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Midday Hikers – Share Your Stories!

Midday Connection Radio and Trailbound Trips combined to bring 30 listeners to Door County to hike and contemplate God’s love and ways through nature. I was privileged to be a part of it and heard so many stories of how God brought them or changed them through the weekend.  I’m inviting them to share their stories here on my blog. Please, tell us your stories!


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  1. Dee,
    I heard about this trip and was so excited. The thought of going to Door County to be with other Christian women was just what I needed.
    Two days before leaving, my 10 year old son said, “Mom, you are working on Saturday.” Yikes, somehow that fell through the cracks. My boss was not excited that I wasn’t going to be able to come in. However, she allowed me to go as planned. I prayed for God’s provision of another health care worker to fill my shoes for that day. I have not heard otherwise, so it must have been answered.
    The weekend was glorious! God certainly met me there and continues to do so daily.
    Thanks for your very generous hospitality.
    Jan Amodeo

  2. Hi Dee,
    What an amazing weekend….I was so excited when the trip was announced that I invited my Mom to sign up with me. What an awesome opportunity to see God’s creation, spend time in reflection and connect with others. I will always cherish the opportunity that my Mom and I had to spend time growing closer to the Lord, and to each other. Thanks for sharing from your heart and inviting us to draw closer to Christ!

  3. The Midday Hiking Trip was w-a-y MUCH MORE then I had expected & envisioned!! I felt so tremendously BLESSED to be chosen by GOD to be a part of this trip! The spiritual insight imparted by Dee and the Ladies of Trail Bound Trips was so informative, refreshing, and VERY MUCH Needed! I’ll share with you the most significant thing I took away from the event … was the FACT that God refreshed and revived my spirit! I came away with a renewed thirst for the things of Christ! With a chuckle in my heart as I continue to think about the glorious things shared among us. I left that weekend with exactly what I wanted and needed for I had found Jesus at the well {AGAIN}………….. and regained my unquenchable thirst for the “Living Water of Christ”! As the deer …. Jewell Psalm 42:1

  4. Hi Lovely Dee,
    God has been bringing me beside still waters to restore me since I lost my job, so spending time with sisters in Christ in His nature
    sounded good to me. Carol gave us topics for conversation that really
    helped us to connect in a deeper way and focus on why we were there.
    The Sacred Pathways workshop was an added bonus! Wow it was so interesting to understand how we are drawn to God in different ways just as we are shaped by Him through our trials in different ways.
    Thank you for sharing and opening your home to us.


  5. Hi Dee,

    I was listening to Midday Connection and heard them telling about the plans for the hike, I knew immediately that it was something I wanted to do! As a new, single person it is difficult to plan on a vacation alone, I saw this as an opportunity to get away and also meet new friends, but it was so much more than that.

    The chance to share together as sisters in Christ was priceless. I too came away refreshed and renewed. It is hard to pinpoint one thing that made the weekend special, it was a combination of being outdoors and seeing nature as an extension of God’s word and the fellowship we enjoyed whether hiking or sharing a meal.

    Thank you so much for opening your home, what you shared with us on Sunday morning really touched my heart!


  6. Hi Dee
    God has an amazing sense of humor, He want to get me out of my comfort zone, i think that is how i end up in Door County, it is very important to me to have clean bathrooms where ever i go, that is why working in my back yard is pretty much my favorite place out door, and i end up on hiking trail with portable bathrooms, but i believe that God always answer my prayers, my daily prayer is to conform my will to his, and that He dose, it was an amazing experience, meeting all the ladies and meeting you, thank you for your generosity and your hospitality, you have a worm and beautiful home, i hope that we will meet again.
    God bless

  7. Dee

    When I heard the ladies of Midday Connection talking of the hike, my interest was peaked! When I viewed the pictures with the application, my heart sank. The pictures were beautiful! I knew right then I wanted to be a part of this weekend and see Door County in all of its glory for myself and reconnect with God!

    The only way I was able to attend this trip was for someone to back out. The person that passed on the trip really missed out on a weekend that will not be forgotten by those who attended!

    The entire weekend was much more than I had ever anticipated. We started the retreat as strangers but left as sisters! I feel truly blessed to be included in this circle of friends!

    Thank you for sharing your home and stories with us! The Sunday service at your home was my favorite part of the retreat! You are amazing! I hope our paths will cross again.


  8. What a great week end. Dee wrote the book on the friendships of women and we lived out a small taste of what that can mean. My daughter and I shared a great time. It was wonderful to share common stories and themes but also to hear the unique lives of others. I was a treasure for me.

    1. Dear Dee, A friend at church heard about this trip & felt impressed to offer it to me as a gift. I had some opposition at home, but was able to come as it wasn’t costing me anything. I didn’t know anyone who was going, but felt so connected & loved & a real sense of belonging at the end of the w’end. I asked that I would fall more in love with Jesus, & I am reading the book u wrote Dee. I have a fresh love & desire for more of the Lord & sense Him wooing me again. Also, I drove there & back with Jackie, & we have become friends & close sisters. We are already meeting for coffee tomorrow, & have so much to share. We encouraged eachother & told our life stories all the way to Door County & back, & the trip seemed so short! I have been feeling the “fallout” of the Holy Spirit’s touch all week. Thank u so much for sharing your beautiful home & your heart with us. It was truly a blessing that I will never forget. Love in Him, Jenny

  9. Hello Dee,
    Such a beautiful weekend with beautiful women! In a couple of words….I was WOWED by our amazing God, His signature is on everything!!! My spirit led husband and dearest friend Ellen surprised me with this weekend and God transformed me and the rest of the weekend! Thank you for letting us into your home. Hi Midday Hikers miss you!!

  10. Dee, and hikers,

    Wow….what a time we had! I can’t believe it’s come and gone. It feels like yesterday. I’m still missing all of you. I’m so glad we can take new friendships into the future, and take newfound Biblical truths with us into our future too. It was a rich time of learning and relating and enjoying God’s handiwork! Thanks Dee for opening your home to us. Especially meaningful to me was your sharing with us during our Sunday morning worship service!

  11. Hello Dee! Hello Midday Hikers!

    Tears fill my eyes as I read everybody’s notes. It is because I can identify with
    the comments so much, and feel so connected in spirit with everyone. Our God truly
    showered us with love that weekend, didn’t He?! I feel like I have new prospective on life! I even checked for some classes in local college that I am planning to take in the fall! ( That might have something to do with the rock inscribed “fear” plunging into the Lake Michigan.)

    Thank you for this special time everyone! Dee thank you for your generosity.