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What Genesis 1 teaches us about homosexuality

It is good.On the last post about homosexuality we’ve had some of the best sharing we’ve ever had on my blog. If you are struggling or love someone who is, I encourage you to read the thoughtful responses.  I want to continue, but take it in another direction.

This last weekend I had a wonderful group of young widows at my cabin, led by Miriam Neff, who is in this picture, enjoying the beauty of Door County, Wisconsin. She is a widow of three years and her pain has enlarged her soul, (as pain can when we press into God), for Miriam has formed a wonderful ministry to widows from Chicago to Africa.  Learn more about it from WidowConnection.com

When Paula, another young widow, took this picture of her, it made me think about how when we are surrounded by God’s beauty, we get a taste of Eden, a taste of the way things are meant to be, and one day, will be again. I’ve been listening to sermons by Tim Keller and Rob Bell on Genesis 1 which have stimulated my thought. Both say Genesis 1 is a poem, a song, with the repetition of a song: “It is good. It is good. It is good.” (Tim Keller is on redeemer.com  – in the sermon store, type in Genesis 1 or homosexuality and you’ll find good bread for your soul. Rob Bell is on marshill.org)

The Trinity was dancing, the morning stars were singing, and it was good, it was good. Then, when the Trinity said, “Let us (notice the us) make man in our image, and the Triune God made male and female.” Male and female, together, reflect the image of God, something a same sex pairing cannot do.  When you have only one gender, it is incomplete — it is not good. God’s plan was for one man and one woman to come together in marriage for life — that is a more complete and true reflection of the image of God.

But what happens when you are widowed, and you are alone — and God may not provide another mate? Or if you are single, have always longed to be married, but it simply hasn’t happened. Or what happens if you have been sexually abused as a little girl and have no desire for a relationship with a man, and yet you long for intimacy with another person. Does that change God’s plan?

No — it is still God’s plan for sexual intimacy to occur only between one man and one woman within the covenant of a marriage until death. I know God can provide a husband for the widow or the single woman if He chooses, or give her a peace about living a celibate life and finding intimacy through friendship, and intimacy with Him. He’s doing it for me and I saw Him, this last weekend, do it for this team of young widows from Chicago, some who were widowed in their thirties.

I also know He can provide healing for the person with homosexual desires. I loved Elizabeth’s testimony in the last post — and I could share so many others. Tim Keller tells of a person who was about to undergo a sex change operation, came to Christ, found healing, and is happily married to the opposite sex. With God, nothing is impossible. But it is also possible He may call the person with homosexual longings to live a celibate life, finding strength in God in her weakness, and, like the celibate widow, find solace in friendship and in Him.

Yet God is bringing us back to Eden. It is our responsibility to do what we can, with our gifting, to restore Eden — whether that is providing justice and compassion to widows, as Miriam’s group is doing; or writing compassionately and wisely on this blog, as so many of you are doing; recyling and planting trees; making our homes a place that is clutter free and beautiful, a haven with candles and love for your family and friends and strangers; giving generously to help feed the hungry or provide justice for girls captured in the sex trade; or choosing to trust Him and abandon ourselves to Him, not matter how hard the road initially, knowing it is the only road that will lead to peace and joy.

Please keep sharing here. Tim Keller draws another application from “It is not good for man to be alone,” and that is that we learn in community. Did you see, in the last post, how Journeyvision learned in community — and even Jenny, who had been persuaded by the world that it is unloving not to endorse homosexuality, was listening — if not yet persuaded. We learn in community. We need each other. And we each have a responsibility to answer prayerfully before God. Please answer any of these questions or introduce a new one:

What do you think about the picture of Genesis 1?

How is God leading you to bring back Eden?

How is God bringing healing to you if you are one who is or who has struggled with homosexuality?

If you are living a celibate life for whatever reason, how is God helping you to do that?

Your sharing is rich and wonderful, and I am praying for you as you share.

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  1. There is so much that I ‘ve already said in my posts but still there is so much unsaid. I think that Dee, this is good to take this in another direction, especially in light of what the bible says about this lifestyle. I think it is good to have this bible scriptures to compare it to instead of just our own thoughts about it. I believe in my case, God is leading me back to Eden. I don’t know how long it will take, but I feel inside that the issues that I face, are more than just dealing with my sexuality. I think I had been thinking about what Ellen said from that ministry, how they deal with brokenness and other areas of one’s life. Since I ‘ve choosen to side with the biblical view, it’s like how do I get to that point? Since Eden, is the basis or foundation for life, in God’s plans, how do I journey to that point? How do I learn to love God’s way.

  2. Do I just go to her website?

  3. Hi Dee,
    I only got to listen to the last 5 minutes because I was working then. But I think I can listen online. I did get to the Harvest web site. I am going to try to contact Ellen Dykas.

    Thank you.

  4. Living a celibate life is a real challenge at times for me. My idol has been sex with self and viewing porn. I am so grateful for friends and wise counselors / mentors who have accepted me and encouraged me along my life’s journey. I fear men who do not have a ring on their finger, yet I have such a strong desire to be loved and cared for and desired.

    In my ongoing recovery from my idol worship, I’ve learned a lot about myself and about God. God loves me for who I am – someone who has sinned, made poor choices, and who has turned her back on Him thinking I could do it better myself. God loves me thru it all and continues to accept me back, every time I fall away from Him.

    I, too, have struggled with desires for women, though have not acted on those desires directly. I found a book of great value that helped me to better understand myself and why I have had desires for women in my past. “Restoring Sexual Identity: Hope for Women Who Struggle with Same-Sex Attraction” by Anne Paulk talks about how abuse and abandonment are the two key issues that lead women to seek sexual relationships with women. Paulk also explains how there are unmet needs within me that I somehow perceive as only other women can meet. But I am learning every day in my life journey that it is only God who can truly meet those needs.

    So, I want to encourage those who struggle with homosexuality and remaining celibate – it is possible to overcome these struggles when placing Jesus first and surrounding yourself with a network of precious and loving women and men who can be “Jesus with skin on” at those moments when you fall/stumble. I still fall on occasion but I know without a doubt that Jesus loves me because my network cheers me on and encourages me to get up and “do the next right thing.”

    May those who read Dee’s blog and these precious postings by precious women find strength and acceptance from those who truly are walking with Jesus. I hope I have been an encouragement to someone along the way also. Blessings to you all!

  5. Dee,

    Glad to see the new post.

    Praise God for your obedience to Him! I have been blessed by the the previous blog over the last week. I look forward with anticipation of what the Lord will continue to do.

    I also want to tell you that I just started taking a Bible Study last Wednesday night called, “Falling In Love With Jesus” by YOU and Kathy Troccoli. It really seems like it is going to be a wonderful tool to help me grow in a deeper love relationship with Him.

    Bless You.

      1. thanks for the prayers. Our leader’s name is Carrie. We had 25 women this past Wednesday. I know God has me right where He wants me for such a time as this.

        Blessings to You!

  6. Hi Dee,

    I’m so glad to hear about this subject of homosexuality brought into the open. I too have struggled with thoughts and acts of lesbianism. However, my experience hasn’t had anything thing to do with abuse from men. Mine is more so an extension of lust that I never dealt with. See I was very promiscuous in my teen years seeking acceptance from men with my body. I’ve been with enough men that I can’t even remember some of them. And before then, I used to stay up late @ night as a child (8-9yrs) old, waiting to see Mousercise (Mickey Mouse exercise) and in between waiting to see that program which came on at 530a each morning, I would flip channels and would view sexual scenes on tv while my parents were sleeping. (Note: I do not allow my girls now to watch tv all night or even be on the internet since I know what things can pop up even when they’re not searching for it). These viewings awakened my sexuality early and as children playing, I’ve had touching and kissing by same age relatives and sometimes, same-sex relatives. Well, as I grew older and became promiscous after I lost my virginity @ 17, I didn’t understand lust. But it’s like God told Cain, When you do wrong, sin is waiting at the door. Uncontrolled desires or undealt with sin, opens the door to many other things. Soon, sex with men became a competition or conquest for me and my desire to please them and myself (let’s be honest), multiple men @ one time, then women eventually came along. It’s like a druggie who begins with one drug and after awhile, you want the next big high so you choose a “better” drug. I really want to get past this and I believe God is able to do anything. I have found some freedom in getting rid of things that even suggest sexuality in my home. Anytime I rent movies from the library, I check the content and even it is PG 13 and says some sexual content, it’s a no-go in the home. I also have found some freedom in getting rid of the Victoria Secret and Frederick of Hollywood mags that are sent to my home and even some of the Essence magazines that mention how to perform better in bed, or “make him say your name”. I know that I also need accountability in my life, even sometimes when I don’t want it. So please keep me in your prayers


    1. Dee,

      I agree. I am only a few days into the study and I can tell how my thinking is changing.

      Yesterday I was cleaning up my kitchen and I found myself just praising Jesus! It is amazing how singing praises to Him fills my heart.

      The first song that came to me was a song called, “Come to Jesus”….the song says, “Come to Jesus and Live.”

      Then my next thought was I have come to Jesus……I am alive in Jesus after that it was just a parade of songs that flooded my heart and mind.

      The next one was…….”Savior, He can move the mountains, my God is mighty to save, He is mighty to save! Forever, author of salvation. He rose and conquered the grave, Jesus conquered the grave!”

      Nobody can fill our hearts like Jesus! As I shared my story on the previous blog I was reminded of how precious Jesus is and how precious he is to me, personally. He is so loving, tender and merciful. He pursues me.

      Grace and Peace to you all.

    2. Hi Cheri, miss you here. I had just realized I wanted to write a response when I saw a response from you so I figured I would write.
      Hi Dee, I had forgotten that I wanted to write a response to your question earlier. I don’t really know what I plan to do to replace idols, I know I did take your advice and contacted Ellen, although she hasn’t responded yet, I think its a step in the right direction away from this idol.


      1. Hey Journeyvision,

        So glad to hear from you. Rejoicing that you have contacted Ellen.

        Making that call took a lot of courage. I hope you find comfort in knowing that you have many people praying for you.

        You are on an incredible journey and you are not alone.

        I know many of us have quoted Jeremiah 29:11 to you that says God has a plan for your life, but let me write out the verses that follow:

        Jeremiah 29:12 & 13

        “Then you will call upon Me and will go and pray to Me, and I will listen to you, And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart.”

        You Are Loved.


        1. Hi Cheri,
          I am always happy to hear from you! I did send an email to her but have not heard yet. It’s sort of ironic that I was reading something online and that same bible verse you wrote here in Jeremiah 29:12-13 was written. I kept wondering where I read it before or heard it and it was from you. How interesting that I read it just today again, and here you are writing it to me. Is this what you would call a ‘God moment?’.

        2. YES,YES, YES! I believe God is speaking to you. He speaks to us so personally. How awesome that you are seeing that.

          You are so precious to Him and He is pursuing you. He loves you so much.

          Praying that Ellen will get back with you soon. It’s a holiday weekend, so maybe you will hear from her tomorrow.

          Take Care,

  7. Journeyvision, Praying for you everyday journeyvision! Thank you Dee for taking it further!

    1. Hi Fellow,
      I miss you too. It’s so easy to really get used to hearing from you and seeing you on here. Thank you for your prayers. I hear someone say that you are blessed if you have someone praying for you.

  8. Hi My Sisters in Christ
    Here’s what came to mind when thinking of a picture of the Garden & I think of being lead back to Eden. It is a place to rest from struggles whatever they maybe & enjoy the glory of God. This a something I need to learn.Hope it isn’t too long winded.:)
    Come to My garden My daughter for My Son has made a a way.
    Come to see My garden of Eden anew. It is time to see what is good, to walk in the warmth of My light in My creation. It is time to see the perfection of My creative hand & to say in your heart what I’ve made is good. See I have made you My daugther,I see what I’ve made is good.
    Before you enter My garden this day I ask of you to allow me to take from you this cloak of shame,of struggle, of sadness which has been your shroud for too long. It has dulled the light by which I desire you to live in.
    You’ve even cut holes for your eyes to see through in this cloak but you see so little of Me.
    This cloak of shame covers you face, how narrow is your view of Me, how little it allows you to know of the sweet aroma of life. How can you breathe deeply the fragrance of life from My garden if your all covered up. You can’t even move in freedom, you only shuffle along tripping, trippng.
    This hooded cloak of shame covers your ears & muffles My voice so it can’t be heard over the lies/self defeating ruffling,this cloak deems itself louder than it should. When I try to embrace you all this cloak tears at your skin & covers your heart.
    So come My daugther for behold the winter has past, come enter My garden for I am the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change (Jas1:17)
    No longer can I bear for you to be wearing such a dark cloak. You’ve come to Me in My Son’s name, now stand, For I am the glory & the Lifter of your head.
    Come My daugther this cloak of shame has no place here. No longer can you walk in My garden naked & ashamed. Come walk in My garden fully & beauitfully clothed with the robe of righteousness that no man or woman can strip from you.
    For My robe of righteousness enables you to move freely, deep into the heart of My garden. Let us meet together My daugther.
    Come,see the detail of My hand in the wonderment of the skies to the smallest of flower.
    Listen for My whisper, drink afresh from my streams of living waters.
    See & marvel at My creation, the vastness of My hand that has separated land & sea. And yet I desire that nothing should separate us, neither death nor life nor angels nor rulers not things present nor things to come, nor powers nor height nor depth nor anything in all creation, will be able to separate you from My as your love God in Christ Jesus your Lord. rom8:38,39.
    Come take your place beside me & walk contently.
    For I have put eternity in your heart.

    Bless you all

    1. This is very special Elizabeth. I can understand the imagery and analogy so much. It’s very deep. Seems like so many things are happening around what I am reading about and what I am being told. Someone just told me to follow the ‘river’. I was not sure of what he spoke about but I think it might have something to do with what you described in your writing and the ‘stream of living waters’. The way he described it was, The Water of Life. I don’t understand all of this, but I sense it’s connected in what Dee started on this thread about the garden in Genesis 1 and tied to what you’ve written here. And also tied to what Cheri said to me about Jeremiah.

    2. actually if i could make another comment Elizabeth, I was conscious of my thirst just reading what you wrote about these waters, almost as if I was physically thirsty. strange. I could actually feel my thirst for something in what you described there…I don’t know if I am describing it right or not.

      1. Hi Journeyvision,
        Thanks for reading the poem & your comments. I think as those who know Christ we can allow our selves become parched & not drinking in often enough of those life giving waters such as ( being in His word, being intimate with him, being quiet listening for him, being in undistracted prayer & just being still) Thinking of the phyical thirst is a good reminder & wake call to how our spiriual side can be parched & desperate in needing to be revived just as our phyical bodies….it is easy to be dismissive of soul coz obviously our phyiscal world tells us we don’t have time & there’s other ways which seem easier or more comfortable to do. Have I followed your train of thought here Journeyvision?
        I have so much to learn in being more intimate with the Lord but I have to remember the Father’s patient love.
        It is such a joy to hear how the Lord is pointing out so specific things to you ( He’s taking you on your personal tour of His garden, revealing His heart toward you Journeyvision :)& it is a blessing to hear Cheri’s excitiment for you & the good contacts you’ll have through Ellen’s ministry.
        The garden of Eden is also way of seeing the complete joy in Christ Jesus which is to come when we share eternity. The day in which we will want for nothing but enjoying the relationship with our Father, His & Holy Spirit as originally intended.
        I Have to tell Journeyvision I’ve written this in between my kitchen sink with “streams of water”,running over (I got a bit… distracted didn’t turn the tap off properly it was full of dishes) my 3yr old needing this& that & the plumber coming to check the leak in the bathroom wall, so never think any of this written with a sense of arrival,though these are everyday things but like you I’m on journeying onward but today I keep stubbing my toe along the way rather than skipping:)But we have a GOOD God.A domestic ending I know:) The Lord bless you Journeyvision.

        1. I could say a lot of things right now but time does not permit, yet, Elizabeth, just one thing about the streams of water, isn’t there something in the garden of eden about a fountain, or am I wrong? and isn’t there a story about a woman in the gospels about her being thirsty?

  9. ps sorry about the poor grammar & missed words,Here is the verse
    Rom 8:39 nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord

      1. Thanks Dee for your encouragement & I enjoy reading Charles Spurgeon’s morning & evening, the depth of heart the Lord gave him is quiet breath taking.

  10. Dee,

    I have a question. I am really getting the imagery of God being my husband. He is the bridegroom and I am His bride.

    I was just wondering what imagery does the Bible give for men to go deeper in their love relationship with Christ?

    I was thinking about when Jesus says we are his “friends” and I was also thinking about being joint heirs with Christ which would make my husband Jesus’ brother and me Jesus’ sister.

    After reading your book, “Friendships of Women”, I realize that girls/women are gifted for intimacy and that boys/men are wired differently; however, they still need to have a deeper understanding of their relationship with Christ and how deeply they are loved.

    Am I making sense?

    What are your thoughts?


  11. Welcome Elizabeth! Thanks for your comments.

  12. I will Dee, because I have such a great need right now. Your words and the words of others here are helping me to survive. I even read Genesis 1 today to kind of understand what you were saying and what others have been speaking about.
    Please don’t stop letting us write here.

  13. Hi Journeyvision,
    Thanks for your ponderings,it has given made me delve with purpose into the word of God.That is good for me:)
    Wanted to reply to your questions about the fountain in the garden & the thirsty woman.I Had to go & look back in Gen1& 2 about the fountain..there is none mentioned but the river is mentioned.It divides into 4 rivers 2 of which you’ll recongnise the names they are the Euphrates & Tigris ( it is all there if you read Gen2 verses 10 to 13. The rivers are to represent the source of spiritual life that flows from the throne room of God.
    On to the great question about the thirsty woman..She’s the Samaritan woman who meets Jesus at the well. That is found in John 4 verses 1 to 45. You couldn’t asked about a more important story in your journey I think…I got so much out of re-reading this chapter.
    This really shows the plans & purposes for wholeness not evil & giving the Samaritan woman a future & HOPE.
    The fact that Jesus met with her is amazing because being Samaritan & a woman, to the Jews,the Samaritans were unclean & weren’t to be associate with under any circumstance. A steer totally clear situation.For Jesus to be at this well in the middle of the day (imagine the heat), to drink from a vessel of a Samaritan & she was a woman, who had 5 husbands & now living with another man, even among her own people I don’t think her reputation would invite lots of friends.Due to all that, she is at the well in the middle of the day by herself. No one wants to be around her except Jesus. What amazed me was that Jesus knew her, really knew everything about her yet he met with her in his weary state because it was time for her to know the Messiah is here & is here just as much for her as anyone.verse 10 Jesus speaks of the gift of God which is what Jesus is to us all, a gift for our salvation. In verses13& 14 Journeyvision, Jesus & the woman speak of thirst which is what you asked about..this is what they say. Jesus said to her, “Everyone who drinks of water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never be thirsty forever. The water that I will give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life. & then the Samaritan woman confess to Jesus about the state of her life & He says yes I know…isn’t that amazing thing Journeyvision Jesus knows the state we are in, He meets us, waits for us to turn up & yet if we are willing to confess it( our sin, the mess of our lives)he gives what we need for life, living waters. It was good for me to drink in this passage of scripture, I hope Journeyvision to gain something from it also.
    Bless you, privilege to be praying for you.

  14. Thank you Elizabeth,
    something in that passage of bible verses about a future and a hope: i keep hearing that. its something that I think Fellowsojourner wrote to me about it. i heard it a couple of times again this weekend and you wrote it to me here. Right now I am so in desperate need of that water. So many things are getting stirred up and I am having bad dreams again. in fact i don’t even want to close my eyes tonight even though i need to sleep so i wll be up.
    thank you for the prayers. i am desperate for them.

  15. Hi Journeyvision,
    Sorry to hear of your troubled dreams & not being able to sleep. THanks for telling us so we may pray effectively…JUst wanted to write out a Psalm for you…can you have Moody radio playing as you lie in bed? The Lord is awake with you, may you know His comfort. The Lord strengthen you for the new day ahead. take care Elizabeth.
    Here’s the Psalm 121
    I lift up my eys to the hills.
    From where does my help come? my help comes from the LORD,
    who made heaven and earth.
    He will not let your foot be moved;
    he who keeps you will not slumber.
    Behold, he who keeps Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.
    The LORD is your keeper;
    the LORD is your shade on your right hand.
    THe sun shall not strike you by day,
    nor the moon by night.
    THe LORD will keep you from all evil;
    he will keep your life.
    The LORD will keep your going out and your coming in from this time forth and forevermore.
    Pray you find the rest you need Journeyvision.

  16. “For God so loved Journeyvision that He GAVE his one and only Son, that if Journeyvision believes in him she will not perish but will have eternal lie.

    For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.

    Whoever believes in him is not condemend, but whoever does not believe stands condemend already because he has not believed n the name of God’s one and only Son.

    This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.
    Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed.

    But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been done through God.”

    John 3:16-21

    I am praying for you. Night time can be the worst time when we are struggling. I know when I was severely depressed there was a part of me that wished it was night, so I could go to sleep and not have to face the day, but then when I got to bed……..I couldn’t sleep because my mind was racing.

    I am praying for you as you continue on this journey. I am praying that you will call on Jesus to help you in your deepest, darkest moments.

    “In the beginning was the Word (Jesus), and the Word (Jesus) was with God, and the Word (Jesus) was God. He was with God in the beinning.

    Through him all things were made (that includes you, Journeyvision. He made you); without him nothing was made that has been made.

    In him was life, and that life was the light of men.

    The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it.

    These are the first 5 verses in John, Chapter 1. I hope you will keep reading…………

    You are loved Journeyvision. You are precious in His sight.

    You have friends.


  17. Cheri,
    I happen to like the gospel of John. I actually have a DVD I got from the library about it. I will keep reading this set of bible scripture. Thank you for continuing to write to me. I really appreciate it. I helps to know that there are people out there. I’m still hanging in there. I haven’t given up on Jesus yet and God

    1. Hey Journeyvision!
      I have been away and doing some work out of town, but when I returned (just yesterday), I was excited to learn of your decision to follow Christ. Journeyvision, remember that Jesus loves you. He will never give up on you – that is the kind of love that He has! He is a friend that will stick closer than a brother. There is no darkness, that He cannot reach, no place where He will not go to reach you! Remember, that He is as close as the air that you breathe, and He will help you. God does not promise that our road will always be easy, but He does promise that He will always be with us. In the middle of the night, call out His name. He wants to help you more than you even know! Saturate yourself with His word. His word is life-giving! Surround yourself with people who love Jesus. Give yourself wholly to Him – you will not be disappointed! Keep journeying on journeyvision, there are many things He longs to show you and share with you! To my fellow sojourner! 🙂