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How Have You Sensed God’s Presence Today?

Hi Friends!

This is my first blog and I want this to be meaningful, fun, and and, more than anything, get your heart hot for Jesus. Who wants to live a lukewarm boring life? May this be the summer of increasing awareness of His presence in our lives. I want to be like my grand-daughter Ana who said, “Grandma – take my picture rejoicing in front of the sunset. Jesus loves me!

My Granddaughter Ana
My Granddaughter Ana

Tell me how you’ve been aware of His presence today!
Love Dee

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  1. I am looking forward to – yes, truly looking forward to! – God erasing old tapes of fear and worry and feeling like I need to control things so that they “work out.” These patterns can become generational sin and my “fearing” “worrying” passed on to my young adult kids. As they are leaving the nest, they need to be mentored by attitudes of pure faith in Jesus and reliance on prayer. Of course, God is allowing circumstances in which I can practice – no fun. But the benefits of being able to say to my kids, “See what God did as we desperately laid this out before Him!” are eternal…and liberating.

      1. I was reminded of God’s Presence when I opened the mail this morning to find out that we were granted a refinance for our ARM! We were planning a move to an unknown home because we could not afford our current payment.

        Now, we are paying 3% less in interest and have 2 months that we don’t have to make any payment! Praise the Lord! He see’s me (as he did Hagar)! He doesn’t have to prove himself to me, I believe and I don’t need this home to confirm my faith, but I felt His compassionate love for me and my family through today’s gracious blessing.

  2. Dee! I am so glad you are starting to blog! Anne stopped by my blog and commented telling me to check out your new site. I was thinking it would be cool if you started blogging too and yeah you did!!!

    Love the picture of your grand daughter. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could always feel that way? Oh to be that abandoned before our Lord at all times no matter who is around. LOVE it!
    Much love,
    BTW-I LOVE the new site!!!
    Tell Anne thanks too!

    1. I have not been a blogger but I am intrigued by your idea here and hope it serves your purpose really well. I, too, wanted to comment on this granddaughter picture and anecdote. I want this as a model for my life this summer and always. I heard you speak in Toledo recently and this little story was really uplifting and beautiful.

  3. Welcome to the blogging world, Dee! Angela’s post sent me this way. I’ve been blogging for a few years now, and I’m about to have a great big 500th post party on June 3rd. It has been a fantastic ministry experience for me, which God has used to grow me deep into the Word and prayer, as I share and teach through my blog.

    What a delightful picture and description of your grand-daughter. I want to leap through my computer screen and join her. She must be the same age as my own daughter, who last night came running down from her bedroom to announce the beautiful sunset she caught out her window. If only we all celebrated the magnificence of God’s creation like these two precious girls. God, make us more aware of you today!

    Blessings on you and your ministry!

    1. Yesterday my husband and our son and his family came back from a little getaway to Hocking Hills in Ohio and we visited Ash Cave yesterday. God’s creation was stunningly awesome and also the joy with which our grandsons, 12 and 8, explored and appreciated this place was heartening.

  4. Hey Dee, I love the new website and the new blog. Well done!!
    I am thankful for all the great people and experiences God brings our way each day. We spend yesterday at a farm of a friend and the girls had a chance to bottle feed an abandoned calf, we all enjoyed a meal from the bonfire and we shared our new ministry with our friends. What an awesome God to bring the right people into our lives at the right time!! Thank God that His network is perfect and brings people together for Him.
    Love ya Sister.

  5. Welcome to the Land of Blog! I’m so glad you’re here! I have such incredible memories of the weekend I sat under your teaching with Angela at our church in Hixson, TN. Life changing. Thank you.

    What a beautiful picture! I was most aware of His presence early this morning when my husband and girls were out and I was home alone. It was the first time in a week or so that I was completely alone and could really just sit in silence and listen to Him. My heart is full this evening.


  6. Ok I love to hear what others are thankful for!!! It does sharpen and spurn one another on!!! 🙂

    I am so thankful because I saw God in our day in getting to play board games with our wonderful friends and grill out with them. We could enjoy one another’s company and our children play so well together. It was so nice. PLUS I got to go to Lifeway and buy some Great things which I found on sale AND got 25% off for memorial day now that is so nice! Then upon checking out I filled up my savings card with stamps so my next purchase will be discounted too!!! Those things are so sweet to me! 🙂

    I am praying to continually find kisses from the King in all things! I had a migraine from Friday evening until Sunday evening this weekend and I had to try to be thankful. As I was talking to God about it I was able to rejoice in Him. There are greater purposes beyond my understanding for anything He allows. Thanks for being and inspiration in this! 🙂
    Much love,

  7. Dear Dee,

    I have loved listening to you on the radio and reading your works for so many years. I am looking so forward to having the opportunity to share with you and others on your blog.

    I have to share one of the many ways God has blessed my husband in the past few months. We were among the many who lost everything last year due to the economy and some of our own “without the Lord” decisions. We went from August of 2008 to just a few months ago without any income with the exception of my substitute teacher pay. We were humbled by having to ask for help especially from family (non-believers) and our new church family. The blessing in this situation was in growing in dependence on our precious, precious Lord and keeping our tunnel vision not on our circumstances, but on His presence in our lives. We had to look for the rainbows following the constant rain. We also made the commitment to tithe faithfully no matter what our income and have done so for the past two months. God is so faithful. I read the scripture in Malachi where God says we should test his faithfulness by giving and witness the great results. He has more than met our needs! We both found gainful employment in our respective fields making more money than we have ever made. I wouldn’t trade the times of trial when I know God is walking hand-in-hand with me for anything in the world. I know He will always be true to His word when we live in complete obedience even in imperfection.

    Thank you for listening Dee and everyone else. I look forward to future meetings!

    In Christ,

    1. Susan,

      Thank you for sharing your story. I wish I would always be aware of God’s providence, even in the rough times. I am strengthened in my faith every time a story like yours is shared. I know that God is good all the time but I want to know it more “by heart” and live like I know it.

  8. I love the words in a praise song that says’ “He sings over me, when I am unaware”, and I think of how the birds sing all around us, and we have become so accustomed that most times unless we listen deliberatly we never even notice. I am an avid bird lover, so just loved listening to the different birds of spring as they were busy working and making their nests this week-end. I watched as a pair of doves removed an old nest and began to make a new one in a tree in our yard. The message God gives us through the love He shows even the birds of the air just touches my soul and makes me realize once again just how much He loves me.

  9. Thinking about sensing the Lord’s presence and picking up on the thought “He sings over me when I am unaware,” the other day was the 3 year anniversary of my sister’s death and I hadn’t thought about it until later in the day, but that morning I especially sensed the nearness of the Lord, in a sweet and special way and when I thought of my sister, I thought how sweet of the Lord to remember this day and what it means to me, and how great and thoughtful it was of the Lord to draw near. I was touched by the “personalness” of it. He has been more than a faithful friend.

  10. Dee,
    I love your website. I am looking forward to following your blogs. My husband is a pastor in Chattanooga and it is so easy for us to get so caught up in our ministry, that we forget to take the time that we need to truly enjoy being in God’s presence. Unfortunately, many times God brings us into times of turmoil in order to get our attention and draw us back to Him. I have been doing a study of Mary and Martha and I am trying very hard to be more like Mary. My personality is so much like Martha, that I have a hard time “Being Still” and letting the Lord speak to me. I have to constantly remind myself that my time with Him is so much more important than anything I can “do” for Him.
    I loved the picture of the sunset. It reminded me that I need to take more time and enjoy the beauty God has placed before us and in those times of reflection, draw closer to Him.

  11. Blogging is new to me too. I am behind on my Bible Study of the Friendhips of Women (I meet with a group of ladies at church on Fridays)so I am only going to take a few minutes. God has been so faithful to me since my husband left and divorced me to marry another woman last Summer. Recently he has opened up a promising job opportunity that is a greater income than what I have and will make me financially more secure. Just today…I got a buyer for a motorcycle I really need to sell to buy a lawn mower to take care of our really big (too big) yard. I just say over and over I don’t deserve God’s grace, but I am sooo….very thankful. I was at a meeting recently in Chattanooga where you spoke, Dee, and your message was a tremendous example of faith, hope and endurance. I enjoy you on Mid-Day Connection and I am learning a lot from your books. I sensed God’s presence today as He whispered to me over and over, “I will take care of you.”

    In Christ,
    Susan from Dayton, TN

  12. Hi Dee,

    You are my first blog and this is my favorite topic! I have led two groups with your “Falling In Love With Jesus” series and we all came to see you in Toledo. We fell in love with you, too!

    I have just had my first novel published and tonight was my first book talk at a local church. I fussed and fidgeted over what to say until I could hardly sleep last night. This morning on the half-hour drive to work I asked the Holy Spirit to take this worry from me and give me the words to speak. The whole day has been an affirmation of God’s presence in the story and the Spirit’s leading in my talk.

    My prayer for this book was that it would make a difference in the life of at least one person who I do not know. First thing this morning my publisher forwarded an e-mail from a mother of 3 young children saying how much this book was touching her life! That was such a blessing and brought my worry to an end. God is so good!

    Blessings on you, your blog, and your bloggers.

    1. And blessings to you, Janet, my Northwest Ohio sister!

  13. Dee,
    It was great to get to see you in Cannon Beach your last evening there! I’m very thankful God showed me you would be there. It was such a shock to me; I could hardly believe it! That one evening, dinner/concert included, felt like a complete week-end retreat to me!
    Well, I’m not only thankful for that, but also for the quick response to an email that I sent you over a year ago. Immediately after reading it, there was a change in my spirit and I was instantly aligned with your advice and comments. (I had so struggled against what you told me prior to that.) And, I believe, you were able to give me what I needed right at the time I needed it most. Included in this experience, I felt free and was filled with unbelievable joy, example: while hearing the same ‘ole songs on the radio, it was as if for the first time. Oh, the Holy Spirit really touched me, I guess you could say, with a fresh appreciation for God; who He is and what He was doing for me. It was glorious! I want you to know, I’ve stayed the course.
    I didn’t get a chance to talk to you the other night, but I knew I could always write and share my story.
    Dee, you hold a very special place in my heart. You are a dear sister in Christ to me.
    Thanks for the blog and many, many, more blessing upon you, your family and those you would minister to. Thank-you again. I know one day we will all rejoice together as we see His face and each other in perfection. Praise God. I really look forward to loving each other perfectly.
    In Christ’s Love, Darrylin (Naselle, Wa)

  14. about 3 weeks ago i was diagnosed with cancer….i am jumping around saying “i am on my way to heaven”…i thank the Lord for many different families in Christ who lift me and my family in prayers. My only legacy that i want to leave behind is my deep desire for missions; with this, my husband and i get every opportunity to give out tracts in the streets of new york city and get so much excitement seeing where the Lord takes us to where He is working.
    Dee, i also love your “falling in love with Jesus” (it was a gift) and “we are sisters” (also a gift!!) and it is my desire to bring few ladies into a deeper friendship with Jesus and lead us how to be really sisters/friends in the Lord….just imagining it is so much fun already!!!
    I thank God for you…..

  15. Hi Dee, Remember me?? I met you in Finland at Pirrko’s church. Have been keeping up with you and really like it that you are starting a blog. Look forward to it! Loved the picture of your grand daughter – rejoicing that Jesus loves her. In my speaking I use pictures through power point and my grandchildren are in a lot of them. “The little children will lead them..”.

    Blessings to you,

  16. Good Morning, Dee,
    I just received your email this morning on the other address. So I am sending my new address and anticipating a wonderful journey with you and other sisters via the blog. The picture of your granddaughter was beautiful. I too love sunsets, but sunrises are gloriously wonderful. It would be hard to choose one over the other. God is teaching me, these last two weeks especially,that He does not want me looking to others for affirmation. People will disappoint and cannot do for me what God alone can do. I am accepted in the Beloved. Praise Him. While my affirmation must come from God, He wants me to be an encourager, and I don’t want to let Him down. Thank you for all you do.
    Deidra (also Dee)

  17. Good Morning Dee!
    I’ve been blessed to have a couple geese live on our property!! It’s so amazing to watch them care for each other. We have 10 acres so of course there’s always some deer roaming around. Well, the other day we had 4 deer walking around with the geese! The deer were just checking out the garden & the geese were following along! We do loose some of our garden vegetables to the deer, but I always tell my husband I don’t care. I’m just mesmerized by the sight of them. God provides for them as He does us. It always reminds me to trust in Him and not worry. Easier said then done in these times; but it’s a good reminder when I see all His creatures in our yard.
    I’ve enjoyed your books and am pleased to see you blogging!
    Your grand daughter is so cute!
    May God continue to bless you!

  18. Dee, I have never blogged before either, so this is new to me also. What a neat idea though, to hear from our Sisters in Christ about the blessings taking place in their lives. This past weekend, I saw God’s glory in so many places. My husband and I recently became motorcyle riders again after taking 20 some years off to raise our children. We have joined The CMA. This is a Christian Motorcycle Association and we do all our rides for the Lord. Wearing clothing with patches and pins that glorify our ” Roadking, Jesus”.We get a lot of attention and have many oportunities to witness for our Lord. We rode 209 miles on Monday, taking in God’s beautiful creation and talking to a lot of people along the way. This is a new oportunity to mix with the unsaved and to be His testimonies of what He has done in our lives. We are getting blessed as well. Thanks for the great idea……also, your grandaughter is truely beautiful in the picture……………Kathy

  19. Hi Dee!

    Thank you for inviting me to your blog — I think it is a very good idea. I heard you speak on March 21 in Toledo, and it was such an uplifting experience!

    I have just returned from a 450-mile automobile trip over the Memorial Day Weekend. I was mildly anxious about making the trip, because I was taking my husband along (who has been seriously ill over the past year). However, the trip went smooth as silk. My husband performance was outstanding. The Lord blessed us up one side and down the other! Not only were we kept safe through such a busy traffic period, but even though it rained off and on all weekend, it never got in the way of any of our activities. We drove through rain to decorate my parents’ graves, but when we arrived at the cemetery, the rain stopped so we could accomplish our task. On top of that two of my cousins “just happened to show up” while we were doing that — what a wonderful surprise. We visited a church while we were on the trip, and we were welcomed with hugs, and excited conversation. It seemed like everywhere we went, birds were singing. God had truly choreographed each day!

    As for your granddaughter — what a lovely story! It reminds me of the passage in Isaiah about “a little child shall lead them.”

    God’s blessing upon your blog.

    Deanna (another Dee)

  20. Dear Dee and Sisters in Christ,

    What a joy to come home from work, fire up the laptop, and come to this blog! I saw the Lord today in the face of a young girl, a college aged friend who came up to this 60 yr old grandma at the coffee shop today, threw her arms around me and asked if I had some time to have a picnic with her friends. Sometimes I feel old and disconnected from young people and what is happening today. Then something like this happens to remind me that, yes, I am getting old, but with the “old” comes a wisdom from a lifetime of experience and that is a gift I can offer to young women… a gift of non-judgmental presence, a listening ear. How clever of God to make us this way!

  21. I saw God in my day in the visit of a friend and her twins. I remember how she was living far from Him and how He moved her into our neighborhood and brought us together as friends. Over the course of a few years, and having her four children, God gave me many opportunities to be His hands for her in difficult times, and now she walks with Him and has a vibrant faith along with teaching His love to her children. She brought me a Chai tea today (my favorite) and we chatted while the twins jumped on the trampoline. We walked around the block like so many times in the past before she moved 20 minutes away. I was reminded of how God reveals Himself to us in the love of a friend and how He, Himself has called me friend and how no greater love has any man than this that He lay down His life for His friends and I rejoice that He has done so for me!!!! What a blessing to hold onto.

  22. Dear Dee and fellow Christians,

    Yesterday I saw God in the image of a little 3 yr old girl named Brianha who lies in her hospital bed fighting for her life. A week ago Monday she underwent a major surgery in Cleveland clinic to remove a softball size tumor from her lung. Her mother has been posting updates through CaringBridge to all of us daily asking for our prayers and support. As I clicked into the site for the daily update Bri’s Mom informed us, Bri finally awoke and gave her a kiss. Tears filled my eyes reading this and knew God was present. She is not out of the woods and has a long recovery ahead of her. I have complete faith that our dear Lord has given us this precious little Angel to see God’s miracles first hand.
    Oh how great thou art.

    I attended your seminar in Toledo Ohio and this was my first time hearing you. You signed my Bible. Thank you for such a wonderful and inspiring day.

    In Christ~

    1. I also attended your seminar in Toledo Ohio. You signed a book for me to give to my sister on her birthday. She was very excited to receive a gift with so much meaning. I shared many of my memories of my day with you and it enriched not only her birthday but also our relationship with each other and Jesus.