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This a video of our youngest at her Dad’s funeral. It’s an edited clip — she has already told that congregation how thankfully her dad lived, how he was so thankful for every meal, saying it was the best, every sunset, every day of life…She has challenged them to live thankfully — and she keeps doing it!

[pro-player width=’320′ height=’240′ type=’FLV’ image=’http://deebrestin.server260.com/wp-content/uploads/videos/images/anne-funeral.jpg’]http://deebrestin.server260.com/wp-content/uploads/videos/Anne-funeral.flv[/pro-player]

I’m hoping you might jump in daily with one praise. If you’ve never joined us, please do! Let us not miss Him — in the wonder of creation, the smile of a baby, the gift of each other.  Just jump in with your thanks.

On Thanksgiving Day, we each share what we are thankful for this Thanksgiving that we couldn’t have been thankful for last Thanksgiving. How about you?

And remember, next Sunday we begin Advent, and I’ll keep it simple so as not to overwhelm you, but help you practice the presence of Christ this Christmas.

Love to each of you!


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  1. Dee,
    I am thankful you shared that video with us; it moved me to tears!
    What a beautiful testimony of the legacy Steve left to Annie.

    My daughter and I are reading a little devotion book about giving thanks, and today’s story was about Corrie ten Boom and her sister Betsie in Ravensbruck, and how they discovered their barracks was infested with fleas, and Betsie prayed and thanked God for the fleas. Corrie thought there was no way to give thanks for fleas!
    But later, Betsie said she had the answer – they were able to read the Bible and share it with all the other women because Betsie learned that the reason the guards didn’t come into their barrack was because of the fleas! So they were able to more freely share the forbidden Bible and were not discovered.

    I’m thankful for the freedom we have to worship and read the Bible, and for my daughter being able to learn about God, talk about Him, and pray in her Christian school.

    I also want to pray for Joyce

    Dear Father,
    I pray tonite for Joyce, and ask for You to help her make a full recovery from her back surgery. I pray that the outcome of the surgery was good. Please pour out Your blessings upon Joyce, who lives her life thankfully and selflessly for others.
    In Jesus’ Name,

    1. Susan, Awesome post..Thankful and encouraging. 🙂

    1. Amen! Thank you Jesus for what you have done! Thank you that you are moving among the women there..Continue to speak through Dee this morning and give her your strength and your power to reach through her and touch the hearts of these women. We ask that many come to know you and be a light in a dark place..May they grow in your grace and mercy sweet Jesus! I ask for follow up there at the prison that it would be strong and consistent and that you would beat back the arrows of the enemy.

    2. I am so thankful that things are going well for you in the filming!

    3. That’s wonderful news, Dee!

    4. What a HUGE praise!!! Our ladies group was praying for you and I will share this victory with them!!

      I am praising God for protecting my husband when he was involved in a horrible auto accident a few weeks ago. He should have been killed but walked away without a bruise, scratch, cut, headache, and wasn’t even sore the next day!!! God’s protection was complete and miraculous!! Thank you, Father.

      1. Praise God for you and your husband Doni!

  2. Lord, Today I am thankful for the many saints you have who are your feet and hands to others.. I think of those involved in the rescue of the women enslaved in the evil sex trafficking trade and the ministries you have raised up to rescue them. I am thankful for Corrie Ten Boom and her sister and how you are still using her life to impact others for your glory. I think of Joyce and how she brings you glory with her sacrificial love and gentleness for others. She reminds me of John..I think of Dee and her outreach to women in prison and how you are using her to touch the hearts of so many..God, you are moving mightily among us and I am thankful that I have the privilege of being one who was rescued by you through one of your precious servants. Lord, you are to be praised and lifted up always and especially this week as we give thanks.

    1. AMEN!

  3. Ladies, one more thing. If you could remember to pray today and the rest of this week if God brings it to mind.

    I am staying home with Eli this morning..it is his first day on meds! Yikes! I need to watch him..I am more nervous than he is. Thankfully it is a low dosage. I hope the low dosage works and we don’t need to adjust.

    I had asked you to pray for Eli’s Doctor appointment and forgot to update you.. Here is God’s answer!! God gave us the head honcho Doctor at a prestigious medical teaching hospital here in Kansas. He is the professor and chair of the department of pediatrics. He specializes in neurology and Autism/Aspergers and other disorders-primarily on the Autism spectrum.

    He diagnosed him with mild Aspergers and says he still has it..He talked with Eli for over an hour and it came out as Eli was talking..It is hard to notice unless you hang with him for a while-which is a huge blessing really. The Doctor said it was mild but it seems Eli is having struggles navigating through relationships which is hard for boys anyway and add to that Aspergers. Also he struggles with social cues..Which makes it even tougher and relationships get more complicated as they go through Middle and High school.

    Eli was also diagnosed with ADHD the inattentive type, not the hyperactive type.

    So we start his meds this morning.. I have been against this for many years due to fear and once again just like when I was against putting my boys in Public School God has put me on my knees and even though it doesn’t make sense, He is teaching me to put my boys in His hands. He is good!!


    1. Praying for you and Eli, Rebecca.

      1. Me too Rebecca.

        1. Tammy and Susan, Thanks soooo much!!

      1. Dee, Thanks! So far so good, he is a bit more hyper than usual.. It is too early to tell but I know eventually things will work out.

  4. I am thankful Dee, for you, for this blog, and for all the women who post on this blog. It has been inspiring, touching, thought-provoking and challenging! I am thankful today for all of you! 🙂

    1. I totally agree! This blog has blessed me in so many ways, and I am thankful for all of you! 🙂

  5. I am thankful for the infinite attributes of our God and for the glimpses of them that we see in each other through the Holy Spirit. For the fact that He rejoices in me and that He is never sad or grouchy or distant from me. For the infinite glories of creation that I can look on whenever I like. For the graceful dance of spent leaves to earth. For sunsets and spider webs. For the jewel in a drop of water set sparkling by sunlight. For glimpses into the beautiful mind of a 2 year old child. Most of all for the hope of one day being in the presence of my Savior.

  6. I am thankful for the privilege to teach pre-schoolers God’s Word. My heart was moved this morning when Rachel, who is 3, and Macy, who is 4,(I wish you all could hear her South Georgia accent) got their bibles (without any prompting!) so they too could have the Word opened to the bible story.

    1. Tammy, love it!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I am thankful today for Thanksgiving as I went shopping to get some of the yummy stuff. I am thankful we have a special day to thank God for who he is and for his bountiful blessings of fellowship, family and food.

  8. Oh, and Anne.. I thought of you at the grocery store today when I bought beer to put in a recipe I am making to inject my turkey with. lol!! I am glad I didn’t run into anyone from church. :0

    The cashier even carded me and said if I had brown spots on my hands he would have refrained!! :0) I love Cashiers..

    1. Wheew!

  9. I too am thankful for this study, for this group of women and the prayers that have gone up from us as a group. I am also thankful for Dee and her life’s work and for the opportunity to be part of the prison ministry she is working in. I think Steve’s faithfulness and encouragement had a lot to do with Dee’s ministry so I am thankful for him too.

    I thank the Lord for my husband. I focus too much on the problems so it is good for me to step back and look at what is good about my family. My sons are awesome. My husband and I were talking about them this morning. I am so blessed.

    Thank You so much Lord!

  10. I liked the entry on this blog for today. http://www.aholyexperience.com/ If you go there tomorrow it will be different so scroll back to today.

  11. I am so very thankful for life. It’s been tough living this new chapter of my life, but I am still here. I just completed the Daniel study last week and ladies, God revealed Himself to me. The very last day of the study focused on seeing Jesus face to face. We have an allotted inhiertance we can’t even imagine! So grateful that God placed all of you on my path. I would not have made it this far this year without you!!!

    1. Tammy, I am thankful for you too! Yes, what you are going through is tough and I liked the way you said, “I am still here”.. so humble…you are in God’s wonderful hands of grace..

  12. We got back from Omaha today and it was a very hard 3 hour drive and I rested most the day. But I’m doing okay and better everyday. I will talk more later, but thank you so very much for all your prayers and thoughts as I knew the Lord was with me throughout it all and still helping me. I kept singing Psalms 5 in my head and all my memorized verses and they comforting me so much. Love to all, Joyce

  13. I kept thinking and praying for all of you, too. I’m up now as I can’t sleep…there is still alot of pain, but it truely is so much better than it was and will get better and better. I’m taller already, too:) HUGS!OOOOOO

    1. Joyce, thanks so much for the update!! So glad you came through alright and are getting better!!

    2. Praying for you too Joyce! 🙂

    3. Joyce
      So happy to hear from you. Grateful for your prayers and the privilege to pray for you.

    1. That picture is so comforting..Praise God!

  14. This morning I am thankful that my oldest son feels so close to me he can tell me anything..I love to hear him say that too. After hearing about North Korea’s new military attack on South Korea,(we need to be praying for the people both in North and South Korea. Hopefully it won’t escalate.) I am thankful I am not in a war zone, but here in my home..warm, safe and sound with a husband who works hard to make it that way. I am also thankful for rest and feeling so refreshed in the morning before I start my day. 🙂

  15. I am thankful for the blood of my Lord Jesus Christ covering me that I may stand before my God whose holiness is a consuming fire. I have been forgiven much. I pray that I will also love much. Thank You Lamb of God.

  16. I am thankful today for the gift of family. I am thankful today for a Savior who loves, who pursues, who’s ever faithful. I am thankful for a God who would care for me. His greatness and the way He greatly loves embraces me – His love grabs hold of my heart and draws me to himself – for this I am forever thankful!

  17. I am thankful today for the privilege to stand in a community mass choir tonight and sing praise to our Jehovah-Jireh. It’s our 12th annual Community Thanksgiving Service and everyone always looks forward to hearing God’s word preached and sung.
    Wish you all could be with me in worship.

    1. Tammy, we are sis, and just think someday we WILL all be together worshiping Jesus with the most beautiful music ever! 🙂

  18. Dee and gals, you’ve GOT to see this.. I think this was organized but what a great idea!!!! I got teary eyed..How cool that this song broke out in a food court at a mall! Thankful they did this! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXh7JR9oKVE&feature=player_embedded

    1. That was way beyond awesome! Loved it! I have seen it before and it was staged. No other way it could happen. It was done by a foundation that I can’t remember the name of but I do remember that they are planning more events. They are the ones who brought the organ into the mall. It was some sort of huge organ and the choir members were placed but how the shoppers joined in. So awesome!

      1. Anne, What a great ministry! I was thinking it was staged when I saw the sign next to the organ that said something, something community outreach.. What great voices too.. I think the fact that it was done so well was great. If I were there I would have thought it was spontaneous and stood up and joined them. I am known for having blonde roots sometimes. ;0) haha!

        1. Dee, Amen!

  19. I am thankful for…

    Christ’s love that never ceases,
    His presence in each part of my life,
    His incredible salvation,
    Being happy in Him because He delights in delighting me,
    the fellowship on this blog, to name a few blessings!

    And I love the way He keeps me going by gently reminding me that He WILL deliver me from the present circumstances in my life from which I need rescue…

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving, everyone!

    1. “His presence in EACH part of my life”..I love that! God bless you Tracy!

      1. Amen Jan!

  20. This morning I am thankful for my 6 year old who likes to climb in my lap and cuddle and hug every chance he can get. I am thankful God made him this way since he was an infant. He is my affectionate one who has always loved to cuddle. Even when he was a baby in the church nursery they would love it when he came because he would warm up to anyone and cuddle with them.

    I too am also VERY thankful for every woman on this blog. I am also thankful for what God is teaching me through you all and through Dee. Praise Him for His Love endures forever! He keeps loving us no matter what.

  21. Update on my son Eli and his meds..He said he is able to focus concentrate better at school, and he has stopped doing some of his compulsions-kind of like tics-but not tics..He is less nervous around other kids now and is willing to talk with them. He said he keeps forgetting things still, but that can always be addressed.. he is only taking 5 mg which is a very low dosage.

    I have seen a huge jump in confidence and he responds when I call his name the first time no matter what he is doing and no matter what distractions are around him!!! Before it took around five or six times. Praise God for medicine and praise God for your prayers.. We were really at peace with doing this when the time came to give him the medicine.

    1. Praise God!!

    1. This is my favorite live version of this song…Watch until the end..God is really moving..I am thankful for it and to see so many saints in one place lifting up the name of Jesus..You can really sense Him moving in this from the musicians to the people.. Amazing.. It is hard to not cry in awe while singing this to the Lord…


      1. WOW!!! Taste of Heaven for sure.

  22. Dee,

    I had a pleasant surprise at 4am this morning – I couldn’t sleep, so I began to read Anita Lustrea’s new book which I just got, and enjoyed reading the forward to the book – which you wrote! As I read what you wrote, I heard echos of the wisdom you’ve shared with us on this blog.

    I am thankful for Christian radio and that I can listen to wonderful teaching on Moody radio. I am thankful for the Midday Connection program, which makes me feel like I have friends in the kitchen listening with me.

    I am thankful to get on the blog this morning and see that Joyce has posted, giving us an update on her recovery –
    so good to hear from you, Joyce! I am thankful for the access to medical care we have in our country, excellent surgeons and medicine for when we need them.

    I am thankful for Jesus in the wee hours of the morning, when I can’t sleep, and especially as Thanksgiving draws nearer and I am really missing my nephew, knowing I wont see him tomorrow when our family is all together. I am thankful that He sees all my tears and knows the ache in my heart.

  23. I am thankful for this ministry and the beautiful testimonies of the ladies shared. I am thankful for the Lord hearing us and writing our names in His book of rememberance even right now because we’re thinking on His name (Mal 3.16) It’s good to know that we are not forgotten!

    I am thankful for the Lord carrying me during this tough, but cleansing and restoring, time in my life. I am thankful that where I once found myself rejected, I am now become accepted again with Christ.

    I am thankful to Christ for a sound mind. Hallelujah! Because of sin (hypocrisy/straddling the fence) and unforgiveness in my heart that I once held to, my mind would blank out and I would suddenly become confused in the midst of conversations. This happened off and on and I shared with my mom that I had a dream (about 2 mos ago now) where I had completely lost my mind. My mom was driving me in her vehicle and I remember just gazing around with a dullness in my mind and absolutely no soundness to my mind at all. I couldn’t even speak and didn’t know where my two girls were at this point. When I awoke, I had to shake myself to get the deadness of my mind..it felt like it was lingering.So,this day I am thankful to Christ for freeing my mind long enough to make a clarified decision to forgive my offenders, myself and to choose His ways and His mercy again. I am thankful to Christ because NOW I KNOW that truly it’s only because of His compasionate mercies that I am not consumed by a crazed mind, nor depression, nor unforgiveness..even when they came upon me, His love didn’t allow these things to swallow me up whole. And believe me, it’s not because of any goodness of my own because there’s not a lot to mine, nor because of being raised in the Church, not because I was raised on the right side of the tracks (because I wasn’t), nor who I was or who I rubbed shoulders with or didn’t.I am grateful because HE IS FAITHFUL!!!

    1. Jan, PRAISE THE LORD!!! You brought a song to mind: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1GHqoBygd0

      Have a blessed Thanksgiving sis!! Great to be so encouraged by your testimony of God’s great Faithfulness!!

      1. Jan, This is an AWESOME version of the song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sI_3KqWQ6OA

      2. That was beautiful Rebecca, thanks so much for sharing! Thank you for your encouragement!

  24. I pray that all of you have a wonderful, beautiful and blessed Thanksgiving with your family, friends or both. We have so very much to be thanksful for. Love to all, Joyce

  25. I am thankful that I live in this day of technology. We have the internet, YouTube, Facebook, and all that other stuff to keep us connected. I have even seen digital bibles in church. Being able to connect with like-minded women keeps me grounded and gets the focus off myself.

  26. I am simply thankful for anyone who has prayed for me these past difficult months since my husband of 25 years divorced me. I have no doubt that these prayers are what have kept me going. I am tired of crying an ocean of tears and tired of telling my story…I never wanted a story to have to tell, but all the same I am thankful for all who have lent an ear, who have offered a hug, who have squeezed my hand, who have not walked the other way when they saw me coming, who did not get impatient with my grief, who encouraged me to keep putting one foot ahead of the other.

    1. What a blessing that God surrounded you with so many caring friends who support you!

    2. Deb, I pray that God will be near you and continue to bless you with precious friends. It seems very trite and easy to say that He is enough, but I think He truly wants to BE our enough. I will pray for you dear sister. I am so sorry for all that you have been through.

  27. The one thing I am thankful for this Thanksgiving that I was not thankful for last year is my brokenness. God is remodeling this earthly tent in which He dwells. He is sanding away bitterness, stripping the wallpaper of self-sufficiency, and tearing out the rotted boards of pride and selfishness. Oh my it sure does hurt at times, but He has promised me that when He is finished I will be the image of His Son. Glory Hallelujah!!!


    1. Tammy, Awesome!!!! I just love your honesty. Wow.. This blog is totally ministering to me this morning! Thanks for sharing and I will pray for continued strength as you go through this. It is such a ministry to me to see the HOly Spirit in you strengthening you through this.

    2. I have to agree with Rebecca and say thanks for your honesty! When you come out, you shall be as pure gold! Christ does not waste our suffering..He is so merciful! Here’s a clip of a song that may minister to you..it’s kind of lengthy, but beautiful

      Enjoy your journey….


    1. Dee, Beautiful! How beautiful that you and Steve would sing it together in such an intimate way and the truth you have embraced that you will once again sing it together with unimaginable scenery to gaze upon.

      This song is so uplifting. I had never heard it before. I looked it up on You Tube after you mentioned it. It is a beautiful song. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    2. Dee, This song is so beautiful, visulizing you and Steve singing it together brings tears to my eyes. You will sing it with him again one day. Bless this day with your family, it must be so hard on holidays like this, without Steve with you all, especially with so much to be thankful for this year…your sweet granddaughters.

  28. I pray for everyone to have a happy Thanksgiving today – yes, we all have so much to be thankful for! I’ve been reading through Exodus, and it strikes me that from the very beginning, God’s heart was that He wanted to dwell with His people. He had given Moses instructions for the Tent of Meeting, and God said He would dwell with this people, and be their God.
    How awesome that from the very beginning, He walked in the garden with Adam and Eve, and revealed Himself to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. It blows me away how He met face to face with Moses; that Moses was so close to God’s presence that his face shone.
    God didn’t have to love us or want to be with us. He had to come down to us, to bend down.
    I am thankful for this attribute of God, that He desires a relationship with us. That He is a God of relationship. That His intentions toward mankind are good, that He always takes the first step. He is the Great Reconciler.

    This is so cool –

    “Then Moses went up (the mountain) with Aaron, Nadab, and Abihu, and seventy of the elders of Israel, and they SAW the God of Israel;
    and under his feet there appeared to be a pavement of sapphire, as clear as the sky itself.
    Yet He did not stretch out His hand against the nobles of the sons
    of Israel, and they beheld God, and they ate and drank.”
    (Exodus 24:9-11)

    “Thus the Lord used to speak to Moses face to face, just as a man
    speaks to his friend.” (Exodus 33:11)

    1. Susan, I can’t tell you how your post ministered to me this morning.. As Tammy said, it is such a blessing to come to this oasis.. I read in Psalms last night and God soothed my soul..Then I woke up to a sweet little 6 year old who had just thrown up. 🙁 Might be sick or might have eaten too much last night.. He got into a bag of chips. Not sure.. So I am in ‘oh I don’t want anyone in our family to miss Thanksgiving, and I m responsible for the Fried Turkey and other yummy stuff’..mode. Your post directed my thinking back to the truth. It was a balm to my soul.. Thanks!

      1. Oh Rebecca – I can remember a few holidays when I had a sick child, too! I do hope your little one feels better and that is was just a case of an upset tummy!

        Love to you this Thanksgiving – I also love your prayer below and how you remembered those who are alone today. Reminds me not to take my family for granted, and to remember and pray for the lonely.

  29. Have a blessed Thanksgiving today everyone!!

    Lord, Thank you for the opportunity for families everywhere to get together and celebrate you and the blessings you have given to us..Lord I pray for each and every woman who partakes in this blog whether commenting or reading that you would bless their time with their famlies today and also for those who can’t make it to be around extended family. Also, Lord to those who are alone today and hurting. Comfort them with your love.

    Lord I pray that we would be aware of opportunities to share what Jesus is doing in our life to those in our families who may not know you and that we would be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading in conversation. Lord, bring someone in our midst today who may just need encouragement, and bring those who need to hear the good news about your saving love through Jesus..and as Susan said, how you bend down to touch us, to hold us, to love us..That you deeply desire to have a relationship with us. Help us be sensitive to others today and be ‘other centered’.
    we love you Lord Jesus..

  30. As much as I might wish I was, I am not gifted with words, but I wanted to write anyway of my thanks for this blog. I need to be redirected from myself and my grief, and there is comfort for me on this page. At first when I woke up this Thanksgiving morning, my soul was so overcome with sadness I was sure there was nothing to be thankful for now. But I had remembered reading that when your soul is disquieted, to read through the psalms, so I asked the Lord to direct me. The psalm 145 did help me meditate on reasons to praise the Lord. Then especially after watching the video clip of Annie speaking about giving thanks, my mind was able to realize and not just take for granted what I need to be thankful for: My 2 adult children who love me and are supportive; a good job again after my job of 25+ years was eliminated last year; a number of friends; and now a Stephen Minister who is also helping me process my grief. I am thankful for Dee’s book, “The God of All Comfort,” because just this morning I happened to be reading the passage about being in denial, which is absolutely where I am still, and that is what I now ask the Lord to guide me through. I am thankful for my faith, which is a gracious gift of the Holy Spirit I think; I would not have it had He not sought me out. Thank you readers also for your entries that I can read and ponder, and if possible, for any prayers. God’s blessings to all of you.

    1. Deb
      As one who has already walked the path you are walking, I can assure you the pain will eventually fade. I am blessed to hear you are running to our Lord. I know how hard it is to keep moving forward. Just in case you are not aware, I encourage you to connect with Christian support group DivoreCare.org. They have a great devotional book written especially for those who have experienced divorce or you can elect to have them send you a daily email. You can also check on their website to see if there is a support group in your area. I will be lifting you up continually.

    2. Your in my prayers, Deb

  31. Definately praying for you Deb. Your ability to offer the sacrifice of praise in the midst of pain is inspiring to me.

    I am so blessed by all of the comments yesteday and today. I don’t have sound on the computer I am on today so I can’t enjoy the songs yet. For the Beauty of the Earth will be with me all day. Thanks for sharing the words Dee. What a beautiful picture of you and Steve.

    I had trouble sleeping last night but before I went to bed I read Isaiah 26:3 and it blessed me all night. You will keep in perfect peace the mind that is dependent on You, for it is trusting in You.

    Love to you all. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

    1. Deb, I agree with Anne. Your words inspire me in the midst of your struggle to see how God has given you a strong faith and how you are persevering. Know we are praying for you sister.

  32. A special prayer request –

    Just got off the phone with my dad, and my mom has been vomiting and is in bed. Supposed to go to my sister’s at 3 today for Thanksgiving dinner. Mom’s had a bad cough and started yesterday with some cough medicine with codeine in it, dad said she got up this morning and took some before she ate, so I’m wondering if that’s the reason for the nausea and vomiting.
    Would appreciate prayers for mom – at 83 and weighing about 81 pounds, she can’t withstand much!

  33. Ladies – taking mom to hospital – she’s getting worse and dehydrated;
    please keep mom (Virginia) in your prayers, I appreciate it very much!
    Mom doesn’t know Jesus personally, please pray.

    1. I am praying for her, Susan

    2. Yes. Praying for her.

      1. Susan, I just got on this morning so I didn’t see your initial request.. Yes I am praying for her.

        1. I, too, have been praying.

    1. The way I understand it, it’s called Black Friday because today’s profits puts the business in the ‘black’. I’ve always heard this time of year is when stores make as much as the previous months combined.

      1. Dee, I agree with you. It is strange yet the world has never even noticed. They are off like hamsters on wheels ‘getting ready for Christmas’. So many people don’t even enjoy Christmas because of the pressure to give gifts. Yet as we ponder now, there is so much more.

  34. Thank you for your prayers for mom. She has pneumonia. At the ER last night she was given IV fluids to rehydrate her and medicine for the nausea; then my sister and I asked them to check-out her cough which she’s had for over a week, and coughing up lots of stuff. A chest xray revealed a left lower lobe pneumonia, so they started her on antibiotics and she was able to go home.
    My niece stayed all night and kept an eye on mom. She just looked to washed out, she was really weak.
    I’m getting ready to call over there and see how she is this morning, but I’m assuming she’s okay as no one called during the night.
    I appreciate your prayers for her.
    This was our first Thanksgiving without Mom with us, but….I am thankful that she got the help she needed, and that God willing, we will have many more family dinners and celebrations with Mom.

  35. Thank you all for your kind words. My mother-in-law passed away on Thanksgiving Day and the pieces of my already broken heart have been ground down to just shards. At the moment quite honestly I don’t know if there’s even anything of me left for God to put back together anymore. My heart is just too broken to be able to feel the truths of the Word even though deep within me I know that they are still there. Just before she died, I stopped to the hospital to bring some food to family who were attending her and got to see my former husband, and though our divorce has only been final for a little over a month, he told me he has begun dating and sharing his heart on-line with another lady. I seem to be going through a period of such devastating loss, I hardly know where to turn. I am thankful, though, that I had underlined passages of scripture in the Bible cuz I can’t quite focus on reading but those underlined versus catch my eye and give me at least a moment of calm. I long to feel God’s tender care. I long to be healed! I hope that it is true for me too that God will hear my cries from his temple and come to rescue me. This blog may turn out to be a lifeline for me.

    1. If you are on facebook send a friend request to me, Tammy Luccioni.

      You indeed hear Deb’s cries and you promise to comfort her. I ask that at this very moment Deb be aware of the arms of your comforter around her. You can put the broken pieces back together. I know she can’t see that now. Comfort her mother in law’s family. Extend mercy Lord. In the name of our Precious Redeemer. Amen.

      1. Lord, we plead for Deb right now as we lift her up to you..Lord we ask for your calm in her heart in the midst of this storm. We know Lord that the pain is there, oh it is there and that it is o.k. for her to feel the feelings she feels right now. Let her know it’s o.k. Lord bind Satan from putting her on any guilt trips. I remember David and the anxiety and depression he went through yet he was a man after you heart God. He persevered and ran to you as Deb is doing, pouring out his heart and his fears. Even in the midst of his destitute pain..You bent down to him and lifted him up in the Palms of your hands and he was able to lift his head and give you praise. Even in the midst of the storm..Lord we pray for that strength for Deb.. That strength can only come from you. Lord may the power of the Holy Spirit in her prevail over this trial.

        Deb, I am reminded of that great song.. I forgot who did it.. “I will praise you in this storm”… Let me see if I can find it on You Tube..

        It is by Casting Crowns.. It is beautiful I pray it ministers to your soul. You’re not alone sis..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGPS8sa-bRQ

        1. This song DOES minister to me! I can’t thank you enough. All of you, each one of you dear sisters in Christ, thank you for extending Christ’s hands to me, reaching out. Oh, praise God! Praise God who has sent me a lifeline to hang on to in this storm. One day when I am through this, perhaps the Lord will use this to his glory; I am not trying to imply that I think myself worthy–in fact, I usually end up putting my foot in my mouth and not saying what I mean. What I mean is that perhaps one day I can be as hospitable towards another suffering the pain of rejection and loss since I have been there. I know how important it is to have somebody give you even the slightest inkling that they care, that they understand, that God is still God and that He is in control and that in the end he will deliver us in victory. Yahweh Sabaoth, my Deliverer. I am strengthened and encouraged in this moment, and that is enough for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you ALL.

        2. Praise God! Glad to hear you’re feeling the encouragement of the Lord through His people! It’s good to know that He is near to the brokenhearted and that we can cast our cares upon Him because He truly cares for us. It’s not a religious cliche, but its His truth to us!

    2. I am just home from Thanksgiving at my sister’s and catching up on the blog. Deb, I am so sorry for what you are going through.

      Lord, I know that You are near to the brokenhearted. Help Deb to trust in just this fact right now. Thank You for speaking to her heart in small portions of scripture right now. Thank You so much for Your Word. How beautiful and precious Deb is in Your sight right now. Be near to her Lord. Bless her with Your presence. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

  36. I thought of all of you as I walked the beach yesterday. I am grateful to live only 50 miles from the Atlantic and for the 80 degree weather we had. The cold of winter is coming and yesterday will be one to savor on a frigid day. Shared Thanksgiving dinner with my ex. We continue to discuss spiritual issues. It’s scary to have someone tell you ‘only you can save me’. I quickly let him know only God can save him. A real live picture of setting someone up as a god.

    I spent time in prayer thanking God for each of you by name. I hope one day the Lord will give me a local friend who is a combination of all of you. Looking forward to Advent.

    Dee thank you for sharing The Beauty of The Earth lyrics. It sounded familiar but I can’t remember where I’ve heard it before. It will be a new song for me to sing in private worship.

    Blessed Day to all!!

  37. As I am healing from surgery, I was given this book by my niece from Imperial,NE, not far from us. It is “Heaven is for Real” by Todd Burpo,(My niece’s pastor and the boy’s father) and their son who experienced Heaven. Go to: mccookgazette.com/story/1676089.html This is an article in the McCook, NE (nearby town) paper about the book. It’s just been released and I’m just starting it. My nephew, Brad and his wife and my niece, Terri are mentioned in the book! Their 5 kids play with Colton and his sister at church functions all the time. It’s about this 4 year old boy, Colton who they almost lost in surgery, but things Colton said later that continued to come out in pieces through the years about him seeing daddy praying for him, in a room and mommy on the phone during his operation and about hearing the angels sing and him sitting on Jesus’s lap and about the “Marker” marks on his hands and feet in red. (Which he didn’t know were actually the scars from Jesus’s crusifixtion) He is 11 years old now and remembers everything, perfectly. He even tells them about things and people that he should of never known, that he seen in Heaven. After so many things kept coming up about him in Heaven, they found someone to help them put it all in a book. One of the best parts for me is that later, Colton looked at many pictures of Christ, he said the only one that really looked like Jesus is a painting that a little girl, Akiane Kramarik, done when she was small. She is famous for her art, as it is inspired by God. That is a story all in it’s self! This painting (You can see it by looking up her gallery, on line) is called “Prince of Peace” And a picture of the painting is in Colton’s book, along with several family pictures. His (Jesus) eye’s are so beautiful in this painting and Colton said his eye’s were like that! It gives me chills! You can get the book on Amazon.

    I wanted Susan and Deb to know I am praying for your mom, Susan and your stuggles and heartache, Deb. I’m getting better gradually. Love you all, Joyce

  38. I put the painting of “Prince of Peace” here instead of my picture

    1. I hope you are healing. I’ve been so encouraged by this blog and all the wisdom shared.
      I just wanted to gently mention that A. Kramarik is a universalist. I do believe her incredible gifts are God given. I love her work =)
      Thanks for sharing.
      May the Lord continue to comfort and heal you.

    2. Joyce, what strikes me about the eyes in this painting is they are the eyes of one who has suffered.

  39. Deb,

    Praying for you this morning, and I am in Romans 8:26-27, I want to personalize it for YOU –

    O Heavenly Father, I know that Your Spirit will help Deb
    in her weakness; for she may not have the words to pray
    right now, but Your Spirit, the Spirit Himself is interceding
    for Deb with groanings too deep for words;

    and You, Father, Who searches the hearts, You know what the
    mind of the Spirit is, because He intercedes for Your saints
    according to Your will.

    Father, I know that You are gathering every tiny shard of
    Deb’s broken heart in Your hands, there is no piece too small
    that will go unnoticed! You, in Your timing, will mend her
    heart and put it back together, all the while holding her
    heart securely in Your hands.

    You are the Defender of the weak, and You comfort those
    in need. You will not leave Deb alone nor defenseless.

    May God comfort you, Deb, in your loss of your mother-in-law.
    You didn’t say, but I am thinking that even through your
    divorce, you remained close to her.

    Lifting you up to the Father this morning, through His Son, Jesus Christ.

  40. Thank you yet again, my sisters in Christ, for uplifting me in prayer and for the ideas and encouragement you offer me, a stranger. It is very welcome. Tammy had recommended a web site, DivorceCare.org, and I did sign up for the daily e-mail. It is great to have my burden lifted while I read that. Even a moment of relief is better than none, and the daily e-mail will give me something to look forward to. I am 52 years old and having to start my life over at an age when I had hoped to be married to someone who would still love me when my hair started turning gray, who would find my “laugh lines” endearing. I feel so alone and yet I know that others have experienced such loss too. That is why so many of you have been able to reach out to me. Today I am thankful for the efforts of all of you. It is keeping me sane. It is giving me a reprieve. Thank you sincerely.

    1. Deb, THANK YOU for YOUR encouragement to us!!!! It is comforting to see the Lord at work in your life and on this blog! Also, I am sure most if not all of us have some sort of struggle going on in our lives right now whether it be with our children, ourselves, our marriages, being widowed etc.. It is good to know we aren’t alone in whatever our struggles are and that God has given us one another to encourage and lift up here on this blog! Thanks again for your transparency!

    2. Deb, Prayed for you at some point last night. Sometimes God wakes me up in the middle of the night. 🙂

      I just know God has something special around the corner for you and that He will use this in a mighty way in your life.. Try to take advantage of this time to take refuge under His wings..Just you and Him alone..From what you have shared it seems you are already doing that! 🙂

      When my ex-husband left me I was a brand new believer and I remember looking forward to getting into His word, just me and Him..Laying in bed feeling lonely, reading His thoughts and Just meditating on what He was saying to me. I will never forget writing about how I felt as I closed my eyes and pleaded with Him to hold and comfort me…He showed me that He was my husband and He adored me.. I Will keep remembering you in prayer sis. 🙂

  41. Ladies, Well, my six year old did have the stomach flu, so it is spreading around our home now..I haven’t gotten it yet, but my hubby and my eldest have it now. Looks like I will be home tomorrow taking care of everyone. I feel like I might have it, not sure. Yikes. I am asking God to hold it off until everyone else is done with it so I can take care of them. Pray!! Love you gals!! 🙂

  42. I always thought it seemed unfair that the flu seems to strike the worst between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I will pray for the return of health for your family, Rebecca.

    1. Deb, Thanks!! I agree!

  43. Dear Heavenly Father I just lift up Rebecca and her family at this time. Please just take this flu away from the whole family and especially Rebecca as she must care for all of her family. This is a very special family that loves you with all their heart and soul. Bless them daily as they live their lives for you, Lord. Thank you dear Jesus, in your precious name, Amen

    1. Joyce, Beautiful prayer! Thanks so much!!!