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Do you remember how you met a kindred spirit friend?

anne-and-dianna This is Anne and Dianna from Anne of Green Gables — so happy to have found each other.  Each time I’ve moved to a new city I’ve asked God to give me a “kindred spirit” friend, someone, as Anne put it, “to whom I can confide my inmost soul.”  That means she has to be passionate about Jesus too.

I don’t think you can turn someone into a “kindred spirit” friend — she is instead, a gift from God.

It’s so wonderful when you realize God really cares about our friendships and does hear and answer that longing of our heart. When I went to my first Bible study I was drawn to Patti. She so humbly shared where she was struggling — I remember she laughed and said, “I’m sorry — I know my life sounds like a soap opera.” I loved it that she was so honest. I was holding back — though I was terribly lonely in Seattle, I wasn’t ready to make myself vulnerable. But God did it for me! The faciliator asked us each to share an area were we were hurting — I wasn’t going to do it — but then I began to cry and couldn’t stop!!! Patti invited me to lunch — and we’ve been dear friends for thirty-eight years!

What’s your story?

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  1. When I married and joined my husband’s church, I felt all the woman were much better Christians than myself. For that reason, I didn’t join in the missionary groups. One day my 10-year old daughter’s Sunday School teacher came for a visit: our hearts were knitted the moment we met. She has helped me grow in my Christian walk and she I admire her very much. My daughter is now 39 and today is actually my dear friend’s birthday, though she is a gift to me.

  2. I remember meeting a “kindred” spirit friend years ago, when I was 19 years old. My sister and I had gone to Hawaii, to do a program there with Youth With A Mission for 6 months. It was quite an experience, meeting all different sorts of people from all over the United States, Canada, and Europe. I had met this one woman, who had come there from the Netherlands, with her husband and her 2 small kids, proably then about 6 and 8 years old. I remember thinking wow, she gave up everything to come here, to serve the Lord, what a heart for the Lord she must have. Well, in a “getting to know one another time,” I couldn’t believe my “good fortune” (now I see it was the Lord), I had a seat right next to hers, and from that moment on the Lord knit our hearts together.

  3. It’s funny – it’s my friend’s birthday today also!!

  4. I have been given the gift of such a wonderous friend. She truly has allowed me to bare my soul to in recent months. She never tells me she has the answers (she has plenty of Godly wisdom though),but she takes me the cross to lay my burdens down& prays with me; we thankfully are able to do that for one another & she makes me laugh. She is a warm, embracing sister in Christ. She lives 12hrs away so we talk regularly by phone but thankfully I get to see her next week as she comes back to the area for a visit. I’ve only known her about 5 yrs & there’s just that wonderful acceptance of each other for who we are & never seems distant when we talk. She’s a rare gem of a friend.

  5. I so remember meeting you when we were in Bible Study, Dee. You were so kind and friendly. Though I saw my life as a “soap opera”, your life looked perfect to me. Your tears made you “real” in my heart. I treasure your friendship still~ your faithfulness to Jesus, your honesty and integrity in all aspects of life~ Your life continues to speak to my heart. It is a blessing and a true sign of a kindred spirit friend that when we see each other or write to each other, we continue right where we last left off…as if no time has passed. It speaks to me of God’s eternity where there is no time, just His love.

  6. Twenty years ago I was exhausted from two challenging sons and long hours in my bakery/deli. A good customer who was a massage therapist talked me into having a massage. It was incredible and the first thing I had done just for myself in years!

    In honor of her first year as a therapist she held a big girl’s slumber party at her studio for half a dozen women. This was absolutely something I would never have considered doing, yet I went. God must have dragged me there because I did not have the courage to go into the unknown on my own back then.

    It was nothing like I expected. We reflected on a spiritual reading, we shared our thoughts and feelings, we prayed together. We sat in silence. I knew she and I would be friends. Never did I imagine the spiritual journey that began that night. This kindred spirit friend led me to a new, intimate personal relationship with Jesus.

    We began writing together. She’s helped me through some very tough times, and I have been there for hers. The Lord has truly blessed us with this sisterhood of friendship.

  7. I met my very special girlfriend many years ago while visiting my, at that time mother-in-law in Mississippi. I attended her church and met the woman who is now my best friend.Years later when I moved back to this small Mississippi town, we became really good friends. We have reared our children together. We have laughed a whole lot together and cried a whole lot together. She was my sanity when I went through a divorce. Tonight we will be attending Beth Moore’s simulcast together. I anticipate a wonderful weekend together in worship with so many other women.

  8. Dee,

    Hope you enjoy the book. Susan and her best friend Becky have big girl slumber parties, too. The best part of a big girl slumber party is that we all fall asleep after 9. So start earlier and sleep longer!

  9. In 1983, when I was 15, I went on my second summer mission trip with a group in MO called Missions Outreach Inc. There was another girl on my team, Lisa, also 15. We were as different as 2 people could be – she was (and is) thoroughly a country girl, and I am very much a city girl. But we were instantly “kindred spirits” (she even quoted some of Anne of Green Gables to me!) – and after spending 6 weeks traveling 5 states on an un-airconditioned, remodeled school bus during record-breaking heat (114 degrees in Alabama that summer!), teaching VBS in churches that were too small to do it on their own…we were KNIT TOGETHER after that. It could have done the opposite – the circumstances were rough – but it brought us together in a way I’ve not experienced with any of my other close friends. 26 years later, Lisa and I are closer than ever – even though she’s ALWAYS lived in MO, and I’ve always been in OH. But we’re closer to each other than I am to some of my friends I see all the time. She has been one of God’s biggest blessings and gifts in my life. I love the quote (can’t remember who said it)- “Time has not worn ragged the fabric of our friendship” – that sums us up completely!