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How has Jesus opened your eyes recently?

Jesus touched him again, and he could see clearly
Jesus touched him again, and he could see clearly

I was talking to my son-in-law, David, about the story when Jesus touched the blind man and asked him if  he could see — and he said, “Not really — I see men as trees walking.” Then Jesus touched him again and he could see clearly.  David said, “That was how I was as a teen — so worried about myself I didn’t really see people.” But today David is in his mid-twenties and I see him being very conscious of others, a good listener, and a thoughtful responder.

We need a second, third, and continual touch from Jesus to let go of our self obsession, our idols, and our blindness. I’d love to hear your stories on new ways, through the Word, through suffering, or through others that Jesus has opened your eyes.

Please share your stories and insights. How has Jesus touched you and helped you to see more clearly recently?

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  1. God is always opening my eyes further and further. Where as the blind man had his physical eyes opened we are continually having the eyes of our hearts opened to deeper understanding of who God is. In my life God often uses spiritual analogies with real world objects to drive points home.

    Recently I lost the diamond in my wedding ring. I was very upset. At first I was upset with my spouse. I had told him the prongs on the ring were wearing down and I needed to get the setting for the diamond replaced. We had been married 22 years and I never took my ring off except to mix dough. Recently, I had taken to taking it off before I got in the shower because I knew the prongs were getting worn and I was afraid of losing it. I noticed the diamond missing when I was at work. I was sure it had gone down the shower as my hands had been swollen that morning and I was unable to take my ring off before my shower.

    After calling my husband and crying over the phone I wiped my eyes and prayed, “Lord, I know You are good. I know that You know exactly where that diamond is. You also know how much that diamond means to me. Please help me to find it.” I spent the rest of the day glancing at the floor hoping that a sparkle would catch my eye.

    By evening my hubby had managed to look down not only the shower drain, but several others as well. No diamond! I was sure it had gone to the septic tank. As I was in the bathroom getting ready for bed that night I noticed several of these annoying black beetles that come out in the summer plodding across the floor. I grabbed a tissue and crouched down to squash them. The glint of a small object by the shower caught my eye. Sure enough, there was my diamond. It hadn’t gone down the drain and God knew all day right where it was.

    God spoke to me through that incident. He showed me how we often get so caught up in the mundane tasks of life that we forget to look for Him. He is more precious than that beautiful diamond and I should yearn and search for Him, just as I yearned and searched for that jewel. I believe I had gotten so busy that God wanted to remind me of my purpose in life, which is to pursue Him.

    I would gladly trade a thousand diamonds to see Him so clearly.

  2. Raising children has been a great “hands-on” lesson of how Christ loves me. When I’ve disciplined for the upteenth time for the same type of infraction, I would want to scream, “When will you learn?!?” And then I remember the patience of God who when He gave Christ on the cross for my sin, He did so knowing that time and time again I would be selfish, arrogant, hateful, and mean – not to mention all the other ways I fail Him. Yet He knowingly and intentionally gave Himself up embracing me with His love and forgiveness. What an amazing God.

  3. Something that the Lord has been opening my eyes to in recent days is the body principle that He talks about in I Corinthians 12. I’ve known this principle for a long time, but lately through a situation, it has become more outstanding to me. Just as my body is created to work together through all its intricate systems and can make me feel bad when one system is out of whack, that is the way it is with the body of Christ. We need each other in our uniqueness. We are distinctly designed to function together for a common purpose – to bring glory to God. No one member is more loved, more special, or more needed. And when there is pain or suffering or any sort in that body, we as members together have a responsibility to nurture that hurt member back to spiritual health. The same is true of members who are having a season of joy and rejoicing. We are told to rejoice with them. Within the body of Christ, we are one, and we are fearfully and wonderfully made. I so want to mindful of this truth.

  4. This morning, I woke up thinking about a sermon I heard recently on the radio. In the sermon, the speaker asked the question: “What was Jesus’ first act with his disciples?” He went on to expound what he thought some of the disciples might be thinking, like Peter, being such an outspoken person, might think they were going to preach somewhere, Nathaniel thought perhaps they might spend some time contemplating and praying. And he went through some of the thoughts the other disciples might be thinking based on their own personalities.
    But he said the first thing Jesus did with his disciples, was to go to a wedding. Why? – the speaker asked? The answer quite simply was because he wanted to. Someone liked Jesus enough to invite him to their wedding, and Jesus liked them enough – he wanted to go. Perhaps also, to have fun. He didn’t come to do a miracle, tho he did do one when he was there. He just came simply to be where they were. He must have enjoyed their company. It was quite a simple message, but it opened my eyes to the humanity of Jesus – that “he became one of us.” And I can relate to someone like me and even more importantly – he can relate to someone like me.

    I have a little devotional, I read in the morning, and this morning’s devotional was the story of the angels’ announcement to Mary about the birth of Jesus. It was telling about how the angel also told Mary about Elizabeth’s pregnancy. It made me think about – how the Lord was mindful of Mary and how he encouraged her with this announcement. And it made me think about how he is mindful of you and me. He knows our humanity, and he is faithful at just the right time, to give us what we need to fulfill his purposes and plans for our lives. It was quite encouraging to me, that God knows my humanity, but his promise, that I would never be alone, but that he would be there, to give me what I need to fulfill the call he has given me. It’s all about Him!