All Your Waves and Breakers Have Washed Over Me

This video may make you feel a bit seasick, but there’s nothing like a visual to tap into the right brain.  How I want you to see what the Lord has for you in this. The first water images were of an absence of water — a thirsty deer who has come to a dry riverbed — the psalmist saying his only water is his tears, day and night. (Isn’t that a picture of depression?) But now, we have waves and breakers and a waterfall. Meditate on Psalm 42:7-8. Write it out. This is one worthy of memorization, for it is so deep. 1. Several of you have caught that the mood if both positive and negative, there is water now, yet still the psalmist is talking to his downcast soul. How can “waves and billows” both drown you yet […]

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