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Would you like to go through The God of All Comfort beginning January 1?

god-of-all-comfort-revisedI’ve been praying about where the Lord would have me take this blog next and I’d love your input. We could return to The Song of Songs, or we could do through some of the key concepts in The God of All Comfort, as so many of you are personally facing the pain of betrayal, bereavement, or broken dreams or love someone who is.  This would give you time to get the book from either secular or Christian bookstores, or Amazon or Christianbook.com — and you wouldn’t absolutely have to have the book. I’d share a brief excerpt and ask a few questions to reflect on.

I honestly believe it is the best book I’ve done — and would love to do this — but only if there is a desire out there to participate.  Could you give me your input? I’d so appreciate it!

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  1. I have so many questions Dee, and things that pain my heart. In the past couple of years, I have lost my sister, I’ve lost my brother in a different way, and a very close friend in the same sort of different way. I’ve stood against my brother, I’ve stood against my friend, and by standing against, I don’t mean I am against them, I just mean that I have stood for what is right, and it’s not because I am without flaws, because I have many. And it’s not because I don’t love them, it’s because I love them, it was the right thing to do. My friend and my brother are still far away from the Lord, and in my heart, I weep. It pains my heart. And I cannot say, I am purely unselfish in my motives, I love them, and I miss them. And my heart breaks. My family is fractured, I am fractured. And I would love to see God turn it around.

    My thoughts…

  2. Praying Dee! 🙂
    But either way, I’m with you Dee! Love your blogs! Love your input!!

  3. Dear Dee – I’m reading your book, “The God of All Comfort” right now (I began it about 2 weeks ago). I’m still grieving the unexpected death of my soul-mate of 53 years. Chuck and I met in 7th grade and were married for 45 years. Everytime I get into your book, there are either similarities or incredible thoughts that you’re able to express which I haven’t allowed myself to even think about. I think I would very much like to go through your book beginning Jan. 1, 2010. I spent the first year of Chuck’s death doing nothing but grieving-attending Grief Share twice, as well as weekly counseling. However, there are still many firsts to deal with – primarily being “single”. Ugh! My faith in Christ, His Word and family/friends has HELD me together. I have much to be grateful for, and continue to remind myself of the miracle God has done for me and my family.
    Will love to hear from you – I’ve admired you and have led many “Friendships of Women” bible studies. Thank you for your faithfulness and contribution to others in spite of your own grief.
    Your sister-in-Christ, Dar Geiger

  4. Hi Dee! What a great idea!! I would love going through God of All Comfort here on the blog. I bought your book and the CD and had been going to drop you a note to let you know how much it touched and soothed and comforted places in my heart that have been yearning for just that. At Christmas I sent your book and Amy’s CD home with my son. He is in the midst of a very bitter, sad separation/divorce. I am praying that God will use this to help him begin to feel His comfort, love and healing. I already miss the book and CD for my own study and peaceful, quiet reflection time so I’ll be ordering another set for me!:)
    So yes lets do this on the blog now….
    I have enjoyed your studies on Midday Connection and feel like you are a good friend in my life already! Thank you so much for being there and sharing with all of us!!

  5. I read your book and got a lot out of it and would love for you to do some blogging on it. I also am giving it to a friend who lost her husband suddently 6 yrs ago and who was also my spiritual mentor. Everyone deals w/ grief differently and each person has their own story, thanks for sharing yours!

  6. I would cast my vote in favor of blogging about the God of All Comfort. By the way, when I bought the book on Amazon, I also got The God of All Comfort CD by Amy Shreve. What a blessing that has been! Sometimes when my heart is too heavy to focus on reading or I have run out of words to pray, just listening to the passion of the music stirs something within me, sometimes calming me, sometimes giving me the strength to put one foot ahead of the other and continue on, but always drawing me closer to the Savior.

  7. Hi DEE
    I would be very interested in you doing this book..my mum isn’t a christian but has lost her only sister 16 mths ago leaving her as her only family member, then just a month ago lost her brother in law & I think she grieves her relationships with myself & my brothers for various reasons….she is just sad, anyway I’d appreciate yours insights. Thank you for your faithfulness in drawing us to our Lord Dee & your desire to correctly handle the word of truth & sharing what the Lord has faithfully brought to light through your own life’s journey of love & loss & living.
    bless you Dee & all the sisters on this blog & thanks.

      1. I think it amazing how you take time to reply to us….
        Yes I’m Australian, actually born in the uk immigrated to Australia when I was a child. So I hope some of my expressions make sense:)
        Bless you

  8. I would LOVE to go through the book together here! As I’ve posted before, I’ve gone through a painful divorce in the past couple of years. I would love to learn more about the God of all comfort, and hear other’s thoughts. Count me in!

  9. Yes! Praying! I know you said you are going to do it already, but I thought I would cast my vote! Maybe then we will be better prepared to receive such extravagant love the God of the Song of Solomon offers.


      1. Thanks! 🙂 Hugs!

  10. Btw my husband who we were praying for his return announced his engagement to another woman on Christmas Eve, horrible timing, (the devil comes to steal, kill, and destroy.) But God. This wounded our children and I deeply. Greater is He in us … but we are hurting. Appreciate your comfort of prayers and further insight God has for us through this upcoming study.

    Love, because He first loved us,

      1. Thanks Dee. You know, I am so glad you “just” said sorry, that really blessed me and deeply comforted. Thank you ….mmmmm …

  11. I am glad you are going to do the study Dee. I know we will all benefit greatly from it.
    Barb C.

  12. I have the book, and have read it over and over. I would love to go through it with you. I lost my husband Oct. 18, 2004, and my mom a year and half ago to death, and my brother and sister to a family argument. Thank the Lord for my kids who know the Lord, and grandkids that I help homeschool. God bless you for all you do to help us. Melva

  13. Got the email announcement of doing this study. I just got the book so I am excited to come along and be a part. Hope you had a good Christmas and Happy New Year!!!
    Much love,

  14. Dee, I do not have the book, but received your e-mail today and would love to pray through the book with you.

  15. Hi Dee,

    Livingloved talks to my distress. I found out my prodigal is engaged to another woman on Christmas Day. Hard. Each time I read a chapter in God of All Comfort I sob. And I keep reading. I have experienced His precious comfort over the past four years and I want more…to go deeper. You signed my book with Psalm 42…He was holding me, calling to me, as the waves of grief from my husband’s betrayal crashed over me…Abba could not have reached me except “deep calling to deep”…Jesus knew, and He held me tight…I am so thankful He did and amazed at the depth of His love. God has called me to stand in the gap for my prodigal and it can be a very lonely place. His comfort has made all the difference and I want to know how to go deeper…

    1. El, thank you for sharing, it comforted me I was not alone. I am very sorry, and on Christmas Day. God!!! we cry out.

      Take us to that place which is higher than us; and deeper, as El said.

      Bless you,

  16. Count me in. I’ll order the book and music right now. I love being part of this blog. It’s been a tough year for me. I lost my father in Feb., my mother in Mar., and my son, the drug addict, attempted suicide in June after being arrested for robbery. God has truly been a God of Comfort for me this year and I need to focus my attention on that for a time.

    1. Wow Janet H. sorry, very sorry. Your commitment strengthens mine towards Christ. Thank you.

  17. Looking forward to your next blog Dee. I love that you love the Word and that you love Jesus. I look forward to walking together on this journey with you!

  18. Dee,

    I’m excited to hear about the study! I plan to pick up a copy of your new book, along with the CD, tomorrow!


  19. I am new at this but would like to be apart of this study in 2010.

    Sylvia V.
    Jersey Village, TX

  20. Dear Dee,

    I’m a little late getting started but would like to join in. Have just finished the first part of the study; “The Cords of Death Entangled Me”. I lost my only nephew, my sister’s son, on July 31, 2009, from a drug overdose. This has been an overwhelming loss for our family; my parents’ first grandchild, my sister, my niece, who found her brother, and my other sister, his aunt, and me. He was only 21. I loved spending time with Thomas, and this has hit me hard and I have felt alot of things, like anger toward God for not delivering him here on this earth; wondering where was God when he died, sorrow and sadness and just missing him so much. Guilt for not doing more for him. I had bought your book last November and had read through most of it. I could identify with many of the things you expressed. I had alot of trouble singing worship and praise songs in church, feeling deadened inside and wondering how I could sing of God’s goodness in the face of my nephew’s death. It still seems surreal that he is really gone. I long to see him. I believe he accepted Christ when he was around 11 or 12 and he asked to be baptized. His dad was an alcoholic and cocaine addicted and my sister had divorced him. His dad had started to get his life turned around and was baptized (I got to see that) and then died in an accident 2 weeks later. That was in February of 2008. I miss my brother-in-law too. And my nephew just couldn’t deal with his dad’s death either. He got into using heroin. So here I am. I’m 45 and have 3 children, ages 18, 16, and 9. I’ve been struggling in my spiritual life and just feeling overwhelmed and at times despairing. I want to find hope again, and feel connected to God again. Thank you for leading us on this journey and being real and honest!


  21. Susan,

    Welcome aboard! It will be a pleasure sharing with you as you struggle through this very difficult time. The fact that you so willingly shared your pain as you join this study means that you will find comfort and healing on this site. Each of us doing this study is struggling with something painful, as, I believe, everyone we meet in our daily life is. Life is filled with suffering. How we react to it sets the direction of our journey. Joy can be found in the most difficult of circumstances if only we look for it. Jesus is the Joy we desire. He is in the pain. He will carry it with us. Such is the stuff of love.

  22. Wow, thank you Dee and Janet for the warm welcome! This is a first for me for an online Bible study. You are right, Janet. Everyone, I’m convinced, carries something on the inside that causes them suffering. I am looking forward to gleaning alot of wisdom here from you very spiritually mature women. I pray I may also contribute wisely to the study.