WHATEVER THE STORM HE IS LORD OF THE STORM IF HE SENDS IT TO HIS CHILD, HIS PURPOSE IS ALWAYS GRACE IF HE ALLOWS IT FOR HIS MYSTERIOUS PURPOSES, HE HAS AN ULTIMATE PLAN FOR GOOD Over the next two weeks let us consider three kinds of storms: Daily storms we experience when we cling to idols Monster storms we experience when we cling to idols Storms we do not understand   1. DAILY STORMS WHEN WE CLING TO IDOLS Last week “Laura-dancer” honestly answered the question: “When do you flee from God?” with: “Wow — probably daily.” Rebecca vulnerably shared the jealousy she felt when a new young worship leader was so talented — but quickly, she realized her idol temptation, repented, and was able to enter into worship with this leader. As we are seeing more clearly into […]

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