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What is your crouching sin?

crouchingtigerIn Genesis 4, God tells Cain that “sin is crouching at the door and desires to have you, but you must master it.” Sin, once entertained, actually takes on a life of its own. Almost literally, in the Hebrew, it says, “If you do sin, it does you.” Or, as Keller puts it, “You may think you can do a sin and then be done, but it is not done with you.”

Your crouching sin might not be what you think at first — for “crouching” means it hides. I always think mine is gluttony, and I certainly see how once I have something I shouldn’t, it seems to have power over me. But I am asking God to show me what else is crouching, trying to hide.  I want to have the joy filled life of walking with God. I don’t want to be mastered by crouching sins of selfishness, pride, unforgiveness…

Let’s hear your prayerful meditations on Genesis 4.  We can help each other.

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  1. I can’t imagine what that kind of sin would be any more than the homosexuality. Do you mean that my ‘crouching sin’, might not be what I think it is?

  2. I want to say that for me it is fear. But I really believe that fear is just one of the masks that pride wears. When I become fearful, then I am unbelieving. If I am unbelieving, then I am not trusting God. And when I am not trusting God, my trust must be in myself – PRIDE. The Lord has been working in this area of my life, and I am grateful. The things that I see happening in our country are fearful to me. Yes, if I give way to fear, fear will certainly have me. Thank you for your food for thought. I appreciate you.

  3. I think the crouching sin for all of us is that Satan tempts and wants us to fulfill even legitamate needs in a wrong way. For instance, we have a need to eat, and it is good, and God has made it a good thing, but Satan wants us to do more than what God says. To eat is good, to “overeat” can cause alot of problems, physically, and even emotionally in how we see ourselves. We have a need for love, God has put that need there – it is a need for God and for others in a right relationship. God meant it for good, to find our need for that met in Him. Satan and our own flesh often wants us to seek love in all the wrong ways. Because Satan is a deceiver – it often “looks” like the real thing but Satan is a thief and destroyer. Sin once it is conceived, as the Bible says, leads to death. Jesus said He came to give us life and more abundantly. When we follow God – He is leading us to life!!!

      1. FOOD:
        The lie that is whispered to me is “Your body is weak – you need your strength – God made this delicious food just for you!”
        Through the Christian discipline of fasting, I have learned that I do not need to eat food to be sustained. When I truly need the food for fuel, God is the one who provides it.
        This becomes tricky when I am the food provider and preparer for my family. I am learning to delineate the meals I prepare for my family as God’s provision for them, not NECESSARILY for me. My children need to eat 3 meals a day plus snacks to grow. I do not.

        By the way, Dee, I have lost 30 pounds and am on my way to becoming a Woman of Moderation …

      2. Great thoughts Fellowsojourner! For the last year my husband and I have been living in the land of “pruning”. God has been cutting away many areas in our lives where we have been trusting in SELF rather than God’s provision.

        Waiting on the Lord and learning to abide in Him, I believe is the Secret to living a fruitful life. This is a daily discipline.

        We are learning that we must allow the Vinedresser to prune us, so we will bear His fruit that will last. There is such delight in waiting on His timing, drawing from His strength, and being in step with Him.

        Truly, without HIM we can do nothing; however, I find myself getting proud of my accomplishments and SELF begins to sit on the throne of my heart which leads to all kinds of sin.

        For me, the sin of unbelief is at the root. Once I begin to doubt God’s goodness and that He has a perfect plan…..the soil of my heart is fertile for all kinds of outside pests. They may not be visible at first, but if I do not deal with them quickly…they will sprout up and grow into huge weeds.

        For example, jealousy. I may feel jealousy or envy towards someone. If I feed that jealousy and do not saturate it with God’s Word……it can grow into anger, hatred and eventually murder. We see examples of that in the Bible. All the way back to the garden with Cain and Able.

        Thanks Dee for this post. My “Friendships Of Women” Book Club meets for the first time today. I am expecting (6)ladies, plus me. Very excited! Keep us in your prayers.


  4. Dee and Others,

    Just back from a long week of work, and simply feeling the need to tell you that answers Dee’s questions about what Satan whispers to me: “Janet, what will other people think?” The crouching sin waiting to pounce on me is a fear of rejection. No, that’s not the right word. It is a fear of not being liked. I suppose that boils down to pride. And pride is a disguise for not trusting God.

    Thank you, Dee, for the phrase “crouching sin.” That mental picture will help when I find myself not trusting in God’s divine leading in a situation.

  5. I still love the hymns. Here is one that came to mind while I was reading your responses on fear.

    “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms”

    Verse Three:

    What have I to dread, what have I to fear, Leaning on the everlasting arms?

    I have blessed peace with my Lord so near,
    Leaning on the everlasting arms.

    Leaning, Leaning, Safe and secure from all alarms;
    Leaning, Leaning, Leaning on the everlasting arms.

    My devotion yesterday was about Peter walking on the water toward Jesus and how he started to sink when he took his eyes off Jesus and put them on the STRONG WIND around him. My favorite part is that when he called on JESUS, the scripture says, IMMMEDIATELY…..Jesus reached out his hand and caught him. (Mt. 14:31)

  6. For many years my crouching sin was running to masturbation whenever I needed some comfort.

    More recently God showed me I had the crouching sin of idolatry, where I’d put a friend ahead of Him.

    I also need to keep opening myself to God, because yes, a crouching sin is something we are often not aware of its presence for awhile.

    “Search me, O God, and know my heart!”

  7. i thought that my crouching sin was being gay but maybe its not that but maybe its fear. because every time i think i am standing i become afraid and then i fall back. i end up taking two steps back for the one step i had gained.
    i haven’t wanted to write anything on here for awhile. i felt that i shouldn’t since i wasn’t sure what i wanted and it seemed i was in the valley of indecision concerning my life. where else but here am i able to share and get help. when i am afraid or let fear in, things always start to look bleak and terrifying and so dark. it seems things seem bigger and unconquerable, like i wont be able to over come.

  8. Journeyvision,

    This is my 3rd attempt to write you.

    I tried last night around 11pm and my battery on my laptop went dead before I could click on send.

    Then this morning I wrote quite a long response and my computer lost connection. So…………here I am and I am going to keep it short and sweet for now.

    I want you to know I care about you and have prayed for you many times this week. Especially on Thursday night. I kept waking up and praying for you.

    While I do not understand your personal struggle, I can relate to feeling like I take 2 steps back for the step I’ve gained. I only know that I can not do ANYTHING in my own power.

    Praying you will make a decision soon, so you can begin building on a solid foundation, Jesus Christ. We may slip and fall….but HE IS A SOLID ROCK that never changes. We may lay a few bricks and take one off, but He stays firm, unchanging and solid. He will hold us up when we fall. His help is only a prayer a way.


  9. I have to say that I did make a decision for Christ. I was afraid because I didn’t trust myself. It’s that old fear thing. No one wants to go for God and then go back to where you were before, so I guess I’m not in the valley of decision. that and being afraid for my life without God. I read the bible and know what it says about those outside of Christ. I do this for myself. It’s very hard out there in the world these days. Times have changed. Everyone is trying to find security in something but even what you think is secure really isn’t. I was afraid for where my own sin and life was taking me. I’m still afraid. I wonder if this crouching tiger thing is some evil thing? because it seems like it. Is sin some sinister spirit or what? How could it move like a tiger? If this thing is hiding, then perhaps its something that doesnt show its face until it is ready to get you. Now that I am in Christ, what happens to the crouching sin? Is it gone, or do we forever have to worry about it?
    Anyway thanks Cheri, maybe it wasnt meant for you to write to me then, when your computer was going weird. But thanks for your words. They are sustenance to me in a weary and dry land.

  10. Journeyvision,

    Fear is paralyzing. Don’t beat yourself up for having fear. Just when you admit it, admit it to God. He can handle our fears and He can only comfort us when we are honest with Him.

    The enemy is constantly waging war with our minds….whispering lies about God. Telling us God is not big enough to handle ____________, that we are going to be a big loser, that God really didn’t forgive us, that God is like a mouse waiting to jump on an unsuspected cat, etc. etc.

    The enemy (satan) is always trying to make us believe that God will not keep His promises and that God is not who He says he is.

    This is a war that the enemy will not stop trying to wage. Now, I do not know this for a fact, but I have heard several people say that the Bible tells us to “Fear Not” or “do not fear” 365 times, one for every day of the year. Basically, God knew we would fear, so He told us to remember not to fear and to trust Him every day. I haven’t took the time to count them, but I know the Bible says fear not and do not fear over and over.

    It’s a daily excercise to choose faith over fear. It’s like taking off our dirty clothes and putting on clean clothes. This is a DAILY thing. Fear is an emotion. Fear can either make us crouch up in a corner or make us run to the Creator of the Universe.

    Once we have the Heavenly Father as our “Dad, We have all we need to face that crouching tiger, called fear. Remember, Our daddy is the KING of ALL KINGS.

    Do you like the Chronicles of Naria movies? I think it was the second one when Lucy stood facing the enemy from across some kind of river. She stood on one bank and the enemy on the other. She stood fearless and all she pulled out was a little knife. I love that scene. I love the confidence she displayed. “Yep, I am little and my weapon may be little, but I come not in my own power or my own might……..I have a Lion by my side.” And just at the RIGHT TIME……Aslan appears and stood right by her side. I LOVE IT! HELLO………look whos crouching now?

    I am so glad you chose Christ. He will never fail you.

    People will fail you.

    The church will fail you.

    You will fail you.

    BUT JESUS WILL NEVER FAIL YOU. He is a friend that sticks closer than a brother.

    Bless You.

    You are now my sister!

  11. Cheri,
    I am learning that God will never fail me maybe the hard way but either way, I am learning. And that God will always tell me the truth, at least thats what it says in the bible. And its sort of interesting for me to come here and write and how coming to God is the result. I dont know of many people that this happens to although perhaps they dont say as much. but i am sure they will or are.
    I realize now that the kind of fear I have is not the good kind either.
    And even though along with the homosexuality is the fear of having to deal with my past sexual abuses. And its like this fear that I guess was convenient when I didn’t have to deal with it. It just blocked stuff.


      1. Amen, Dee! Thanks for the reminder that His perfect love does cast out fear! His love that is not dependent on our performance or emotion. It’s perfect and complete.

        He loves us just as we are, but too much to let us stay that way. We don’t have to be afraid to come to Him with anything……He is always there and His love gives us strength to face each day.


        “There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear., because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.” 1 Jn. 4:18

        I am thankful to be taking the “Falling in Love With Jesus” class, I have much to learn about my love relationship with my Savior.