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Let me share the dedication with you here:


To my sisters who piloted this study and

opened their hearts to the Stonecutter’s knife.



This will be a different week — a celebratory week — and we’ll get back to our study next week. If this seems like a weird “Dee-focused week,” please give me grace. Truly, I want to celebrate what God has done and LOOK FOR HIS FINGERPRINTS. And you are a HUGE part of it. What fun is a party alone?

I also so DO want your prayers for this week of launching Idol Lies. May He do what He intends and protect from the enemy. This is such a shared effort — I can’t do this week any other way but with you. Because this is a shared effort I long for:

  • Your prayers
  • Your help in posting media events, your thoughts on the book, whatever — on Facebook.
  • Your reflections and praise this week — as each day will bring a new adventure

We will also be going through a great Psalm of praise this week — Psalm 8 — for I am full of praise at what God has done. He has stilled the enemy and the avenger; He has used us, though we are like infants and children in his sight, and I am amazed that He is mindful of us and has given us the dominion He has — how humbled I am. O Lord — How majestic is your name. There are many U-Tube versions and you can post your favorites. I like this one because the church building and the voices insides are an attempt to praise God — a God so beyond us, yet we try to magnify His name.


Now — here is some of my feeble praise!

Let me tell you how I saw God’s fingerprints through women on the blog:

  • It began as a Bible study on heart idols — but when I saw firsthand how it was changing you, I knew it had to be a book. His fingerprints.
  • Many of your stories, some with pseudonyms, are in this book. When He changes a life, how can you not see His fingerprints?
  • Many of you who have traveled with us remember when Idol Lies was going to be titled The Stonecutter because Jesus is the one who reveals, removes, and replaces our idols with Himself. But God moved in my heart and I became enthusiastic about the publisher’s recommended title of Idol Lies — and so did you! A confirmation. His fingerprints.

I thank God upon every remembrance of you. Some of you, who were a faithful presence during this study will be receiving a book in the mail. (Rebecca has done detective work — but if you feel you were missed, let her know — books should arrive this week.)

Just as in the book of Esther, I have battled the enemy at every turn, but God has always been triumphant. I want to share some of the ways I’ve seen His fingerprints, some of the ways the enemy was defeated — and then I want to hear from you!


Many of you have heard my story of my changed life when I finally saw my heart  idol. I was having trouble keeping a good administrative assistant — and I always thought it was HER FAULT. But when my fourth administrative assistant resigned (in ten years) and I lamented to Jan Silvious, she peered at me and said, “Seems to be a pattern in your life, Dee.”


Jan Silvious

In the same way, when you saw your heart idols, one by one, you were stunned. The Stonecutter revealed your idol and you responded! Changed lives! Too many to recount. (Many are in the book or video.) I saw changed lives when I did a face to face study in Kansas City. God is all over this topic and His Spirit is moving from Africa to America, from Presbyterians to Pentecostals.


Finding the right publisher. How thankful I am that He led me to Worthy! I am so impressed with their quality and integrity. They are eager to support — creating an app (It will simply be called Dee Brestin and you’ll be able to get it for free from I-tunes — it will have all the videos…), standing behind me, contributing enormous talent.

Finding the right people to do the video. God gave us Ben Eisner — who is way out of our price range, but was moved to come film at the cabin. You may have seen his work in the documentary EXPELLED. He and his wife were a true friend to my daughter Sally in a time of need, and God moved him to help again. Amy Shreve is letting us use her amazing music for free. Martin French is letting us use his wonderful artwork for free. Rebecca helped me find a great man in Tim Mahony to do the Kansas City testimonies. GOD’S FINGERPRINTS.

The filming — we imported some international students from Moody who were amazing. My dear friend Cynthia came and gave a testimony and her husband cooked all our meals. Weather was great. GOD’S FINGERPRINTS

J. R. and Dianne


Working with my son, J. R., who was the artistic editor for the video. We are closer than we have ever been — we’ve certainly battled spiritual warfare with misunderstandings and technical troubles and even my fall that required 13 stitches on my face just weeks before I was to be on camera. But J. R. has put so much time, prayer, talent and love into this that I really think it is the best video I’ve been a part of. His fiance Dianne has helped so much. You’ll be able to see some of it this week. We filmed it in beautiful Door County, Wisconsin. Here I am, high on a cliff, a speck amidst God’s majesty, with the swirling waters of Lake Michigan below, so like the swirling waters of our souls. J. R. filmed this segment — and hours later I had my fall. The enemy was there but he didn’t win. Many of you have been praying J. R. will get this done — and he’s going to make it! GOD’S FINGERPRINTS

Dee at Cave Point

I hope if Idol Lies does not do well, I will trust Him. I want it to do well because the message is so changing lives — but if I’ve learned anything, it is to trust Him and submit to Him. I will never ever forget how He moved — through you, through the body of Christ, and through His quickening.

Sunday/Monday Icebreaker

1. How have you seen His fingerprints on this journey — if you have traveled any of it with us?

2. What comments do you have from the above?


Monday – Friday:

Watching online, responding, and reflecting. Below is a list of places I’ll be — how I’d love your prayers and input — and postings on Facebook! And on Tuesday, if you feel so led, you can call in.

On Monday I will be on this program in Canada. (We have one active Canadian blogger: Diane!) I’ve never been on Canadian television before but I hear it has a high quality — and surely Canada is an enormous mission field, as is our own country.It airs in the morning and you should be able to listen online by mid afternoon. I’m only on ten minutes — so mostly I need you to pray.  I’ve been battling reflux this week, which I’m convinced is exacerbated by stress and the enemy — and I need to trust Him. Pray for quickening and traveling mercies — and if you want to listen and leave comments — go to this link: http://www.100huntley.com/

Bible Study for Today: Psalm 8:1-2

3. Meditate on these verses and share anything that quickens you, plus, any thoughts on these questions:

    • What significance do you see in the word our in “O Lord, our Lord”
    • What does it mean that He has set His glory above the heavens?
    • What does it mean “out of the mouth of babies and infants”
    • What do you learn about the enemy and about God?

Tuesday: Janet Parshall

You can listen 4 to 5 central time on Tuesday, 9/11. You can participate!

Call Live On-Air

(877) 548-3675

Listener Comments

(877) 526-3858
(877) JANET-58

If you don’t have her in your city, you can listen online at http://www.moodyradio.org/inthemarketwithjanetparshall/ (Please pray — this is often a political problem and I have sometimes wondered if Christians tend to see a political candidate as their means of rescue. I may ask that — may God show me.  How I need His quickening!

Bible Study for Today: Psalm 8:3-4

4. Paint the picture of wonder in these verses. When have you experienced this?

Wednesday The ten downloadable videos will be available on Worthy’s website – and hopefully on mine shortly after. I’d love for you to watch the first and comment. Here’s the link: http://worthypublishing.com/books/Idol-Lies/

Bible Study for Today: Psalm 8:5-8

5. What do you learn about man in these verses?


Thursday: The Debbie Chavez show  www.debbiechavezshow.com

You can listen online after the show, which airs at 11 Central Time. This is an online interview and I don’t even know what that means — but I guess I’m about to find out!

Bible Study: Read Psalm 8:5-8 again.

6. In Genesis He gave Adam and Eve dominion over all the earth. You have dominion in your corner of the world. What do you feel He has called you to

  • be?
  • do?

Friday: Bible Study

7. Read Psalm 8:9 and use it as a praise for the way He is moving in your life. If you have a favorite song for this psalm, give us the link.


8. What is your take-a-way and why?

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  1. Psalm 8:1-2

    3. Meditate on these verses and share anything that quickens you, plus, any thoughts on these questions:

    *what significance do you see in the word our in “O Lord, our Lord”

    In many of the Psalms, David will say of God, “You are MY Rock, MY God”…etc…but here he uses the “our Lord”. It is as if David is inviting the people to take ownership in this prayer; they are not praying to an impersonal God; this is their God, they are in a covenental relationship with Him. It also reminds me of this from Song of Solomon, “My Beloved is mine, and I am His”.

    *What does it mean that He has set His glory above the heavens?

    Not sure if this is correct, but God created the heavens and the earth and all that we see – mountains, oceans, birds, animals, clouds, etc…and all of His creation is glorious; yet, His glory is even higher still! When I look up at the majesty of a perfectly blue sky that seems to go on forever, it is so immense…yet God is even more glorious than anything I can see with my eyes. His glory is “above the heavens” because what finite thing here could contain Him?

    *What does it mean “out of the mouth of babies and infants”

    I read Renee’s questions above and Dee’s comments on this, and Dee’s ref. to Matthew 21:16.
    Yes, in Matthew, the children in the temple were shouting out praise to the Son of God, while the Pharisees were indignant about it! and Jesus said to them, “Have you never read, ‘Out of the mouth of infants and nursing babes Thou hast prepared praise for Thyself?'”
    And in 1 Corinthians 1:27, it says, “but God has chosen the foolish things of the world to shame the wise, and God has chosen the weak things of the world to shame the things which are strong”.
    This verse in the NASB says, “From the mouth of infants and nursing babes Thou hast established STRENGTH (or a bulwark)” – wow, a bulwark against the enemy, is praise (Anne said this in her post about praise being a mighty weapon). This verse could also be a shadowy picture of the infant Jesus; certainly not many would have believed a tiny helpless baby was going to bring down Satan and death and be the Deliverer!

    *What do you learn about the enemy and about God?

    I learn that the enemy is God’s adversary, God’s enemy, and he wants revenge. Psalm 44:16 says “Because of the voice of him who reproaches and reviles…”
    The enemy is always on hand to “reproach and revile” and to accuse God’s children; yet God only lets him go so far – the enemy comes up against God’s strength – even the praise of infants and children, a bulwark that holds him back.
    Even in the beginning verses; we are told in Scripture that Satan is the ruler of this world, yet it is God’s name that is majestic in all the earth, it is His splendor in creation that is evident. Satan is just a small inkblot!

  2. Dee,
    I listened to the Debbie Chavez program online this morning. I loved it – she really gave you a lot of time to speak, which I appreciated, b/c on some talk shows it seems the interviewer/host does most of the talking, but I heard some new things today and she really gave you the opportunity to share. She asked good questions and you responded with really clear examples. Another thing is that I never, never get tired of hearing this same message over and over and over…..again and again and again! I need to hear it repeated every day of my life! This is so huge, so much to take in, to be pounded in, to speak truth to our souls, to get the pennies to drop, it never gets old, never gets boring!

    1. Susan, I was able to listen yesterday-oh yes another incredible interview..Dee is so gifted-that is what it is..I couldn’t put my finger on it..Dee has a wonderful voice quality, but it is so much more..He is quickening her as she speaks and she doesn’t waste words! So it isn’t hard to stay with her when she speaks-there is always something rich to ponder-some new thing you hear that God quickens you with..I am reading Idol Lies and stopped in a passage because God quickened me with Dee’s insight in Job.

  3. After reading the postings on manipulation (and I’m very good at it), I’m aware that I might be more manipulative when I care about the outcome of something (which makes sense if my desired outcome is anything other than knowing Him).

    But because my emotions are too intense when I desire (whatever) that strongly, I also have learned to be apathetic (although I usually am not successful in apathy for very long). Initially, I was going to ask how to tell whether I am experiencing freedom from idolatry or just plain apathy from building up walls so that I don’t feel.

    When I started typing here, I realized that only in seeking Him will I have that answer. Although I often can’t intentionally lie with a straight face, I think I do deceive myself and that self-deception flows out to other people when What You See Is NOT What You Get.

    Search me, O God, and know my heart!

  4. Hi, I’m Grace from Tampa. I hope I remember how to do this and that I got the jest from reading how to be a part of the Bible Study Blog. I didn’t even know there was such a thing. I am sure it is a “fingerprint of God” for several reasons. 1. I have never done a Bible Study with Dee but have wanted to. 2. I listen to Janet Parshall on Tuesday, I had heard Dee briefly on the subject of Idol lies but God quickened my heart. I was on my way home and didn’t hear it all and was drawn back to it today. 3. The Holy Spirit prompted me to listen to it today as I was doing some other work as I am allowed to do that at my job. Well I was stopped in my tracks again. I will spend more time with it this weekend. 4. I heard that there was a blog not knowing it was a Bible Study Blog, didn’t know such a thing existed, so I visited the website. Oh, I can’t keep up with the numbers but I know I need this blog and this study, more than that I need to contact with women who are seeking intimacy with God and studying the Bible – online, you see other than work I am the caregiver for my husband who has Parkinson’s Disease and since February of 2012 I have not been able to be a part of our church or Bible Study. We were on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ for 20 years and on staff at our church. God has been so faithful to us in so many ways but I have missed the fellowship of a Bible study. Praise God I have found you. Please let me know how this works.

    1. Welcome Grace Blake! I loved reading your story and how the Lord has led you here. You will find, like I have, this group is a rare jewel. There is so much wisdom, love, support. I will pray now for your husband and the load you are carrying. So thankful to have you join us.

    2. Welcome, Grace! I came on here as a somewhat isolated caregiver who was looking for an online Bible Study. I was able to do some work from home, but for quite awhile, the only thing I did other than care-giving was work. This Bible Study blog was God’s answer to a long-term prayer. (I jumped on here between tasks at work right now— gotta go!).

    3. Grace how wonderful that you have found us. This is a perfect study for one who is home bound. We are here for you and we welcome you!

    4. Welcome, Grace. We are delighted to have you. This is a precious spot where women are following hard after God. You will find deep nourishment for your spirit here.

      I hope you clicked on the comments box below the place where you leave comments so you can see when we respond to your entries. Don’t get discouraged with so many comments all at once. You will gradually get to know us and appreciate us. I have been on this blog for a year and had to make notes to remember who was who at first.

    5. Welcome! I love how God prompted you to check this out.

    6. Welcome Grace! So glad to have you here! 🙂

    7. Hi Grace! This is THE place to be to study the Bible! I am so happy you found us 🙂

  5. I am lost in the comments. I catch one once in a while on my phone at work and there are 2 that have been on my mind.
    Joyce, i have been thinking about your concern with Kyla’s visit since the day you posted it. Could you share any of Dee’s interviews about her problem with administrative assistants? If you listened to it together it would give you the perfect opportunity to share with her your struggle with the same thing. Then you could apologize to her and talk about it. Then you could give her permission to blow the whistle if she feels you are doing it. That would give you another opportunity to apologize. You could even agree together on a nonverbal signal.

    The other thing is Renee’s question about when we can make ourselves desire God, at least I think that was the question. Right now I can’t think of any scripture to support this but I have a thought. Just as we are not hungry for nutritious food when we eat junk food, we will not be hungry for God if we are ‘dining’ on idols. Do we not have to refuse the idols first?

    I am sorry if I am repeating someone else’s thoughts. I am so behind

  6. Psalm 8:3-4

    4. Paint the picture of wonder in these verses. When have you experienced this?

    “When I consider Thy heavens, the work of Thy fingers, the moon and the stars, which
    Thou hast ordained”….

    When we vacationed this summer at the beach, I would go out at night on the beach and stare in amazement at all the stars in the immense black sky over the ocean; the more I stared, the more I could see. Each one made by God and set in its place, even so that they form pictures in the sky.

    “What is man, that Thou dost take thought of him? And the son of man, that Thou dost care for him?”

    Standing beneath that night sky full of stars, I felt very tiny and insignificant; thinking just who is this God who made all of this? And yet He knows my name. He is not an impersonal force, distant, cold. God is a loving Father, gracious, compassionate.

    Psalm 8:5-8

    5. What do you learn about man in these verses?

    In the order of creation, it is God, the angels, and then man, who was made “a little lower than the angels”. Man stands out in God’s creation, being assigned glory and majesty by God (one way that we were created to mirror the image of God). Man was created to rule over God’s creation, to take care of it.

  7. Thought some of you may be interested in this–I just found out from my church that Reformed Theological Seminary has free seminary courses on itunes. You can download to ipad/ipod, etc..

      1. Here is the info link: http://itunes.rts.edu/gettingstarted.html
        But I realized the best way to get to the classes was to the Itunes store, then search “Reformed Theological Seminary”–and LOADS of courses pop up–all free, several Keller, DA Carson–really fun!

        1. Elizabeth, So glad you gave the link..I would so love to do this-so tempting!! hmmm….

  8. I am going to a seminar on prayer tomorrow with the same friend who invited me to Dee’s retreat back in 08. It sounds very good and very much against the current of churches in this area. Interestingly, it is an Anglican church. When she told me about it I thought of Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire and the Bill Bright’s historical fiction on the Great Awakening. I pray this is a move of the Spirit. The reason I say it is against the current is because I don’t know of a church in the area that holds regular prayer meetings.

    1. Anne–isn’t this something you’ve been wanting a long time? I mean the weekly prayer meetings…maybe I’m confused, but I was thinking it was you who was really searching for that about a year ago. We are very close friends with an Anglican pastor in the area–I think you will really enjoy their sincere worship.

      1. Yes! I miss it terribly. I am glad to hear about your good experience with this denomination.

      1. Words out of my mouth. We loved the Anglican church that was getting started here a few years ago…just too small to make it. But the heart of their worship is truly beautiful.

        1. So this is new to me..Never knew anything about Anglican churches, but sounds awesome! So excited for you Anne! 🙂

      2. Thanks for reminder elizabeth! I listened to some a long time ago … and then forgot about it when I switched computers… Good resource to have and download for future listening.

      3. Dee, you said just the right amount 🙂

    2. This was wonderful! I learned so much! The Holy Spirit spoke to me! I am so full right now and I am waiting for the leading of the Spirit. I thought of my oldest so much and he called me as I was driving home. He knows about the Anglican church and says it is the same as Episcopal. I did not quite get that impression but I can see some of the form that Al would appreciate and he has expressed some interest in it the past. I pray that this will be a fingerprint. Who knows if God did not lead Al in the direction he went for us to meet somewhere in the middle, but I am getting ahead of the Spirit as I always do. The truth is, I have no idea what He is doing, but I know He is good.
      My family’s roots are Episcopal on my mother’s side but I have to say that my experience with the denomination has been unfavorable. But with this seminar I had the sense that they were on track with the kind of prayer that will bring healing and a great move of God.
      I will go back for 2 hrs. Tomorrow and then for a prayer service at 6.

      1. Anne, Your son is right. The Episcopal Church in the US is a “branch” of the Anglican church worldwide (not sure if my terminology is accurate). However, not all of the Anglican churches in the U.S are Episcopal churches. Some Anglican churches in the US are affiliated with Anglican groups in other countries. I know one group is associated with/ or under the authority of an Anglican group in Africa, and I have heard of at least one other Anglican affiliation in the U.S. The Church of England is Anglican. As far as I know, all the Anglican churches around here are Episcopal churches. As with other denominations, I’m sure the “flavor” varies from congregation to congregation, but the “feel” of the Episcopal churches around here is quite a bit different than some other Anglican churches.

        1. If it is British it would make sense that it could also be African yet very different. How interesting church history and evolution is. My son’s undergrad degree is in Bizantine History and it was church history that sent him in that direction.
          The friend who took me to this conference is British and her father was Anglican. They lived in Uganda during her childhood while he worked for the British government. In her present church she has connected with a Ugandan doctor who plans to build a clinic in the area where she grew up. Her church has connection with ministry there and she and her husband recently visited. It was a sweet, sweet time. A woman who cared for her there was still living and she was able to spend some time with her. She and her husband sense a call to go back there and run a hospitality house for doctors and other visitors to the clinic. Another amazing thread is that I also know this doctor because I sometimes work with him. If God opens the door for me I may also visit there someday.

  9. 4. The wonder of verse 3 & 4 is that compared to the greatness of the heavens and the great powers that hold the stars in place we feel very insignificant. We are more magnificent creations because we are made in His image but we are deeply tainted by sin and that is all we can see. The most memorable experience of this that I have had is when the Lord gave me a dream that revealed a portion of His love for me. It was incomprehensible. Yet He speaks to me of His love in so many experiences of my life and I often miss them or take them for granted. Creation in all of its infinite intricacies is His expression of love for us. Creation in all of its infinite intricacies is His expression of love for us. Another expression is in our relationships. This reminds me of Amy Shreve singing For the Beauty of the Earth. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CwmP95-gGw&feature=youtube_gdata_player I know this is posted in our study but I can’t find it right now so I am posting again.

  10. 8. Posting take-away before many of other questions!!

    1) Praise to God and celebration with Dee… Thanksgiving for His fingerprints leading up to and through writing and release of Idol Lies, and for Dee’s love and giftedness.

    2) It’s ALL ABOUT HIM, HIS GLORY, and HIS WORK. As I was thinking about my take-away, I remembered the words of the meaning of the third article of the Apostle’s Creed from Luther’s Small Catechism (from memory… so it might not be quite right. disclaimer, I did glance at it first, when I thought about some of the phrases! I was thinking about the Holy Spirit “calls, gathers, enlightens, and sanctifies”):

    “I believe that I cannot by my own reason or strength believe in Jesus Christ my Lord or come to Him, but the Holy Spirit has called me through His Gospel, sanctified me by His gifts, and preserves me in union with Jesus Christ in the true faith. In which manner, He calls, gathers, enlightens and sanctifies the holy Christian church on earth and preserves it in union with Jesus Christ in the one true faith; in which Christian church he daily forgives all my sins and the sins of all believers, and the last day will raise up me and all believers…” (forgot the rest, except “This is most certainly true!”)

    Sorta points out that the source of some of my questions and answers might be buried pretty deep and the power of memorization in framing and directing my thoughts and my spirit.

  11. 8. What is your take-a-way and why?

    It has been a sweet week of remembrance of Him, of worship and praising Him. To recall how He has moved and is moving through Idol lies is such a salve. I have seen Him beat Satan back at every turn-indeed only giving him enough rope to hang himself on. 🙂

    Don’t ask me how or when-but for me with each layer God is peeling off our intimacy has been deeper-although I don’t know about my own growth-I just know I am finding I am more transparent with God now-another new breakthrough. 🙂 Especially this week..Something has broke through completely with me and honestly I thought I was transparent-but the more secure I am in His love and acceptance of me the more I see things I hold back and the more I hear him speaking truth to my soul-why are you afraid? Open up to me, I want you to. I mean, he already knows what is inside anyway! 🙂 I have sensed his presence more this week than ever before-more of a sense of being secure in His love. He has met me through His word, in “Idol Lies”, on this blog and through others.

    I have also noticed this week i have turned quicker than before because I am secure that I am His. Interesting how God works that out-when He is all I want it just seems everything else around me is so smaller and insignificant compared to Him..compared to eternity..The stuff in this world just isn’t important! I don’t know..He is showing me, as Dee says in her book, through each trial daily that eternity is most important..Time here is short and I want continually to daily think about what really matters, to commune with him all day. To be around other women who so desire Him-who are transparent and honest and who will encourage me with Grace and Love.

    So this brings me to being thankful this week-this is another thing that has changed in me. I have found myself praising Him on and off throughout the day. Also, when I notice my natural bend is bending away from him and the lies start coming on-I am starting to speak truth to my soul quicker than I was. OH this is a process-it has been two to three years and yet it seems there is another breakthrough and while I have stumbled miserably this week-yet He is taking me higher in the repenting and turning. I can’t explain it but what has come out of my stumbling is an even deeper set security in Him.

  12. Saturday:
    8. What is your take-a-way and why?
    Today I have been sitting with 2 Corinthians 3:18 “And we all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another. For this comes from the Lord who is the Spirit.”

    It is just so amazing, really. The transformation He graciously does in undeserving me, just quiets me today. We were up past 1 am wrestling through some things last night, but He did bring the transformation. And as we finally turned out the light, I said to my husband, well, Satan’s mad about that one! Oh how the enemy tried so conniving, to divide—but oh, how God came in and whipped the cord around his neck, and used it all to bring us even closer to Him, and to each other. I love that. We’ve been basking in deeper love today from what God turned around. I love watching Him transform our hearts, open our eyes to our idols, and use it all to bring Himself glory.

    Our faces are unveiled—-we can see Him more clearly, but we are also more exposed to one another, and able to see one another more clearly. Transformation is a gift of grace, and grace—a gift of transformation. So thankful to Him.

    1. elizabeth, I was meditating on that verse earlier this week — and thinking about this song http://youtu.be/dadf7JHQmuw so finally decided to listen to it. I like the pics of skies and stars, too (not sure what I think about the flying people!). What you wrote: “Our faces are unveiled—-we can see Him more clearly, but we are also more exposed to one another, and able to see one another more clearly.” Similar to what I am reading in book about Heaven.

      Chris, Earlier this week, you asked what book I am reading about Heaven (I couldn’t remember at the times I was on the computer; finally looked): A Better Country: Preparing for Heaven, by Dan Schaeffer (one of my better Goodwill purchases!)

      Dee, any chance we can study Heaven sometime? I’m seeing a connection between how He is transforming us now and our preparation to for eternity with Him (and others).

      And, Dee, HOW ARE YOU after this amazing week?

  13. Just listened to/watched a couple of the videos on the Worthy website. SO, SO compelling. THANK YOU for making these available without cost to listeners.

    1. Amen. I have listened to one of them and I love it.

  14. 8. What is your take-a-way and why?

    I enjoyed the week reviewing Idol Lies. After hearing Dee refer to Jim Om’s, “Models of Manipulation”, I listened to the message and had been pondering it ever since. Here is a quote that sums up how Christ deals with our manipulation.

    “Laura, Laura you are worried and upset about many things. But only one thing is needed. Put your trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. Put your hope in Jesus Christ. Put your life in Jesus Christ.
    “He gives you His righteousness, his approval, his achievement. Everything Jesus achieved is now yours by faith. Then you will live a life with a freedom from the addiction of approval and achievement.
    “The first step to knowing God is to know that you can’t do it yourself.”

    Dee’ mention on the blog this week that we need “to live with abandon and fear not” really struck me. I am so grateful to God for all the new work he has been doing in my life in the last few years. Some circumstances have been very positive, but some have been very difficult, such as the circumstances that lead me to this blog. But obviously God’s fingerprints were all over my coming to this blog.

    I have learned so much here, specifically about my idols which I had been praying about and seeking to offload but continued to struggle with. I know that God sent me to this study as a direct answer to my prayer. I still struggle at times, but I am so much better than I was.

    And “if the truth shall set you free, you shall be free indeed.” I am beginning to enjoy some of the freedom I have been seeking so long.

    1. Diane, I saw your comment about living with reckless abandon on my email. It was very quickening. I want to do that also and I know it is what God wants for us, therefor He will do it. I will pray for you in this area.

  15. My take-a-way is learning to look for God’s fingerprints in my life. It has been a great blessing for me to look at incidents in my life and begin to thread them together and look for God’s purpose.