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Mary Prayed the Psalms in her Magnificat

woman-praisingOne of the reasons the friendship of Mary and Elizabeth was so rich was because each of their hearts was overflowing with the love and truth of their Lord. Mary knew the psalms, for they are woven through her Magnificat, her joyful response to Elizabeth’s prophecy. We can learn from Mary by allowing the psalms to be the wind under our wings, the fresh blowing of His Spirit that will lift us and take us to heights we had not known before. This week we will meditate on her words, look at the psalms that inspired them, and then attempt to make them our own.

I promise you it will enrich your prayer life. Why not take a question a day, and use it to start off your quiet time in prayer? I’ll join in.

1. In Luke 1:46-48, Mary glorifies the Lord for “being mindful of the humble state of his servant.” This truth is drawn from two psalms. First, meditate on Psalm 8:1-4. Then make it your own.

2. Mary is also overwhelmed that such a great God would be aware of someone so lowly. Meditate on Psalm 138:6 and then make it your own in prayer.

3. In Luke 1:48-49, Mary is remembering God’s promise to bring a Messiah, realizing she is the one to birth him, and praising Him for His holiness. Several psalms carry these truths, but one is Psalm 111:9. Mediate on it and make it your own.

4. In Luke 1:50 Mary reflects on God’s promise that His mercy will extend to those who fear him, and, from generation to generation. Meditate on Psalm 103:17 and make it your own.

5. Mary is remembering God’s faithfulness in the psast in Luke 1:51-55. Many psalms reflect on God’s faithfulness in the past. One is Psalm 107 and another is Psalm 78. Read one of these psalms until a verse “quickens” you and then make it your own.

6. Share your reflections on how this impacted your prayer life and thought life this week.

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  1. Dee, I am particularly excited about this post. It is hard at times to juggle two studies but I believe they will intersect for me I will be sharing when they do. Thanks so much!
    I love the picture!

    1. Anne, I am praying about and sense God might be leading me to do BSF here! They have visitors day next Wed. ๐Ÿ™‚ You are doing it, and my friend Sondra is and from what I hear from both of you, God is really moving in that study putting it together with Dee’s and as well at our church with what our Pastor is teaching.

    2. Thank you Dee. I love being here. I know God will use that study but honestly, it simply is not as much fun as this one and I am learning a lot here too.

    1. Dee, How uplifting and encouraging your post is! I am really looking forward to this week’s study, and Anne is right the picture is awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Psalm 8:1-4
    How majestic you are O Lord! When I consider that you made the heavens and you are bigger even then that, I am both humbled and grateful that you are mindful of me. I love the awesomeness of who you are – your power, your majesty. Your heavens and the glory of who you are makes me want to know you more! O Lord, our Lord – how excellent is your name in ALL the earth!

  3. Psalms 8:1-4

    “O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is thy name in all the earth”. and heavens! (Majestic…meaning, dignity, grand, noble, stateliness, gallant, royal and regal.) You are all of these, Lord and much, much more. There are no words in our vocabulary, wonderful enough that discibes your greatness, Lord.

    ” Those whose glory above the heavens is chanted by the mouth of babes and infants”. (What is more precious, innocent, beautiful, helpless and desperate for our love and care, and fills our hearts with joy more than a baby, here on earth?) I think this is how our Lord looks at us. We need him just as a new baby needs it’s mother.

    “Thou hast founded a bulwork (a protective structure for defensive purposes), because of thy foes,(enemies) to still the enemy and the avenger”.(someone who attacks)

    “When I look at the heavens, the work of thy fingers, the moon and the stars which thou hast established” (I can hardly take in all the vastness of your creations, Lord…it’s just more than my mind can imagine.)

    “What is man that thou art mindful of him,” (who could possibly not see God in all this?) “and the son of man that thou dost care for him”? (how much Jesus loves and cares for us!)

    I have to look up words to understand them better and also am thinking out loud here, as I pray through this Psalms. How meaningful and beautiful this Psalms is, Lord! Thank you for it and for loving us so very much!

  4. Ladies, God just gave me an awesome prayer time with him and when I hit “Submit Comment” the link broke and it was lost and didn’t post. ๐Ÿ™ Well, God heard it that is for sure!!

    1. That is our lose, Rebecca, so sorry.

      1. Joyce, your prayer was awesome and I don’t know, I just think the world of you sis..God has given you such a sweet, humble spirit. Anyone in your circle of friends is truly blessed.

      2. I wholeheartedly agree!

        1. My Goodness, thank you both so much! I am the one so blessed to know all of you!

  5. 2. Mary is also overwhelmed that such a great God would be aware of someone so lowly. Meditate on Psalm 138:6 and then make it your own in prayer.

    Lord you are exalted on High..You made the universe-the powerful Sun-the powerful wind that can knock over a tower-yet your hands are gentle like a dove and caress the face of the lowly..the ones who are looked upon as ignorant, poor, unworthy-YOU lift them up with your soft hands and hold them-you regard them and care for them-you are close to them..Lord you hate the haughty and the proud-you know them but from afar-you aren’t close to their hearts, but you can change a proud heart Lord and make it humble and soft toward you.

    Lord, I am truly humbled that you would choose me to be your vessel..You have made me your servant and Lord you ‘regard’ me, but I do have pride that I confess…I don’t want to be among the ‘haughty’ Lord.. So stop me today from that. Mold my heart-change or root out this pride Lord that rears it’s ugly head..Do what you need to do in my life to change it..I know I won’t be perfect until I am with you face to face, but Lord I can have your aroma to those I am around while I am here- and it is sweet and it is lovely and it is pleasing to you Lord when you smell it. You said blessed are the feet of those who share the good news of the gospel..Only with your blessed aroma consuming my soul can I be a light in darkness.

  6. Though the Lord is on high, he looks upon the lowly, but the proud he knows from afar. Psalm 138:6

    Thank you Lord, that you are on high! You are majestic Lord and holy. You are the King of Kings! You are even more than that – You are Creator God. You made the heavens and the earth – there is no one like you!

    I am amazed and humbled by your care for me.

  7. Lord, though you are exalted, glorious beyond my understanding, You take note of the humble. How I hate to be humbled. It goes against my very proud spirit. Try as hard as I might it is always there. The tyrant seeking always to rule. Even over this You are sovereign. You humble me as You lead me in the way everlasting. You are my Wonderful(miraculous) Counselor(resolve). I trust You Lord. Amen

  8. Wow, what awesome, beautiful prayers

    1. Joyce, I agree!!

      1. I meant yours too, Rebecca!

  9. PSALMS 138:6

    The living bible says “Yet though he is so great, he respects the humble, but proud men must keep their distance”.
    Oh Lord, I pray you would take all pride from my sinful, selfish and wretched heart and turn it into humility and lowliness. Please forgive me and use me and help me each day, each hour, each minute, for all I want to do is please you and become more like you, Dear Jesus.
    For whatever life I have left in this world, teach me thy ways and prepare me for eternity with you. Lord, the worst thing ever, would be for you to be distant from me, as the verse above says. I deserve nothing, but I am forever thankful for your love and forgivness.

    1. Dee, I love learning how to do this. This is powerful,and being able to do it writing it down is even more encouraging.. I can see the Holy Spirit really speaking through us here.

    1. I had a rough day today and this song really speaks to my heart.

  10. Ladies, I have to share this with you. I had it up on my F.B. account, but wanted to share. Below is a conversation my boys had the other night: Out of the mouth of babes:

    Jake: “Jesus is better than Mom”. Andrew: “Mom, Jake said Jesus is better than you.” Me: “He is.” Andrew: “Actually Jesus and mom are the same.” Jake: “No, Jesus can throw lightening bolts at Satan, mom can’t.” ;~)

    1. Love it Rebecca! ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. How cute!

  11. Psalm 111:9
    Like Dee, I am so thankful that you are a covenant keeping God, because of this I know that I can trust you! I trust you to lead me, to guide me. I know that I can face death unafraid, for you are with me! Your right hand upholds me! Thank you that you are true and I can count on you. I am undeserving of your favor, and yet you make me one of your own! I am forever grateful for your love and mercy.

  12. I went through the verses and this is what is in my prayer. Humble is how God would have us. His mercy is everlasting. His mercy endures forever. He satisifies a longing soul. He calms the storm. He guides them to their haven.
    I live deep in the woods of Alaska, with my husband and son. I see the glory of God everywhere and I see his protection. I know I am where I am suppose to be. But I miss female friends. I am thankful for this blog. I hear Dee talk with Dobson latley. Years ago I read her book on friendship….I started sewing for women…I have the grandest time these past many years sewing for women….He calms the storm and He guides me to a haven.

    1. Barbara, Welcome!! I am excited to meet you! Love your posts as well! They lifted my spirit even though I am down with a bad cold right now..God is good! ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Welcome, Barbara! I am so glad you are with us on this blog. I can see how you would miss the friendships of other women, but also how wonderful that you turned that into beginning to sew for women – would like to hear more about what you do!

    3. Barbara, Welcome! You will have women friends here that will love and pray for you. I’m new in this blog since spring. You will love “The God of all comfort”. Have you read the new version of Dee’s “The friendship’s of women”? It intrigues me that you live in the woods of Alaska! And I thought it was cold in NE! What beauty you must have all around you! (I love to sew too, it comforts me)

  13. PSALMS 111:9

    “He sent redemption to his people; he has commanded his covenant forever”. Dear Heavenly Father, I’m just trying to understand and take this verse in! It says so much in just a few words. I’m trying to realize how much you paid in full for me…a full ransom and I am always and forever free to come to you! I hear it and understand it, but can’t contemplate just how very much it all means! It is FOREVER! You gave so much…your all, your everything for me! I am so humbled, Lord, that you could give and love so much. I deserve nothing and yet you give everything. Thank you, Dear Jesus, so much

  14. I want to share this. I received it on an e-mail today.

    This is coming from a four year old child who’s next door neighbor was an elderly gentleman, who had recently lost his wife. Upon seeing the man cry, the little boy went into the old gentleman’s yard, climbed onto his lap, and just sat there.
    When his mother ask what he said to the neighbor, the little boy said, “Nothing, I just helped him cry”.

    We could all learn from that little boy!

    1. He was certainly “sitting shiva”, Joyce!

      1. Amen, Joyce!

  15. I won’t be home tomarrow , as we are going to Kendra’s seizure Dr. out of town. No problems, just a check up, so I want to do the next Psalms for 4. now.

    Luke 1:50

    “And his mercy is on those who fear him from generation to generation”.

    Psalms 103:17-18 (had to include 18!)

    “But the steadfast love of the Lord is from everlasting to everlasting, upon those who fear him, and his righteousness to children’s children, to those who keep his covenant and remember to do his commandments”.

    As I am praying through this Psalm, I’m listening to my favorite CD from one of your books, Dee. It is from “A women of Worship Bible study series”. This verse is in the song, “Old Ship of Zion”, the 8th song on the CD. I love this CD and play it alot and especially love this song. Do you know who sings it, Dee, So one’s that don’t have the CD could maybe find it on Youtube? The words in the song go like this, “As a father has compassion on his children, so the Lord has compassion on those who fear him, for he knows how we are formed, he remembers that we are dust; but from everlasting to everlasting, the Lord’s love is with those who fear him. And his righteousness with their children’s children”.

    Verse 103:17-18 also means the loving kindness of the Lord is eternal for those who fear him and his salvation to his children’s children, (Act2;39) to those who are faithful and obey him.

    I could go on and on about this beautiful verse, but we have to get up early, and I’m a night owl, so this is hard to quit here. But I will be praying about this verse all day today, to myself. Love to all!

      1. Everything is great, thank you. I couldn’t wait to get home and get on the computor to hear all my friends comments and prayers. I’m addicted to this bible study and all of you!

    1. Joyce, your posts always bless me – thank you for sharing! You have a beautiful heart Joyce! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi Barbara! It is so good that you are here! ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. What beautiful memories!

  16. That image of Barbara’s grandmother annointing her head with oil, and praying over her before she left for college, really touches my heart. What a beautiful memory, Barbara.

    1. Susan, I know! I wanted to weep hearing that. What a huge kiss from God!

  17. Hi Ladies! I am asking for prayer this morning.. I am sick and because of my husbands schedule I don’t usually get to rest, but God has faithfully sustained me regardless. I have a lot to do today and can’t lie down to rest. I need wisdom and his mercy today.. It is hard to be patient with the boys when I am feeling like this.

    Also, please pray for the spiritual warfare going on.. Long story but when we went through the prophecy post..God opened my eyes to it around me and some strange things have happened, but during those times I prayed and Jesus took it away.. It was pretty cool.

    God has been answering my prayer the other day in regard to Psalm 138:6.. Once again He began to root out this pride prior to my prayer by something my husband shared with me.. I struggled with it and was hurt by it, but I knew he was right. My eyes are opened now to this sin in me and now comes the healing! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Praying for you today Rebecca!

    2. Dear Rebecca, Please get well, your needed so much by your husband and four beautiful boys and us! I’m praying for you and for the spiritual welfare going on. Lord, only you know and will heal these things going on in Rebecca’s life. Please help her get well and bless their lives with your lovely care.

  18. Goodmorning and thank you. Yesterday I started reading “The God of All Comfort.” It is amazes me how I can have a new book in my hands in a matter of minutes without leaving home. Thank you for writing the book. I look forward to this study. I am going to look at all the questions as I have time.

  19. Ok…I’m jumping in with number 1.

    In Luke 1:46-48, Mary glorifies the Lord for being “mindful of the humble state of His servant.” This truth is drawn from two psalms. First, meditate on Psalm 8:1-4. Then make it your own.

    First, I read the psalm and thought each verse through and wrote down my prayer. Then, I went back and prayed through the Psalm out loud to God, and even had different thoughts and prayers come out. So, here’s trying to put the two together…..

    “O Lord, our Lord,
    How majestic is Thy name in all the earth,
    Who hast displayed (or set) Thy splendor
    above the heavens!”

    (I really liked Joyce’s adjectives she looked-up for majestic)

    Your name is majestic, kingly, throughout all the earth!
    When I look at the night sky and see all the stars and the moon in all that vast blackness, Your name seems to be written in the sky!
    The sound of the wind and the roaring of the ocean’s waves shout Your name. But even in the places where it is so silent and still, even that proclaims Your name.

    “From the mouth of infants and nursing babes
    Thou hast established strength (or a bulwark),
    Because of Thine adversaries,
    To make the enemy and the revengeful cease.”

    Oh Lord,
    This passage makes me think of Jesus, Who came as a helpless baby, but God encased in flesh; that baby nursing at Mary’s breast, He was Your strength, a bulwark set against the enemy, and the One the enemy would not prevail against!
    And children are a gift from You, a sign that Your people will continue on, as Your preserve us.

    “When I consider Thy heavens, the work of Thy fingers,
    The moon and the stars, which Thou hast ordained;
    What is man, that Thou dost take thought of him?
    And the son of man, that Thou dost care for him?”

    I’m thinking of David when he was a shepherd, out at night watching over the sheep, looking up at the stars and contemplating their vastness and mystery, and then thinking of himself, and how You put YOur hand upon him, and knew him, and how incredible and amazing that was to him! And who am I that You remember me and know me? Why should I seek to be filled-up with anything other than this?

    1. Wow, so beautiful, Susan!

  20. Psalm 111:9

    “He has sent redemption to His people. He has ordained His covenant forever.
    His name is holy and awe-inspiring.” (Holman Christian Standard Bible)

    “God rescued his people,and he will never break his agreement with them.
    He is fearsome and holy.” (Contemporary English Version)

    “He sets his people free. He made his agreement everlasting. He is holy and wonderful.” (New Century Version)

    Wow… so many versions.. I picked my favorite three.

    * Lord you have redeemed me, set me free..You have rescued me from the pit of Hell..You have rescued me from myself-from destruction. Lord I am so thankful that regardless of my sin struggles you have forgiven me and it is once and for all. You keep your promises. I can count on you..You are perfect, Holy..You aren’t a ‘perfectionist’ but are perfect.. There is a difference and I am so thankful that you Lord, aren’t condemning but uplifting and perfect in justice and mercy.. Lord I can fall back into your arms knowing you will hold me. Man may fail me but your love endures forever.

    I can’t wait to see you face to face. I so long for that day Jesus and I am thankful that because of your sacrifice for my sins, that day awaits me!

    Thank you Lord for those who have gone before us.. I think of Dee’s husband Steve, Bess the faithful one who discipled me.. They are in your presence right now as I type basking in your light-they are home-warm and totally fulfilled and loved.. I can’t imagine it.. I only experience it in part..Their longing fulfilled, free from sin, no sadness..You, their hope has become sight, and we will join them with you on your appointed day. We have nothing to fear or to feel hopeless about for we have a great day to look forward too.

    Yes I am in awe of your creation here on Earth, but Lord your plan of redemption goes beyond understanding-beyond comprehension-I am in awe of you..

    1. Oh, I can almost feel heaven, with this prayer! Praise God!

  21. Praying for you, too, this morning, Rebecca. I hope you begin to feel better.

    1. Susan, thanks so much.. I took some Tylenol so I could get some stuff done. I felt a bit better but still not over it yet. Obviously it will go away-I just need to have patience.. My Elijah is like Anne’s Joey it seems. ๐Ÿ™‚ They both sound so familiar. Surely not a coincidence, but God ordained! I am learning to have patience, but it is so hard when everything from taking a shower to remembering homework, to anything responsible is a battle. My youngest two don’t seem to have any issues with responsibility, so I am thankful for that! I think God needs to change me in a lot of areas with my eldest son. Thanks for praying sis!

      1. Praise God, your boys have you as their mother. God knew what he was doing when he blessed them with you!

        1. Joyce,
          Thanks sis! I needed to hear that. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. “Lord,
    Your name is majestic, kingly, throughout all the earth!
    When I look at the night sky and see all the stars and the moon in all that vast blackness, Your name seems to be written in the sky!
    The sound of the wind and the roaring of the oceanโ€™s waves shout Your name. But even in the places where it is so silent and still, even that proclaims Your name.”

    Beautiful – thanks Susan!

    1. Fellowsojourner, A most beautiful prayer-so God honoring. I am sure it was music to his ears! ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. It was Susan’s prayer Rebecca – I thought it was beautiful also! ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Psalm 111:9

    “He has paid a full ransom for his people. He has guaranteed his covenant with them forever. What a holy, awe-inspiring name he has!” (NLT)

    Ransom – Release from captivity by payment; price paid for redemption or pardon.

    Thank you Lord for paying the price for me; the sacrifice of your son, your only son, your beloved son. Thank you for a love beyond measure!

    1. Amen! Welcome, Mary

      1. Thank you Joyce!

  24. Barbara, I loved your post about your grandmothers. How blessed you were and are in them. Thanks for sharing your blessings with us. I loved hearing about them especially the one who prayed for you as you went off to college.

    Rebecca, I am praying for you. I know you just want to crawl in the bed with a box of Kleenex. Dayquil/Nyquil capsules in one box is my best friend when I have a cold :} Feel better soon.

    I promised I would share anything that I felt was intersecting from the two studies. Susan’s comments were very good and what she said about Christ coming as a babe encased in flesh spoke to me of how helpless He was at that moment. God is completely sovereign and protected His son perfectly until the time was right for His sacrifice. In the Isaiah study I have seen the order of redemption in that first we see God’s holiness, then our sinfulness, repent and HE provides for our redemption. Then beyond that I see how completely sovereign He is. Ahaz feared Aram and the northern tribes. He refused a sign from God because he wanted to work things out his way. God gave him a sign anyway and that sign was Christ. God promised redemption through David’s (Ahaz’s) line and he refused because he wanted to win a war! He feared kings and he should have feared God. What this has to do with me is that I am fearful of everything. I worry about everything and think I have to control. There have been more and more things in my life that I have lost control of and God is doing some wonderful things. I am beginning to see with my heart how sovereign God really is.

    Lord, You have provided redemption for me and my family. YOU have done it. There is nothing required of me but faith. I see Ahaz in myself. I want to see the fruit of salvation in my family but You want their hearts. I fear but You have given me a sign and Your covenant is ordained forever. I Have gazed upon Your holiness and been forever changed. I will fear only You. Amen

    Joey has been so hard lately (he’s in 9th grade). Today when I was at work I got my first ever call from a principle at school. I had a hard time making sense of what he was telling me. He said Joey was in the office and upset about another kid making fun of him and his friends. Joey wanted me to come and get him. It was 4hrs until my shift was over. My gut feeling was that he should toughen up, like when he used to be sick in the morning and miraculously better by midmorning. The principle wanted a quick answer. As I asked for his opinion, I prayed. He said he didn’t think I needed to come and I said I’m coming. That turned out to be one of my better parenting decisions. We talked with the guidance counselor and got some serious problems ironed out. The wonderful (Wonderful Counselor) thing about it all is that in all of this Joey understood that I really care. It is hard to express that to a 14y/o and I was praying for just such an opportunity. This evening I know full well what a Wonderful Counselor He is!

    1. Anne, it is so cool when God does that! Your Joey seems almost too much like my Elijah. Eli has done the sick in the morning better mid-morning. He is also VERY sensitive. I could see him doing the same thing. I pray my response would be as mature and sensitive to the Holy Spirit as yours was. I am really being encouraged by your parenting posts-your struggles and victories.

      1. I can’t believe my thought was “toughen up”. We need to “soften up” that hard outside so we can get to that sensitive inside!

    2. Anne, what a wonderful mother you are! You made the right decision to go because of your maternal heartstrings God gave you. I will pray for Joey

    3. I love this, Anne, “as I asked for his opinion, I prayed.” You did not trust in man, but in God, and He gave you that nudge that you needed to go.
      I can so identify with what you said about being fearful of everything and having a need to try to control it yourself.
      But in this situation, you prayed, so see, God is transforming you!!

      1. Yes, I think He is! Thanks for pointing that out Susan.

  25. Oh, when I came home this afternoon there were 2 very small blooms on my lilac bush. Just enough to get a whiff :o)

    1. Anne, oh yes, another sweet, thoughtful thing for God to do for you..He is such an awesome husband! ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. And I am jealous of your lilacs because I am watching as all of our beautiful colorful trees are quickly becoming bare!

      1. This is the second time I have seen this happen on my lilac. It must be caused by a cold snap and then more warm weather. All the leaves are gone but there are new leaf buds all over it.

    1. Dee, beautiful, beautiful prayer.. I am so encouraged this morning as you reminded me how God’s grace covers my mistakes as a parent. I needed to hear that this morning. God is good! ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Beautiful, Dee, sharing how Steve prayed so faithfully for your children! And how God gives and gives, though we don’t deserve it.
      Indeed, it makes me think of how many times I have been unfaithful to Him, yet He doesn’t pay me back like that.

    3. Yes, beautiful prayer Dee. How faithful God has been. Bless You Lord!

  26. I had asked for prayer for our neighbors, whose son was on trial for murder. Well, much prayer still needed, as their son was found guilty of murder yesterday and will be sent to prison. And prayer for the family of the man who was killed. My heart is so sad for the families of both these young men.

    1. Susan I will continue to pray. My heart is particularly burdened for the young man going to prison.

    2. Praying for all of them, so sad.

  27. 2. Mary is also overwhelmed that such a great God would be aware of someone so lowly. Meditate on Psalm 138:6 and make it your own prayer.

    “For though the Lord is exalted,
    Yet He regards the lowly;
    But the haughty He knows from afar.”

    when I think of how high and lifted up You are, it is so amazing
    that You are willing to bend down to the humble in heart, willing to make Yourself known, to be a personal God.

    I am convicted of my own haughtiness and pride, Lord. You don’t say that You turn Your back on the proud, but You keep Your distance. I know that when I am on the throne of my life, I’ve taken Your rightful place, and that it leaves no room for You, and so You feel distant, and rightly so. I am so often filled with the “pride of life”.
    Forgive me, Lord, and help me to humble myself, and exalt YOu, not me.

  28. Looking back over all the prayers, on this Psalm 138, I like how Anne called pride “the tyrant seeking always to rule”.
    How Joyce said that the worst thing ever would be for the Lord to be distant from me.
    And how Dee prayed for the Lord to give her a “fresh start”. It’s good to know that when we ask for forgiveness, He is willing to give us that fresh start.

    1. Susan, Excellent summation. I agree! :0)

  29. Dear Heavenly Father, Praying through the Psalms lifts my heart so. Help me to understand them and hide them in my heart for they lift me up and draw me closer to you. I pray for all these Godly women here and their prayers requests and needs. Please bless them and all their loved ones.

    One verse that spoke to me is:
    5. Psalms 78:4 “We will not hide them from their children, but tell to the coming generation the glorious deeds of the Lord, and his might, and the wonders which he has wrought”.

    Another version is: We will not keep our children from knowing and making clear to them the praises of the Lord, his strength and the great works of wonder which he has done.

    Lord, help me to not hide God from my children because of wrong images or priorites I might show in my human ways, like wealth and pleasure or any other material or human desire. For I am greedy and prideful in my sinful self. Help me to project only ways of chasing after you, God and your kingdom and righteousness and the word. Fill my soul and complete me through your glory and power. Amen

    1. Such an excellent prayer Joyce! Amen

  30. Lord I see that from eternity past forward into eternity Your eye has been on me. You have loved me faithfully. You discipline me so that I might bear the fruit of peace and righteousness (Hebrews 12:11). You shower me with abundant blessings and give me eyes to see them. For my redemption You have provided through Christโ€™s sacrifice at Calvary. In the comfort and counsel of Your precious Spirit I walk, step by step. Your promise of righteousness extends from me even to those that I love, my children and grandchildren and possibly even back in generations to parents and grandparents. How wealthy I am! All of this mine through faith and obedience. Even these You have given to me.

    I canโ€™t think where it is right now but I have read a verse that promises Your discipline for my children. Help me to allow You to discipline them and give me wisdom to know when I should help them.

    1. Lord, thank You for the way You are blessing us in this study. Continue to open our eyes and hearts to what You would teach us. You have knit us together in love, may the bond hold. I pray that none would be lost and others would join us. Give Dee Your wisdom as she prepares posts. Protect our time that we may study effectively and also not neglect other things that we should be doing. Help us to be faithful in all things. Amen

    2. Dee, Maybe let them choose to pray a Psalms a day or the questions or both, whatever leads them, because like you say, maybe too much will scare them away and some may want more . I am praying about it, so you will know what the Lord will want you to do. Whatever you decide, I can’t get through a day without the Lord and this study and the word and music praising him, as I am with Kendra 24/7 and caretakers are needy for God and for other christian women that understand everything your going through. Thank you for doing this in your busy scedual, Dee…you are such a blessing to me and all of us!

      1. Joyce, where is the ‘like’ button? I ‘like’ your post! ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. 3. Psalm 111:9

    “He has sent redemption to His people;
    He has ordained His covenant forever;
    Holy and awesome is His name.”

    When I prayed and meditated on this, my thoughts went to when God set His plan of redemption into motion; before He ever created the earth or mankind… thinking of how God just always existed….the words from another psalm we studied came to me where David said “such knowledge is too wonderful for me”.

    Thanking the Lord for sending His redemption to His people, the sons of Jacob, and then opening up His salvation to include ALL people; calling a people who were not His people, His people!

  32. I found this reading from John Newton. I love his honesty. His words speak to where I am right now. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UOAN5Ws1LH4

  33. Rebecca, I was surfing the net this morning and on my path I found a book that I think would be helpful to you. It is by Leslie Leyland Fields, called Parenting Is Your Highest Calling: And 8 other Myths That Trap Us Into Worry and Guilt. On http://www.christianbook.com you can find it and read the reviews from readers.

    1. Anne, Thanks! That sounds GREAT!! I am going to look that one up, and my husband and I are going to read “Intimate Allies” together. I read Dee’s description of it on her blog. It sounds so good! Perhaps we can do both back to back! ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. Psalm 103:17

    The part of the verse that stuck out “His righteousness with their children’s children..

    Oh Lord, when I see in myself how I can’t parent unless you are in the center, I am thankful..Lord, when I see that I can’t change my children’s hearts toward you and that only you can, I am so thankful-and you remind me I am free. Lord when I see a glimpse of you working in my boys’ hearts I am overwhelmed and humbled. I am thankful and know that if they catch on to anything, any example Patrick and I have set it is because of you Lord..You have reminded me to tell my boys that if there is any good in me it is you..You have humbled me to apologize to them when I have wronged them..You are the light in me, not me.

    You have shown your mercy through our mistakes which have been many..You have made beauty from the ashes..You can restore what the Locusts have eaten..You promise your word will never come back void and it hasn’t with our children. Your love endures forever.. Amen, Jesus may you be lifted up and your sweet name praised above all..

  35. Dee, thank you for the understanding of what Halloween really is. How All Hallows has been perverted. I am happy for the opportunity to honor those who are no longer with us. Lord, help me to teach this to my children beginning today.

    My father had the noble heart of a warrior. It was only after his death that we were able to see this clearly. He died in 2009

    My father-in-law (Al Sr.) died in 1994. He was strong too, ruling his family even from his deathbed. He had the heart of a lion I think. He loved his family with the fierceness of a lion. Al was deeply wounded by his death.

    My mother was strong too. She died of dementia in 1998. She became like a child. Even though this was so painful, somehow it was precious to me. It was a side of her I had never known. If not for this state of mind, she might not have come to the Lord. My father with the help of his sister and mine took care of her at home until she went to hospice.

    Then in 2001 we lost my mother-in-law. She had a kind heart and plenty of wisdom to share. She loved Christmas and made it so special. Al once posted on facebook some nostalgia about Christmas and got all bah, humbug coments until his cousin Chris chimed in. He said, “They just don’t know do they?” and started to share some of what he remembered.

    Lord, thank You for all of these. Help us to keep their memory alive through our generations. Amen

  36. My mom died in 2009. She had dementia also, but died of heart problems. Her birthday was Oct 31st and was always called a little “spook” when she was little. She said she was the spook and Kendra was the cupid! ( Kendra’s birthday is on valentine’s day) She would of been 91 today. She was abused as a child but you would of never known it, as she was the most wonderful mother and loved Kendra as her very own. She was the last to die of 8 siblings.

    My dad died at 68 yrs. old in 1988 of a rare lung disease and asthma. He was a beautiful wood worker, but the dust bothered him so. If he would of smoked in his lifetime, he would of died a young man. He had three siblings; one a twin brother, that he lost the year before he died. He was a wonderful dad and worked so hard to provide for his family, so mom never had to work outside the home. He always said she had the hardest job of all, taking care of the house and raising us four kids.
    Thanks for letting me share this today, as it is a hard day for me.

    1. I am sorry Joyce, about your Mom! Praying for you today!

    2. Joyce, Wow.. I just got online this morning and read how you have honored your parents so beautifully! Wow.. To think that from Nebraska to Kansas you have encouraged my heart so with this story. Your dad sounds like my husband. That is what he does and that is what he says.. So I can stay home with the boys. Your mom must have been incredibly gracious and loving to have raised a daughter like you. Thanks again!

  37. Hi all! Thanks Dee for giving us space to remember our loved ones. The one I think of today is my sister. She died in 2006, she was only 54. She was my oldest sister – a twin! She was beautiful on the inside and outside! I am glad she is in heaven with Jesus and we will see her again!

    1. Fellowsojourner,

      I can’t imagine losing one of my brothers so young. Wow, I am sure you are looking forward to that beautiful day of reunion. ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. I started #5 this morning but had to get ready for church before I could finish and now I have totally lost my train of thought. I read the Psalms again and as both rejoice in and remember the Lord’s works I think it is remarkable that this is All Hallows Eve. What did stay with me all day was the memory of those we remembered this morning.

    We are in a very interesting sermon series called Search for a King. I’m glad I didn’t miss it but I wish I could reclaim the thoughts I had this morning.

    I think I remember some of it now. It wasn’t just one verse but many and I was trying to condense my thoughts. Much of these 2 Psalms talk about how God is against the proud and blesses the humble. Luke 1:51-53 Mary says God has done a mighty work in that He scattered the proud but exalted the lowly. He satisfied the hungry but sent the rich away empty. What struck me is while this is justice delivered by the hand of God, it is more. It is his mercy on the rich and the proud who do not see their need. He makes them needy so that they might turn to Him and be saved.

    1. Psalms 107:43 Let whoever is wise pay attention to these things and consider the Lordโ€™s acts of faithful love.

  39. 6.I am more likely to be led to pray as I read the word and especially the Psalms. I remember conversation with an older woman about knowing as she was reading when the Spirit was leading her to stop and pray. I have tried to do that as I read but now I think I understand better and will be able to do it. Also, I have no excuse for prayerlessness (not that I had one before) as all I have to do is open to the Psalms.

    1. Anne, Me too! Indeed, I too have learned a lot by doing this. To pray the Psalms is something I haven’t thought of before. Yes, I read and then pray, but to wait for the Holy Spirit to bring something out to the forefront and pray has been an awesome way to fellowship with the Lord!