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Let me share the dedication with you here:


To my sisters who piloted this study and

opened their hearts to the Stonecutter’s knife.



This will be a different week — a celebratory week — and we’ll get back to our study next week. If this seems like a weird “Dee-focused week,” please give me grace. Truly, I want to celebrate what God has done and LOOK FOR HIS FINGERPRINTS. And you are a HUGE part of it. What fun is a party alone?

I also so DO want your prayers for this week of launching Idol Lies. May He do what He intends and protect from the enemy. This is such a shared effort — I can’t do this week any other way but with you. Because this is a shared effort I long for:

  • Your prayers
  • Your help in posting media events, your thoughts on the book, whatever — on Facebook.
  • Your reflections and praise this week — as each day will bring a new adventure

We will also be going through a great Psalm of praise this week — Psalm 8 — for I am full of praise at what God has done. He has stilled the enemy and the avenger; He has used us, though we are like infants and children in his sight, and I am amazed that He is mindful of us and has given us the dominion He has — how humbled I am. O Lord — How majestic is your name. There are many U-Tube versions and you can post your favorites. I like this one because the church building and the voices insides are an attempt to praise God — a God so beyond us, yet we try to magnify His name.


Now — here is some of my feeble praise!

Let me tell you how I saw God’s fingerprints through women on the blog:

  • It began as a Bible study on heart idols — but when I saw firsthand how it was changing you, I knew it had to be a book. His fingerprints.
  • Many of your stories, some with pseudonyms, are in this book. When He changes a life, how can you not see His fingerprints?
  • Many of you who have traveled with us remember when Idol Lies was going to be titled The Stonecutter because Jesus is the one who reveals, removes, and replaces our idols with Himself. But God moved in my heart and I became enthusiastic about the publisher’s recommended title of Idol Lies — and so did you! A confirmation. His fingerprints.

I thank God upon every remembrance of you. Some of you, who were a faithful presence during this study will be receiving a book in the mail. (Rebecca has done detective work — but if you feel you were missed, let her know — books should arrive this week.)

Just as in the book of Esther, I have battled the enemy at every turn, but God has always been triumphant. I want to share some of the ways I’ve seen His fingerprints, some of the ways the enemy was defeated — and then I want to hear from you!


Many of you have heard my story of my changed life when I finally saw my heart  idol. I was having trouble keeping a good administrative assistant — and I always thought it was HER FAULT. But when my fourth administrative assistant resigned (in ten years) and I lamented to Jan Silvious, she peered at me and said, “Seems to be a pattern in your life, Dee.”


Jan Silvious

In the same way, when you saw your heart idols, one by one, you were stunned. The Stonecutter revealed your idol and you responded! Changed lives! Too many to recount. (Many are in the book or video.) I saw changed lives when I did a face to face study in Kansas City. God is all over this topic and His Spirit is moving from Africa to America, from Presbyterians to Pentecostals.


Finding the right publisher. How thankful I am that He led me to Worthy! I am so impressed with their quality and integrity. They are eager to support — creating an app (It will simply be called Dee Brestin and you’ll be able to get it for free from I-tunes — it will have all the videos…), standing behind me, contributing enormous talent.

Finding the right people to do the video. God gave us Ben Eisner — who is way out of our price range, but was moved to come film at the cabin. You may have seen his work in the documentary EXPELLED. He and his wife were a true friend to my daughter Sally in a time of need, and God moved him to help again. Amy Shreve is letting us use her amazing music for free. Martin French is letting us use his wonderful artwork for free. Rebecca helped me find a great man in Tim Mahony to do the Kansas City testimonies. GOD’S FINGERPRINTS.

The filming — we imported some international students from Moody who were amazing. My dear friend Cynthia came and gave a testimony and her husband cooked all our meals. Weather was great. GOD’S FINGERPRINTS

J. R. and Dianne


Working with my son, J. R., who was the artistic editor for the video. We are closer than we have ever been — we’ve certainly battled spiritual warfare with misunderstandings and technical troubles and even my fall that required 13 stitches on my face just weeks before I was to be on camera. But J. R. has put so much time, prayer, talent and love into this that I really think it is the best video I’ve been a part of. His fiance Dianne has helped so much. You’ll be able to see some of it this week. We filmed it in beautiful Door County, Wisconsin. Here I am, high on a cliff, a speck amidst God’s majesty, with the swirling waters of Lake Michigan below, so like the swirling waters of our souls. J. R. filmed this segment — and hours later I had my fall. The enemy was there but he didn’t win. Many of you have been praying J. R. will get this done — and he’s going to make it! GOD’S FINGERPRINTS

Dee at Cave Point

I hope if Idol Lies does not do well, I will trust Him. I want it to do well because the message is so changing lives — but if I’ve learned anything, it is to trust Him and submit to Him. I will never ever forget how He moved — through you, through the body of Christ, and through His quickening.

Sunday/Monday Icebreaker

1. How have you seen His fingerprints on this journey — if you have traveled any of it with us?

2. What comments do you have from the above?


Monday – Friday:

Watching online, responding, and reflecting. Below is a list of places I’ll be — how I’d love your prayers and input — and postings on Facebook! And on Tuesday, if you feel so led, you can call in.

On Monday I will be on this program in Canada. (We have one active Canadian blogger: Diane!) I’ve never been on Canadian television before but I hear it has a high quality — and surely Canada is an enormous mission field, as is our own country.It airs in the morning and you should be able to listen online by mid afternoon. I’m only on ten minutes — so mostly I need you to pray.  I’ve been battling reflux this week, which I’m convinced is exacerbated by stress and the enemy — and I need to trust Him. Pray for quickening and traveling mercies — and if you want to listen and leave comments — go to this link: http://www.100huntley.com/

Bible Study for Today: Psalm 8:1-2

3. Meditate on these verses and share anything that quickens you, plus, any thoughts on these questions:

    • What significance do you see in the word our in “O Lord, our Lord”
    • What does it mean that He has set His glory above the heavens?
    • What does it mean “out of the mouth of babies and infants”
    • What do you learn about the enemy and about God?

Tuesday: Janet Parshall

You can listen 4 to 5 central time on Tuesday, 9/11. You can participate!

Call Live On-Air

(877) 548-3675

Listener Comments

(877) 526-3858
(877) JANET-58

If you don’t have her in your city, you can listen online at http://www.moodyradio.org/inthemarketwithjanetparshall/ (Please pray — this is often a political problem and I have sometimes wondered if Christians tend to see a political candidate as their means of rescue. I may ask that — may God show me.  How I need His quickening!

Bible Study for Today: Psalm 8:3-4

4. Paint the picture of wonder in these verses. When have you experienced this?

Wednesday The ten downloadable videos will be available on Worthy’s website – and hopefully on mine shortly after. I’d love for you to watch the first and comment. Here’s the link: http://worthypublishing.com/books/Idol-Lies/

Bible Study for Today: Psalm 8:5-8

5. What do you learn about man in these verses?


Thursday: The Debbie Chavez show  www.debbiechavezshow.com

You can listen online after the show, which airs at 11 Central Time. This is an online interview and I don’t even know what that means — but I guess I’m about to find out!

Bible Study: Read Psalm 8:5-8 again.

6. In Genesis He gave Adam and Eve dominion over all the earth. You have dominion in your corner of the world. What do you feel He has called you to

  • be?
  • do?

Friday: Bible Study

7. Read Psalm 8:9 and use it as a praise for the way He is moving in your life. If you have a favorite song for this psalm, give us the link.


8. What is your take-a-way and why?

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  1. oh I agree with cyndi–you’re doing GREAT! When she just asked that question about when does it cross over into idolatry–I was getting the butterflies! And praying like crazy–but Dee is so calm, like a glassy lake…the wisdom just pours out, and I loved it when Janet said “excellent answer!” 🙂 Just wish I was there!

  2. cyndi, You weren’t the only one that didn’t get on! I was waiting on hold (called during the break) and as I waited, I almost hung up. I don’t think you would have had time to make a good OR bad impression 🙂 I didn’t have a quick question (although I could have made one up), just wanted to make a comment. Kinda glad I didn’t get on because my “real” question is a combination of a question and an observation (and I was nervous, must be the approval idol?). Plus, I know I can post my question here!

    Dee, you’re WONDERFUL!

  3. WOW!!! WOW!!!! WOW!!!! WOW!!!! WOW!!!! that was an AMAZING interview Dee! dont want to feed your idol:-) but you were so wonderful, concise, clear, funny, you did so good! I am so proud of you and excited about how this study is going to change hundreds…thousands of lives! Aslan is on the move my sweet friend, Aslan is on the move:-)

  4. Oh Dee, I think I am without words! I am so amazed at God’s overflow of blessings. The program was INCREDIBLE.
    I loved how Janet followed you, laughed with you, and offered much affirmation for what all shared.There was such a genuine respect and appreciation for Idol Lies.

    Then the call-n questions–OH I would have frozen, but Dee’s answers were just so obviously of Him. I loved the reference to going to Psalm 42-why am I downcast? When we are distressed, we can say-obviously I’ve misplaced my hope. Listening to body language—butterflies…that struck me anew. So often I dismiss butterflies as “harmless nerves”, but if I really ask, why am I SO nervous–there is an idol there…

    And I always love the piece from Chalmers–Idols cannot be removed, only replaced. I appreciated how Dee said “It’s not a quick fix, it does have to do with disciplines, it is an act of faith.”

    SO real, humble, honest–LOVED it!

    1. oH MY GOODNESS I wish we could all be together tonight and have a big old party! this is so amazing! wish I could jump up and down with you and hug you and scream…..I bet your thankful we CANT be together:-) LOL

      1. …CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES… ‘CMON! (sorry, just had to 🙂

        1. doing a cyber dance with ya Elizabeth….Im ganna party with you!!! hee heehee

        2. cyndi-i came scarily close to posting a Kool & the Gang youtube of Celebration just now 😉

        3. I am not a dancer but this song came to mind, it is my contribution to the party playlist!


        4. more spiritual than mine! and I don’t believe you’re not a dancer 😉

        5. I have been thinking how I could have my own little party here by myself to celebrate and still share with all of you, so I thought I’d share this fun song!! http://youtu.be/t6FUR_nhGX8

        6. That just shows you how happy I am! I truly am happy, but just had to share this silly guy and song…he is just too funny!!!

        7. lol Joyce. That made me smile and sing along! Never heard anything quite like that!

        8. lol at first i thought it was a snl skit its so ridiculous!!!!

        9. The dance discussion reminds me of “Ballet Magnificat” (I saw them pre-YouTube!). I didn’t find a clip of what I saw way back when (part of Messiah), but here’s an appropriate one:

          Ballet Magnificat’s Before His Throne Promo

          Quote at the end of the promo:
          “When in the presence of Jesus, one is changed forever.”

          Even in brief video clips, their performances draw out my praise to Him. Reminds me of heaven 🙂

        10. That was lovely Renee, I loved the blue dress parts the best!

          Elizabeth, I am NOT a dancer, when the rhythm and grace gifts were dispersed I was at the back of the line!

        11. Cris, Me neither-but I can still do the bump like on Soul Train…lol!

        12. Chris, Then I probably was waiting in line a few people behind you 🙂

        13. Rebecca & Renee, I hope when we get to heaven we will be wonderful dancers, and that having not been gifted that way in this life, will make it even more enjoyable!

        14. What a beautiful dance segment, Renee. What wonderful worship!

        15. Elizabeth, What about “get down, boogie oogie oogie..”

      2. Oh Cyndi that would have been fun to all watch and listen together. I would have even brought the popcorn!

        1. Well, if we were gonna get together to listen and since she called in to the longer interview from home, we could have been in her house grinning at her and cheering her on!

      3. I love the party idea! You guys are a riot! Let’s dance for joy! I love the songs and the interaction here.

        I wasn’t able to figure out how to listen online yesterday but I am so glad to hear it went so well. I’ll probably try to listen online later, but I have people around here all day today!

  5. Elizabeth and Cyndi summed it up perfectly!! Dee, you were phenomenal!

    Cyndi, you crack me up..lol!

    1. come on Rebecca….dance with us…..boogy boogy boogy..

      1. You guys are too much! But I am so proud of you, Dee. The TV and radio and the bible study…I’m overwelmed and excited and can’t get enough of you and your book! Now your gonna get the big head and have another idol to deal with!! Seriously, Dee, I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done for me, through this study and just through life. You are my mentor and a special friend I look up too.

        1. You guys are so much fun!

          I missed Moody today but am so glad I can catch it tomorrow. I did see Huntley Street. Dee, you did not appear nervous-at all! You were very articulate and clear. The man was a little brusque but he asked some pretty good questions. I felt the Lord was very present and the right points very clear. Bravo!

      2. Okay Cyndi, you got it-I’m dancing.. but please don’t picture it..lol! 🙂

  6. Hoping to listen soon if archived! Got a sick kid and I was not working out to hear live but hope I can hear archive, especially after all the good comments I read. 🙂 so glad it is going smoothly.

  7. Ok it looks like I can prob listen tomorrow…

  8. Hi Ladies!!

    Just wanted to stop by and say hi!! I miss you all! How are you all doing?


    I listened to your program today with Janet Parshall very good!

      1. Hi Dee!

        Yes I am doing well thank you!! I miss you all!

        1. Hi Meg! Miss you!!!

    1. Hi Meg! So nice to “see” you here 🙂

  9. I feel that same sense of satisfaction and blessing that comes when a bay has been born, we have all been around while the book took shape, and we have loved it before it came to be, and now that it is here we feel such joy!

    I had a colonoscopy today, I was so glad that I was done on time & didn’t miss the interview. I was woozy but so proud and thankful while I listened, I even feel a new, not there before, sort of fondness for Janet even!

  10. Dee,
    I am so excited for you–I don’t get Moody radio where I live, so I will have to go online to get your interviews. I prayed for you today.
    I can’t wait to read your book — right now I am leading a group of 9 women through your Women of Beauty study of 1-3 John. I love the group, we have women of all ages–23-80 something and it is a blessing! Maybe we can do Idol Lies next! I miss the online group, but with my full time work, my ladies group and women’s ministry at church, I just can’t fit it in. Much love to all of you–I miss you all!

    1. Oh Terri! It’s so good to see your smiling face again! I miss you! I pray everything is well with you! Thanks for checking in on us!!

    2. Great to see your smile again, Terri and little sister Meg too.

    3. It is great to hear from you Terri!

  11. Sunday/Monday Icebreaker

    1. How have you seen His fingerprints on this journey — if you have traveled any of it with us? – I haven’t been with the study for very long but in the short time I’ve been doing it, I’ve learned so much. I always thought that idols were celebrity figures or things, I never in my life thought it was also my feelings, my attitude, my wanting control or attention. I’ve also met a great group of ladies. Ladies that don’t judge, or condemn you for things you have done or are still to this day struggling with. I feel like I have known you a lifetime. You are all so caring and loving. Thank you too Dee for taking the time to guide and lead and to teach us what God wants us to know. I wish I lived closer I would come over for coffee, if you invited me of course, and listen to you for hours. We would get nothing else done.

    2. What comments do you have from the above? – God is an awesome and amazing God. How everything just fell into place when you gave it over to Him is so amazing. Why I’m surprised at what He can do I don’t know. If I would just trust in Him and let Him do the work that is out of my control He would take over and run with it.


    Dee I heard you on Janet Parshall great job. I tried calling in but the line was constantly busy so that tells me there are many women out there that need to hear what you have to say. I also told a friend from church while we were at bible study last night about you being on Janet Parshall and about your book and she emailed me today that she ordered one. The sales have begun. YAY

    1. Love this Julie!

      “I’ve also met a great group of ladies. Ladies that don’t judge, or condemn you for things you have done or are still to this day struggling with. I feel like I have known you a lifetime. ”


    2. This is good Julie “I always thought that idols were celebrity figures or things, I never in my life thought it was also my feelings, my attitude, my wanting control or attention.” A great lead-in to telling someone about the book 😉

  12. 1. How have you seen His fingerprints on this journey — if you have traveled any of it with us?

    (Sorry, this is a long one. God has been SO faithful.)

    I was almost stunned by this question (and it doesn’t sound like such a hard question). In retrospect, I do see His fingerprints — all over. I had been here since the start of the God of All Comfort. But by the time Dee started the study on idols, I was functioning in a fog. I “dropped out” after about 5 months in the study on idols, partly because of my schedule and lack of regular Internet access in the summer but also because I felt as if I were just going through the motions.

    During the last few days, I’ve been thinking about this question — and thinking about skipping it 🙂 Sometimes I am so much of a MISFIT — and I felt like a misfit during the study on idols. Part of that misfit feeling was the fog of grief; I only was “going through the motions” in many ways. Also, I was leaning into Him with every ounce of my being; I couldn’t understand how I could seek Him harder. I wanted to know Him better, and I wanted to change. I saw that others were changing.

    During the past few days, I’ve realized that my desires during that time provided some hints of idolatry. I wanted to CONTROL the timing of change and maybe even how I changed (i.e., if I do or think ___, then God will ___). I do feel frustrated when something gets into my head but doesn’t seem to sink in at the heart level, and I felt impatient when I didn’t seem to be changing when others were. But NOW I KNOW (as I have learned before and forgotten), the timing and process of change was in God’s hands. I may not even be aware when He is changing me, inside or out.

    Dee, during the interview today and in your book, you posed the question about why some change and others don’t. I think there might be more to the picture than attributing change to someone’s desire for Him. I can’t fully (or even slightly) understand the power of God’s word or the timing of His ways. And the changes one experiences due to the power of His word and fellowship with Him might be exhibited months or even years later, in His time.

    I see His fingerprints when I thought I only was “going through the motions” by getting stuff into my head, HE WAS changing my heart. I need to remember that when I am seeking Him and faithful to Him, through His power, He will honor that. He has honored that, and I have realized it SO MUCH in the past few weeks.

    His fingerprints are evident in how He has wired me…and how I responded to the study (and I’m sure I will forget this more times than I remember it and have to talk to my soul about it 🙂 ). I should know by now that I often don’t experience gradual change (outwardly anyway); Even when “doing everything right,” I often experience NO apparent change and then FINALLY a sudden burst of change or healing. Whether it is responding to treatment for an illness, depression, spiritual growth, or intellectual understanding, I feel as if (and appear to others as if) I am going nowhere. And then, suddenly, life is wonderful and I’ve moved on as if the problem never existed. I wouldn’t even be aware of this if others hadn’t noticed the pattern. About all I could do during that time of grief and exhaustion was allow Scripture to get into my brain. He could get it into my heart if He wanted to— I couldn’t; my heart and emotions were clinging to Him for other reasons.

    NOW I see His fingerprints in my response to the picture of stone-cutting and a knife (and see His fingerprints on the title “Idol Lies!”). When the study began, my heart already was weak and shredded; the visual image of cutting seemed to bounce off me, but I couldn’t have described why at the time. Dee, what drew me into Idol Lies (the book) was your grace and gentleness in the first chapter. I’ve been exposed to enough judgment that if the first thing I see is a knife, I still might run! During this whole time, God has been drawing me through His grace; and when I am in His arms, He cuts out the stones with just the right amount of anesthesia. I’m seeing a change now in the grace that I give to others (and still have plenty more stones in that area).

    I see His fingerprints in His protecting me, including through the connections He put in place through this group. Because of the fog of grief and the weather during the first part of this study, I was isolated. I also worked from home as much as possible (I’ve learned since that some were very concerned). I wasn’t very concerned about isolation; I liked it better than leaving the house! Plus I was more connected by phone and Internet than people realized (years of family care-giving may lead both to isolation and connections). And I see His fingerprints when Dee invited me to come back to the study.

    A couple weeks ago, I recognized that the connections I’ve had to this group and to others primarily from a distance were WAY more than fingerprints. GOD HAS BOTH HANDS ON ME AND HIS ARMS WRAPPED AROUND ME. There have been only a few other times in my life when I’ve been so aware of His protection. What recently made me SO VERY aware of God’s protection was the suicide of a family caregiver (when I heard the name, I thought she might have been a relative; was someone else with same name). People who knew her didn’t see any signs. My history and current life circumstances are a perfect storm of signs and symptoms. But this time, the pain didn’t even lead to those temptations. God had control of my foggy mind, and He had my heart in His tender hands. It’s difficult to pull out His fingerprints when His hand prints and “arm prints” are all over.

    1. Oh Renee how awesome this post is. Thanks for being so open and letting God work in your life. His grace and glory are shining thru.

      1. Thanks, Julie! I often feel like hiding when I post/say stuff like this. I used to think “40 years in the wilderness” was a long time. Now, it’s starting to seem normal! Sometimes I am REALLY SLOW

        1. I know exactly what you mean. I’ve been slowing down not only in my reading scripture but in all reading and in what I want to say. I sometimes amaze myself in what I see I’ve written lol

        2. I am slow too, Renee. I started when you did and wonder if I will ever get some things right but am assured by scripture that He who began a good work will be faithful to complete it.

    2. Renee, I appreciate this post, especially the point about grief bringing a fog, I remember when I came to the blog that you reached out to me, I missed you when you left and am so glad your back.
      I agree with your musings about change happening in Gods timing, its a supernatural thing!

      1. Oh Dee, Thanks for reading with your heart and soul. When something has been swimming around in my mind for awhile and then I finally say something, I know I can be offensive, sounding as if I blurted something out without thinking. But sometimes I can’t find the words to match what God is doing in my heart.

    3. This really blessed me this morning! I so appreciate your honesty!

    4. Beautiful, honest testimony, Renee! Love your emphasis. “GOD HAS BOTH HANDS ON ME AND HIS ARMS WRAPPED AROUND ME.”

  13. I started reading “Idol Lies” after supper and could not stop. Wonderful read! I would love to study this in a small group setting at church. So so good. Thank you, Lord.

      1. Yes! I am coming and looking forward to all you have to teach. See you then, my friend.

        Dee, I want to say that reading the book has rekindled the flame of staying free in me. I don’t know why it is hard but it is and is something I struggle with. Pg 87 says getting out is the easy part, staying out is harder for we have sinful cravings in our soul. I was bound so many years it feels like home. Like the addict, Momm, going back to the safety of familiar things, maybe. And, freedom is so much work – does that make sense? The book helped as you talk about the penalty of sin but take it a step further to the power of sin. You also warn that allowing myself to give in a little opens the door wide. Keeping my affections on Him, peering into the gospel and remembering His great love inspires me again to keep on this path of freedom in Christ. I needed the review and feel refreshed in my walk with the Lord. Thank you!

      2. Nita and I are coming and your welcome to ride along Kim!

        1. Thanks Joyce I may do that, we will talk soon okay? I have to get through this week – Beth Moore simulcast at our church and I am decorating and helping with food for a possible 300 women!

  14. Dee, these flowers are for you…our Idol!! (Just kidding! Love you!)

      1. I seen that! Hee Hee!!

  15. 4. Paint the picture of wonder in these verses. When have you experienced this?

    I love the powerpoints a friend of mine always sends to me through email, of nature. Usually they are strange (!) animals that one has never seen before, or they are animals that are majestic. Sometimes the slides show landscapes around the world. They are always colorful and larger than life.

    The human body also comes to mind. When the body is injured, how quickly it can mend itself! I am thinking of my daughter. When she was 6 she had eye surgery to correct a vision problem. Her surgery was on a Thursday, and by Tuesday you wouldn’t have known she had thd surgery at all! Praise God!

    Going to yellowstone and the grand Tetons this past summer was a definite time to bask in God’s beautiful creation. The paints pots made me laugh (His sense of humor), the mountains made me stop in my tracks and just say wow. The colors revealed His artistic nature, and the weather was awesome. I was “in Heaven!”

    1. Laura-dancer–I especially loved your last paragraph–too see His sense of humor–says so much about your eyes open to His fingerprints, His ways…it’s inspiring to me, thanks for sharing that.

  16. 5. Psalm 8:5-8-What do you learn about man in these verses?

    That we are a little lower than the angels yet He has crowned us with Glory and Honor and has given us animals, birds, fish and all that swim in the seas to rule over-He put everything under our feet.

    This says so much to me about HIM, more than me. Just to think of how wonderful and complex everything God made is yet He gave it to us to cultivate, take care of and use for our sustenance and enjoyment. When I think of how He desired to give this to us from before time and all along planned to invite us in to delight in all of this with him amazes me beyond the ability to fathom Him. He is all about delighting in relationship with with Him and with one another.

    1. My question about change might stem from another question: What IS a changed heart? (And how/when does it show?)

      I want to dig more. Although I think of I Samuel 16:7 “For the LORD does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart,” … what else? Moses? Maybe he had nothing to write home about during that long time in the wilderness; perhaps on a day to day basis, the changes God worked in his heart didn’t seem as dramatic as what Saul experienced on the road to Damascus.

      Dee, Since being here, I have been increasingly learning to rest in God’s sovereignty, knowing that He is aware of what is in the depths of my heart and working in me even when I am clueless. I suspect that God used and is using the study in the hearts of those who only were here for a short time, too. Even when we seek Him for His presents, He continues to draw us. It seems as if the timing (and current life experience) in one’s own spiritual journey might be one of the factors that impact how change shows up.

      MAYBE what triggered my thoughts was the following distorted logic: If I want to change, I have to desire Him more. When I try to make myself desire Him more, the desire becomes my virtue rather than His gift.

      If faith is a gift from Him, wouldn’t our desires for Him be a gift from Him, too? A response to His love and His goodness?

      As I reflect on how God prepared me through the God of all Comfort, when I wasn’t yet experiencing the my greatest felt need for study (I just wanted to be in an online Bible study!), I also can be confident that He prepared me through the study of idols. When my brain was studying idols, God was working out in my life what He put in my heart earlier. Who knows the mind of God? Obviously, He is wise.

        1. I thought of these two verses, that we are changed by beholding our Lord, by the renewing of our minds, by scripture, prayer, meditation;

          Romans 12:1 Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship. 2 Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is —his good, pleasing and perfect will.

          2 Cortinthians 3:16 But whenever anyone turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away. 17 Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. 18 And we all, who with unveiled faces contemplate the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his image with ever- increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.

          These verses also came to mind, that we are God makes His light shine into hearts, He makes it grow, the Spirit blows where it pleases.

          Just as grace is joined with truth, are the drawing and changing work done by God joined to the personal response of the one being called?

          John 3:5 Jesus answered, “Very truly I tell you, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless they are born of water and the Spirit. 6 Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit. 7 You should not be surprised at my saying, ‘You must be born again. ’ 8 The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.”

          1 Corinthians 5 What, after all, is Apollos? And what is Paul? Only servants, through whom you came to believe—as the Lord has assigned to each his task. 6 I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow. 7 So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow. 8 The one who plants and the one who waters have one purpose, and they will each be rewarded according to their own labor. 9 For we are co- workers in God’s service; you are God’s field, God’s building.

          2 Corinthians 4: 3 And even if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled to those who are perishing. 4 The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel that displays the glory of Christ, who is the image of God. 5 For what we preach is not ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord, and ourselves as your servants for Jesus’ sake. 6 For God, who said, “Let light shine out of darkness,” made his light shine in our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of God’s glory displayed in the face of Christ.

        2. Oh yes! Thanks! Such good verses to keep before me (i.e., plaster them on my bathroom mirror — wouldn’t take much work to re-memorize so that I can think about 1 set/day)

          Periodically, I have a strong desire to memorize Scripture more, and it’s time to start again with some of these verses. Since I can rattle off the verses from Romans 12 without review, I’ll start with 2 Cor 3:16-18 (and they were the ones that jumped off the screen at me), especially v. 18 “And we all, who with unveiled faces contemplate the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his image…” V. 18 definitely addresses my question about a changed heart.

          I’m reading a book about heaven (a good one) that I found at Goodwill 🙂 AND reading Dee’s book at the same time. These verses help me see the connection between the books.

          This also ties in so well with Keller’s sermon on meditation. I don’t think I’ll every forget the power that memorized Scripture had when I couldn’t think straight or see to read. God created the space in me for meditation and reminded me of what to meditate on. Plus, I’ve seen the power of Scripture and hymns in people with dementia. I suspect (obviously no evidence) that a changed heart might explain some of the difference between “nice” dementia and “mean” dementia.

          Most of us can put on a pretty good “Christian” show, deceiving others and ourselves. But dementia often strips away the show. I do desire to behold and reflect His glory, even if I experience the ravages of dementia. It sounds morbid, but I have thought about preparing for living with dementia (hazard of the profession and of caregiving). The most important preparation is allowing Him to change my heart.

        3. Renee,
          Your desire to memorize scripture to guard your heart even in dementia, if it should come, is interesting, I thought of this when I read your thoughts;

          Psalm 119
          11 I have hidden your word in my heart
          that I might not sin against you.

          12 Praise be to you, Lord;
          teach me your decrees.

          13 With my lips I recount
          all the laws that come from your mouth.

          14 I rejoice in following your statutes
          as one rejoices in great riches.

          15 I meditate on your precepts
          and consider your ways.

          16 I delight in your decrees;
          I will not neglect your word.

          What is the book on heaven you are reading?

        4. Renee, these comments hit me pretty hard, as my mom died with pretty bad dementia, three years ago. Her heart took her, but her mind was bad with this awful disease for several years before. I worry that I may get it too. You have stirred my emotions enough to make myself start memorizing again too…thank you for that!

        5. I love this spell check!! I had disease spelled wrong!

        6. During lent last year I memorized the first chapter of James and discovered I could do it after years of procrastination. I feel one of the reasons I was successful was the commitment I made to you all here on the blog. That commitment made all the difference. I also found it easier to memorize a chapter at a time – don’t know why that was. I feel we don’t know how long we will have the Word. It could be taken from us in the future.

        7. I don’t know…maybe some!

        8. Well, we memorized some hymns during The God of All Comfort 🙂

          One of the keys is grace (and I’ve needed a lot of it lately). I know I wouldn’t always keep up or memorize “well.”

          I’ve been thinking Keller’s sermon on meditation. I can meditate on Scripture wherever and whenever when I’ve memorized it — and most of my memorizing was a LOOONNNNGGG time ago. I still meditate on those passages.

          I do memorize on the blog even when it’s not official 🙂 If a video hits me, I listen to it about 50 times. And by the time I’m done thinking about some passages (because I’m very s l o w l y thinking), I’ve almost got them memorized.

    2. Will have to think on this when I get a break from having to work, lol

    3. For me the pain of missing Him in my daily life becomes too great. He nudges me when I am getting slack or begin falling away, reminding me of sweet times of communion and makes my heart long to get back to Him.
      I have another but will share after work. GREAT QUESTION! One we must ponder to stay free I think.

    4. Holy Spirit! I think so many Christians are STILL trying to do this in their own strength and just don’t know it. so many denominations put HIM in a box and the only REAL way to get rid of the idols that Satan uses to trip us up and keep us from HIM is to allow HIM to have total power over us, to surrender to HIS POWER not just to his will. there is super natural power that so many Christians are afraid of or don’t really believe in.
      im not opinionated or anything am I:-)

    5. HERE IS MY QUESTION BASED ON RENEE’S THOUGHTS: What else do you think goes into changing a person’s heart besides their desire for God? Can you back it up scripturally?

      I’m thinking of the recent study of Esther where Mordecai sends the message ” Yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?”
      We see her transformation from subservient girl to a strong women of influence.
      It’s being in a hopeless situation and seeing no end, and then someone comes along with a few words at the right time that the light at a dark tunnel is seen!
      I have had that happen, I was in a hard way several years ago and my Pastor at that time stopped for moment in his message and looked out and said ” God sees you”
      It did something in my heart and strengthened my faith! Simple words changed my view of my current dilemma.

      1. Agree with Dee! So encouraging, Laura Marie

  17. …changed my mind on trying to answer

    1. elizabeth, just saw an email with your response (but I’m not seeing it at quick glance here). Similar to what I’ve been thinking this morning 🙂 THanks….

      Almost late for work 🙁

    2. I would like to hear this, Elizabeth. 🙂

      1. Thanks, Kim. I wasn’t going to attempt to answer, I’m feeling a need to ponder quietly some things today and honestly feel I have nothing of value to offer to these discussions!…SO feel free to skip this—I’m answering because I so appreciate Renee’s thoughtful questions, and want to keep them coming!

        “What else do you think goes into changing a person’s heart besides their desire for God? Can you back it up scripturally?”

        I wouldn’t say there is something “besides a desire for God”—but a desire for God that is greater than the desire for self. The desire for God at all is evidence to me that change is possible, that the Holy Spirit is at work, for I do not believe we can desire true heart change without God initiating the desire. But—is the desire for HIM even greater than the desire to be changed? I think sometimes, my desire to be changed can become an idol itself, if that makes any sense in writing!

        I think of Jesus asking the sick man, “Do you want to be well?” Sometimes we want to be well, but in our own way, our own definition of ‘well’. For me, a “red flag” may be that my desire for change itself, to be different, a “new me”, is over-powering. I have to ask myself—Who do I want this change for? Do I want to be less controlling to glorify God or so I’ll be more likeable (replacing one idol to feed another)?

        To me, the emphasis is on God being the changer of hearts. It really has little to do with me, other than a response of finally wanting Him above anything else—and even that, is of Him. It is His timing, His method. If I am trying to orchestrate or manipulate the timing or method, or the outcome—my heart is still desiring the change for my own glory rather than His. I think if heart change isn’t happening, the obstacle is on us.

        1. Yes, I like this. If I ever doubt my salvation which is not often, I remember the desire I have for Him. If I didn’t care I would worry. I also like that Dee said we can ask Him to give us a desire for Him and do that often. No matter how far off the beaten path I get I have a deep down desire to come running back.

    1. praying

    2. Praying now.

    3. Will be praying!

      1. Praying

  18. Paint the picture of wonder in these verses. When have you experienced this?

    Pondering the vastness of space, knowing that God is eternal, it is hard to imagine that He, God Very God. cares to know how many hairs are on my head.

    I think about the pictures from the hubble space telescope, how beautiful and other wordly some of them are, that space goes on and on.

    God could have walked away from his creation like Dr Frankenstein abandoned his monster, or he could have destroyed us all, but instead He made a way to redeem us, He longs for the creature His hands have made, He lovingly patiently pursues me

    These thoughts make me desire to be loyal to Him

  19. Can anyone tell me where to find the videos? I went to the idol lies link but didn’t see a choice for video?

  20. I just finished listening online to Dee’s interview with Janet Parshall.
    DEE YOU WERE AMAZING! The back and forth dialogue between you and Janet was great; she asked good questions; I especially perked-up when she asked about how our need for affirmation or approval is a legitimate need – we come into the world wanting to be approved of – so when does it cross over into becoming an idol?
    Satan and our own sinful nature do take our legitimate needs and twist them. I also liked her question about people who are so broken that their need is so profound, that idols develop from that. You answered all the call-in questions very thoroughly, too.
    A couple of ladies wanted to know, okay, we see the idols, how do we get rid of them?
    You did a great job explaining that we can’t get rid of them, only replace them. Liked how you tied-in Hosea and Gomer, and how God feels when we turn from Him.

  21. I just watched the 100 Huntley Street video. It went so smoothly. I like that the host let you do most of the talking. You did a great job!! I also sent the link around to everyone 🙂

  22. you can find the videos on youtube under dee brestin

  23. In pondering Dee’s question one thing that leads me to change when He allows the pain – His severe mercy. When I’ve turned to idols instead of God and the taskmaster demands payment and the payment is painful.

  24. I appreciate all the thoughtful responses to Renee’s thoughts and questions. There is the perennial discussion between God’s initiative and our initiative.

    I heard an interesting story yesterday about two men who thought Christianity was a “fairytale” and determined to disprove the resurrection of Jesus and the veracity of Paul’s conversion. Each was to study to disprove these claims and meet again. A year later when they met, each discovered that the other had become a Christian as a result of their study. 🙂 To my mind this proves that sometimes God intervenes and moves in the lives of even unwilling people to show himself REAL. I think also of the Biblical example of Balaam and his talking donkey. He wanted to ignore God, but couldn’t.

    1. Love your discussions going on here!
      I’m reading Idol lies…got a late start, just tonight…but I like to underline valuable sentences with pencil, so already I have underlined most of everything I’ve read! Not kidding! It is wonderful and I may be up all night reading it! Besides this is my copy and I will refer to it, the rest of my life!

      I want to finish reading your book before my oldest child, Kyla comes home for 11 days..Oct 1st thru 11th, because we have been kinda like you and J.R. use to be, Dee. Things have come between us.
      On the bottom of page 8, you talk about the two idols Martha had…an attempt to produce quilt and a unreasonable demand. Boy, I see myself doing that with Kyla and it has produced bad feelings and I feel so awful. It has to do with Kendra’s care when I’m gone, one day. I’m so teary eyed as I type this now, because I can see my idol’s so well and it hurts so bad to know how I have hurt Kyla in the past.
      PLEASE, PLEASE PRAY I will change and Kyla and I can have a renewed relationship when she comes home. Pray I will replace those idols with God! I’m so scared I will mess up and do the sideway comments again too. If you have any extra help for me, how I can avoid this, please jump in, as you are all daughter’s and maybe sister’s and maybe have daughter’s of your own that are old enough, like Dee and I do.
      When your daughter’s grow up into women themselves, it hard for a mom to forget them as their little girls, and treat them as the women they have become. We want to mother them (or smother them 🙁
      My own mom was very controlling of me, her only daughter and the baby of the family. I swore I would never be like that…but I have seen myself in mom and I don’t like it, at all. Mom and I had issues of her manipulating and I don’t want to leave this world with Kyla remembering me like that. I loved mom so very much, but she could never “untie the apron strings” and tried the quilt and the demands and everything else with me and I let her come between my husband and I even, to not hurt her.
      That is why I’m so scard I will ruin this time my daughter and I, will have together. I haven’t seen her for two years and it’s so important my tongue is not wicked and the devil keep away. I’ve been praying for some time now. I appreciate all of you so very much…your my sister’s…I never had. Thanks you for praying.

      1. oh Joyce, I just love your heart. I will pray for your time with Kyla–that there will be healing and renewal between you two. and for you to have peace. I know what you mean about messing up, and the cycle of controlling/manipulating…I’m a pro! But we ALL mess up, and that’s the beauty of grace.You are so honest about your own struggles and sin–that alone shows such growth and maturity–a break in the cycle.
        Lord, I lift up dear Joyce to You and this upcoming visit from Kyla. Thank You for Joyce’s heart and her desire to just love without sideways comments and manipulation. Thank You for her model of repentance. I pray for healing and restoration between them both–that this visit would be filled with Your grace poured out over them, and it would be a time they would really enjoy one another and treasure. In Your Name, amen

        1. Thank you Elizabeth…I treasure your comments and lovely prayer.

        1. Yes, Dear Jesus…melt the wall! Thank you so much, Dee

      2. Amen to the prayers of Elizabeth & Dee.

        There is such power in an apology Joyce, it is a gift that you see your self and want to change.
        I will be praying too!

        1. I know your right, Chris…there is power in an apology. Thank you for praying.

      3. Joyce,
        I too love your “play-dough heart” (I get that from Elizabeth!)
        I see great hope in your post, Joyce! You are reading Idol Lies, and seeing the similarities in your relationship with Kyla and Dee with her assistants and J.R.
        And like Dee, your eyes have been opened to your idol of power/control and the manipulation, just like her eyes began to be opened when she talked with Jan Silvious. I think it is great you are preparing for Kyla’s visit by praying (first and foremost!), reading Idol Lies, you are seeing your idols and repenting and I KNOW how much you love Jesus and like Dee says, our idols cannot be removed, but they can be replaced. Pray that He will be your control.

        I also am wondering if you might listen to the sermon that Dee mentions in her book by Jim Om called Models of Manipulation? Dee said it helped her so much and it’s on the Redeemer website, I believe.

        Here is my input, as a mom…believe me, I have fallen into the trap of using guilt and manipulation, especially with my two older sons. I have used guilt to try to get them to keep in touch with and visit family members. I think a very powerful thing to do is to APOLOGIZE. There have been times when I just have to say “I’m sorry” and then specifically name what you have done wrong. I think this helps our children, young or old, because we’re not trying to act perfect before them. In fact, I will never forget a young woman sharing with me once about her difficult relationship with her mother, and the one thing that bothered her the most is she said, “My mom never says she’s sorry for what she’s done, she never admits she is wrong”.
        I think it would be wonderful for you to share with Kyla what you’ve been learning about idols, and if you feel it necessary, ask her to forgive you for the times you’ve done it wrong. I think that your humility will only serve to draw the two of you closer together!

        1. I listened to the Jim Om message after I heard Dee mention it on 100 Huntley Street. I am still mulling over it. It is very good. I am seeing how manipulative I can be too. I tend to manipulate by guilt, but also by pouting and anger. I am in the midst of fighting that right now due to family tensions. Pray for me to release it to Him.

          I noticed Dee said in regards to her struggle with control (on the video Study Guide Lesson 1), “I need to trust that God can be in control and that I can either be silent or speak the truth in love.” I need to release MY need to fix it that sets my emotions into a spiral of tension and worry. Only when I can release MY control can I speak the truth in love into the situation or be still.

        2. Diane, I will pray for you, too…this control idol seems to be a biggy for everyone…I wonder how we learn to be so negative…wish it would be as easy to learn to “speak the truth in love”, like you said.

          Did you find the Jim Om message free on Redeemer? I am anxious to listen to it.

          Thank you all so much for your prayer’s and great advice…keep it coming!! Now back to my favorite new book!

        3. Susan, I will be praying that God will be my control and I definitely will apologize to Kyla…I have no problem ever doing that..like your friend’s mom. My mom was like that too, (couldn’t say she was sorry), but I believe in asking forgivness, because God forgives me.
          I think that you are right about the humility drawing us closer together too. Thank you.

      4. I am so glad you shared this, sweet Joyce. Yesterday when I listened to Dee on the Janet Parshal show I heard something I hadn’t heard. Dee shared that after she and David talked it out she had to have faith that God would help her when temptation came again. He is faithful so as you are now aware of this idol He will quicken you to turn from it. I have had deep conversations with my sons and explained that I was raised by an extremely manipulative parent and give them permission to tell me when I am bending in that direction. Of course I can’t get upset when they tell me! I have to respond by agreeing to work on it. Usually I say, “Yep, you’re right, lets try that again.” My adult sons give me grace when they know this is an area I truly want to change. We will be praying for a blessed time together.

        1. Kim, you show so much grace to talk to your sons about this and give them permission to tell you when you mess up. Amazingly encouraging story for those of us who are long-term manipulators.

        2. Thank you, Diane, The truth is I am desperately wary of becoming a master manipulator like my mother and grandmother. They were wonderful in many ways but manipulation was their strong suit and I have witnessed the destruction this idol brings and want no part of it! It has become ugly to me and I am probably over conscious of it.

        3. Your right, I remember that about Dee and David.
          I think that is wonderful that you can talk to your son’s about your fears of manipulation and that they feel like they can say something to you if they see control popping it’s ugly head up!
          I’m so worried that I will overdo my welcome with Trevor right here in town, but he tells me I worry too much and would like me to come more! So there has to be a happy medium! I never want to burden my kids. Thank you for your prayer’s Kim.

      5. Praying for you Joyce.

        1. Thank you, Laura

    2. good stories Diane. Balaam’s donkey made me smile–we have a Children’s video with that story and my kids laugh so hard when the donkey talks. But I love your point–nothing, not even stubborn hearts, can thwart God’s plan. Such peace in that!

  25. 3. Verse 2 quickens me.The Lord has established a stronghold against the enemy and avenger. We know who the enemy is and I think a good example of the avenger is the White Witch in The Lion Witch and Wardrobe. She owned Edmund because of his sin. I guess we could say that death is the avenger. So God has established a stronghold against these. Dee, I am stunned again. It is not a fortress or the armies of heaven. It is praise. Not only that but this mightiest of weapons is wielded by children and nursing infants, the smallest, weakest and most innocent of warriors. Awesome GOD!

    I see significance in the word our in “O Lord, our Lord” in that He is ours and the battle is His not ours. He is Lord of the war and ours personally.
    I think the fact that He has set His glory above the heavens means that His true glory is not visible to us. It resides in a place inaccessible to us right now because it would kill us. All we can see is the shadow of it.
    What does it mean “out of the mouth of babies and infants” Oh, I think it refers to what our hearts must be like, innocent and loving our Father and no other. Praise from such a heart is the stronghold against the enemy and the avenger.
    What I learn about the enemy and about God is that the enemy has a rightful claim to me. I am powerless against him but God has made a way for me and won the war.

    1. Anne, thank you for this…. “What I learn about the enemy and about God is that the enemy has a rightful claim to me. I am powerless against him but God has made a way for me and won the war”.
      See, you already helped me and you didn’t even know it!

      1. The reference to putting singers ahead of the army is from that same passage we looked at during Diane’s week;

        NIV 2 Chronicles 20:As they set out, Jehoshaphat stood and said, “Listen to me, Judah and people of Jerusalem! Have faith in the Lord your God and you will be upheld; have faith in his prophets and you will be successful.” 21 After consulting the people, Jehoshaphat appointed men to sing to the Lord and to praise him for the splendor of his holiness as they went out at the head of the army, saying:
        “Give thanks to the Lord,

        for his love endures forever.”

        I like the King James for this passage;

        Believe in the Lord your God, so shall ye be established; believe his prophets, so shall ye prosper. 21 And when he had consulted with the people, he appointed singers unto the Lord, and that should praise the beauty of holiness, as they went out before the army, and to say, Praise the Lord; for his mercy endureth for ever.

      2. Yes, it is the 2 Chronicles 20 passage. Thanks, Chris. I would only add verse 22 to the help the context.

        22 And when they began to sing and praise, the Lord set an ambush against the men of Ammon, Moab, and Mount Seir, who had come against Judah, so that they were routed.

        The thought that heartfelt praise has such power against God’s enemies is really WOW!

        1. Thanks for finding that Chris and Diane!

  26. I finally found the videos! Yay Dee! The first is AWESOME 🙂 im sure you know this but my video cut out with only about 1.5 minutes to go, during rachels part. Loved it though!!

  27. 6. In Genesis He gave Adam and Eve dominion over all the earth. You have dominion in your corner of the world. What do you feel He has called you to be? do?

    a. be: Transformed! I can’t be transformed unless I delve deeper into Him-who He is-to delight in Him and everything about Him.

    b. do: Seek to continue walking in the light-grow more intimate with Him and as a result I can hear Him more clearly-really my life is a reflection of Him in any ministry or area He sends me in my corner of the world. At this season in life-specifically He has called me to my husband and children, Dee’s ministry, fellowship at my church and working at the school as a sub when I can-God has given me opportunities to extend His kindness and love to the people I come in contact with in Dee’s ministry, at church and also at the schools I sub in.

    1. My answers seemed too ‘tidy’. 😉 I forgot to add that there is a cycle of repentance and faith daily and I do stumble in that-not perfect until I am with him! Yet overall I know there is growth in me even though I can’t see it like He can-the only thing I notice is that I am starting to see everything as less than Him..He is bigger and when I remember that truth, it is sweet communion! 🙂

  28. Really wanted to share this–hope it blesses some of you as it is me this morning:
    Tullian Tchividjian’s blog post for today–“Freed From The Prison Of Why”
    One quote from it “The good news of suffering is that it brings us to the end of ourselves—a purpose it has certainly served in my life. It brings us to the place of honesty, which is the place of desperation, which is the place of faith, which is the place of freedom. Suffering leaves our idols in pieces on the ground.”

    1. There is much truth in that Elizabeth, it is a hard journey to come to a place where you trust that your sovereign God has a purpose in the suffering and lay down the whys, the need to understand.

      It is a relief when the striving ceases.

      Are you going to read his book?

      1. oooh–I didn’t even see that it was taken from his new book, glad you noticed that. It’s so tempting, but I have such an over-abundance of books these days…and I just bought Whiter Than Snow yesterday–every time Dee has mentioned it I’ve wanted it. I have a bad habit of desiring to read more books than I can find time for or my head can retain the contents of!

    2. Wow! Great article! The quote from Thomas Merton really struck me too!

      Thomas Merton once said, “The truth that many people don’t understand, until it is too late, is that the more you try to avoid suffering, the more you suffer, because smaller and more insignificant things begin to torture you in proportion to your fear of being hurt.”

      I too would love to have the book but there are so many books I would like to read! 🙂 “So many books; so little time!”

      1. I really liked that quote too, Diane–it really cuts to the heart of it for me–that fear of being hurt…reminding me of how many times Scripture tells us “do not fear”–oh, what a thief fear is.

        1. Yes, fear it is. Isn’t that our comfort/security idol kicking in?

        2. Oh Dee, your phrase “live with abandon and fear not” sends a knife into my heart of stone. Oh, if I could only live like that. But Jesus would not tell us to fear not if it were not possible, would He? For so much of my life I have lived in fear, though I catch glimpses of freedom and living with abandon. This is part of what God is teaching me – to trust Him and live with abandon. Oh, but I am such a sloooooow learner. This idol of security is in real deep. Wrench it out, Lord, no matter how painful it is! Help me to want You, more than I want my security; to see how it is strangling my growth in You, how evil it is!

        3. I definitely need that prayer!

    3. That was good!! Although I got distracted and spent way too long reading/listening to his blog posts 🙂

    4. Elizabeth, thank you for sharing that about pain and suffering…it was very good! I like this last sentence, “And while He may not deliver us from pain and loss, He’ll walk with us through it. That is simply Who He is”.

  29. My facebook post for today:
    Dee Brestin has a new book called Idol Lies. Who or what do you run to for comfort or approval? Food? Friends? Facebook? TV? Activities? Shopping? When do you cross the line between making a good thing an ultimate thing?
    Listen and learn.

    Moody Radio | In The Market with Janet Parshall | 2012 Past Programs
    In The Market with Janet Parshall 2012 Past Programs

    1. Thanks for the links to Janet Parshall’s show. I hope I can find the time to listen soon.

    2. “like” 🙂

  30. 5. What do you learn about man in these verses?

    Man has responsibilities to earth. They are God given. Since we are made in His image, we are special.

  31. Link for right now: (had to poke around a little) http://www.faithplace.org/Stream-at-Faithplace.html

    1. JUst listened to intro and am praying!!!! I am working on computer — will give this 10 minutes. Might stop listening and focus on praying (can always listen later)

  32. Dee is on Debbie Chavez right now;

    here is the link


    1. Thanks Chris, I just listened and was so blessed by it. It seems I keep gleaning new help every time I hear Dee speak on this subject.

  33. Well done, Dee! Was praying for you 🙂

  34. 5. What do you learn about man in these verses? given dominion over His works and all things on earth under mans feet. We are created a little lower than the angels crowned with glory and honor. This refers to Christ too though right?

    6. In Genesis He gave Adam and Eve dominion over all the earth. You have dominion in your corner of the world. What do you feel He has called you to

    be? First a minister to my family…including our little guy. Then women’s ministry I want them to understand the word and be a powerful force in the world filled with grace and truth. I want them to see God and HIs love for them and encourage them to keep going when things get hard. Life is hard and anything that comes their way has been filtered through God’s hands for their greater good and His glory.
    do? Minister to these ladies in this way. Whoever God brings my way or takes me I wanna never stop talking about it. I really want to hear and see them. Point them to Christ. Here in the Bible belt or in Dubai. I just want to be praying for them and encouraging them and pointing them to Christ, the gospel hope, and the cross.

    So excited for you DEE! I think I get a moment to listen to something now! Going to try to do that.
    On a positive note, the doc saw our little man and really he has gone from being delayed about 1.5 years to a typical kid who is 3. Though I think he is still about 6 mos behind his peers the doc says he sees many like him that age!!! A real live miracle working right before our eyes. Praise God!

    1. That’s great about little man making huge strides developmentally under your care. Praise the Lord indeed! He is gracious!

    2. We rejoice with you on the miracle of your son.

    3. What a precious testimony this is Angela–of the POWER of LOVE in a child’s life–healing power. wow. That just truly points to His Majesty.

    4. Yes, Praise God!

  35. I have been pondering 5 & 6 for days, and I think this is not an “answer” to either (!), but my hodge podge of thoughts are not getting clearer, so I will have to give you hodge podge!

    It occurred to me that how important it is for me to first think about who I am called to be, rather than to do. When I think of all I feel called to do, I honestly feel overwhelmed right now. I keep starting to list things and I don’t even want to type them! So then I turn back to who I am called to be—a Daughter of the King, and it seems to simplify things for me a bit.

    I have responsibilities, but I also have an inheritance. He has shared His Majesty with us, creating us as His image-bearers-how am I bearing His image? A Daughter who is well-loved by her Father, talks about Him and all He has taught her, and wants others to see that, to know Him.

    For some reason, the last few days of sorting through new parenting struggles, juggling helping at school, my job, and home life… I keep coming back to the simple, simple thought—it is all about living out the Gospel, nothing else matters, at all. Every so often, I think just how right Luther got it when he said “All of life is repentance”…that’s what I want my life to be about—repentance and faith. Giving grace to family, to friends, to drivers and loud neighbors. I want to be less selfish with my time. I want to be honest, exposed,–shaped by Him, so that I can reflect not my own desires of my heart and self centered ways—but reflect my Father.

    1. Me too, Elizabeth…very good!

    2. Like!

    3. “It occurred to me that how important it is for me to first think about who I am called to be, rather than to do”. Oh, how often we get that backwards! The first thing I ususally ponder is what has God called me to DO, what does He want me to DO!
      That starts the ‘mouse on the wheel’, running, running, running.

    4. Elizabeth, these are beautiful thoughts! Thanks! It is who you are not what you do. How very freeing!

  36. Bible Study for Today: Psalm 8:1-2

    3. Meditate on these verses and share anything that quickens you, plus, any thoughts on these questions:
    What does it mean that He has set His glory above the heavens? This makes me think of Moses who wanted to see God He had to keep his glory covered so as not to kill Moses.
    What does it mean “out of the mouth of babies and infants” This reminds me of Jesus holding little children on His lap and how He forbade them not to come to Him. Also the verse that we need childlike faith to come to Him.
    What do you learn about the enemy and about God? Pure praise with childlike faith silences him.
    Psalm 8:3-4 4. Paint the picture of wonder in these verses. When have you experienced this? I read a verse once that said all the waters are in His hands and it blew me away. How big Hid hands must be to hold ALL the waters of the earth in one palm.

  37. I’ve been looking for a Psalm 8 song and I really like Keith Green’s–but I’ve just been in an old Twila Paris mood again and this one came to mind–HE IS EXALTED http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ww7HVhxgq3Y

  38. finally getting a chance to listen to Dee on Debbie Chavez. I’m thinking what a gift God has given you in your voice, Dee. There is a quality of genuineness that conveys SUCH warmth, humility, an gentleness. There is just not an ounce of judgmental tone or criticism–I am honestly “soothed” by your voice. And I say all that because I think it IS from Him, it’s worth noting–the message He has given you to share is exposing, and can be hard to hear. But your demeanor, is so like a gentle, wise counselor–I’m just sort of taken by that right now.

    1. I agree, elizabeth. I was listening live; when the intro to the interview came on, I turned down the volume. I actually felt nervous, because the tone of the interviewer at the beginning felt so very different than listening to Dee. Dee, when you started talking, I felt more calm — and I was praying for you like crazy because of my initial reaction 🙂

      Dee, for me, it was more than your voice, though, that calmed me; it was the credibility and godliness that I see in you (that I associate with your voice) that impacted me today. I know well that I often am slow to develop trust when in groups of Christians. The calming that I experienced today was another of God’s fingerprints that reminds me that my heart is in His healing hands. (Still, the idea of posting in an open blog kinda flips me out 🙂 )

    2. I just listened to Debbie Chavez also! Dee I was thinking the same thing about your voice the whole time. It soothes me. Thank you Dee 🙂

  39. LOVED the Janet Parshall interview! So excited for you Dee to get a spot on this show to address this critical issue of heart idolatry.

  40. 7. Read Psalm 8:9 and use it as a praise for the way He is moving in your life. If you have a favorite song for this psalm, give us the link.
    O Lord, our Lord,how majestic is your name in all the earth!
    YES a praise for what I wrote about how He is moving so HUGELY in the life of our little man. I am amazing and thankful to just be able to sit and watch HIM work. So thankful! So powerful!

  41. My students have a 30 minutes period of time that is sort of a study hall. However, in my classroom I ask students to read for 15 minutes and then they may work on their homework. I model reading as well. My new book to read is “idol lies,” and a student asked me what i was reading today 🙂 I explained, unashamedly, a “Christian book about idols. Not the typical ones we think of, but things like work, exercise, and control.” I even showed her your signature Dee!

    She had a shirt on that had a young woman on it and I asked her who it was. She said “Demi Lovata (?), she’s my idol.” I said, “see?? You have one too!”

    I can’t believe I witnessed to a student in that way today! Thank you Dee 🙂

    1. Love this, Laura-dancer 🙂

    2. 🙂

    3. How neat!!

  42. :

  43. Question: I still don’t completely understand how I’m supposed to tell if a passage points to Jesus (except if I’ve heard it taught or a commentator has said so). I didn’t look in a commentary and haven’t heard it taught, but v. 2 sure seems to describe Jesus:

    “Out of the mouth of babes and nursing infants
    You have ordained strength,
    Because of Your enemies,
    That You may silence the enemy and the avenger.”

    He came as a baby and silenced (is silencing, and will silence) the avenger. SO, is this one of those passages? If it isn’t, why not?

    1. Wish I could answer you, Renee…but I don’t know…that’s one for Dee!

    2. Ooooh Renee! I think you’re right !! I hope dee comments here 🙂 to confirm.

  44. Just listened to Dee on the Debbie Chavez show couldn’t listen earlier it wouldn’t come up on my IPad. Got to the site but it would not play so listened to the download. Great job. You made it very clear on how we can get help with our idols. My friend is picking up a copy for me and I should have it Sunday. Can’t wait to start reading it and learning more.

  45. 6. In Genesis He gave Adam and Eve dominion over all the earth. You have dominion in your corner of the world. What do you feel He has called you to

    be? This is tough. I have patience and persistence when others would have given up. I think He calls me to use that with others. I also have a forgiving spirit. I realize that people make mistakes and I will too. We need to forgive those who do. It could be us. He calls me to be all these things to others.

    do? I believe the Lord has called me to share His word through dance. We all learn differently, and some people don’t understand when scripture is read to them. They aren’t auditory learners. This is where I come in. I am a trained dancer and have danced for 41 years. Never was my dancing so meaningful until I danced for God. My favorite thing to dance to is scripture. Thank you Jesus for this gift you have given me.

    1. I would love to see you dance, Laura!

      1. I know, I wish we had a way in church for filming in a flattering way. It is hard. Maybe this Christmas though. Our choir director has asked that my group dance in the cantada. I’ve often thought how I would like to travel throughout the country and dance at every church I can 🙂

        1. I’d be there for sure..if I could!!

  46. 7. Read Psalm 8:9 and use it as a praise for the way He is moving in your life. If you have a favorite song for this psalm, give us the link.

    Found this video-loved the pictures..moved me to worship. Don’t know who is singing it though: http://youtu.be/Oa7TPqlwu-g

    Oh Lord I worship your majesty, your beauty is beyond comparison. Lord I exalt you above all for you are worthy-worthy are you-the lamb that was slain. Your power I can’t fathom but you are fierce in how you have been chiseling my heart. Your Grace and Mercy wash my inmost, undeserved being with love unfathomable-what is my life here on Earth but a vapor, but with you glorious! OH God help me not to hold what is not eternal above you-forgive me for the times I was overwhelmed this past week-when my idols beckoned and I listened. I stumbled and fell because I thought they could soothe me-how foolish I am! for you are above all and those things are worthless sticks-Oh Lord how majestic is your name in all the Earth. Thank you for awakening me to my natural bend to these wicked idols and for empowering me to turn when I turn-Amazing love, how can it be that you would save, and continue to pursue a wretch like me. Oh God do what you will to rip me of anything I am not aware of so that you will be exalted and lifted up in my life above all. I’m scared! but you have made me want you-I want you and you have taught me that being closer to you outweighs the cost, outweighs the pain-How majestic is your name in all the Earth-you are my God and I am your beloved and I love you.

    1. Oh Rebecca, this is simply beautiful. So like you…who you are in Him!

  47. Elizabeth, I saw your post in my email about not wanting your kids to suffer. I totally understand. When I watch my kids struggle, my emotions totally go crazy – fear, pain, grumpy, urge to take over control, asking God why. Even relatively minor things can send me in a tizzy! Definitely an idol rearing its ugly head. Have to keep giving it back to the Lord over and over.

    For example, Krista is struggling this week. They have been without water at their house since Tuesday. She has ended up moving with family to her in-laws last night. Hubby and father are working on digging to find the solution. This might be very expensive and they don’t know how they will handle it. I don’t think she would mind me telling you this so you can be praying for her.

    1. Thank you Diane. I wrote that last night–and then, my emotions so raw and wacky this week, I realized I didn’t want to feel so exposed and unsure if I was understood/heard….so thank you for hearing AND understanding!
      I will definitely be praying for Krista–can’t imagine being without water, especially with little ones–so hard!I will pray they can find the solution quickly and without a lot of expense.

      1. Hugs, Elizabeth. I totally understand how exposed you might feel. When life is out of control, there are no easy answers. Jesus is the answer but his way is a hard way – a sometimes rough and dangerous pass through the mountains. I’m praying for you.

        1. I’m feeling much more hopeful today. A very wise friend recently reminded me that parenting is NOT supposed to be “the hardest thing I’ll ever do”. That’s a good “red flag” for me–when I feel it IS the hardest thing…I’m trying to hard to “fix”.
          For so long I saw control as just the icky awful, manipulating part of me (which it is), but it also seeps out when I love and care so much for my children and just want to fix their world so they can avoid pain…a good desire becomes epi-desire. Another “red flag” is when I feel so exhausted I just want to stay in my bath and not get out until the storm passes. That’s how I felt yesterday, but hearing Dee again speak the truth, and really asking myself “do I trust Him with this?” brought me such peace. I had run to the worst case scenario again and I must not do that. He really does have this–and me!

      2. Praying also

        1. I mean for Krista and their problems with the water. But Elizabeth, I would of been praying for you, but didn’t and still don’t see your post you wrote last night. I understand when it comes to our kids. Love and prayers for you!