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Does God give words of prophecy from one believer to another today?

elizabeth-greeting-mary We’re looking at the greeting scene between Mary and Elizabeth this week. It’s so packed, I’m going to post two or three times this week — so you’ll need to get right to it, but you won’t have so much homework to do at once.

Mary has traveled 70 miles to see Elizabeth, and before she can even tell her the news, Elizabeth begins to proophesy.

Does God still give words of prophecy from one believer to another today? People who truly love the Lord disagree on this, and ordinarily I might steer away from controversy. But we have such a loving group on this blog, that I believe we might have some thought provoking contributions that won’t turn into an argument. I’ve love for you to share your thinking, your Scriptural basis, and any other evidence you have. But I don’t want it to turn into a debate, and I want us to be so careful and loving– for we can’t see the person we are addressing.

First, look at what actually happened in Luke 1:39-42.

1. Why do you think Mary went “with haste” to see Elizabeth? (speculative — but tell us your thoughts!)

2. What happened when Mary greeted Elizabeth?

3. What did Elizabeth say? How do you think this made Mary feel?

4. Do you think we are still given words of prophecy for others? Why or why not?

Praying for us all as we share.

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  1. 1. I think Mary went to Elizabeth with haste for several reasons. She was happy for her friend to be having a child after waiting so long. She wanted to share with Elizabeth that she had seen Gabriel and what he had told her. And I think she was just plain ecstatic with the wonder of what God was doing. She probably understood very little of it at that point. Elizabeth was older and wiser.
    2. When she greeted Elizabeth the baby leaped in her womb and she spoke words of blessing to Mary.
    3. She spoke blessing to Mary. I guess the question is whether what she said was prophecy or not. I think these words edified Mary. If she had any doubt about what was happening to her she was assured that God was in control.
    4. I have to think about this one and I am too tired for that right now. I need to hear what everyone else thinks.

    I came onto the blog because I wanted to share my journal entry from tonight. I think it will be encouraging because we are all climbing through these mountains. God has shown me today in no uncertain terms how effectively He can lead me, step by step. I am in the midst of 2 Bible studies that are life changing. My spiritual journey has been long and arduous but I think that I may have reached the top of the first mountain and have a glimpse of the rest of the range and the summit far in the distance. Tonight as I get ready for bed I realize that I can ask God for anything I want-anything. I have believed in the power of prayer for a long time but this is different. The faith has become sight. So on that realization I feel the power and think…so what should I ask. My top prayer requests…that both of my sons be fully devoted to God-their hearts surrendered, my husband too. Then what? What do I really want? A couple of years ago I asked for a new car. I got it but was very sorry I had asked. “Be careful what you ask for.” Provision for my household and the money to pay the bills…I have that. As I think I realize that I have everything I need. So why is my soul in want? When a gentle breeze blows the scent of the sun warmed land in my face I am filled with desire. A thousand things can awaken my senses and cause me to yearn for…something. It is God that I want. I want to see You face to face, to speak with You and know Your wonders. I want You in my life, guiding my every step. Lord, You are more precious to me than all of Your created things. Amen

    1. How you describe your yearning for God is beautiful, Anne.

  2. Dee, I don’t know how I would have gotten through some tough times with our children recently if God had not kindly given me some prophetic words before some devastating happenings. I received both of the prophetic words through people I had never met before, but there was a witness in my spirit that they were true, although I had no idea of the ramifications. I have received other prophetic words that brought a negative witness, and I knew they were not true. They were negative and condemning. A prophetic word should be encouraging, not the same as Old Testament prophetic words. There have been other words that I just don’t know and put them on the shelf. Most the of the words I receive through e-mail are like this.
    May the Lord bring more understanding about this, and I appreciate your words about walking in love, giving room for different opinions. As my husband would say, it is not a matter of salvation! Amor en Cristo, tu hermana Sally

  3. 1. I am thinking God compelled Mary to go with haste. I also think the elements Anne brought up could have also happened as she was traveling. I think primarily the Holy Spirit quickened her and she moved without question or hesitation.

    2. When Mary entered into the house and greeted Elizabeth, her baby leaped in her womb and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit.

    3. Elizabeth cried out with a loud voice which may be significant. It wasn’t just a luke warm expression, it was probably a very excited, spirit filled, loud proclamation brought on by the Holy Spirit.

    I think it was prophetic because Mary didn’t tell Elizabeth she was pregnant after she greeted her and Elizabeth didn’t know prior to Mary’s coming she was carrying Jesus.

    I think Mary knew right away that God had spoken to Elizabeth via the Holy Spirit. This only gave her more comfort and assurance in the Lord and I am sure inside she was bursting with humble adoration and praise to God. This moment of the Lord rejoicing through Elizabeth filled her up and from out of her mouth poured out the rejoicing of her heart in the next verses 46-55.

  4. 4. OH MY… this should be good. 🙂 I am going to ‘think out loud’ and try not to belabor you all with so many words.

    I have always been taught that prophecy ended when the bible was complete, and to be careful when you hear someone saying they are giving you a word from God about the future. You all know the verse..1 Corinthians 13:10.. Dee, I know you knew that verse was coming! ;0)

    Hmmmm… But what about when the Holy Spirit whispers His encouragement through another believer? Or the other ways He ministers to us and through us to others. I have to admit I lean on the side that prophecy ended when the Bible was complete but there is something to be said about ‘knowing’ the word of God. Knowledge puffeth up because the Holy Spirit’s quickening of understanding is left out. When you ‘know the word’ it has to not just be with your mind, but you can’t really know it unless the Holy Spirit quickens you.

    I have more thoughts, but it would be too long and might start into a debate or something which isn’t where I want to go.. I am just thinking out loud and processing this and will pray about it. It is always a great challenge to pray about and seek the Lord out on things you may really stand firm on that you might have to re-think, or perhaps God may re-affirm that you need to keep standing firm, so I will ask Him. :0)

  5. My question is what constitues prophecy. Is it strictly a foretelling of future events or is it more?

    1. Anne, that is the same question I have.

      1. Same here. I am not sure how to define it.

  6. Just a thought about 1 Cor 13:8-10

    If perfection has come, what does that mean? I hope I am more like Jesus than I was even a year ago, and that the church is growing in rightly representing Him, but perfect? I don’t expect that until heaven! Also if tongues and prophecies have ceased, knowledge also has to cease, and if that is the case, we wouldn’t need this dialogue! I am sure there are Bible scholars who have more learned opinions, but these are my thoughts! Have a blessed week in Jesus! Sally

  7. Sally, great thoughts! I have edited this like five times before time runs out!

    Heck, I have to admit that over the past twenty years I have changed a lot in my thinking in a lot of areas due to other sisters who have challenged me.

  8. Wow, I love how you put that Dee, that was quite beautiful. I love those thoughts on the “streams”..that flow into the “great river of God.” I never quite put that together like that – that was quite beautiful! Beautiful thoughts – thank you!

    3. What did Elizabeth say? How do you think this made Mary feel?
    Anne and Rebecca, your thoughts were beautiful here, I don’t know that I could add to that!

    4. Do you think we are still given words of prophecy for others? Why or why not?

    I will have to give this more thought.. When I read 1 Corinthians 13, I don’t know that I necessarily believe that the “perfect” has come. The perfect “One” definitely has come, but the perfect? It seems to me, that Paul is speaking in the future tense, of what will be, but is not yet. Christ had already come, and yet Paul says..we see in a glass darkly. So, if the perfect had already come, why would he be speaking as if it had not?

  9. Sally, sorry about the last comment, It sounds like I had a huge brain lapse! haha! Anyway, I deleted the whole middle of it and ran out of time to completely edit it! I will come back to it, but I just wanted to say your SHORT paragraph really spoke to my heart and I am going to come back to it.

  10. Rebecca,

    No problem! I received this on my e-mail but don’t see it on the blog…from you

    “Just to explain it to you, there are two thoughts on that verse. One is ‘that which is perfect’ is the completion of the Bible.. when the Canon was put together which are the “inspired” books of the Old and New Testament. The other thought is, ‘that which is perfect’ means when Jesus comes. There could be another thought on that that I am not aware of though.”

    My thoughts are that the Holy Spirit has not stopped speaking! But I do believe the Canon is closed, and that everything the Holy Spirit says (or we think He says) needs to be interpreted in light of scripture, the final authority. Prophecy needs to be encouraging, if it is not, I think it is questionable. Blessings! Sally

  11. Sally, Thanks! YES, glad you had it in your inbox! You know I think we are thinking in the same direction, I just think my stereotype or definition of prophecy is off a bit.
    O.K. God is working.. I just re-read what you wrote and when you said, “Prophecy needs to be encouraging and if it isn’t it is questionable”..That stuck out to me for some reason. I need to hear what God is saying..

    Could you elaborate or give examples of what you are talking about like perhaps sharing a testimony of how a friend encouraged you that way? I am definitely a ‘sheep’ and need some shepherding in order to hear sometimes. I know you are probably busy but it would be a huge blessing to hear! 🙂

    (EDITED) O.K. i re-read it again and I am getting what you mean I think and I agree that the Holy Spirit is still speaking even though the Canon is completed.

    1. Dee,

      Great thorough explanation. I can’t say I disagree with any of it.
      After hearing your definition of the Prophecy gift it makes sense to me now. It is hard being taught something over and over again to re-think it but I think that is something God wants us to do.

      To be honest these past two years God has shown my husband and I that Bible Scholars don’t know it all and neither do great teachers, they all differ at points but that is O.K. We can glean from all of them.

      I have been dying to elaborate a bit and give testimony of my journey in this area of “the different streams in the big river” but I don’t have time right now.

      After hearing Sally and Dee I have totally re-thinking the prophecy gift and the meaning of ‘perfect’. It makes so much sense to me now.

      1. Dee and Sally,

        Oh and I just had a thought.. I have never had someone encourage me that way.. I would love to experience that kind of encouragement from God through a sister.

  12. Rebecca,

    Over a year ago I had a prophetic word given to me, by someone I didn’t know, but it was at a ministry time at a friend’s home. He said something like this “God is going to come in and redecorate your house. He will help your children as you have helped His.” There was more but this suffices. About half a year later, our adult children had real difficulties, one struggling with depression, another with marriage. It has helped me to know that although this doesn’t look like God’s help, it is! His ways are not our ways.
    1 Cor 14:3 ” But the person who prophesies speaks to people for edification, encouragement and consolation.” So if there is condemnation, judgment that is not helpful. And sadly to say, it happens as flesh gets involved.

    Dee…great answer!

    1. Sally, Thanks for that example and the verse. That really helps me to see things clearer.

  13. 1. I think Mary went “with Haste” to see Elizabeth also as Anne and Rebecaa said, that she was happy and needed a friend like Elizabeth because she was blessed with a miracle baby also and needed to tell her of HER miracle baby!

    2 It says that Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit. I believe that Elizabeth was full of the spirit when she spoke to Mary and her words to Mary were prohecy. That is how she knew Mary was the mother of Jesus.

    3. Elizabeth said to Mary, “Blessed are you among women, and Blessed is the fruit of your womb.” And, “Why is this granted me, that the mother of my Lord should come to Me”? I think this made Mary feel overjoyed and rejoiced in God, in the song of Mary in Luke 1:46-55.

    4. Yes, I think we are still given words of prophecy for others; prophecy is not planned and is from the mind of God. You might think that someone is just comforting you or testifying to you and it might be a prophecy, even unknowing from the one comforting you.

    Sally, I’m honored to met you! I love you sister, Dee and I truly believe that her gift of prophecy is true because it usually comes from someone who has been praying and listening to the Lord and are spiritually filled. It’s a gift from God! And, you Dee, and Sally are a gift to us.

    It’s God’s will that we be filled with the spirit and allow his spirit to use us anytime. I Thessalonians 5: 19-21 says, “Quench not the spirit…Despise not prophesyings…Prove all things; hold fast to that which is good”. How can we be afraid of the gifts of the spirit, if we are made perfect in Love?

  14. If it is okay, I’d like to just give my thoughts about the question on prophecy.

    My humble opinion is that the human definition of prophecy (that happens to vary widely from one person to the next) has actually caused the debate. If we agree that God exists and loves us, then it would be difficult to then say that He just doesn’t communicate that love to people anymore regardless of if you believe in prophetic words or not.

    I just wanted to share my perspective quickly because it seems to be one that is a little unique but maybe one worth considering.

  15. First, look at what actually happened in Luke 1:39-42.

    1. Why do you think Mary went “with haste” to see Elizabeth? (speculative — but tell us your thoughts!)

    I think Mary was excited and couldn’t wait to tell her friend her wonderful news. The Holy Spirit also propelled her because they had miraculous situations in common, so God planned for them to spend time together because they could minister to one another in a very unique way.

    2. What happened when Mary greeted Elizabeth?

    The baby in Elizabeth’s womb leapt for joy and the Holy Spirit directed Elizabeth to say “”Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the child you will bear! But why am I so favored, that the mother of my Lord should come to me?”

    3. What did Elizabeth say? How do you think this made Mary feel?

    I think this would give Mary joy but also maybe it felt a bit strange to hear such words of God coming from Elizabeth!

    4. Do you think we are still given words of prophecy for others? Why or why not?

    I truly have no idea, never thought about it till this question, so I’m glad to see what all of you have to contribute on the topic!

  16. I wondered about prophecy not being negative because of the message of the OT prophets. Their message seems very negative to me. I know that it was the Old Testament and in so many ways God deals with us differently now. 1 Cor. 14:3 says: But the person who prophesies speaks to people for edification, encouragement and consolation. I had to look up edification which I should have done long ago because I have never been clear on it. Instruction and improvement esp. in morality.

    Elizabeth’s words to Mary reveal knowledge that she could only have received from God (Mary’s pregnancy). They fit the above description because they gave Mary consolation, encouragement and edification in that they supported her faith in what God would accomplish through her. But according to the verse I quoted above it is not a requirement of prophecy that it reveal knowledge that can only come from God. So I vote yes. We can speak words of prophesy to each other.

  17. 3. What did Elizabeth say? How do you think this made Mary feel?

    I think Mary felt affirmed because Elizabeth spoke what Mary already knew. Most likely, she felt more connected, less alone.

    4. Do you think we are still given words of prophecy for others? Why or why not?

    Hmmmm. . . I don’t like labels either, partly because it has seemed that the labels of churches I have attended haven’t matched the labels which best reflect what is going on inside me. Or maybe I don’t like labels because the word “evangelical” reminds me more of a voting bloc than my own beliefs, even though it is one of the labels which describes me. But I don’t think I am dispensationalist.

    So, my answer for #4 “Yes, but…” Before I read these postings, I was reading I Cor. 14 — and based on that, I’d say “yes” — for strengthening, encouragement, comfort, and edification of believers.

    I’ve also been taught that prophecy today involves forth-telling rather than foretelling. When someone told me that I have the gift of prophecy, I raised my eyebrows! — because I just thought I was stating the obvious, i.e., what was consistent with Scripture and what anyone who was paying attention would see.

    One of the reasons the role of prophecy in the church today is confusing is because what sometimes masquerades as prophecy isn’t prophecy, but is manipulation or bossiness. e.g., “God told me that you’re supposed to ____.” (especially when it’s not something Scriptural). Not a good line for a marriage proposal, but I’ve heard of it being used that way!

    The word “prophecy” seems to have some baggage attached to it. If someone says something prophetic to me, I think I do appreciate it. However, if he or she tells me FIRST that s/he has something prophetic or a word of prophecy for me (rather than coming right out and telling me what it is), I’d probably want to run (because of past experience). Maybe I’m simply more comfortable with the vocabulary most common in my church tradition.

  18. Dee,

    You make a good point about different streams, each having a different gifting. Sort of like each denomination. So perhaps the labels aren’t so bad, as long as they’re used in humility and respect and not to say “I’m in, you’re out!”

    Receiving a prophetic word can be wonderful, but you have to usually be in places where that is accepted and welcomed. Not always, I have a friend who says God spoke to her through a drunk! So He is not limited! But when it is discouraged, the Holy Spirit will not give gifts not wanted…He doesn’t force them on us. I can understand why people have difficulty, there has been abuse. But that doesn’t stop us from being Christians, does it? Because some people wrongly represent Christianity, we don’t let it stop us. It does take some practice to know how to discern, but we grow through our mistakes and as we mature, we gain confidence. Blessings to you in your search; I know the Lord will help you.

    Joyce, Yes Dee is a wonderful sister, in the natural and in Christ! I am blessed!

    Blessings to you all, Sally

  19. Sally,

    Thanks so much, you have been an awesome encouragement to me and I am sure to all of us! God is good and I am so thankful He is still dredging up things inside that need to be gently widdled away at. I think I have seen modern day prophecy used in a negative way so often I just wrote it off and I think that is where I have been wrong. As you said, “the abuse doesn’t stop us from being Christians.”

    I think I could take that wisdom into other areas of my life as well where I might be doing the same thing but not yet be aware of it. I will ask God about that because a closed minded spirit toward other believers does not bring Him glory, and I wouldn’t hear him if he wanted to tell me something through someone else!! I don’t want to miss out on that kind of encouragement when it happens! 🙂

    (oh, and to clarify.. I have only seen it used on t.v.)

  20. Good morning ladies!

    I’ve been off the computer for a couple of days, so was reading on the last post. I want to thank Joyce for all your encouragement when I shared my prayer request – you are a dear “sister” in Christ and your comments really helped me; yes, I think I was in a mix of losing hope and feeling down for alot of reasons. I still have days where I miss my nephew terribly, and sensing the pain it has also caused every member of my family is hard. One thing I would add, Joyce….you mentioned that you had never been to college and not had a career BUT YOU ARE FILLED WITH THE KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM OF GOD!! Don’t for a moment think less of yourself. I read once that A.W. Tozer didn’t have a college education but he would sit with his books and tell the Lord “You must be my teacher” and he was a giant in the Christian faith, going on to write many books that are way above my mental capabilities as to their depth and insight. He really knew God in a deep, deep way. And it sounds like you do, too!

    Thanks also to Tammy and Anne and Fellowsojourner and Rebecca and Tracy for your encouragement and prayers. I think loneliness is a common struggle in our culture today. I have some CD’s by Charles Stanley on the issue of loneliness that I have been listening to and they are helping me.

    As for my carrying around baggage from my growing-up years, it came to my mind a little story I read a few years ago by Walter Wangerin Jr. called “Ragman”. As I remember it was about people lugging around these great big bags of “trash”, which symbolized all their baggage and sin. And then the Ragman came and took it from them until he was carring around all of their bags, becoming more bruised and weakened, until he was finally buried underneath all of their trash. The Ragman symbolized Jesus. The people were set free, and he died carrying their burdens. I’m going to have to re-read it!

  21. Luke 1:39-42

    “Now at this time Mary arose and went with haste to the hill country,
    to a city of Judah…”

    1. Why do you think Mary went with haste to see Elizabeth?

    Backing up to Luke 1:34-37, Mary had asked Gabriel how it could be possible for her to conceive, since she was a virgin, and Gabriel answered her as to how the Holy Spirit would come upon her; then he told Mary “even your relative Elizabeth has also conceived a son in her old age, and she who was called barren is now in her sixth month. For nothing will be impossible with God”. It seems like Gabriel added, as an emphasis that God can do anything, what had happened to Elizabeth.

    So I think perhaps Mary was eager to see Elizabeth and hear about her miraculous experience, and to have someone to share her own experience with. Also, if some were having a hard time believing Mary’s story and casting doubtful looks in her direction, certainly her relative Elizabeth would believe her and understand.

    1. 4. Do you think we are still given words of prophecy for others?
      Why or why not?

      I’ve been reading all the comments so far. I like Dee’s distinction between “forthtelling” and “foretelling”. I am also in an evangelical church. As far as the Holy Scriptures are concerned, I believe they are complete and closed.
      When I think of a “prophet”, I think of the likes of Moses, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Ezekiel….. they were given direct messages and visions from God and they spoke to the people what they heard from Him. Yes, as Anne pointed out, many of their messages were “negative” as when God, through His prophets, repeatedly warned His people of impending judgement because they had turned away from God.

      With this in mind, if anyone appeared on the scene and claimed to have been given messages from God that added to what we already have in the Bible, or contradicted the Bible, or, as so many have claimed in the past to know the exact date of Christ’s return, I would not believe their message.

      But many of you are bringing up a different aspect; I’m not sure how to word it, like personal revelation. Maybe that’s the word I’m looking for; does God still give words of revelation (instead of prophesy) today? I’ve heard many say it, and I’ve experienced it, when a certain person seems to be laid on my heart to pray for them. I don’t know what’s going on with them, but that, to me, is the Holy Spirit revealing something to me or prompting me to pray.

      I think this word “prophesy” is tricky – it seems to imply a foretelling of future events, as it did in the Bible. I guess it helps me to think of it more in terms of God the Holy Spirit revealing something to me, or giving me insight or wisdom. “Are we still given words of revelation for others?” I would say yes.

    2. Dee, I think, too, Mary certainly needed someone in her corner to help her know this really happened, and it was not her imagination.
      I can remember years ago I had an illness, and I just saw God working in that a certain friend called me at just the right moment, and kept me from going down a certain path, and God opened up a way for me to see a naturopathic doctor and I did receive the help I needed. I had almost gone about things “my own way”, but tried to pray and ask God and do it His way.
      I remember telling a friend all about it and how God had done this and that and made a way, and she just said coolly, “Oh, I guess if you think that….” It was obvious she didn’t believe God had anything to do with the circumstances. Maybe Mary had encountered some “Oh really?…..” responses!
      She needed someone to believe her!

  22. 2. What happened when Mary greeted Elizabeth?

    “And it came about that when Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting, the baby
    leaped in her womb, and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit.

    The Holy Spirit was really working here – the baby in the womb of Elizabeth leaped – was he already feeling the joy of the Messiah come into the world? Elizabeth gets a mighty filling of the Spirit.

    It is interesting that for 400 years, God has been silent. No prophets, no word from God, nothing. And all of a sudden, the Spirit begins to move and an angel comes from heaven and ordinary people are forever changed.

    3. What did Elizabeth say?

    “Blessed among women are you, and blessed is the fruit of your womb!”

    And also the way she said it; she cried out in a loud voice.

    How do you think this made Mary feel?

    Affirmed, reassured (perhaps “I’m not imagining all of this – this is really happening to me!”) Someone understands! Or – another miracle has just happened – how did Elizabeth know? Mary couldn’t have mailed a letter to Elizabeth and told her she was pregnant, so Mary sees more evidence here of God at work doing something great.

    1. Great thought Dee about how Mary may have questioned and when she reached Elizabeth – the words Elizabeth spoke – confirmed what the angel had already spoken to Mary.

      I heard someone say once that God won’t speak to you about me, before He speaks to me about me – that alot of times words of prophecy are really confirmations of what God has already spoken to your heart. I think of David, when Nathan the prophet confronted David about his sin. I am sure that David already knew about his sin and Nathan, perhaps speaking about it in a different way, helped David come back to that point in his life. What do you think Dee?

    1. Dee, Amen, so true!

    2. Thanks Dee!

  23. In answer to Dee’s question: “I’ve also wondered, and this is completely speculative, if during the long journey she wondered if she had imagined it, for it was so big to be called to be the mother of God. How wonderful it must have been to see that Elizabeth was really pregnant and for her to already know Mary was pregnant.


    * I wonder too. But I think you might be on to something here. I think it might have taken a while for it to sink in because it was so big, and God knew that because He gave her that extra encouragement when she saw Elizabeth. I was also thinking that Perhaps the words of Gabriel played over and over in her ears as she traveled to Elizabeth’s home: “Greetings, you who are highly favored! The Lord is with you.” Those are words that would thrill my soul: “You are highly favored by God” wow!

  24. I really love this discussion. Sorry if I have repeated what has already been said at times. As I read back through the entries I see things that I missed. I think it is from trying to keep up on the fly at work and when I don’t really have the time to focus on what is being said. It is a little difficult for me to do two studies but I think I should stay in both.

    Dee, I am very encouraged by the Willimar gathering, the cooperation between denominations, the prayer support and I sense that the outcome is deeper than we can understand.

    I would like to learn more about the Renovare teaching. It sounds very interesting and a new concept to me.

    Sally, I appreciate your input. You have a wisdom that enriches our discussion greatly. Thanks!

  25. Rebecca,

    It’s not bad to be cautious; I think that is a good thing. But none of us want to have closed minds. The Holy Spirit often brings change, and so we want to be alert to see what He is doing! I believe God is guiding you.


    Thanks for your kind words.

    Blessings! Sally

  26. Sometimes Prophesy is tricky, as Susan said, it seems to imply a fortelling of future events, or at least it did in the bible sometimes. I don’t think prophesy is intended to be that way. When I was I teenager I had a girlfriend that got me to play the weigy (sp) board and it told her he was St. Lucifer. (I didn’t know who that was at the time) Later she told me she could predict things that were going to happen. She said she had a feeling something awful was going to happen to her dad and he drowned a few days later in a boating accident, when he was fishing. I was with her one night when she started screaming and crying and said something awful happened to her boyfriend in Viet Nam. She found out later he was shot and injured that very same time that she felt that. I was completely spooked by then. She predicted her little nephew would die and he did too. I started to stay away from her and then she moved to a different town. Years later after I was saved and found Jesus in my life, I looked her up and we were talking and I told her about Jesus and I gave my heart to him and she went completely nuts. She yelled at me and told me to get out. I later found out that she must of had demons in her is why she couldn’t stand for me talk about Jesus. She would never have anything to do with me again. I’ve tried to talk with her on facebook and she won’t accept me as a friend after all these years. So when you say foretelling of future events, I get alittle concerned that, that will be confused with prophacy. Prophacy is a gift from God to Godly people according to scripture. But I can see how people can get confused with prophacy and fortune telling and other worldly things like that!

    1. wigi or ouija board.

  27. Hey sweet sisters, could you please pause for a moment and pray for my sister in law. I am burdened for her. a few months ago she tried to commit suicide and now she is on drugs and going through counseling. I am not sure if it is Christian counseling or not. Pray that God uses the words I just sent to my brother to help her somehow. There is a song by Sara Groves called “It’ll be Allright” that I sent along with a note. I haven’t tried to commit suicide, so I can’t relate to that but we are all one step away from it-none of us are immune-I have been in the valley of depression and God laid it on my heart to share my testimony of how He helped me walk through that valley in several ways. Pray He would speak to her heart. I think she may still struggle with suicidal thoughts. I am not sure if she is a believer or not.

    1. Dear Heaven Father I pray for Rebecaa’s sister-in-law that she would get the right help, preferably from a christian councelor, but any help at all that she might get off the drugs and have no suicidal thoughts anymore and that you would fill her with your spirit, Lord and give her peace and comfort and let her know how much you love and adore her and that you are there for her. I pray this in your precious name , Dear Jesus

      1. Amen Joyce.

  28. On facebook there is a site “Discipleship unlimited” and on it is a video….you can google it also…it is: faith-based dorm setting women “free”-CBN-TV. It is the women that Dee is working with, with the women in prison. It’s a very good documentary.

  29. Joyce,

    The story of your teenage friend that played with a ouija board is very sad. If only people could realize that when they step into the world of the occult they are inviting trouble. May she yet find the truth and be delivered. No comparison with true prophecy, which is from God’s throne of grace; completely different sources, glad you see that.

    rebecca…Father, we lift up Rebecca’s sister in law, and ask that whatever plan the enemy had for her would be canceled and that You dear Lord would come in and reeal Yourself to her. Set her free from the darkness of death and deceit and bring in light and life, bringing her unto Yourself, as You are so beautiful! Bless her Lord and may Rebecca’s words to her be comforting.

    In His love, Sally

    1. Thank you Joyce, Sally and Anne and anyone else who prayed for my sister in law! I can’t wait to see how God moves in this. 🙂

  30. My teenage friend I fear is still in trouble. She lives about 50 miles from me and has never answered my letters or invite to facebook. She is about 62 now. If everyone would just say one prayer for her, that would be wonderful. Her name is Connie. Thank you

    1. Lord, we re so thankful that you know Connie inside and out and know the condition of her heart, and we know God that you desire for her to come into your presence and to know you-your deep love and to taste being in your presence here in Earth..Oh that she could give her life to you and taste that. Lord, we know that you have the power to set her free from the bondage of the evil one. So we ask that you do that. Lord give Joyce encouragement somehow in knowing you are working in Connie’s heart.

    2. Lord, You said that with faith the size of mustard seed we could say to a mountain to move and it would. Right now Connie is buried under a mountain of lies and deceit and we ask that You remove it from her. In it’s place surround her with Your mercy and grace. May she not be afraid but bask in the pure light of Your presence.

      1. Praise God

    1. Thanks Dee. I went out to the site but was very confused by all the choices!

  31. Father, we lift up Connie. She has tapped into the wrong source of power. Have mercy on her Lord, bring exactly the right people into her life. We ask that the darkness would be penetrated with light, that her heart would desire freedom, that she would run from all evil, that she would have a vision of Jesus, knowing Him as the one who sets captives free. Amen

  32. Joyce,
    I’m so sorry that all your attempts to be salt and light into Connie’s life were rebuffed, but I know you can see that the enemy here is not Connie, but Satan. Surely it was from demonic sources that she was given her gifts of being able to foretell those tragic events.
    I echo the prayers already said here for her and will pray for her to be delivered.
    It’s interesting – the interchange between Mary and Elizabeth – the Holy Spirit at work there and Elizabeth and her unborn child reacting the way they did in the presence of Jesus who was inside of Mary – the leaping, the joyful proclamation.
    In comparison, your friend Connie’s reaction to the presence of the Holy Spirit who lives inside of you – screaming and yelling at you and wanting you to get away from her – a reaction of what or who is inside of her reacting to the presence of God.

  33. Rebecca,
    I’m so grieved to hear about your sister-in-law, and will pray for God to free her from her addiction to drugs. There must be some deep need in her that she is attempting to fill with drugs, and much despair that she would try to take her own life.

    Lord Jesus,
    Only You can fill the longing that we all have to be completely known and entirely loved, only You can give us forgiveness that washes over us and makes us entirely clean, only You can set us free to live in the light of YOur love. May You bend down to this dear woman and offer her the cup of your forgivenss and may she come to drink deeply and fill the emptiness with You.

    I remember a book by Max Lucado, I can’t remember which one, in which he gives a picture of the cup of forgiveness – the woman who showed up at dinner at the Pharisee’s home and washed his feet with her tears had taken that cup and “guzzled” it – letting it spill down her chin and all over herself. He writes about do we just “take a sip”? who wouldn’t want to spill it all over yourself?! The one who has been forgiven much loves much.

    1. Susan, Thanks so much for your prayers for my sister in law!! I have to correct something I said that I should have expanded on but I can see why everyone thought she had an issue with drugs. She tried to commit suicide so they put her on heavy medication so she could function enough for counseling, so she never had an addiction to drugs, she is on them to stabilze her and she is on some heavy dosages right now so she is kind of out of it.

      I should have stated that better, BUT God knows and is going to work through your prayers because what you all have been praying about is so spot on. Whether it be drugs or not she is trying to fill a deep need or find her sufficiency in her husband, job etc.. My prayer is that she finds her sufficiency in Jesus and you all have been praying that for her!! Praise God!

  34. As I was just praying, I get the image of these woman held inside of walls made by Satan to keep them prisoners inside, and our prayers, ladies, and the prayers of others for them are like “battering rams” starting to weaken the walls of Satan’s fortress!

    1. Susan, A HUGE AMEN!

  35. Susan, you are so right! I do agree it’s the prayers of God’s people that break through the enemies strongholds. God hears the prayers of his people and works on their behalf.

    I know I talk too much on this forum, and often, I stick my foot in my mouth and I apologize to you and to any one else I may have offended. I think I am like Peter – just continually having that habit of sticking my foot in my mouth.

    I have a big long story here and I won’t bore you with all the details, but all I do know is that God delivers and He acts on behalf of the prayers of his people.

    1. Your not at all like that! Your loved so much!

      1. Fellowsojourner, Girl, by no means do you talk too much or stick your foot in your mouth on here “I” have the corner on that one!! ;P No, seriously, you are awesome and you are not at all like that! I actually miss the ladies who used to post a lot on here and haven’t been able too lately. I have gleaned a lot of wisdom from God on here from you ladies.

    2. Fellowsojourner, by no means do you say too much! I love reading your posts and would love to hear your story. Rebecca, I am sure that I have the corner on the ‘foot in mouth disease’! I do feel like I am learning to be more sensitive to how my words may sound though. I agree that God is working here among us. What more can we ask for?!

      I also miss the ladies we have not heard from in a while. I have thought about them but was not sure if I should say anything.

  36. Sally,

    If you get this, just wanted to let you know a song God led me too, and wanted to rejoice with you in what God has shown me since we last corresponded. I sense you have prayed for me..Here is what my dear sister Sondra put on her F.B. this morning:

    “what you see depends upon what you’re looking for…..”

    Then she wrote this: “Yes, Pam’s profound words made me think! 🙂 Am I looking at people as blessings or burdens, am I looking at challenges as oppressive or as opportunities? Is my view of God high enough that I see His heart and His hand everywhere I look? Think, think, think! 😉

    I was asking Him for a song to work on to sing at church to express what He is showing me.. This song isn’t real deep or anything, but applicable. God has shown me that I was putting Him in a box..God doesn’t want that… This journey started a few years ago, but God is revving it up lately.. It started with Dee posting the Rembrandt picture with the hands-the hands have impacted me for life in how I view God- and then with your wisdom and encouragement. I am being challenged here every day.. May God richly bless you today Sally and thanks sister. 🙂

    Here are the Lyrics to the song:

    Unpredictable by Francesca Battistelli

    Got my thoughts
    I got my words
    Got this head full of answers
    Got You wrapped up
    Got You under control
    See my future like the past behind me
    I think I know where You’re leading
    Don’t need no questions
    Don’t need no rocking the boat

    But I just forget all the mystery
    I just forget who You are

    When I know that I know
    What You have down the road
    When I’m sure that
    I’ve figured You out
    Help me see that I’m small
    That I can’t know it all
    ‘Cause You’re so unpredictable
    ‘Cause You’re so unpredictable

    You said the foolish
    Would shame the wise
    To put my faith
    In what’s beyond my eyes
    And to believe You
    I have to come as a child

    So help me to rest in the mystery
    Of what I can’t understand


    Can’t wrap my mind around You
    Can’t put You in a box
    Can’t keep You safely contained
    You’re gonna move the way
    You wanna move today
    Just let me follow along


  37. Thank you all! You bless me! Seeing that a few of us have this same “disease” – let us continue on!!! 🙂 Seriously, thanks ladies – it really is neat to “share” with you all. Each of you also, helps me to see Jesus more clearly! And I know there are others out there – for all of us – let me say, We miss you! C’mon in – the “water’s” fine! They are not all like me – they are way more beautiful – full of grace, truth, and love!

  38. Great song Rebecca, and I so agree “what you see depends on what you’re looking for.” May we be looking for the fingerprints of God!

    And Susan…great image as you prayed…so true.

    Blessings, Sally

  39. Last week I read this good definition of prophecy: “The primary emphasis in this gift is not upon prediction of future events, but upon an appropriate and needed word in the present situation – a word of up-building, encouragement, consolations (1 Cor 14:3). This word, of course, may well include a glance either into the past or into the future.

    I also wanted to share for those who are interested a true recent testimony of a friend. She had her tenth baby a couple of months ago. She went down to the kitchen in the middle of night and noticed a strange light coming from a carved out pumpkin, and sensed something was wrong. She was tired and brushed it off. The next day while she was out shopping and the baby was at home with the older children, she came home to a find an almost lifeless baby and realized it was the pumpkin, and had the older children take it out smash it, stomp on it. The baby’s color returned, and she was fine, just at that hour. I share this to illustrate that supernatural is real and can be dangerous. God has been merciful to many about Halloween. Blessings! Sally