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Would you write your sentence or paragraph prayers here today and tomorrow? For we begin our study of The God of All Comfort on Friday!

Here’s mine:

Lord thank You for leading us this way. Please quicken me, giving me Your wisdom and thoughts. Please prepare each woman’s heart. May she start well and continue on the journey, even when it gets hard. I pray You will not only comfort her, but show her how to comfort others.  Be with us, O God of all Comfort!

In Jesus Name I pray!

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  1. Lord thank you for Your precious presence and the wonderful opportunities for growth that You provide. Thank you for Dee and how she has ministered in my life and for what will come of this study in all of our lives. Please bless the work of her hands as she presents this study and prepare our hearts that we may each receive all that you have for us. Reveal Your heart to us. Help us to remain faithful to You and to ourselves in study. In Jesus Name I pray.

  2. Lord, Thank you for Dee and her willingness to follow You into unfamiliar territory. Bless her preparations for this study. Protect her from attacks of the enemy. And Lord thank you that we have the technology to join sisters from around the world in our quest for your comfort!!!


  3. Lord I pray you continue in your equipping of Dee to lead us upon this journey, of doing a study which will touch hearts from many places of many lives all of which you know Lord. I give thanks for the deep well of faith among the many sisters who are clinging to you & have clung to you & for Dee who has been open hearted & called of you lord, to share what a journey can be like with a God of comfort.
    Be glorified o Lord, may all our eyes remained fixed on you & for those whose gaze is blurred, may you make this a time of showing the other sister where you are Lord.
    I pray your covering upon Dee & your enabling. I pray for a faithfulness of heart of my to complete this study & to share with others.
    Thank you Lord for your tender hand toward us.

  4. Father, I ask that your hand be in this study that we are going to be doing here on the internet.Unite us Lord with your Grace and Favor that we may learn from our sweet sister that you have given wisdom,knowledge and understanding in order that she may serve you in helping us learn,Bless her Father and this study,In Jesus precious name i pray. Amen and Amen

  5. Lord thank you that you can and will use technology to bring women together. May we all grow in grace and knowledge of you so that you will change our hearts and make us more like you. Give Dee all the wisdom she needs as she leads this group of sisters. Amen.

  6. Heavenly Father, I thank you so much for Dee and for the heart she has for you and also for her sisters in Christ, may You bless her and watch over her as she brings us through this new bible study. Lord as You work through Dee please bring us ever closer to knowing You more, keep us focused on you, give us a thirst for each new thing that You will bring about through this study. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.

  7. Father God, You are our God of all comfort. You have given us such a wonderful place to rest. Through all our trials, you are always there to hold us up. I pray that You empower Dee with the knowledge and strength to do this study. Multiply her time as we proceed. I pray Father, that you give each and every woman the ability to learn from this study and encourage us when the going gets tough. Remind us that iron sharpens iron and let us become closer to You. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen

  8. Lord, I thank you for Dee, for her humility and tender spirit and willingness to lead us in this study. Thank you for being the God of all comfort and may each of us doing this study feel your special touch of comfort and your presence as we become closer to you. Bless Dee as she prepares her heart and lays the groundwork for us. In Jesus name I pray, Amen

  9. Lord, I pray that I will be ignited with a passion for this study, and faithfully do the readings/blogging, and I will be able to share my heart with the sisters doing this study. I pray for Dee to have your protection from the enemy, and courage to step out into something new, for You and your daughters.

    I have done a study with Dee and Kathy in a study group at my church, “Forever in Love with Jesus”, and I have attended a conference with Dee and Kathy here in Hawaii 5 years ago. I am drawn to the wisdom and knowledge, and heart sharing that Dee teaches from, and pray that Your hand will be leading and guiding us all in front and behind. May Your glory shine, dear God, in our hearts and minds as we walk with You. May many of our friends and family be inspired by Your hand upon us, as we walk this walk with You, Father.Thank you for being the God of all Comfort, Jesus!

  10. Dear Heavenly Father,
    Bless and guide Dee as she leads this study. Bring from afar those women that you have called to participate. Bless and minister your love to them, let your healing power grace us as well as your holy Spirit, for your glory, in the Name of your Son, Jesus Christ, Amen.

  11. Gracious Lord. Prepare our hearts to receive You as You pour Yourself out for each of us. May we respond not only with touched hearts but changed lives spurred to act out our walk in love with You. Bless Dee as she facilitates and ministers to Your flock and responds to the work You’ve given her to do. Help her to know with every step the center of Your Will for her and for each of us, as we anticipate a blessing in full measure of Your revelation.

  12. Lord, thank you for this upcoming study! Thank you for being our God of all comfort! Bless Dee and all the women who go through the study! Teach us Lord and prepare our hearts to hear what you would say through Dee!

    Thank you Lord! In Jesus Name. Amen!

  13. Lord, I thank you for this opportunity to grow in you. I ask you to annoint Dee to lead this study and to bring in the women you would have participate in this. Give us open hearts and receptive minds. Help us to be faithful to do the daily work and the tenacity to complete this study. Thank you for Dee’d willingness to go into uncharted territory and thank you for showing each of us how to do the same. In Jesus name I praise and thank you. Amen.

  14. Heavenly Father, I noticed how there is so much pain around this world. So much pain in the hearts of Your women. You made us to feel deeply, for this we are grateful, but need to know how to use your gifts rightly. To love you with all we have, to love ourselves, and to love others.

    Father, Your women have been under attack from Christians and non-Christians. I pray you would use this study to do a profound healing across the world to your priestesses. That we would arise from this feeding of your love more in love with you. Your love, which came to mend our broken hearts and set the captives free and make the lame to walk and make the blind to see. That is all of us at various seasons in our lives.

    I pray we would eagerly wait on You and be patient with You and ourselves and each other. I pray we prefer one another. I pray there would be such an honoring of one another that other women would be attracted to how we treat one another and are not worldly jealous, but truly wanting to provoke the other to true love and good works.

    I know I have said a lot here. But God we so need you in this hour, the world needs to see us women truly love one another rightly and not have to give in to the perversions of the world. As Dee lays out her book and breaks it out to us and we take it into our souls multiply it like the loaves and two fishes, like holy communion, and may we be so empowered that it would cause a world revolution of godly women like never before. In Your Powerful Name and for Your glory!

  15. Good and Gracious God, Lord of our lives, Spirit breathing within us, lead us where you would have us go. Wrap Dee in your blessed love as she guides us down this path. Give each of us generous hearts as we share our stories. Make us ministers to each other. Lord, over and over you have sent your message: Be not afraid. Give us ears to hear and courage to respond. Bless each woman in this holy order of study. Use this technology to bring us closer to You and give us a new understanding of your holy comforting presence in our lives. Keep me attentive to your Word, as He was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be. Amen.

  16. Dear Father, you said, “If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink.” We are thirsty for you Father, we come to you. You also said Lord, that whoever believes in you, out of his belly shall flow streams of living water. You are our life giving source, Father. You are the source of life, and the source of the life within us. Teach us your ways, Lord. Comfort us Father, that we may in turn comfort others, by the comfort which we have received from you Lord.

    I pray for Dee, Lord, and for all the women doing this study. I pray that you would make us thirsty for you Father. Make us instruments of your mercy and comfort.

    I pray for Dee, Lord, that she would be true to you Lord, and true to your Word, Lord. Bless her I pray Father, and bless the work of her hands. In your name we pray, Lord.

  17. Heavenly Father, Holy Spirit, Jesus–Savior, Friend: I ask your blessing on this journey as we look to you, the God of all comfort. Teach us by means of this ministry to be comforters to those in need and show us how to accept comfort when we are the ones in need. I ask this simply in Jesus’ name, Amen.

  18. Father, I just pray for this study – that your presence will dwell among us Father. I am not brave, nor strong, nor full of courage, Father. But help me to walk here, in the valley of the shadow of death, and go to those places, which I would not choose to go, Father. Help me to find you here.

  19. Dec. 30, 2009
    Dear Dee — I’m grateful for the opportunity to take part in this new adventure (it’s new for me too).
    In terms of praying: I love to pray with others, therefore, I’m in agreement with you that the women involved would begin and end well; that they would develop a deeper relationship with Jesus; and most of all – that their hearts will be convicted of how great God’s love is for them and that He knows the plans He has for them to give them hope and a future. (Jer. 29:11). Finally, there are 2 scriptures that I meditate on nearly everyday: II Cor. 10:5 “casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, BRINGING EVERY THOUGHT INTO CAPTIVITY TO THE OBEDIENCE OF CHRIST”(oh how I depend on God to empower me with righteous thinking) –then Phil. 4:8 “finally whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely and admirable – THINK ON THESE THINGS”.
    With love & hugs, Dar

  20. Dear Dee, as I sit here on the eve of the new year I am thinking on the many changes I need to make. I have been searching the net for some words of comfort to propel me and help me be what God has destined me to be. Then I stumble upon your site and your blog and wow! I say “Lord this is just what I needed,” I don’t have the book yet, but I would very much like to participate. It’s an answer to a prayer that I didn’t even know I prayed, but Jesus knew what I needed and when I needed it and the Spirit interceded for me. So on this night I am so grateful to my Lord, the God of all comforts and I am thankful for you and your commitment to do this blog and online study. So I pray that God would bless and strengthen you and that God would use you in a mighty and powerful way as you lead this study that will be crucial to the lives of countless of women.Thank you again for serving the Lord in this capacity as you work to help each of us, who each have a differnent story, hurt or failure. I look forward to coming face to face with the God of all comforts.

    In His Service

  21. Father of glory, may you give to Dee and each woman on this journey the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of our Beloved. May the eyes of our hearts be enlightened that we may know what is the hope of Your calling, what are the riches of the glory of Your inheritance in the saints, and what is the exceeding greatness of Your power toward us who believe. Fill us with hope as we seek Your face – as we seek to know you more and more each day.

    In Jesus precious name – Amen!

  22. Father, Thank you for this AMAZING opportunity to participate in an online Bible study and for Dee’s willingness to expand the use of technology for your glory. Please grant me courage to seek you for comfort and to move beyond intellectual understanding to being transformed through your Word and Spirit. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

    Thanks, Dee! I’m excited that the hours I spend on the computer won’t just be for work 🙂

  23. Father God, how I am awed by Your amazing compassion. Thank You for raising up Dee to lead all of us through Your Word. Give her courage and boldness to speak Your truth we women so desperately need to hear. I am grateful for the technology by which You allow me to connect with like-minded sisters. I am so tired of the shallowness in relationships. May we each be faithful to hold one another up in prayer on a daily basis. Thank You for loving me, for keeping me, and for sustaining me. In Your Holy Name Amen.

    1. I have begun and thanking God for this opportunity and the peace I experience as I take time out to connect with God. Honesty is what I read from Dee today. Her feelings and being open and transparent.The women of our church will be begin this study soon. My desire is that this study is to be God’s and this is perfect to be connected with other searching, hurting, faithful women…Kathy

  24. Dear Heavenly Father,
    Lord You are full of goodness and glory. Your righteousness is too great to fathom. You and You alone are worthy of all praise, all glory and all honor.
    Lord, I thank you for my sister Dee. Thank you for her willingness to teach us and encourage us that we might fall more and more in love with You. Father I pray a special blessing for Dee. I pray that you would give her Your peace in all that she does, just knowing that You are going before her, that You will be her voice, her hands, and her feet. Annoint her with your Holy Spirit in order that Your will be done. Prepare even now, those people’s hearts, minds and souls with whom she will be in contact with this year. Lord, I pray that You would direct Dee’s steps and the steps of each one (whom You have chosen in advance) to hear the things that You have to say through her. Nothing is impossible for You! We praise Your Holy Name even now, just knowing that You will be glorified and Your kingdom expanded because of the faithfulness of a few. We love You Lord and ask all of these things in the powerful Name of Jesus Christ. Amen