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New Honorarium Policy


Dee’s honorarium is typically as follows:

1 Day Event: $2,000
2 Day Event: $2,500
3 Day Event: $3,000

However, you may get up to half of this returned to you if you allow Dee to make a fifteen minute presentation (which would include taking an offering) to one of two tax-deductible organizations.

1) Discipleship Unlimited: This ministers to women in prisons and shelters and has usually been Dee’s choice as she has just produced a video curriculum just for them, which includes testimonies from women in prisons whose lives have been transformed by Christ. So many of these women had their childhoods stolen through abuse, and are in a cycle they cannot seem to stop. When they hear of Christ’s love, they have hope for the first time. This curriculum includes testimonies from women in their situation who were rescued by Christ. It costs 2 dollars to put a guide in a woman’s hands, and 50 dollars to put the DVD curriculum in a prison or shelter. This is fertile ground that is bearing much fruit. For more information click here: http://www.liferow.org

2) Dee also has worked with International Justice Mission who is rescuing girls and women in the sex trade. This is today’s holocaust and we cannot be silent. For more information click here: http://vimeo.com/7267849

Dee must cover paying her staff and internal costs. So we require a minimum honorarium fee even when there is an offering. She prays about every invitation but wants to be a good steward of time and money so is more likely to come if you can gather at least two hundred women by working together with other churches. We have found that when women from various churches are actually on the committee, there is ownership in the retreat, and they are more likely to bring women from their churches than if the women from other churches are simply invited.

Here’s a breakdown:

1 Day Event Honorarium: $2,000 – with up to $1,000 off if $1,000 in donations is collected.
2 Day Event Honorarium: $2,500 – with up to $1,250 off if $1,250 in donations is collected.
3 Day Event Honorarium: $3,000 – with up to $1,500 off if $1,500 in donations is collected.

(If more is collected, it goes to the tax-deductible organization.)

If your offering is smaller, then you must make up the difference. However, it is our experience that that is not happening. When women hear about their sisters in so much need, their hearts are moved to give generously. Some of our offerings have been wonderful and we know they are making a huge difference in so many lives.

In addition to this honorarium fee structure mentioned above, travel and lodging expenses will also need to be paid by event host for Dee and me, David, her manager. I run the complicated audio-visual presentation to make sure it goes smoothly. I also manage the book table so Dee can concentrate on the women. I travel from Kearney, Nebraska, driving to Omaha to fly. Dee travels from Green Bay, Wisconsin from May through October and from Kansas City from November through April. If you are near where she lives, the cost will obviously be less. We will need two rooms in a hotel for each night we are gone. Dee loves a good bed like in the Hilton chains (Hampton’s, the lower cost hotels in the Hilton chain are just fine!) but she doesn’t need a fancy hotel.

Your retreat can help not only the women coming, but women in enormous need.

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