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Kris Wins American Idol! Culture Clash!

Image Courtesy <a href=I think we suspected Danny was a Christian early on because we heard he was a worship leader in Milwaukee.

The fact that Kris was too wasn’t known at first. It was Kris, though, that I first suspected was a Christian on the basis of his character.

In addition to absolute shock each time he was chosen – so sincere – shaking his head when he was one of the top three, and this sense, that I’ve felt sometimes of  “O my Lord – what are you doing? Thank you!”

Here are some other things I saw – what about you?

When the upside-down world of Simon and even Ryan collided with his Christian worldview:

Simon: I wouldn’t have brought your wife out so quickly.
Kris: (Surprised) She’s my wife!
Simon: You need to believe in yourself – be conceited.

Kris: I understand the believing in myself – (laughs) – I don’t know about the conceited part.

Ryan: Why are you singing “She works hard for a living?”

Kris: “I think it’s a good message.”
Ryan: Here’s Kris, (smirks) singing about a woman with a good work ethic.

(News reports showed how many 3rd world mission trips Kris has been on – can’t you just imagine him thinking of a woman working hard all day in the fields, carrying a baby on her back?)

What did you see in Kris or Danny? Any others you thought might be believers?

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  1. I really should not comment because I did not follow this year. The last year I followed was the year Mandisa was on and I was so compelled to pray for Simon. I remember his comment when she sang, “Shackles.” He said, “Now, I just don’t get that.” It was really sad. So, it is great believers are there to be a light to the world. But I did not follow this year!!

  2. Dee,
    I thought it was an amazing plan of God to have the last 3 contestants as two Christian young men along side of Adam who we don’t know what His relationship with Christ is. It reminded me how God will reveal Himself in any way possible so that no one will perish. As a musician I did watch “American Idol.” There have been many Christian contestants on that program. We need to be committed to pray for Kris as his world has just turned upside down. We need to pray that his worldview doesn’t.
    It also reminded me that God will not be mocked. He always has the final word in our lives.

  3. I just loved Kris’s humility. He was always so surprised when he made it to the next level. Also, the way he encouraged the others. I am so glad he made it all the way, now I am excited to see just what God has in store for his future.

  4. I too watch American Idol and love it! I liked how Kris and Danny Gokey did not lose who they were. I think as Christians that is what we should be – “in the world, but not of it!” We are lights in a dark world! We are the “fragrance of Christ”! I met a woman at a wedding this weekend, and having never met her before I knew she was a Christian, she was kind and inviting. She was what I think Jesus would be like, I was drawn to her. We know the life giver – our presence should make others thirsty!

  5. I praise God for a strong “global” Christian community and for Christian radio stations that supported Kris and Danny to the end. Klove did a great job making listeners aware of the competition and rallying support, obviously along side of the Holy Spirit working in the hearts of many. I was blessed not only by Kris, but the obvious community of believers that voted for him to the end.

  6. I did vote for the finals, and I voted for Kris. I watched when they went for the hometown visit and he hugged his mom and told her, don’t cry. That got me, he was a humble contestant and deserved to win. He sang from the heart

  7. Hi Dee,
    I’ve thought about the ‘upset’on American Idol. I think Americans are not ready to embrace ( reward ) a person’s sexual choice in a contest. Both of these young men are talented, no question. But, America does not want to know sexual choices. Acting is acting, talent is talent but what we saw was blurred. Was Adam acting the song by his choices of clothing and makeup? Don’t know.
    God will not be mocked. HE alone knows the answers to true humility and true talent. He alone will open the doors for the future of these men. Kris has shown the grace and love of God to millions of people in his actions and behavior on the progam. Praise God for the strength he gave Kris. It was like being in the lion’s den for Kris. But God allowed him to exit in victory-spiritually. What a lesson for all of us. As we live and work in the world it is like being in a lion’s den, God gives us the strength to survive in victory through Jesus. How exciting for us, knowing God is for us.

  8. Talent-wise, I liked both these contestants as well as Danny, but only voted for Kris. I think it was that quiet, humble demeanor along with everything Dee mentioned. When he did speak up he made it count, defending his wife. He was the only one a judge chose to comment on how much he helped his fellow contestants behind the scenes. Good heart, good man, good God. Let’s keep Kris in our prayers.

  9. I don’t watch ‘Idol’ bcause I don’t have TV–except for dvd’s/videos. There’s just no spare money for satellite connection, etc…But I do have 2 girls in college (NGCSU–the best in my opinion) and THEY DO have cable TV. They watch Idol whenever they can.(Of course, being ever the mom, I ask them, “Are you praying and reading your Bible as much as you watch TV?” LOL) Anyway, I know virtually zilch about the show (except I do know someone that should go on, she would win!). I just wanted to comment that I think it’s great to enjoy life (with a clear conscience) and engage others with one’s Biblical worldview of current/past events…as you’re doing. I, too, believe it’s an opportunity to pray for people in the spotlight who are not Chrisitians and yet shape much of our culture.
    I’ve enjoyed your books (haven’t read them all yet, though). Keep up the witness for Christ!
    Please pray for me to put into practice those things I know to do, but am not doing…Thanks!

  10. Hi Dee!
    How funny that we got you hooked and now this year I didn’t watch after the 36 were chosen. I am such a purist — I wasn’t happy that they went from 24 to 36 and didn’t like having a fourth judge, as it put too much time in the judges’ hands. Sometimes it seemed like the show was more about them and what they had to say than what the contestants were doing.

    That being said, I did follow the show through youtube. Watched the performances of those I was rooting for (Danny was my choice from Day 1) and those who were interesting and talented. I just had a feeling that Danny and Adam would be there in the end, but couldn’t see the third and fourth until later in the season.

    I pray for Kris and hope that he will not let the money and the fame change his character. It was so refreshing to see both Kris and Danny talk openly about their lives and give answers that didn’t compromise their beliefs.

    When Danny was knocked out, I am certain that his votes went to Kris and that is why he won. He was certainly shocked, wasn’t he? I think Paula and Simon were equally shocked. The whole panel seemed to “choose” Adam from the get-go, and that may have worked against him.

    I am thrilled, whatever Adam’s beliefs and orientation, that he was very gracious to the other contestants – even at the final – and never shoved anything in our faces verbally. That shows goodness in one form, and I am hoping that he knows – or will know someday – where that Goodness comes from and will act on that knowledge.

    Next year? They gotta go back to three judges and 24 to get me back! (I do still LOVE watching all the beginning auditions though — they make me smile.)

  11. Yes, Idol was the greatest that nite. My hubbie and I, being in our 50’s, did not care for Adam’s nails and “manliner” but I loved his ready smile. He was very nice on Regis and Kelli yesterday also. BUT…saw pics of him on UTUBE, I think #3 set of personal pics. He needs prayer as dressed in drag and also as a demon or satan (maybe for play, Wicked), kissing men, etc. Yes, God won that night and Kris with prayer, can use this opportunity to the glory of God. Pray for his marriage and that God leads him all the way on this adventure. Pray for Gokey and really all the other kids and that Adam comes to know the Lord.