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Sharing Memories of Steve or Your Loved Ones

Here’s a few memories of my husband Steve – share your memories of  Loved ones – or if you knew him, of Steve!


This was just months before he died, fooling around with his girls. (Annie is behind him with her dark hair over his head.) Sally and Julie had done crazy things with their hair (Julie hates this pix – so don’t tell her I put it up. She’s much much prettier – it is most unflattering.) Sally had dyed her hair black and was falling in love with Phil, who was coming up the next day. She called her stylist who didn’t have time to fit her in and Sal said, “You don’t understand. I’ve ruined my hair. I’m falling in love. And he’s coming tomorrow.” Beth and her dad shared such a special bond.

Steve loved it all. Laughing, loving, living – when time was running out.

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  1. Dee,

    What I remember about Steve was how he led you to adopt. I was inspired by his faith in our own adoption of our son, Kolya. I also remember Steve’s encouragement when we were facing a medical challenge. May his life continue to be celebrated!

    Jill Savage

  2. I was touched by your words and tears about Steve when you spoke in Toledo. I lost my first husband 33 years ago and could so identify with the welling emotion as you told stories of Steve. What wonderful stories your girls have to tell about a father’s love. They must truly understand Father God as Abba. (I highly recommend a body pillow to snuggle with and heated socks on cold wintry nights.)

  3. Dee, I guess I am in the same place you are, my John died two days after Steve. John was a wonderful patient man, helping raise our 5 kids. He was a missionary, pastor, but most of all a loving husband and father. Our kids and grandkids remember him with love, and even the oldest greats remember him. God gave me a jewel, and he is waiting in heaven for me.

  4. That is beautiful! Love the picture and the memories. I too love the stories you share about him. What always makes me tear up is when he told you that you were now free. Such a sweet testimony of a sweet man. I know if I had the chance to meet him I would love him too! In Heaven we have eternity though, huh??? 🙂

    Much love,

  5. Hi Dee,

    I want to share an idea with you. My mom was diagnosed earlier this year with metastic liver cancer and given 3 months to live. As we prepared to move her and dad back to Ohio from North Carolina to care for her, dad went to play one last round of golf with his friends. He suffered a massive fatal heart attack on the golf course. In six weeks time we lost both mom and dad. My parents were restauranteurs in our Ohio town and I am currently the Main Street program manager. At our spring festival we held a Remembrance Ceremony to honor deceased retailers whose grit and vision kept our downtown alive and growing. We planted a tree in their honor and current business owners took turns reading the names of the deceased. This was moving and will become an annual event, adding names as they are remembered.

    It is important to remember those who came before us by name with ritual. I would suggest that women’s groups have an annual time to name their ancestors with sentence remembrances: “I remember Jane Doe, my great-grandmother, whose crocheted afghan warms me on cold days, reminding me to seek those who need a warm hug.” or something like that. Women, especially, seem to need an affirmation that the little, seemigly insignificant, things we do can make a difference. It helps us strengthen our thread in the tapestry of life.

  6. I love how God works! I was working my way through your site and found Sharing Memories of Steve or Your Loved Ones. This was dated June 9, 2009. That was the day my only son would have been 25. I can’t share many memories as he died at 5 months old. Yet in his short life, from conception to death and even to today, God had shown his faithfulness and grace to me daily. I’ll miss my son always but will see him again, as will you Steve. Grief is a strange animal but is tamed by Gods goodness and grace.