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How Has God Kept His Promises To You?


I want the kind of friend who will stay at my side even when I’m hard to love.

Ruth takes my breath away at how she loved Naomi when Naomi was bitter and difficult.  Ruth’s “Whither thou goest” immortalized her – not just for the beauty of the words, but because she kept her promise and because she points to a “Better Ruth,: to the One who promised never to leave us or forsake us, to be with us not just until death, but beyond.

I’d love to hear how God has kept His promises to you.

Here’s one from me.  God has promised to be a Father to the fatherless.  My husband claimed that promise for his children when he was dying, asking God to provide godly men for his three single daughters.  In the next three years, each of our girls married pastors’ sons, giving them not only godly husbands, but godly fathers-in-law.

How has God kept His promises to you?

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  1. I am a single, self-employed woman, even a bit shy by nature but God has wonderfully provided for me for the past 30 years. He has been a “husband” to me. He has proven his promise to me – to care for me – time and time again! He has never failed me, despite me, even at times – He has been faithful! His promise to never leave me or forsake me has been proven true! He is a God of His Word and even more wonderful – A God of love! He has been my comforter, provider, helper, guide, friend – He is, as that old song goes, “all together wonderful!” His promises are sure!

  2. Hello Dee,

    How hasn’t God kept His promises to me?! He is so faithful in spite of me and my unfaithfulnesses. I am a single mom of two girls, Korii and Zian. When I found out that I was pregnant with my second daughter (Zian) ,out of wedlock again and after having been a leader in the church, I was angry with myself and certainly ashamed. I considered abortion, then adoption. As I began to search for capable and “worthy” parents, I kept feeling God’s Spirit tugging at my heart that I would be the best one to raise my child. I didn’t want to do that because I knew I couldn’t afford another child financially or emotionally. I remember reading Isaiah where He declared that He was a “Father to the fatherless” and also that He would cause me to not “remember the shame of my youth” and that my “seed would be blessed.” I remember crying and as the tears were streaming and my flesh was still crying out that I couldn’t do it, I told God “Yes”. Ever since that night, I made up my mind to say “yes” in spite the “no” that was ringing heavy in my flesh, God has provided everything I’ve needed for her. Even some of the very family members and people in the church who talked about me and even offered me money to get an abortion, began sending me money and gifts for my daughter. And when I thought, here I go again, struggling by myself (Korii’s dad is not active at all in her life, except the child support payments we receive once a month), the Lord touched Zian’s Dad’s heart and he began to get involved with his daughter and even claimed my first daughter as his own. His new wife treats both of my girls as if they were their very own as well and have bought clothes and everything for them.(They are not believers and look what God did!) There is no animosity or jealousy between us and I never expected anything like this to happen. God totally blew my mind with this one! Sorry so long, thanks for listening.