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Afghan Girls Attacked

afghangirlsA few days ago I read the Associated Press reports of girls who are trying to go to school being attacked by Islam militants. Poisonous gas bombs are being thrown into schools where girls are, causing them to become violently ill. Islam believes women are second class citizens, and that they should stay home, solely serving their men. Surely Islam would not want them exposed to Christianity, which elevates their status, telling them that in Christ there is no male or female.. Pray for these girls to hear the truth that would change their lives and give them hope. Pray for them to hear through radio, the inter-net, and through missionaries willing to work in such hard places. Pray that we, as Christian women, will learn how to be a voice for the voiceless.

Only Christianity, of all the world religions, sees women are loved, valued, and equal with men.

How about if we blog some sentence prays for these girls?

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  1. I am sharing this with my girls in our next quiet time together. We just don’t comprehend how blessed we are.


  2. Oh I am lifting it in prayer as well. I often weep over things like this. It is so hard to understand why we are born to the places that we are. I am so thankful to where I am and with that there is a responsibility to be a voice. I talk to my girls too about this stuff too. We just do not really realize in America how easy we have it. Yet our persecution comes in other ways it just does not seem to compare because we are in a free country. Oh Lord, have mercy and open their eyes to You and Your saving grace. Thanks for posting this Dee.
    Much love,

  3. Lord of grace and mercy, how we long to reach out to these girls and transport them into the freedom we have in our lives. We cannot do this but you can. Awake your spirit within them. Arouse a desire to be set free from the bondage of oppression. Fill them with your undeniable love. In Jesus’ name, amen.