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A Christmas riddle with a prize

Tidings of Joy and The Year of JubileeIf you figure this out, it is going to make you smile, make you thank God, and put you in awe of how the whole Bible fits together.

We tend to think of genealogies (yawn) as boring, but there is a secret in Matthew’s genealogy that shows you that the Bible is one story, not a series of unrelated stories, and it culminates in Jesus. It has to do with the year of Jubilee. In Leviticus 25 you can read about this wonderful celebration that occurred where people were set free, debts forgiven, and everything reset — fresh start! Note Leviticus 25:8-9 to see the time frame. This is the first part of the riddle.

The second part of the riddle occurs in Matthew 1:17-18.

Who can figure out the connection between the year of Jubilee and the birth of Christ? I want two things:

1. What is the connection between the year of Jubilee and the birth of Christ?

2. What does that have to do with you?

The real prize, if you figure it out, is it will put you in awe of God. But I will also award any book of your choice from my books to the first person with a complete correct answer! I’ll give you a few days and then announce the winner — or, if no one gets it, give you some more clues.

Put your praying and thinking caps on!

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  1. Dee,

    (1) The connection I found between the Jubilee and the birth of Christ was this:Redemtion,Freedom from debts owed.

    (2)I have received freedom from a debt I owed and could never repay,through Jesus Christ our Lord.Thank You God!

    Barbara Chambers

      1. Thank you Dee and I will continue to study these scriptures.I pray to find the complete revelation in the connection.

  2. The incarnation was the year of Jubilee.

  3. I want this one!

    The year of Jubilee was celebrated AFTER the 49 years or seven times seven years. Jesus’ birth came in the same time interval as the Jubilee: There were 42 years of generations: 14 generations from Abraham to David, 14 gernerations from David to the exile of Babylon, and fourteen generations from the exile to the Christ
    (Mat. 1:17-18 NIV).

    However, Matthew 18 NIV, states, 18. “This is how the birth of Jesus Christ came about: His mother Mary was pledged to be married to Joseph, but before they came together, she was found to be with child through the Holy Spirit.”

    “… but before they came together, she was found to be pregnant.” Concluding, it is possible Mary was pregnant for two-three months before being found pregnant, leaving 7 or 6 months left to the pregnancy, giving birth to our Christ in the 50th month.

    (The trumpet of Zion was both blown for the Jubilee and The Christ Child).

    This has everything to do with me! The Christ would have been born if I was the only one on this planet. Christ would not only have been born for just me, die for just me, but rise again to give me power to love Him and others rightly. And He did do this all for me. So, now, I can love rightly, day by day, and thus fulfill His greatest commandment to love! I have what it takes to be loved and love!

    Am I close? I hope so! 🙂

      1. Yes, I think Livingloved definately deserves to be the winner. I have to confess that all I did was sing the song by Michael Card “Jubilee” as I was reading the scriptures and there was my answer.

        Thank you Dee for making me think. Yes I DID smile, and am in total AWE of our Wonderful Father.


  4. Yes,I think so too!:)It was good to get into and I thank you Dee for the challenge.