked her to come, and she found Keller fascinating, but her initial response made me smile, for she said:

kirstenpowers“Any person who is familiar with Keller’s preaching knows that he usually brings Jesus in at the end of the sermon to tie his points together. For the first few months, I left feeling frustrated: Why did he have to ruin a perfectly good talk with this Jesus nonsense?”

(If you’d like to read her whole testimony, here is a link to Christianity Today’s article on her: Link

But it was the exaltation of Christ that melted Kirsten’s heart. In the same way, seeing Christ in the psalms will melt you and help you to pray the psalms rightly.

Have you begun to see Christ as the heart of the Bible instead of yourself? If so, give a testimony on how that impacts you.

Mike Reeves, in a message we will listen to this week, said not to think of the psalms as a hymnbook in which we can just flip to a psalm, pick it out, and pray it, but rather like Handel’s Messiah. It has a continuity, a flow, so you should study it consecutively, and see the flow.

5. Consider the book ends of Book 1 of the Psalter (Psalms 1-41)

A. How does the first psalm in Book 1 of the psalter begin? (Psalm 1:1)

B. The ancients saw Psalms 1 and 2 as one piece. How does Psalm 2 end?

B. How does the last psalm in Book 1 of the psalter begin? (Psalm 41:1)

C. How does the last psalm in Book 1 end? (Psalm 41:12)

D. What book-end theme do you see? Do you see the gospel? If so, how?



I have prayed the psalms for years, and they have changed my prayer life. But as I am seeing, more and more, how Christ is at the center of the psalms, my prayers are heating up, and I think yours will as well. Today, we will see how Christ is at the heart of the first three psalms, and then we will pray a passage from Psalm 1 today, Psalm 2 on Thursday, and Psalm 3 on Friday. We will go back to Psalm 1 next week — but my purpose this week is to give you an overview of Christ in the Psalms.



6. Patrick Reardon says the first three psalms form a tripod on which all the others psalms rest, showing Christ as Man, Messiah, and Suffering Servant.

A. How can you see Christ as Man in the 1st psalm? How did Jesus live out the truths of the man who was blessed?

B. How can you see Christ as Messiah in the 2nd psalm?

C. How can you see Christ as The Suffering Servant in the 3rd psalm?


        We will look at Psalms 1 and 2 more carefully next week. This week is just a quick dip into Psalm 1, but I want you to see Christ. Mike Reeves shows the continuity between these two psalms, showing how the King of Psalm 2 whom God exalts on his holy hill is Jesus. That King is also fully man, a man who meditated on the Word day and night. Tim Keller says that Scripture continually flowed out of Jesus, from His temptation by satan to His last words on the cross. He “bled” Scripture.


A. A sentence of praise for what you learned about Christ:

B. A plea that He would so dwell in you that His desires would be your desires, and that He would help you meditate day and night (Optional — pray through Psalm 1 for your loved ones)

psalm 1

Thursday/Friday: Listen to Mike Reeves, and pray, as guided, Psalms 2 and 3.

Pray Psalm 2, JAN 2


A. Praise God for the holiness and sovereignty you see in Christ in this psalm.

B. Ask the Lord to help you trust Him in the midst of unfair circumstances in your life and allow Him to be your King

(Optional: Pray this for your family members as well.)



Listen to Mike Reeves introduction to the Psalms — If you like, just listen to the first 21 and a half minutes, for then he goes onto Book 2, though that is rich too:


9. There is much here but I want you to particularly share:

A. What stood out to you

B. His perspective on how to read the psalms — what do you think?

C. His comparisons to the 1st book of Psalms with the 1st book of Moses – what do you remember?

Friday: Praying Psalm 3

Psalm 3

10. Read Psalm 3 and then pray as follows:

A. Praise God for Christ’s suffering for you and His trust in God during His suffering

B. Ask God to help Christ’s fullness dwell in you that you might trust during your suffering, clinging to Him.

(Optional: Pray this for your loved ones as well.)


11. What is your take-a-way and why?

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  1. I was able to edit one of my post. My question is, is there a time limit on editing a post?
    I’m still trying to get the hang of this thing 🙂

    1. Hi Cindy from Pennyslvania. Welcome! I think the time limit to edit is 5 minutes. 

    2. Hi Cindy.  I believe that you get approximately 5 minutes from the time you post to edit. You should see the edit time remaining in the parenthesis to the right of the “X Request Deletion”.

      1. Agree with above.  I often edit because sometimes the format is messed up.  BUT, for me, the ClicktoEditRequestDeletion looks something like I just posted. You have to click on the left side of the line to edit — and don’t request deletion because it causes administrators too much work.  But you could always edit it to something like “Oops! I am deleting this” 😉

  2. On the post I just posted I see “Click to EditRequest Deletion ”
    Could someone explain how to use this feature?

  3. Thanks
    I did see those numbers ticking by, now I know what they are there for. So grateful for everyone’s help. 

  4. 9. A. What stood out to you.
    *Reeves humility and willingness/openness to learning from his students.
    *danger in using the psalms to fuel the “me obsession” so prevalent in our world/culture.
    *wisdom literature fundamentally to woo/entice one to know the Lord better.
    *The psalms operate as a book, not a grab bag to fit emotional needs at different times.
    *The psalms have an order and flow and should not be taken out of order; the psalms are one work.
    *The psalms are about the messiah (a messianic book)
    *The five books of the psalms correspond to the five books of Moses…e.g., psalms 1-41 corresponds with Genesis.
    B. His perspective on how to read the psalms
    The psalms should be read in order and not piece meal; there is an order and flow to the psalms that matters in really “getting” the psalms.
    –what do you think?
    This was really enlightening…
    I have never thought of the psalms as “one book” that had order and flow throughout.  I have been guilty of reading the psalms piece meal.  In fact, I went back to work today (first work day after new years) and brought out my 2014 daily calendar (ironically, “Psalms”)…well, after listening to Reeves this morning, I felt like I should trash my daily calendar since it was doing exactly what Reeves cautioned against.  I didn’t (throw it out)…but, I sure have different thoughts about it. Additionally, I have not viewed the psalms as a messianic book…I’ve always read them as David’s writings, not relating them specifically to Jesus.

    C. His comparisons to the 1st book of Psalms with the 1st book of Moses–what do you remember?
    Reeves talks about psalm 8 corresponding to creation and references to “the man” referring to Jesus.

    Thanks Rebecca and Renee for providing links for downloading…I’m so happy that I can download them onto my MP3 player; I’m going to listen again…so much to take in.

  5. So grateful for everyone’s help and now I know what those little ticking numbers on the right mean.

    1. One more thing that is VERY helpful for those who are new–watch the video Dee’s daughter & son in law made that explains the “how-to’s” of posting.

      1. WOW! The video answered all my questions and more!

      1. Thank you Dee, I’m glad to be here too.
        Well, something else I didn’t know. I didn’t know I had to log in. Maybe I’ve been to long at this today but where do I go to log in?
        It sure has been a day of learning for me today. My husband was talking to me and I didn’t even hear him because I was focusing so hard.

        1. Cindy, What a great picture of you and your husband! 🙂

        2. Hi Cindy, I want to join everyone in welcoming you to the blog…I’ve been catching-up on reading comments this morning and I think you are definitely catching on!

  6. 11. What is your take-a-way and why?
    Oh WOW.  My take-aways are the power of praying the Psalms and to look for the Christ in the Psalms/then praise Him (not just see it as an aid to emotional venting) and the meaning of imprecatory;)
    WHY?  Because I did see Jesus (especially in Ps 2 & 3) and prayed through the first Psalms.  I don’t have the words to explain the power in following the two steps Dee provided: first, praise for who He is as shown in the Psalm, and then prayer to apply it.  My description is that it was sorta like “aha moments” infused with power and hope that only comes from Him.  Because this happened at a time when I am physically and emotionally vulnerable, it is VERY striking.
    Um, the “why” for learning the meaning of “imprecatory” was I didn’t know what the word meant so I looked it up!  And I am not likely to forget the meaning or what the Redeemer said about praying imprecatory Psalms any time soon.

    1. Great take away Renee. I sensed the power too as I prayed these Psalms.

  7. Diane–you asked about the Gospel Transformation Bible–I did just buy it (we decided it was an early anniversary present!) and it looks incredible The notes are almost more devotional-like, very Gospel-focused. There are some great reviews that compare it to the ESV Study Bible that helped me decide.
    Praying for you, Krista, the boys~

    1. I ordered it, too; supposed to be here on Monday 🙂    (Just heard on the weather something about stay tuned because it might get to 50 degrees below zero.  I doubt the “real” temp will get that low, but it could impact mail/package delivery)   

  8. One other thing for those of you who are new. On some weeks, like this one, there is more than one comment page. At this point, the only place you can see this is just above the Leave A Comment section at the bottom of each page. There are little numbers. The one in white indicates what page you are currently on. If you are receiving comments in your email and want to comment on something, click on the “Find” from your Settings (in Google Chrome it is called “Customize and Control”). Write or copy some words from the comment you want to reply to in the Find box and search for the word or phrase. If it is not on that particular page, try another page by clicking on a different number above the Leave A Comment section. 
    Is this clear OR “clear as mud”? I use Google Chrome. Finding comments may be different in other Internet set ups.

    1. Thanks Diane, it was  clear.

  9. May I say that I LOVE this picture of the lioness and cub! 

    1. Anne, Me too! 

  10. I’d love to join the Psalms study!

    1. Welcome Sally Ann. I’m so glad you are joining us.

    2. Welcome Sally Ann! 😉

    3. Sally, so great to have you join us–welcome!

    4. Welcome Sally Ann…glad to have you with us!

    5. So happy you will be joining the study, Sally Ann.  Welcome to the bible study blog family…:)

  11. Prayer for Psalm 2
    Lord how the nations rage and the powerful trample the weak and frail. They revel in their power. They are drunk with it, but You laugh at them. You are enthroned in heaven and they had best beware for You will speak to them in Your anger and terrify them with Your wrath. Your King sits consecrated on Zion, Your holy mountain.
    I will be one who takes refuge in Him. Help me to trust in Him no matter the circumstances of my life and to keep this perspective always. That is that though the nations rage, Your King sits consecrated on Zion. Amen

  12. 9. Mike Reeves perspective on the Psalms taught me so much! They are about the King (Jesus) 1st of all. They should be looked at in their context. They are not meant to have verses or even books popped out but rather we should be students of the whole. They have order within order. 
    His perspective on the 1st group of books pairing with Genesis is interesting. I need to learn more but it makes sense that we would first understand creation, the how, by Whom and Who is King. After that, the how and Who of deliverance. After that, the King’s ability to sustain a people in Numbers. Then how to live in dependence on the King in Deuteronomy.

  13. 10. Read Psalm 3 and then pray as follows:
    A. Praise God for Christ’s suffering for you and His trust in God during His suffering
    God thank you for loving me so much you sent your son who was willing to be humiliated, hated, shunned- and who was willing to suffer a horrendous death on the cross so that You could wrap your righteous robes around me-thank you that Jesus suffered separation from you so you could have me and so I could delight in you and never be separated from You. Thank you that Jesus trusted you to hold his head up-and praised you in His suffering for you are His Glory-His sustenance. 
    B. Ask God to help Christ’s fullness dwell in you that you might trust during your suffering, clinging to Him.
    (Optional: Pray this for your loved ones as well.)
    God quicken and fill me with Jesus fullness so that in the daily struggles-the temptations I would not fear- for you are my shield, the One who lifts up my head-You are my sustenance and my Glory. Help me cling to you today. 
    Lord my heart aches for Jerry and his family as he goes to New York for life saving cancer treatment-The fear, the unknown-the family members who are clinging to their own strength who have set themselves against you-Thank you God that you pursued me when I was your enemy. God come to Jerry in a mighty way and I humbly ask that you would move in His heart that He would desire you so much-that He would come to know you and desire to walk with you, in Jesus name, amen…

  14. 11. What is your take-a-way and why?

    oops..hit the enter button too soon. 🙂

  15. 11. What is your take-a-way and why?
    I think what Mike Reeves said about how to look at the Psalms..Totally changed my perspective and I so see Him in Psalms 1-3 now!  I am also loving how Dee is leading us in how to pray through them.  

  16. 11. What is your take-a-way and why?
    So far I haven’t commented but I’ve loved reading everyone else’s comments. I’m new to blogging and fairly new to any kind of bible study. I’m sure I will share more in the future, but in the mean time I will continue to read and learn from everyone else. I am enjoying it!

    1. Welcome, Mary! I have been studying on this blog for a couple of years now. I don’t comment often though. I enjoy everyone’s insight. Especially the faithful love and prayers of the ladies here.

  17. 11. What is your take away and why?
    Dip deeper. Linger longer. 
    To come to the scriptures as George Mueller in search of intimacy with God and not to serve my needs is fruitful. As Renee said, when we come to hear from God, trusting (and other fruit) flows, but if we come wanting to trust (or whatever) then we miss the first, essential part of relationship with Christ.  I don’t know if that makes sense, but The Lord continually convicts me to slow down and dwell in His word, not just read, not just answer questions, but to dig deeper and linger longer. Mike Reeves lessons emphasizes this, as well, to come to scripture and see it as is instead of pulling out a “sweetie”, commune with the true God instead of trying to define God in our own selfish terms and needs. 
    My apologies for not welcoming each of the new women individually, I have been somewhat overwhelmed with the increase in comments, but I do welcome each of you! Each sister contributes uniquely and is appreciated! It is odd to find such a sincere, seeking fellowship, let alone one on-line, but it, indeed, is blessing. 
    Renee, I could not find a “reply” link to your comment but I would love to see your lovely face!! =D
    I have read and appreciated all of your inputs and prayers, such a rich place to come and dive in and stretch my spiritual legs in the morning. I will hopefully get better about responding individually as led in coming weeks.

  18. It sure takes some more thinking and study to see the Psalms being about Christ.  I haven’t ever thought of them that way.

    1. rosem–it’s a newer thought for me too, but I think it really adds such depth to see Christ in the Psalms. Have you been able to listen to Reeves? I found that really helpful.

    2. I agree, Rosem…it is a different vantage for me too.  I have no doubt that I will continue to be enlightened throughout this study; it’s so cool to have shifts in the paradigm that allow for new perspectives. 

  19. I am looking forward to praying the Psalms more intentionally.
    I never thought of the Psalms in the way that Mike Reeves teaches, especially in reference to Genesis.

    1. glad to have you with us, Dawn!

  20. Prayer for Psalm 3
    Lord I must confess that I have always thought of my own suffering when reading or singing this psalm. But Lord Jesus how You suffered for me and how You trusted Your Father through the ultimate suffering and even death. I thank You with my life. Oh help me Lord! Help me to surrender in every moment and every temptation. You are a shield around me, my glory and the lifter of my head. I cry to You and You answer me from Your holy mountain. When I lie down and sleep I know that I will wake again for You sustain me. Just as my Lord Jesus has gone before me.
    You are not afraid of the thousands who take their stand against You and neither will I fear. Rise up and save us our God! You have stricken our enemies and broken their teeth. As yet their wounds are not mortal and there is hope for them. Salvation belongs to You oh Lord. May Your blessing be upon Your people.

  21. Dee I hope you are ok in this weather. Praying for you.

    1. For some reason I thought there was big snow up there. Must have been the guys watching replays this morning.

  22. Saturday:
    11. What is your take-a-way and why?
    I agree with Renee that I am taking away a deep impression of God’s power as we learn to pray the Psalms. I can call on Him and He hears me. He always has even in the darkest night of my soul.
    I have a son who is almost 30 years old. His spiritual life derailed at about 14 and he has since been the subject of my deepest pain and most heart wrenching prayers. He was here over Christmas and just left to go home this morning. I have had a wonderful gift from The Lord this Christmas in that I saw how God has been at work through all of these years. Wow, Wow, Wow! God is able! As we seek first the Kingdom of God, He is at work.
    Something else just occurred to me in relation to this son. At one point in the years God assured me of His ability to raise the dead. That is what He has been doing in the spiritual realm with this man.
    All through the holidays I have been storing these things up in my heart and this morning as I prayed that last Psalm they came together in the laser of His power.

    1. Anne, Thanking God with you about your son and answered prayers.  SUCH good news!

    2. nice revelation, Anne…I’m glad that you were blessed with it. 

  23. 11. What is your take-a-way and why?
    Honestly, what I am taking away is not specific to the Psalms—but the indescribable love of Christ. This morning, I thought—‘why did He give us the Psalms?’ I don’t claim to know the theological answer, but my heart senses that it is another venue He is using to show us His great love, the depths of His emotions. He is a relational God. He does not sit high and mighty unaffected by feelings—He is LOVE. He knows the darkest of pain and suffering. Yet, He has overcome, He is the Resurrected Lord! When I read the Psalms and see Him there, I see His example, His love, His mighty power. Then when I see all the new faces HE has brought here, I am in awe again at the way He loves us, He pursues us, He is relational. The psalms show us His heart, His longing to be intimate with us.  Each of us here, old and new, have been called here because of Him, because of His pursuing love. I am so excited we are studying Psalms together here, and learning to pray not on my own, but with the Word guiding me.
    I want to share what I read this this morning from the Valley of Vision:
    “My heart melts at the love of Jesus,  my brother, bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh, married to me, dead for me, risen for me; He is mine and I am his,  given to me as well as for me;… Let His love warm me, lighten my burden, be my heaven; May it be more revealed to me in all its influences  that my love to Him may be more fervent and glowing; Let the mighty tide of his everlasting love cover the rocks of my sin and care; Then let my spirit float above those things  which had else wrecked my life.”

  24. 11. What is your take-a-way and why?
    Listening to Mike Reeve’s lecture is my take-away this week.  I was so surprised by his perspective on the Psalms — that there is a consecutive order to them that is important.    I only listened to the first 21 minutes as was suggested, but I want to go back and listen to the rest of it. 
    On another level, almost equal to the above,  is the power of Chris Swan’s sharing of her story and her witness in spite of such great emotional pain.  It has such a great impact on me (as I’m sure it has on others here).  Makes me want to meet her in person sometime and just  give her a big hug, although for geographical reasons that is not likely to ever happen.   We are so blessed by the rich sharing of all the women on this blog!

  25. A team from our church is headed to Ethiopia today and their flight from Cleveland to Chicago was cancelled, so Bill and I are driving them!It is a huge van to with the wind it should be interesting but I am happy we can help.If you would pray for the mission group and for no more travel difficulties, thanks girls! 

    1. Lord, we ask Your protection over Chris, Bill, and all those traveling to Chicago–please put a headge of protection over them. Grant safety and wisdom. We pray too for Your blessing on their time in Ethiopia and thank You for this opportunity they have to be Your hands and feet–and thank You fo Chris and Bill–their hearts continue to leave me in awe of Your great power. Please continue to bless and protect their marriage, cover their wounds with Your deep love. Amen

    2. I agree in prayer with elizabeth for you, Chris and for Bill. Lord, protect, guide and lead the mission team and those with whom they go to minister.

    3. Chris, I will be praying for yours and Bill’s safe travel to/from Chicago as well as the mission group’s travel to/from and work in Ethiopia.  How long will the group be on mission?  It is always interesting to hear the blessing that those groups receive when they “think” that they are going to bless others…

      dear Chris…you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  26. 11. What is your take-a-way and why?
    My take-a-way, is a new perspective of the psalms.  It was surprising to hear Reeves say that the psalms were “one work” that had an “order” and “flow”; I have never viewed them that way and in fact have viewed them as something that could be taken more “piece meal.” This idea is a new road I will be traveling down and I am excited and eager to study the psalms in a Christ-centered and gospel focused manner.
    Also, I was reading the introduction of the Gospel Transformation Bible earlier this morning (I requested a sample kindle version)…I have no doubt that I too will be purchasing it.  It looks SO good…I love the idea of it taking the vantage of “every (bible) text related some aspect of God’s redeeming grace that finds its fullest expression in Christ.” 

    1. Nanci–I agree, this new perspective is exciting. I just listened to another Reeves sermon on Psalm 1–and he again states it is a book, meant to be read as a whole–what a difference that makes to the way I see it! The introduction to the GT Bible is what pushed me to purchase–as well as a page of quotes from Desiring God. Reminds me of Sally Lloyd Jones with the Story Book Bible, as she says “every story whispers His Name”.

  27. Rebecca & Susan,
    Thank you for your comments.
    When I went to press “reply”  to reply to your comment the word “reply” wasn’t there.
    Where did it go?  🙂

    1. Cindy W–sometimes the reply isn’t there if too many “reply’s” have already been added to that comment. But adding it below like you did, is great! So glad you’re here and you’ve done so well figuring out the “technicalities” of the blog 🙂

  28. Hello Sally Ann and welcome.  So glad you joined the study group.

  29. My Take away from this weeks study. 1. That Psalms can be viewed from a number of vantage points. 2. That I can make the mistake of seeing myself first in scriptures before seeing Christ. 3. That an online community can be a place of genuine encouragement and growth.

    1. love your take aways Tammy Jo–especially #3 🙂

      1. Thank you, Elizabeth. Number 3 was a surprise to me. 😉 

    2. I’m with you on all points, Tammy Jo.  In the past 15-16 months I have found this bible study blog to be, as you said, “a place of genuine encouragement and growth”.

      1. It is good to see Nanci J.

  30. I finally got to listen to Reeves. Very interesting. His is a totally different perspective than I have ever heard before. Is this his own idea or did he find it from other people? 

    1. Diane–do you mean how he relates it to the first 5 books of Moses? or seeing Christ in the Psalms? I have found much on Christ in the Psalms from Puritan writers.Would love more of your thoughts

      1. I was meaning how Reeves connected the 5 books of the Psalms to the 5 books of Moses. Sorry I wasn’t more clear. 

        1. I thought that was what you meant, Diane–I had wondered too when I listened to him…so you got me thinking more (and searching!)  I’m finding a few things–this from  http://www.ivpress.com/bible/psalms/ “This five-book arrangement matches the five-book beginning of the Bible, deeply embedded in our minds as the five books of Moses. The five books of Moses are matched by the five books of David like two five-fingered hands clasping one another in greeting. In the five books of Moses God addresses us by his word, calling us into being and shaping our salvation. In the five books of David we personally respond to this word that addresses us.” I’m seeing a few other theologians referencing the correlation too, but no time right now to see if they are reformed and I don’t recognize names so far!

          Of course, maybe he takes it further by pointing to the correlation between each verse and creation, etc…

        2. Oh, elizabeth. You are sweet to do some research for me. I need to look into this as well. Have you run into a theologian named Brevard (spelling?) Childs in your search? A friend who has studied the Psalms says Childs introduced this idea a while back (late 20th century?). No time to research right now.

        3. I thought the same thing, something I may have to go back and compare side by side. That was interesting to me how he compared them even with Genesis I believe he said.

  31. 11. What is your take-a-way and why?
    My take-a-way is the way God’s Spirit used all of you to strengthen me one night this week. Depression came to visit and it was pretty rough. I read your posts and immediately my spirit was lifted. Love you all!  

    1. I am so glad God’s Spirit helped you through this blog. God bless you tonight.

  32. A. B. Simpson has a book entitled “Jesus In the Psalms”.

    “He was a Canadian preacher, theologian  author, and founder of The Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA), an evangelical Protestant denomination with an emphasis on global evangelism.”

    What I find fascinating is we are discovering that many down through the ages saw this same revelation about Jesus in the Psalms that the Holy Spirit is showing us today and it isn’t something new? It’s always been there, we just hadn’t see it yet.
    On Friday I went almost cross-eyed trying to figure out how to use the features on the comment section here. I had all kinds of questions and everyone was so helpful.
    But the thing I realized later, was when I went back and tried it again, everything was in plain site, I just didn’t notice what was already there.
    And again today, I was tweaking my blog, because I wanted the people to be able to leave a comment that visited my blog. So I began searching for different plug-ins that might help them do that but I did not have any success.
    So I went about typing a post. I happened to look up, about an inch from where I was typing, and there staring me in the eye were the words, “Form for Comments”. I clicked on it and it just happened to be exactly what I needed.
    I thought to myself, isn’t that just like revelation knowledge, it’s always been there, but we just don’t see it yet, until the Holy Spirit opens our spiritual understanding and we begin to see things from His perspective.
    I believe that is what is happening as we started praying through the Psalms, we are beginning to see what’s always been there. The Holy Spirit is opening our spiritual understanding to see Him like never before and with our seeing Him, comes worship.
    Bless you all for sharing, it’s been a real encouragement to me.

  33. <p><b>11. What is your take-a-way and why?</b></p>
    <p>I’ve had an interesting three days, (From Fri.- Sun. morning) it’s 3a.m. here. I can’t sleep my heart is full and I’m still pondering on what I am seeing in the Psalms and the little lesson the precious Holy Spirit is teaching me.</p>
    <p>I had a number of things happen to me over these three days that has given me a glimpse of what others saw down through the centuries just like what we are seeing today.</p>
    <p>A. B. Simpson saw the same thing, he was a, “Canadian preacher, theologian  author, and founder of the Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA), an evangelical Protestant denomination with an emphasis on global evangelism”. He wrote a book entitled “Jesus In The Psalm”.</p>
    <p>Getting back to a number of things I saw over these three days is a)on Friday I was almost cross-eyed trying to figure out how to use the comment feature here and everyone was so kind and helpful. When I went back and tried to do what I was  instructed to do, I found out everything was in plain site, I just didn’t notice what was already there.</p>
    <p>b)As I was tweaking my blog today I was searching for a plug-in that would help visitors to my site leave a comment but I had no success. So I went about typing a post and in the middle of typing I happened to look up, and there above the box I was typing in were the words “Form For Comments”. You guessed it, I clicked on the words and up popped exactly what I needed. I just hadn’t noticed it before.<p/>
    <p>Just like I didn’t notice what was already there in the comment box here and the button to push to log in and the words “Form For Comments” on my blog, it’s like what is happening to us as we’ve begun to pray through the Psalms. Jesus has always been there in pain sight in the Psalms but we didn’t notice Him before, until the Holy Spirit opened our eyes to see what was already there. And in our seeing Him, It has caused us to worship.</p>
    <p>To see Him is to love Him more.</p>
    <p>Thank you all for your insight, I’ve been encouraged and blessed.</p>
    <p>On a side note. I just happened to read Dee’s book “Idol Lies”, before signing up for this study.</p>

  34. What is your take away and why?

    A number of things happened to me over the last three days that has given me a glimpse of what others saw down through the centuries just like what we are seeing in the Psalms today.

    A. B. Simpson wrote a book entitled “Jesus In The Psalms” in the 1800 hundreds and wrote about what he saw.

    I’m seeing Jesus in a fresh way from praying the Psalms. He’s always been there but I just didn’t notice Him before, until the precious Holy Spirit started opening my eyes to see Him. The Man, Christ Jesus who has always been in the Psalms.

    My prayer over the last couple of years has been to see Him and to know him in a more deeper, closer and intimate way and to remove ANYTHING in my life that was blocking my vision from seeing Him.

    The other taken away is I sensed I was to read Dee’s book “Idol Lies” first before joining this group. I didn’t know at the time what had happened in me until I started praying Psalm 1.

    The reason why the ministry of the Holy Spirit is so important in a persons life is, without the Holy Spirit’s revelation and seeing things from His perspective you end up with only information and not transformation. Another take away I see is, when the “Idol Lies” or whatever it is that is blocking your vision of seeing Christ, when His light shines on those things, the darkness (idol lies we believe, etc. . .) those things can’t stay because in there place shines the glory of God.

    The Scripture that comes to my mind is, “Now all of us, with our faces unveiled, reflect the glory of the Lord as if we are mirrors; and so we are being transformed, metamorphosed, in His same image from one radiance of glory to another, just as the Spirit of the Lord accomplishes it. II Cor. 3:18

    I say more please Holy Spirit.

    Thank you all for your insights they have been and encouragement to me.

  35. Oh my goodness, please excuse me, for the excessive posts. I tried to post a comment and didn’t think it went through. Then I tried to use HTML  and that didn’t seem to work either. When I came back, to my horror, there they are for all to see. Now I don’t know what to do. Please HELP!

    1. Cindy–no worries about double posting! I’ve made all the mistakes possible here, and they still keep me 😉 Make sure to enter your name and email each time, but you’re doing great. And I LOVED your take away thoughts!!

    2. Cindy, Elizabeth is correct. Be sure to sign in with your name and email each time you comment. Then click ‘submit’. Wait until you see it post before you re-do your comment post.
      You are doing great-like Elizabeth said we all go through the mistakes before we get the hang of it. Just stick with it-we don’t want you to get discouraged for we enjoy having you with us! 

  36. 11. What is your take-a-way and why?
    I was able to do a bit this week, but not much.  I loved the comments though and even though I still need to go back and listen to Reeves.  My take a way is similar to Nanci’s…a new perspective on Psalms.  Interestingly this has now happened to me a few times since joining this group 14 months ago…having someone say something that causes me to look at something in a different way.  I have been and continue to be blessed by this group.   I have been praying through the first three Psalms this week and I wonder if it has triggered a deeper reflection into my own path.  This past fall I was finally able to join a small group at our church and starting this week we will be following the sermon study of Romans for the next 6 months.  I wonder if by the summer between Psalms with this group and Romans with my church group, I may have an entirely different perspective.  I have been asking God to help me to see Him for who He really is (not my perspective but His) for the past few years and I think He has finally broken through that very thick wall around my heart that I can now see and consider things differently than before.  I am both excited and apprehensive for what this year will bring.  I pray that I will be able to leave more solely in His hands this year than I was able to this past year. 

  37. 1. What stood out to you from the above and why?
     I loved listening and watching the video. The first thing that jumped out at me was, you need to be close to someone to  be kissed or to give a kiss and you can’t kiss someone from a distance. I see the Shulammite’s inner attitude, one of wanting to be with the King. It was the matter of her will. She didn’t just want his gifts but she wanted to be with him. 
    The other thing I see is her love for the King was becoming a mature love. Many times even in the early years of marriage, you focus more on what your spouse can give you, instead of the pleasure and joy you get from just being with them.
    This is not a criticism but an observation over the years, you can see this same type of attitude in a young Christian and sometimes in an older Christian only wanting his gifts. It saddens my heart. Their love for Him does not go on to maturity, and they don’t seem interested in nurturing a close intimate relationship with the giver of gifts.
    2. Can you think of a recent time when you were “kissed” through the Word? Or a time recently when He put more joy in your heart than the world has when their grain and wine abound?
    The time that comes to my mind was when I was visiting my daughter, husband and three boys. I was staying with them over a weekend and was baby sitting their three sons one evening so our daughter and her husband could go out on a date.
    Charlie woke up crying because he had a bad dream. When I went into his room I bent down and said to him, “Charlie, Grammy is here and I will be with you so you can lie back done and go back to sleep”. With that, he said, “ok Grammy” through his tears. He laid back down and fell fast asleep and I didn’t give it another thought until. . . 
    The following week, I realized the hospital had never called to give me the results of a mammogram I had done, so I decided to call my doctor. When I called the doctor’s office, the receptionist told me Dr. Sims was on her way to the hospital and would pass my message on to her.
    About five minutes later the telephone rang. I answered the phone to hear Dr. Sims voice. She said, “Cindy, I’m so sorry the hospital never got back to you, I’m on my way to the hospital, but I must tell you, you have a stage II fast growing breast cancer. Please make an appointment with my receptionist as soon as possible, I will see you then. Good bye.”
    I remember so clearly as I sat at the table feeling disoriented and confused by the news I just received. I sat there for a long time in the Lord’s presence. I don’t remember how long I was there but the thing I will never forget is when I heard these words in my mind. “Just as you were with Charlie, I am with you.” My whole inner attitude changed when I heard Him speak those words to my heart.

  38. OH Cindy–so so sorry to hear about your breast cancer! What is your prognosis now? So sorry. Thank you for sharing so we can pray.
    Also wanted to let you know, your post though is showing on last week’s lesson. Here’s the link to this week: http://deebrestin.com/2014/01/are-you-a-fundamentally-happy-person-beginning-our-psalm-journey/

  39. How do I get the Psalms each day on my kindle Right click on what?  Kris

    1. Kris, glad to see you here. However, you cannot get the Psalms each day on this blog. This is a weekly Bible study blog directed by Dee Brestin. We would love to have you join us in the study, though. This week’s study link is 
      If you want a daily Psalms reading, why not check out Bible Gateway and click under Reading Plans. the link is below.