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What fun things have you heard your kids say?

My nine-year-old grand-daughter Analise and I were eating alone together at Noodles. I said, “Ana – how can God love us when we’re so bad?”

Without hesitation, she said, “I love Simeon (her brother) – and he’s bad.”

Ana and Simeon at my cabin in Ephraim

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  1. It was Christmas time, and my Mom and sister and I went to visit my niece and her then 3 year old daughter. We had brought presents and my sister also brought some cookies. When it was time to leave my great niece ran up to my sister gave her a big hug and whispered in her ear “Leave the cookies”! =)

  2. My youngest daugher was in First Grade. She was reading her “Your Big Backyard” magazine when I heard her sounding out a word. I was so proud of her for figuring it out on her own, when she called for me.

    “Mom, this magazine wants to give me 12 more issues. I don’t need 12 more, I have enough issues of my own.” Totally cracked me up.


  3. I love the words of your grand-daughter Dee! I had three different conversations with two women and one teen in my church. All felt that they were not ‘good enough’ to be a Christian.

    I shared with them – The truth is we aren’t! But Jesus is and loves us anyway!

    Just as your Ana spoke of her brother! Love it! :o)

  4. I have a big fenced flower garden with 3 arbored entrances. My grandson went garden shopping with me and we chose a metal giraffe, elephant, and tiger on stakes. When we got home Andrew went off to play and I put one animal at each of the entrances. Later that afternoon I looked out my kitchen window and saw that all three animals were close together at the main entrance to the garden. Andrew’s explanation was a defining moment:

    “Grandma, they’re family and families stick together, no matter what!”

    1. They have been there together for three years now. A year ago last Oct. Andrew’s parents were married in that garden. “We’re family and families stick together, no matter what,” became part of the ceremony. His words have become a mantra in our family. Right now they are especially meaningful as we have “stuck together” to have Andrew’s uncle, our other son, arrested and probably sent to prison where we pray he will be freed from his addiction to oxycontin, truly accept the Lord Jesus into his heart,return to our family and restore his relationship with his 4 children.

  5. Dear Dee, When my daughter was 17 years old, she wanted to do something that wasn’t a good thing and asked why I cared. I told her “because I love you”. Her relpy was…Can you just not love me soooo much?!!! I just started laughing, I just could not help it. Then she realized what she said and the two of had a great laugh riot.

  6. I help care for and homeschool 2 dear grandsons, both of whom have Type 1 Diabetes. We are praying for healing, and my daughter told Jacob, the 8 year old, “God will heal you, either here or in heaven”. He thought for a moment, then said emphatically, “I’ll take it here”. He has such faith in his God. I pray that I can have that child-like faith.

  7. Just this past Sunday at church, the minister who was opening up the service spoke out into the mic ” Praise the Lord, everybody!” Before anyone could get anything out, my two year old daughter Zian (pronounced Zion) yelled out, “Halleluwah!”

    1. They did! She’s been a huge blessing to me..an unexpected blessing and I’m so glad God convinced me not to have an abortion or give her up to adoption, but to raise her myself. God has kept every single one of His promises concerning her to me. There have been mornings I’ve awaken to her kissing my face and saying, “Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus”. I guess she’s praying for me! And you as well are a blessing since I’ve begun listening to you on this station, Mrs. Brestin!