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What does His name mean to you?

His name is like fragrance poured out
His name is like fragrance poured out

Now, in the Song of Songs, we are told “pleasing is the fragrance of your perfumes; your name is like perfume poured out.” Fragrance draws us and triggers memories — like the fragrance of a fire on a fall day, or a fresh cut Christmas tree. Likewise, there are so many names for the “Word of God” — names to trigger memories. Meditate on some of His names to the  left, and see if one jumps out at you. Does it trigger thoughts, memories — something specific you could share? The Song of Songs is an exercise in beholding Him. Often we see more together. Oh come let us adore Him!

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  1. Oh, come let us adore Him, Dee, for He is worthy! I love His name – the great “I Am”. I love it that He describes himself that way – He didn’t say, I was, or I will be – but He anounces His name in the present tense! To me, that’s very comforting in all areas of my life. When I lose someone I love – He is there. When I need help – He is there. When I am lonely – He is there. When I am happy – He is there. When I am far from home – He is there. He is there – for one such as I – how could I not love Him? He is the great “I AM”!

  2. To me, His name means “Husband” for He said He was married to the backslider and when I committed apostasy against him a few years ago, He continued to pursue and whoo me back to Himself, (even when I was afraid to return to Him because of the shame I carried) until I really understood (and am still learning) that there is none like HIM! To me, His name also means “Best Friend” because He is truly a friend that sticks closer than a brother and I can go to Him and talk to Him about anything. To me, His name means “Sin Forgiver” because one night, when I had fallen by my own lusts, I began to plead with the Lord to forgive me. No one knew about the sin but me and the Lord. One night after pleading with Him to forgive me for the same thing, again, the Lord gave me a dream. In the dream, I was in the middle of a church service and one of my best friends (and again, no one knew of my sin but me and the Lord) , sent her son over to me with a folded up piece of paper. When I opened the note , it simply read, “God has forgiven you.” And when I looked at her, she just smiled and pointed towards heaven. When I woke up, there was an old song playing in my mind, “The Potter wants to put you back together again.” And I don’t mean to sound super-deep or super Christian because I’m far from it, but again this is just another encounter I’ve been blessed to have with our real Saviour.

  3. The name of Prince of peace means alot to me. When my thougths,emotions & feelings overwhelm me, I start to write to bring some relief.. I am really seeking out My prince of Peace because it is only He who can see the whole picture. When I re read what I’ve written I have a great sense that he has heard & answered me. Nothing particularly has changed, other than My seeking My peace from my Prince of Peace who can give peace when this world cannot.
    It makes sense that if we call Jesus our husband He must be our lover. I have a few friends with non believing husbands & I have prayed for them to allow the Lord to be the husband they needed when their earthly simply can’t, so in that He is the one meeting their need, usually for intimate needs of comfort encouragement &just purely needing to be loved. I know it the Holy Spirit that has caused me to prayed that way because again I don’t think I’ve delved into the depth of the truth of Jesus being My Lover but being His bride He must be our groom our Lover…it just makes sense using such language so we can grasp some understanding of what pure love is to be.

  4. It’s kinda almost embarrassing Dee, but it is an interesting metaphor. When I think of God/Jesus being my lover – I think of one giving himself totally to me, and me giving myself totally to Him. I think of “yearning” for my lover, and his “yearning” toward me. I think of transparency, vulnerability. I think of trust and safety, but also surprise, delight. I think of a covering and also feeling protected. These are just some of my thoughts. It would be interesting to see what others think, and Tim Keller’s thoughts also.