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Let me share the dedication with you here:


To my sisters who piloted this study and

opened their hearts to the Stonecutter’s knife.



This will be a different week — a celebratory week — and we’ll get back to our study next week. If this seems like a weird “Dee-focused week,” please give me grace. Truly, I want to celebrate what God has done and LOOK FOR HIS FINGERPRINTS. And you are a HUGE part of it. What fun is a party alone?

I also so DO want your prayers for this week of launching Idol Lies. May He do what He intends and protect from the enemy. This is such a shared effort — I can’t do this week any other way but with you. Because this is a shared effort I long for:

  • Your prayers
  • Your help in posting media events, your thoughts on the book, whatever — on Facebook.
  • Your reflections and praise this week — as each day will bring a new adventure

We will also be going through a great Psalm of praise this week — Psalm 8 — for I am full of praise at what God has done. He has stilled the enemy and the avenger; He has used us, though we are like infants and children in his sight, and I am amazed that He is mindful of us and has given us the dominion He has — how humbled I am. O Lord — How majestic is your name. There are many U-Tube versions and you can post your favorites. I like this one because the church building and the voices insides are an attempt to praise God — a God so beyond us, yet we try to magnify His name.


Now — here is some of my feeble praise!

Let me tell you how I saw God’s fingerprints through women on the blog:

  • It began as a Bible study on heart idols — but when I saw firsthand how it was changing you, I knew it had to be a book. His fingerprints.
  • Many of your stories, some with pseudonyms, are in this book. When He changes a life, how can you not see His fingerprints?
  • Many of you who have traveled with us remember when Idol Lies was going to be titled The Stonecutter because Jesus is the one who reveals, removes, and replaces our idols with Himself. But God moved in my heart and I became enthusiastic about the publisher’s recommended title of Idol Lies — and so did you! A confirmation. His fingerprints.

I thank God upon every remembrance of you. Some of you, who were a faithful presence during this study will be receiving a book in the mail. (Rebecca has done detective work — but if you feel you were missed, let her know — books should arrive this week.)

Just as in the book of Esther, I have battled the enemy at every turn, but God has always been triumphant. I want to share some of the ways I’ve seen His fingerprints, some of the ways the enemy was defeated — and then I want to hear from you!


Many of you have heard my story of my changed life when I finally saw my heart  idol. I was having trouble keeping a good administrative assistant — and I always thought it was HER FAULT. But when my fourth administrative assistant resigned (in ten years) and I lamented to Jan Silvious, she peered at me and said, “Seems to be a pattern in your life, Dee.”


Jan Silvious

In the same way, when you saw your heart idols, one by one, you were stunned. The Stonecutter revealed your idol and you responded! Changed lives! Too many to recount. (Many are in the book or video.) I saw changed lives when I did a face to face study in Kansas City. God is all over this topic and His Spirit is moving from Africa to America, from Presbyterians to Pentecostals.


Finding the right publisher. How thankful I am that He led me to Worthy! I am so impressed with their quality and integrity. They are eager to support — creating an app (It will simply be called Dee Brestin and you’ll be able to get it for free from I-tunes — it will have all the videos…), standing behind me, contributing enormous talent.

Finding the right people to do the video. God gave us Ben Eisner — who is way out of our price range, but was moved to come film at the cabin. You may have seen his work in the documentary EXPELLED. He and his wife were a true friend to my daughter Sally in a time of need, and God moved him to help again. Amy Shreve is letting us use her amazing music for free. Martin French is letting us use his wonderful artwork for free. Rebecca helped me find a great man in Tim Mahony to do the Kansas City testimonies. GOD’S FINGERPRINTS.

The filming — we imported some international students from Moody who were amazing. My dear friend Cynthia came and gave a testimony and her husband cooked all our meals. Weather was great. GOD’S FINGERPRINTS

J. R. and Dianne


Working with my son, J. R., who was the artistic editor for the video. We are closer than we have ever been — we’ve certainly battled spiritual warfare with misunderstandings and technical troubles and even my fall that required 13 stitches on my face just weeks before I was to be on camera. But J. R. has put so much time, prayer, talent and love into this that I really think it is the best video I’ve been a part of. His fiance Dianne has helped so much. You’ll be able to see some of it this week. We filmed it in beautiful Door County, Wisconsin. Here I am, high on a cliff, a speck amidst God’s majesty, with the swirling waters of Lake Michigan below, so like the swirling waters of our souls. J. R. filmed this segment — and hours later I had my fall. The enemy was there but he didn’t win. Many of you have been praying J. R. will get this done — and he’s going to make it! GOD’S FINGERPRINTS

Dee at Cave Point

I hope if Idol Lies does not do well, I will trust Him. I want it to do well because the message is so changing lives — but if I’ve learned anything, it is to trust Him and submit to Him. I will never ever forget how He moved — through you, through the body of Christ, and through His quickening.

Sunday/Monday Icebreaker

1. How have you seen His fingerprints on this journey — if you have traveled any of it with us?

2. What comments do you have from the above?


Monday – Friday:

Watching online, responding, and reflecting. Below is a list of places I’ll be — how I’d love your prayers and input — and postings on Facebook! And on Tuesday, if you feel so led, you can call in.

On Monday I will be on this program in Canada. (We have one active Canadian blogger: Diane!) I’ve never been on Canadian television before but I hear it has a high quality — and surely Canada is an enormous mission field, as is our own country.It airs in the morning and you should be able to listen online by mid afternoon. I’m only on ten minutes — so mostly I need you to pray.  I’ve been battling reflux this week, which I’m convinced is exacerbated by stress and the enemy — and I need to trust Him. Pray for quickening and traveling mercies — and if you want to listen and leave comments — go to this link: http://www.100huntley.com/

Bible Study for Today: Psalm 8:1-2

3. Meditate on these verses and share anything that quickens you, plus, any thoughts on these questions:

    • What significance do you see in the word our in “O Lord, our Lord”
    • What does it mean that He has set His glory above the heavens?
    • What does it mean “out of the mouth of babies and infants”
    • What do you learn about the enemy and about God?

Tuesday: Janet Parshall

You can listen 4 to 5 central time on Tuesday, 9/11. You can participate!

Call Live On-Air

(877) 548-3675

Listener Comments

(877) 526-3858
(877) JANET-58

If you don’t have her in your city, you can listen online at http://www.moodyradio.org/inthemarketwithjanetparshall/ (Please pray — this is often a political problem and I have sometimes wondered if Christians tend to see a political candidate as their means of rescue. I may ask that — may God show me.  How I need His quickening!

Bible Study for Today: Psalm 8:3-4

4. Paint the picture of wonder in these verses. When have you experienced this?

Wednesday The ten downloadable videos will be available on Worthy’s website – and hopefully on mine shortly after. I’d love for you to watch the first and comment. Here’s the link: http://worthypublishing.com/books/Idol-Lies/

Bible Study for Today: Psalm 8:5-8

5. What do you learn about man in these verses?


Thursday: The Debbie Chavez show  www.debbiechavezshow.com

You can listen online after the show, which airs at 11 Central Time. This is an online interview and I don’t even know what that means — but I guess I’m about to find out!

Bible Study: Read Psalm 8:5-8 again.

6. In Genesis He gave Adam and Eve dominion over all the earth. You have dominion in your corner of the world. What do you feel He has called you to

  • be?
  • do?

Friday: Bible Study

7. Read Psalm 8:9 and use it as a praise for the way He is moving in your life. If you have a favorite song for this psalm, give us the link.


8. What is your take-a-way and why?

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  1. Oh DEE! Praise God from Whom ALL Blessings Flow! This IS such a celebration! So thankful for all He has done!!
    Praying for you today for safe travels–much love to you!

  2. Father we praise you this morning for the work of your Spirit, for your unfailing love to us.
    We ask that the message you have for your own, the message you have given to Dee, that it would go forth under your protection and with great power. That those you would have hear it would be listening, that You would draw them & prepare their hearts, that would not be distracted, that they would come humbly, ready to do know what idols they are deceived by, that You would provide the power for them to grasp how high and how wide and how deep your love is for them, that this would melt hearts and bind them to you.
    Protect Dee, keep her safe this busy week, let her feel your love and leading with great assurance as she goes forth with your message.
    We praise and thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this work, may it greatly glorify You!
    In Jesus name,

    1. Chris says this prayer so beautifully, I must just say AMEN! I’m excited for you Dee and I pray your book will reach the world! I pray you’ll have a safe flight and traveling mercies through out your trip…with NO reflux I also pray the Lord quickens you and gives you peace, with no stress.

    2. Amen Chris!

    3. Amen! Congratulations Dee! Although I am working this week and can’t be part of the radio programs, I will be here to pray for you and the new learners. I pray many will open their eyes and hearts to realize what I did, that He is who I need to set my sights on only. Thank you Jesus for being ours.

  3. I’m with Elizabeth, so exciting!! Excellent post Dee.

    1. How have you seen His fingerprints on this journey — if you have traveled any of it with us?

    (First, to update you-Thanks for praying sisters! I am staying home this morning to rest. Still feeling a bit weak, barely ate yesterday, but recovering well.)

    I think the fingerprints would be too many to post. I was privileged to see His fingerprints in the women who did the study online and the ones who read the manuscript and did the face to face study. I was amazed at how He moved uniquely with each one of us. I saw his fingerprints here on the blog as he opened our eyes to our stones. Especially at first with Anne, Elizabeth and Susan-they were so ready to find the stones. I think for the first day or two I was wondering if I had a problem with idols. oh my! 😉

    I remember the healing of Dee’s injury-how you can’t tell in the video and how amazingly radiant and beautiful she looks in the video to boot-Take that hammer to the head, Satan! The fingerprints of God.

    I just think the timing of everything was so perfect, even the stumbling blocks-God even used Satan’s whiles just enough to hang himself and bring glory to God.

    The timing of Dee’s meeting with Leslie Vernick, and how their conversation was quickened by him and used in the book. The quickening of Elizabeth’s heart and how God moved in her life chiseling her stone and how she shared it with us so that God could use it as a mighty tool in the book as he chisels stones in the women’s hearts who will read it.

    The quickening of Susan’s heart as she opened up to His knife and so wanted heart surgery. How she vulnerably shared with us her story-God had it put in the book because he knew women could relate to her story and I know, OH I know with each story in that book that God’s fingerprints are all over it.

  4. Dee I am so happy for this accomplishment and how the Lord has had his hand in it every step of the way! I can’t wait to read “Idol Lies”, and know its going to challenge me to grow in Christ as much as these studies I receive every week in my email!
    When I first came to your study blog last year was after I came back from a mission’s trip to Haiti and read you book “The Friendships of Women”. I knew I had to take some serious steps toward a greater walk in the Lord and learned of your study blog!
    I have felt the growth! It has been painful at times and ego crushing ( heart idol)
    but it has taught me also to check my spirit. In other words, my motives!

    I have been sharing with everyone your studies on FB and intend to continue to do so!
    I can’t look back when the future looks so bright and full!
    Be Blessed and know that you are loved!

  5. Oh Dee, I will NEVER forget the first time I REALLY saw my perfectionism and need to be right and liked and “better”. I always thought that that was what was expected of me as a Christian, how could it be a BAD thing.
    AND THEN He did it, He showed me how I was acting as if I had all the answers and not trusting in HIM, He revealed to me my PRIDE and man was it ugly! (still is!) but now i see it as a bad thing, a thing that needs to be replaced with HIM.
    I have not changed as much as I wish I have, I still love it when people praise me and I want to be “better”. I think the biggest difference is that i see my sin as sin and long to fill my “holes” with Jesus instead of my pride.

  6. YAY! This is so exciting! I’m praying, Dee, for your stamina, stress, reflux and God’s mercies and quickening. I’m going to try to watch live. I love it that you are starting the launch in CANADA! My home and native land! Praise you, Lord, for Dee and for this book that you are going to use so mightily.

    Let’s party!

  7. Dear Dee – I am praying for you each day this week in hopes that the Lord will take Idol Lies and spread its message to the ends of the earth. Our bible study begins again this Wednesday and we are all so excited to get going!
    We have our Idol Lies books in hand. We will all pray for your health as you have a busy schedule this week. God’s blessings to you and to all the people who helped by being a part of this journey. In Him, Peggy

  8. Oh Dee, What an exciting and exhausting week! I’m praying for your health, stamina, and spiritual strength. Looking forward to listening to interviews 🙂

  9. I love Worthy Publishing’s mission, “Helping people experience the heart of God.” This is exactly what I experienced while participating in “Idol Lies”. I discovered His great heart and love in a new and real way.
    Thank you dear Dee for the lovely autographed book. What a blessing to be a small part of this endeavor. Ready to celebrate and praying for relief from reflux and traveling mercies.

  10. praying for all this weeks activities, my the Holy Spirit speak through you and to the heart of many many woman and may their lives be changed as ours have been! love you Dee and fellow bloggers!!!!

  11. I LOVED the youtube Dee posted above of How majestic is your name, and I really couldn’t find one that compared. But this has been in my heart today in celebration of all He has done, is doing, and will do in our lives:

    1. Elizabeth,

      Loved this Twila Paris song!

  12. 1. How have you seen His fingerprints on this journey — if you have traveled any of it with us?

    I see His fingerprints in Dee’s humility—her honest exposure of her own idols, that led her to write this book. My nature when I see my sin, is to first try to make sure no one else sees it (ha!) But Dee went to the cross with it. She bowed down and offered her insight to her own heart as a sacrifice—and that, He used and has blessed.
    I see His fingerprints here—the women here who gently point me back to Him—helping me see the Truth, but in a non-judgmental, Gospel-centered environment of trust. As Anne said last week, it is truly ‘iron sharpening iron’ on this blog—and that can only come through Him.

    2. What comments do you have from the above?

    That I’m just so excited this week is here—filled with joy, praise and prayer!
    I love the youtube, and the picture of JR and Dianne—so thankful for the sacrifices they have made to be a part of something that has blessed all of us so much.

  13. First so happy! Congrats! Praying for much fruit and all these things with publicity go well. That God will draw people to this book who need true freedom and heart change. I have been so blessed!

    1. How have you seen His fingerprints on this journey — if you have traveled any of it with us? I really can say too there are too many fingerprints to type here but will think about the biggest ones or most meaningful ones and post throughout the week.

    2. What comments do you have from the above? All is so precious. I love how God worked through all of this, all the free things provided above are amazing too!

  14. Chris–praying for you especially today–Daniel’s birthday. Praying you will feel His presence, His Peace, His arms around you. Much love to you~

    1. Praying, Chris. I didn’t realize today was Daniel’s birthday!

    2. Thanks Elizabeth for mentioning this. Praying for Chris and family.

      1. Thanks so girls,
        I am doing okay so far today, I woke up and prayed as I had planned to do.
        I feel at peace, at church yesterday the worship leader reminded us that we can be more assured that we will rise again than that we will wake up tomorrow morning.
        Then we sang “I Will Rise”
        I have been singing it inside ever since.
        I feel a joy underneath the sadness.


        1. “a joy underneath the sadness” So thankful to hear this Chris. Reminds me of “love beneath the waves”

        2. This is such a hopeful song, Chris. Hope your day has been God-filled and hope-filled.

        3. Chris, I’m sorry that I didn’t see this earlier. You come to mind a lot and I am prompted to pray for you then. “I Will Rise” is one of the songs that I was allowed to choose for my niece’s funeral. It is such a bittersweet song for me.

        4. Thank you Dawn, I am glad that you shared that you chose this song for you nieces funeral, that I come to your mind and you pray for me is such a comfort.

          Grief makes us listen with different intensity dont you think?

        5. So true!

  15. Lord, thank You for this opportunity Dee has to be on Canadian TV this morning! Thank You for granting her safe travels and that her reflux has subside. We come together and pray that You speak through her Lord as Your vessel. That she may speak clearly the words You desire, that Your message would be heard, and You would be glorified> In Your Name I pray~

    1. YEAH, Dee!!

    2. Yay! I’m so glad! The show has started! Waiting anxiously!

      1. Makes me smile to know you are watching her Diane–you are watching for all of us! I can’t wait until we can see it later today! 🙂

    3. that is wonderful!!! Praying!

    4. Thank you, Jesus for answered prayer and safety.

  16. 2. What comments do you have from the above?

    Love the video Dee posted! Love the picture of JR and Diane-still amazed at how God worked all of this out with JR, Tim and Ben for the videos. He only gave satan enough rope to hang himself and He left a huge stone of remembrance for Dee of His faithfulness and provision-of his comfort and love and of His protection from the evil one. He is good!

  17. I am waiting for “100 Huntley Street” to come one here in New Brunswick. So excited and nervous for Dee!

  18. I just finished watching Dee on “100 Huntley St.” She did SO well. You looked beautiful too, Dee. I wish she had more time. I caught myself taking notes because I heard new things and want to check it out more. They talked about Dee’s point about replacing idols with God’s love more in the conclusion. Good stuff! They obviously were impressed too. I can hardly wait to get my copy of the book.

    1. Yeah Diane!! So glad to hear this!!!! Will watch today! 🙂

      1. 🙂 Just think of me as your personal cheer leading section!

        I knew my book wouldn’t arrive as soon as the others, but I am patient! So great that you had a good talk with the host. He seems like a really godly man. I have heard him on the show before. 100 Huntley Street has been on the air for a LONG TIME but the main host (David Mainse) retired a few years ago and his son (and wife) are some of the hosts now. I love that show whenever I watch it, but I don’t usually watch daytime TV because I can get sucked in, watch too much and don’t get other things done.

      2. I want a make-up artist 🙂 (I thought it was important that I broadcast that to all of Internet-ville)

    2. Diane,
      I’m so glad you got to see Dee “live” on TV! That’s so exciting!

  19. 3. Meditate on these verses and share anything that quickens you, plus, any thoughts on these questions:

    What significance do you see in the word our in “O Lord, our Lord” It is addressing the Triune God Master over all. He is HUGELY AMAZING. :)His name is magestic above the highest of all things, including the heavens.
    What does it mean that He has set His glory above the heavens?
    What does it mean “out of the mouth of babies and infants” well it is wonderful that babes can silence the enemy and strength comes from them and their praise. It however refers I would guess more so to the coming babe of our SAVIOR Jesus. He came in the flesh as a babe who ultimately silenced the enemy and will silence him for good when He comes back for us.
    What do you learn about the enemy and about God? God uses the foolish things to silence the wise.

    Love the exclamation in this verse how it begins! I used to sing a song that started with verse one I think in youth choir!

  20. For those of you who watch the “100 Huntley Street”, Dee is on in the last 15 minutes of the one hour show.

  21. 2. What comments do you have from the above?
    Pure thankfulness and joy to see his fingerprints again and again.

  22. hey, internet guy…the video of rebecca in video 3 has an echo it the first half.

    1. and when your on utube looking at the videos you cant see which lesson it is. can you put the # in front of the words so you dont have to click on it to see which one it is??
      looks great, just trying to help work out some bugs:-)

        1. yes–it’s the ones on Worthy. The echo on Rebecca wasn’t there when you gave us Tim’s link–only on Worthy’s, but it does stop after a minute & 1/2. Not on your part at all.

        2. Yes Dee, it is on Worthy’s site and it does echo through half of it-its pretty obvious. yikes! 🙂

        3. It’s on Rachel’s (2nd video) too…praying! 🙂

        4. Rebecca,

          All audio corrected… thanks to Dianne & Alyson W.

          I love in the video where you say, “Intimacy with God is like a stream, and I hate it when the rocks get in the way.”

          Tim Mahoney did a tremendous job!

          God Bless,

          J.R. Brestin

    2. Yes, I had to quit listening there, to see if I had been running it two times maybe…but wasn’t. It’s very distracting and I hated that so bad:( Hope they can fix it.

    1. You got it!

    2. Wow! A whole hour! Praying!

    1. Dee, when he is less pressured, can we get an Android app, too? Will continue to pray for you and him!

    2. JR you do such a great job! praying for you! Im sure its worthy that needs to fix the lesson # thing….

    3. Yes, Jesus I lift J.R. to you now asking for favor, help (You are his ever present help in time of need) and energy. May your peace rest on him tonight. Thank you for the blessing that he is to his mother and this endeavor and how you are growing their relationship in wonderful ways. Bless him Lord, bless him and increase him indeed. In faith I ask, believing it is done! Amen.
      Thank you for bringing this problem to Dee’s attention so it could be righted. You are so good to take care of every detail and we love you for it.

      1. Yes, Father, thank you for all J.R. is doing anf help him to get it all done. May the pressure be off his and Dee’s and everyone else’s back’s that have worked so hard for this book. I know it will all have been worth it, because I feel this book is going to go very far!

  23. DEE IS ON THE HUNTLEY SITE NOW!! http://www.100huntley.com/video?id=6tuA0yqscYI

    1. Thank you Elizabeth. Dee, love this and it makes me so proud and grateful that others are going to be set free. I am so looking forward to reading this.
      Sisters, you can click share and it will post on your Facebook page. 🙂

    2. Great job Dee, so open about the idols in your life so we can learn about ours.

  24. oh, watching now–oh you are just beautiful Dee!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! Just watched it-Yes, Dee it was wonderful and you are so beautiful! I loved his questions and could tell he was thinking about what you said. 🙂

      1. agree with you two, and Dee, great hairstyle 🙂

  25. 3. Meditate on these verses and share anything that quickens you, plus, any thoughts on these questions:

    The significance of calling Him Our Lord, is that it acknowledges relationship, the covenant–I am His and He is mine. Also, He is OURS—it emphasizes my relationship with the Body of believers. He has given Himself to us as Lord, and we are under His rule.

    His glory above the heavens. It struck me that HE set His glory—even His glory is orchestrated by Him! And it is above all that we can comprehend.

    Out of the mouths of babies and infants—God uses the weakest, the smallest of vessels to proclaim His majesty. We see that by His power alone, even the tiny baby’s praise silences the enemy.

  26. Sunday/Monday Icebreaker

    1. How have you seen His fingerprints on this journey — if you have traveled any of it with us?

    Well, I have been here awhile and remember the pain of trying to understand just what Dee meant by the word “idol” and how it applied to ME. certainly I wasn’t an idolator? Guess what? I was WRONG. His fingerprint was my friend Elaine who pointed me to this study a year and a half ago, and Dee being patient by explaining over and over again what the “idol” concept had to do with me.

    2. What comments do you have from the above?

    As I remember back, it brings back the memory of how Iearned how I had not just one idol, but several! Control is the frontrunner, but my children, work and exercise all play a close second..I learned to hold Jesus up first, not these other things. He is ALL I need. I go to Him first, for everything. Sometimes I forget and fall back into my old ways; I am not perfect. When it happens, I get sad.

  27. 1. How have you seen His fingerprints on this journey — if you have traveled any of it with us?

    I see Gods fingerprints in the way he has drawn each of us here, how He has spoken to us through Dee, the study, the sermons, and one another.
    I see His fingerprints in that sometimes the richest gains are made when I least “feel” like doing to study, but I show up and follow through
    I have begun to see that when I feel really afraid, I might be close to something & I need to be bold in pushing through, Satan wants me to shrink back.
    I see His fingerprints in that I am much more equipped to see when I am starting to take refuge in comfort, or to be too concerned with what others think of me,, I see His patience with me, how long suffering He is, His mercy inspires me.

    1. Chris, your words here have blessed me so much! “when I feel very afraid, I might be close to something and need to push through” Yes! I am very encouraged.

      1. Thank you Anne, you encourage ME!

      2. I thought the same thing, Yes thanks Chris!

  28. 2. What comments do you have from the above?

    I feel grateful for all the ways that God provided for Idol Lies to go forward, all the talent that was provided, how things have been orchestrated, coming together at the right times in the right places.That the collaboration with JR was blessed, that Dee looks so wonderful in the videos, no sign of an injury at all & the power of the testimonies of the women.

    I am excited to see the book going out into the world, excited and hopeful that God will use it to draw believers to understand the bondage they are blind to, how it wounds the heart of God, that as a result they will repent, and be motivated to love and glorify God.

  29. I just came across this from D.A. Carson’s devotional, “For the Love of God”. Today’s reading is from Ezekial 14, so appropriate for our study–here’s a quote: “To set up idols in the heart is to separate oneself from the living God”

    1. I clicked the link, it took me to todays devotional (I subscribed!) but could not see how to go back to the one posted the previous day.

      1. if you keep scrolling down the page, below today’s is yesterdays, and it keeps going…

        1. scroll down, why did I not think to try that!
          Thank You!

        2. 🙂

    2. This is really good, Elizabeth, and the quote you posted here is really piercing, for me. It is awful to think that sometimes my idols look so good that I am willing to separate myself from Him. I was thinking about that mental picture yesterday about something we studied here weeks ago, in 1 John, about how God is in the light, and I pictured that every time I make a turn into the darkness, I have to let go of His hand.

  30. Here’s the link for listening to Moody Radio live online: http://www.moodyradio.org/brd_MainPage.aspx?id=69458

    I just put the Moody radio app on my cell phone, but I don’t think I could call in and listen to the app at the same time 🙂

    Dee, I agree that some people seem to be looking for God to rescue us through a political candidate. I’ve isolated myself from many political discussions, but I did hear something good on a Christian radio station when I was in the car. The broadcaster reminded listeners that whatever happens, God is in control. He also encouraged people to vote their values and then (what I particularly appreciated) said that the political values among people of God will differ and that’s okay!

    Many times, when someone said to me “Vote your values,” he meant that I should vote his values (with which I often disagree!).

    Ok, after having the phone app playing for about 2 minutes (just now), the news/announcements started implying how I should vote (and I happen to agree on this issue), but I strongly disliked the manipulative tactics and tone in political ads that masquerade as “news stories.” Maybe people need out-of-control “control idols” to develop “effective” political news stories?? e.g., “If my candidate doesn’t win, life is hopeless.”

      1. Amen to that Dee!

  31. 1. How have you seen His fingerprints on this journey — if you have traveled any of it with us?

    The first thing that comes to mind was the freedom I found from worrying and fretting about my salvation. Before the idol study I was never sure if I had been good enough for Him to let me into His heaven. The pieces began to slowly fit together that I would never be good enough on my own merit. I needed His sacrifice to be enough. I was elevating myself to god status believing I was responsible in part for my salvation when He and only He alone could save me and keep me. When I saw that my name was sealed and written on His heart I knew no one could ever unseal me.
    Then as we studied the prodigal and I peered into that painting with an open heart and began to see myself as the elder brother – oh my that was painful but God was gentle with me leading me into more truth and repentance.
    Through weekly sermons Dr. Keller taught us to see all the terrible things Jesus took so we wouldn’t have to and my heart filled with a new love for Him. I began to see the birth, the cross and repentance in new light and it transformed me.
    I am a work in progress and see idol worship everywhere. It is a daily turning to Him. This has been the best, deepest and most life changing study and my heart is full of anticipation for all those who will read and be impacted by “Idol Lies”.

    1. Kim,
      You have a beautiful testimony. I remember your battles with feeling secure in your salvation; I’m so glad He took you to the place you are in now.

      1. Thank you, Susan. No worry or fear about heaven is an amazing thing. I wish I could give this gift to my family who don’t yet have light on it…in His time, right?

        1. Your testimony speaks personally to me, Kim, because this is the thing Satan most often hits me with….”You did this…you said that…you had those thoughts…do you really think you are a Christian? How could God forgive what you did? A real Christian wouldn’t act like that…”

  32. 2. What comments do you have from the above?
    On the Huntley video you said you saw the changes it made in the women on the blog and knew it was book worthy but we saw you changing and being real before us and you led the way for us to humble ourselves to the stonecutter, Dee. You led by example and I believe God saw your humility – like the way you handled cleaning lady who stole from you – and used your examples to set off a domino effect.

    1. Agreed, well said Kim!

      1. Thank you, Chris.

    2. Definitely Dee set the bar for us to get to.

  33. What significance do you see in the word our in “O Lord, our Lord”?

    We are intimate with God. He is ours.

    What does it mean that He has set His glory above the heavens?

    He is far a wide in scope, nor just set apart for a sect of people.

    What does it mean “out of the mouth of babies and infants”?

    Even the young know His goodness and can praise the Lord.

    What do you learn about the enemy and about God?

    By having an “army” of believers the enemy has no chance to break through. It’s as if it is a line of defense in a war.

  34. 3. Meditate on these verses and share anything that quickens you, plus, any thoughts on these questions:
    • What significance do you see in the word our in “O Lord, our Lord”
    The word “our” makes him personal, He is not just “the” Lord He is MY Lord & OUR Lord

    • What does it mean that He has set His glory above the heavens?
    Perhaps this points to Gods glory being too much for us too see with our human eyes, and that the glory we see in creation pales in comparison to the glory of the creator Himself.

    • What does it mean “out of the mouth of babies and infants”
    I thought of how when Josh was born and my love for him was so surprising & overwhelming that it spoke to me of a glimpse of how God might feel about us. We are utterly dependent and useless, like babies, but he loves and leads us. That thought inspired worship in me.

    • What do you learn about the enemy and about God?
    Praise creates a stronghold & silences the enemy, I love this!

    1. Such inspiring answers, Chris. “The glory we see in creation pales in comparison to the glory of the creator Himself” and “Praise creates a stronghold & silences the enemy”. Beautiful! His glory is far beyond anything we can think or imagine and yet he inhabits the praises of his people and silences the enemy with it.

    2. “Praise creates a stronghold and silences the enemy” what great way of looking at the power of praise!

  35. 4. Paint the picture of wonder in these verses. When have you experienced this?
    When I consider your heavens,
    the work of your fingers,
    the moon and the stars,
    which you have set in place,
    4 what is mankind that you are mindful of them,
    human beings that you care for them?

    Oh yes! Even before I knew Him..Wonder, Wonder all around me..I was a dreamer child anyway-still am..:) Always amazed at creation always gazing at creation and always aware of His hand. How can one look at His handiwork and not see His hand! Psalm 19:1 The heavens declare the Glory of God..the skies proclaim the work of His hands.. YET HE IS MINDFUL OF US!!! YET HE BEHOLDS US AND MADE THIS FOR US TO ENJOY AND TO DELIGHT IN HIM AND ONE ANOTHER!!!!

  36. 1. How have you seen His fingerprints on this journey – if you have traveled any of it with us?

    I first came to this blog during a time of “high-tide grief”. I needed help; as Dee says in her book God of All Comfort, I had attachment disorder. I was on very shaky ground. For “some reason”, I have never left!
    When we first started this study on idolatry, and Dee asked us to identify our “stones”, I saw an entire quarry of them, but it took me a long, long time to really begin to understand the difference between the “near-sins” and the underlying idols. What I was seeing at first was all of my sins. At first, I didn’t think I had a problem with idolatry. I began to see that a lot of my resentment and jealousy of people was because of the idol of approval/affirmation (I wanted the attention on me); through Keller’s sermons my eyes were opened to how I had made my children my idols. Keller helped me to understand idols in how he described them – the “Rocky Balboa example” – “If I can have _______, I’ll know I’m not a bum”; the idea of trying to get my identity from something or some one other than God; the weeks we spent in the book of Jonah helped me to see and understand the concept of “running from God”, trying to make an identity for myself.
    I see His fingerprints in Rebecca’s video and her very clearly explaining how food and TV had become what she turned to for comfort, and how she began to replace that with time with Him.
    Years ago, God put His finger on my habit of fantasizing to escape mentally from my circumstances, but here I learned that I was doing it because I was turning to that for comfort instead of turning to God.
    I think maybe Dee thinks we get tired of reviewing, but I never do! I need to learn and re-learn over and over again, because the idols keep coming-up – even the past few days they’ve cropped up. It will never be a “done deal” in overcoming them.

    I don’t think I realized that when we began the study on idolatry that Dee wasn’t writing the book yet – so that is a lot of fingerprints that led to her writing Idol Lies. Fingerprints in the women led here to the blog to take part in the study.

    2. What comments do you have from the above?

    It’s neat to see how God orchestrated all these events and things in Dee’s life! I also am thankful for Dee’s humility. The conversation she had with Jan Silvious was God’s fingerprints that she brought up the topic of her assistants and Jan identified the pattern, and Dee’s eyes began to be opened. And all that led to her asking her son, J.R., to be her new assistant – and now they are closer than ever – all because Dee’s heart has changed. How God brought all these people together – Ben Eisner, Martin French, Amy Shreve all wanting to contribute their time and talents to this project. How Satan tried to subvert the plans (like when Dee fell) but failed.
    Love the picture of Dee above the swirling waters of the lake. It is a picture of how weak and fragile we are against the violent churning of our idols; left to ourselves, we would be defeated.

  37. 3. Meditate on these verses and share anything that quickens you, plus, any thoughts on these questions:

    What significance do you see in the word our in “O Lord, our Lord”
    It is one thing early in our walk with Him to recognize Him as The Lord, after all He is Lord and Creator but when He becomes our Lord it is altogether different. We begin to take ownership of Him and He us – what an exchange! We begin to belong to something and willingly give ourselves over to His desire and real living begins. I am so glad I am His and He is mine!

  38. I watched Dee’s interview on 100 Huntley Street online yesterday. Dee, you did an amazing job – God helped you to be very clear in communicating and explaining and using examples from your life about idolatry. You certainly appeared to be very calm and confident and I agree with everyone else, you looked beautiful!

    I’ll be praying for your interview today on Janet Parshall. I don’t think I can call in during the show – we will be driving to my son’s soccer game; don’t know if I’ll be able to tune in during the drive but I’ll try – if not, I’ll listen later online.
    You and Janet seem very different; I’ve listened to her show a few times; she’s very fast-paced and yes, many of her shows are politically-themed, yet, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a negative thing! We all make up one body, yet each member brings different things “to the table”. I guess God sets it in our hearts to be passionate about a certain thing – it would be bad if we were all singing the “same tune”. As Anne has said here, may you both sharpen each other!

    1. I am glad to know that you are at home Dee, I wondered if you had to fly to Chicago to do the program when you left Canada.

      I am praying! Praise God for the work of this message we can already see. May the Holy Spirit bring forth truth to the listeners & peace and assurance to the messenger and may all of it glorify the Lord…OUR LORD!

  39. Dee, im praying for you today. was wondering if there was a question that you really wanted asked or a story that you wanted told on the show today? I hope to call in and would like to add what YOU wanted added if I could:-)

    1. central….got it:) thanks for putting it on FB!

  40. All audio corrected…thanks to Dianne… and also Alyson W at Worthy.

    God Bless,

    J.R. Brestin

    1. J.R.–so thankful for you and Dianne and all the sacrifices you have made–what a tremendous blessing you have been for this project!

    2. J.R., Yeah!! Great job! Thank Dianne for us too!

  41. 1. How have you seen His fingerprints on this journey — if you have traveled any of it with us?
    The first fingerprint I see is back as far as 2008 when a friend invited me to a women’s retreat at her church where Dee was speaking on the friendships of women. I was on her mailing list (fingerprint) after that which is why I knew about the Bible study blog on The God of all comfort. Even though I did not feel a need for that study, I joined in. That is a fingerprint because it led to the stonecutter. I knew my heart was hard which is why I was not particularly drawn to the first study but it led to the study that was for that hard heart (huge fingerprint). So many times in that first 18 months I thought I should move on for many different reasons but every time, the Lord encouraged me with more light (fingerprint) until now, I just don’t believe that lie. I am here until God actually calls me away. Now the greatest fingerprint and blessing on my life is that so often I find the truths I have learned here coming out of my mouth and blessing other women. Not when I try hard but when the Spirit leads.

    2. What comments do you have from the above?
    I do not think this is a Dee centered week at all for I feel so much a part of her work. I am invested in this and want so much for it to go forward. Dee, I appreciate your desire to move your own heart away from whether the book succeeds to lives being changed. My prayers are with you in this and in this week of launch. It is so important.

    I love the picture of Cave Point. It shows the might of nature with Dee standing there so small. Those look like mighty, cold waters and you can see what they have done to the rock. It makes me think about how, in the Lord, we can stand against any foe. I love the color of the water. I didn’t know lake Michigan was such a pretty color. It looks a little Caribbean.

    I am behind in reading comments because BSF has started and also have not been able to put the book down. Almost done now though. I really like this book. The points and the language are strong yet it is not wordy and does not belabor the points.

      1. Dee, how it helps us to celebrate when we look back and see His fingerprints! That stunning comment did sound familiar ;0) I am still stunned when I stop to think about it. The Friendships of Women is a timeless classic. I have loaned it out several times. God ministers to women through you now as He did then. The God of All Comfort is just as important even if it did not sell as many copies. I love it and treasure my copy. Idol Lies is going to change lives for those who want it. The question will be, how many want it. For that we pray.
        Thank you for calling me friend. I treasure that comment! More and more I think of that day when we will meet and be as God created us to be AND we will have all eternity to talk. We will walk and not get tired. Joyce’s back won’t hurt and neither will my feet. Elizabeth won’t be in pain. Rebecca’s sons and Kendra will be whole. Daniel and Steve will be there. I could go on and on! Joy unspeakable is that the Lord Jesus will be there!

    1. I love your insights here that this is not a “Dee centered week” because we all have invested with Dee in this book changing lives for Christ.

  42. Love the Huntley interview! You are so beautiful! Praying for you and Parshall here in a bit.

  43. 4. Paint the picture of wonder in these verses. When have you experienced this?
    These are beautiful. When I wonder and think about how amazing the world it. THe vastness of the ocean and the heavens and how there is so much there we have not yet discovered. How a greater artist made these things. How He formed us as well with all the detail it takes for our bodies to work…So incredible and how He is even greater. How is it that He would care so much for us. I am in awe of HIS love!

  44. 4. Paint the picture of wonder in these verses. When have you experienced this?

    I’m struck by a few things here–“when I look”—I hear a deliberate action, it’s not “every day…”, it’s when I take the time to pull my eyes off of self and turn to really look.

    I also am struck by the ownership given to God for all things—His heavens, His work…
    And when I do slow down to look—to see the ladybug with perfect spots crawling across my porch last night. The double rainbow at the beach, just because He heard my silent hope for just one rainbow. The sound of rain pouring down and washing the earth clean, the break of sun through clouds, and that incredible pinkish purple orangey glow He makes. When I do remember He has given all this, as a gift…I am overwhelmed with gratitude, humbled that He has any thought of little me!

    I liked this from John Calvin: “This is a marvelous thing, that God thinks upon men, and remembers them continually.”

  45. I tried to get on but they didn’t let me on air:-( sorry! loving the show and said they would ask the question about the videos:-) was nervous and must not have made a very good impression on her producer…your doing great, really enjoying listening to you while i make dinner.